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Project II




Trafaria village. Proposal plan

The proposal of the construction of the new building as an exhibition room arises with the purpose of effectively completing the path that leads up to it, the highest elevation, so as to strengthen the will to walk the path fully. The 1st battery of the Raposeira forts, made into a hostel, comes as a final military construction whose new program means to balance the public (as given by its close relation with the path) and the intimate (as given by its small scale and surrounding flora), so that a hostel is then proposed so as to be both acknowledging of the surrounding space and quite interactive in a more public condition. The new Trafaria Center for the Arts (exhibition rooms) is presented by a circular shape and is, as a whole, inset in the same elevation height in order to be able to truly and clearly belong to the land. Its circularity is foreshadowed throughout the path by the cannons, and its measures are defined in accordance with the scale of the 1st battery. Its concept as a space arises from the desire of radicalizing the imposition that the forts have on the land, being able to clearly draw out outdoor spaces in nature, such that the new space which spans circularly opens up to the sky and isolates itself from its surroundings. Trafaria village. Proposal section of the Hostel and new building