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Creating a Scrollable Resume

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type in your info. if you use TLF (Text Layout Framework) text, you'll have a lot more control over it. for more info on TLF, check out activ tuts plus. you can see how the name has been enlarged. in previous (class) versions, you'd have needed to create a separate text box (change one; change 'em all). you can even add more than one font to the same text box!

the text needs to be set as Editable for the UIScrollBar to work with it. oh well...

you're also going to need to

the font(s) you use.

it's a good idea to embed all fonts: (especially exotic ones), but it's absolutely essential for TLF text.

it shows up here when you click Embed.

in the opposite panel, choose Basic Latin which saves checking the four categories above it if you have a complex document like a resume that includes all those text possibilities.

/ getting back to the aforementioned UI scroll bar, here's where you're going to find it...

there it is. drag it out to the left or right upper corner (for vertical scrolling text like this). use the Property panel to adjust its height to match the text box's.

in my case.

you can play with the color of the scroll par in the Property Panel as well.

you can view the final resume here. you can download the original .fla file here. you will notice that the columns are a bit uneven. unfortunately, even with TLF, there is no tabbing. if you use a fun font like Apple Casual, it's not as noticeable. you can create columns with TLF. unfortunately they won't work for resumes.

Creating a Scrollable Resume in Flash with TLF Text  

Learn to add a resume to the portfolio covered in the XML slideshow and Drop down Menu tutorials also on this site. One more tutorial will b...

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