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Project I

is impossible to go from the indoor pool to the outside one and vice versa. The library and art gallery space also has its entrance on the higher ground of the land as a small triangular console that prevents a dysfunctional corner on the inside and creates a small storage unit for the equipment. Past it, we find first the library as a more open space of entry inside which there is a storage unit for books and bathrooms which are controlled by the same counter as the gallery. The library’s outside space is the rooftop of another volume which has its lighting done necessarily vertically by sinking part of the upper surface, which not only enables said lighting but also creates a safety boundary for its walkable rooftop which faces a natural landscape through a 10 meters wide and 3 meters high rip in the construction while being surrounded by all three volumes which make up the housing, creating thus a harmony between the protection of construction and the openness of landscape. The gallery takes advantage of the land’s slope by having a mezzanine that creates two different heights of headroom for two distinct spaces. Its lighting is done by a big window placed 3 meters high and facing east, which, since it’s also 3 meters away from the ceiling in the double spaced headroom area, makes for good lighting on the ceiling. Because it’s not too near the mezzanine, this window allows for a controlled flow of light into the gallery.



Student residence in Lisbon, 1st floor plan