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TIAGO FELIPE MORAES TRESCA Born in 1991, S.Paulo, Brasil (22 years) 2006-2009 Portugal

High School "São João" Estoril,

2009-2012 Bechelor Degree in Arquitecture (University Autonoma of Lisbon - UAL)

!"#$%&#$"'()*##*+ My passion for the arts has followed me throughout my life. It has played a fundamental role in my upbringing and choices ever since I can remember. There are several people to whom I attribute these choices and the path I've decided to take as a student, the first and foremost being my father whose conceptual guidelines and perspective have always been very linear and simple: to focus all of his passion and labour on Photography Although raised amid very strong artistic influences from an early childhood, it wasn't until highschool that Architecture was brought into focus as a very personal interest, especially due to an Art History class I undertook in my second year. My first two years in Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa were deeply shaped by the teachings of professors Manuel Graça Dias (first year) and Manuel Vicente (second year) architecture as a free and liberal art. The third year, much unlike the aforementioned two, brought to light a much sterner disciplinary process of thinking Architecture, one that favours the project's procedural coherence over the artist's individual abilities, having been taught by the architects Rui Mendes and Ricardo Bak Gordon.

I personally find architecture degrees should be appreciated almost purely academically. This means that the acclimation of its students is one of the most vital points to the coursework's functioning. Because of this very reason, I am particularly interested in ISCTE - I believe it offers a space and environment fit for excelence, rendering it an amazing learning opportunity