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… Healthy … Life Changing … Recession proof

Attention College Students Earn money while You’re in class

This is not your father’s economy!

Who we are . . .

We created a recession proof and highly effective vehicle in the Health, Wellness, and Wealth generating industries - known as Network Marketing or what we call Friendship Commerce. Commerce.

We are an Independent Business Owner of NuvoVie Inc., an international, science based, Health and Nutrition Company, committed to enhancing lives by providing clinically proven natural health products and rewarding business opportunities.

Our Executive Management Team has aligned itself with one of the countries leading Direct Marketing Guru and Network Marketing legend. Combined, we have a proven track record or performance and success that is duplicable for generations to come.

We will provide a paradigm shift in the way Marketing is perceived. We will not only provide products that the consumer desires but more importantly we will also provide an avenue for the consumers themselves to have positive cash flow.

Our revenues will come from internal and external customers that will utilize and benefit from the products we are offering. Aside from offering products that is in high demand, we also offer a sustainable remuneration plan that will enable our IBO (Independent Business Owner) network to thrive in the current and future economic environments. It is our goal to nurture the relation with our independent dealers to insure that our financial goals will likewise be met. We believe that the strength of the marketing lies not only in the product it sells but more importantly, in the strong network of dealers and distributors that sell the product.

We Believe…

Be a Business Owner

Fuel for Life – Nuvo-E

Mailbox Money

Fantastic Energy drink - Zero calories

$5k in Sales for the first three months After the initial three months, >$2k / mo. Yearly projection of $23k conservatively


Results may vary based on effort

Mountain Desert Tea™ & Green Tea Tuarine Guarana L-Arginine Siberian Ginseng

For more information, login to please contact Mike Aloba 630-774-2250

Nuvo-E For College Students  

Great way to earn money while you're in class!

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