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Animated Flash Buttons


create a button and select Up frame to draw a small rectangle in its center + .

then copy the rectangle

this time a

paste the rectangle in its center.

F6 frame 5 of the new movieclip.

F6 frame 10

alter its shape with the arrow tool.

frame 15

frame 20

select frames 1 − 19,

right click and

select frame 21

right click and

select the pasted frames

right click and

select and drag them down five frames to separate them properly. when you're done the keyframes would be spaced out by five frames each (creates a nice rhythm at 24 frames per second):

if you want to, you can go down the line and select some of them (every other one or in random order perhaps) and change their colors in the Properties panel:

select all the of the frames (clicking once on the Layer's name is a quick way to do that), right click and choose the above. double-click on

in the Library.

select frame 2 and


onto the stage and center it

alt/option drag Up keyframe to Down frame and hit the down arrow a few times so the button will appear to be pressed down. note that the + has risen.

alt/option drag the Up keyframe into the Hit keyframe. you can increase its size slightly to ensure the button stays under the mouse when it expands and contracts.

drag the button to the stage and test it:

click to open...

quick and easy animated flash buttons without a lot of coding  

you can use this technique to create dazzling rollover buttons in Flash with shape tweens or whatever animations you'd like. the only coding...

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