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Hello and welcome to my first issue of “WAZZUP SIFF hosted by Mike” I am a complete newbie and do not know how The hell you guys create your magazine. Me? I create my on publisher, I thought it would Be cool if I did a magazine about Sims and about Number Nine, for those who want to know about Us and what we think of the SIFF. I’m also doing a fashion magazine with my own Clothing line too! Well this is me! Nice to meet you , I am the creator of this amazing magazine. If you were too lazy to read the introduction my name is Mike Park, I am 16 year’s old and I am in a Band called Number Nine.

Number Nine is a 4 member boy group (I’ll

check again) who is entered the SIFF Festival, and Have an extremely busy schedule doing loads of training. To be honest it is sometimes too much and I get so tired, I fell asleep in class due to it AAAH! Anyway, where was I?... Oh yeah! Enjoy my magazine and sorry for my randomness! So here is the SIFF Page I just wanted to feature All those artists out there who have entered not just K-Pop groups but also the other groups as well… So lets see what we have here! I mean come on guys these guys are great *Coughs* Number Nine is better *Coughs*...What? Who said that hee hee…. Group of Vampires that can sing Some vampire group…...but hey, they remind me of evanescence Kpop boy group! Hi Shinwoo!!!!! Wicked Hearts, This is the group that gave me the

Nightmares….they scare me but I wish them luck! 4LeafClover...huge stars in Korea nice :) They have even beaten Girls Generation! Wow thought they were a J-Pop group at first….I was so wrong >.< I am looking forward to them :D DollyChix….Hmm what can I say she is one of a kind :D

Well that is all…. These are all the bands/soloists that caught my attention. I’m sorry if your group is not on here, It doesn’t mean you are not cool or awesome or suck, I put you in somewhere in the other issues!

Wazzup SIFF hosted by Mike Park issue 1  
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