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Compelling CVs Professional CV Writing and Support for Candidates at all stages of their Careers The job market has never been so tough. Even candidates with relevant experience and excellent qualifications are struggling to get interviews. 

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Whether you're seeking to gain work experience, obtain a place at university, get on the first step of the job ladder, gain promotion, change career or secure the job of your dreams, we'd love to help you get ahead of the game. Visit our website, sign up for our tips and advice and then give us a call. Absolutely no obligation; we're always happy to talk. Tel: 0118 988 7628 Outplacement Support for Employers It's been a tough few years and we're definitely not out of the recession yet. Many businesses are struggling and sadly job losses are still occurring. This is tough on outplaced staff - particularly if they've not been in the job market for a long time. Not only will they be worrying about their self-esteem, household finances and family commitments, but they will have to run the gauntlet of online job searches, online applications and modern day recruitment processes, most of which will very likely be alien to them. It's painful for everyone but employers can soften the blow by supporting their staff with our affordable pick and mix outplacement support services: CVs, cover letters, skills assessments, interview skills coaching and general job-seeking support, either on a 1-1 basis or within small workshops. Download a brochure on our website. Call us on: 0118 988 7628 or visit our website:


ClickBerkshire Wokingham  

Issue 4 of local advertising directory

ClickBerkshire Wokingham  

Issue 4 of local advertising directory