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Project II

The proposal is that we value the land by indentifying and reusing the military heritage, creating a path that connects all four constructions and its various elevations in the land in which Trafaria is set. Prison Fort (1) – This first construction is located at Trafaria’s entrance and, since it is in direct contact with the village, a more temporary project is proposed, a culture hub. Alpena Fort (2) – Since this is a large-scaled construction endowed with a clean view over the river and a large field, a more permanent and more public project than the aforementioned is proposed. Raposeira Fort, 2nd battery (3) – Due to the high density of vegetation and trees and its seclusion from the path, a more intimate project is proposed, namely an area for rooms. Raposeira Fort, 1st battery (4) – Although it is also framed by a dense thicket, the 1st battery is not as detached from the proposed path as the 2nd one. Therefore, though intimate it may need be, a more public trait is required, and so a hostel is proposed. New Building (5) – It is the culmination of the path. Its objective will be to strengthen the highest point in Trafaria and will complement the first one by creating a different, very particular public space.



Trafaria village, Plan of location