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Project book

Project Book

Designer Notes I am extremly excited to be working on a campaign that I am very passionate about. The rise of diabetes in the United States have left many suffering along with their families. The more diabetics know and learn about diabetes the less they will be willing to settle on old out dated technology and information. An improved brand identity, consumer friendly website, product line and increases presence in The Food Network Magazine will allow Picked Daily to establish itself on a commercial level. Creating a new flow of consumer to the American Diabetes Association to make donation and help the further research for a cure.

Research 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7

Research -6 Target Audience -11 Client Brief -16 Brand Features -18 SWOT -20 Brand Mission -22 Creative Brief -24

Creative Development 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6

Logo -28 Design Research -30 Moodboards -32 Print Ads -34 Web -36 Motion graphics -40

Design Standards 3.1 Logo Standards -44 3.2 Logo Guidelines -48 3.3 Print Collateral -50 3.4 Color Pallette -52 3.5 Font Choices -53 3.6 Textures and imagery -55 3.7 Print Guidelines -57 3.8 Web Guidelines -59 3.9 Interactive media -61 3.10 Brand Voice -63

Final Designs 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

Print -67 Digital -69 Promotional -71 Large format 73


1. R e s e a r c h

Pricked Daily inside and out

Research Paper


Intro The amount of people with Diabetes in the United States is on the rise. Right now, there are 18.8 million Americans suffering with Diabetes. There are many resources for information for these people, but the problem is the information giving is sometimes old, outdated, and not very informative. Especially to the younger generation. This is a problem, so joining up with the American DIabetes Association and the Food Netowork Magazine to produce a issue aimed at Diabetes and showcasing a campaign called “Pricked Daily” will produce awareness to the campaign and donations to the American Diabetes Associations reseach in finding a cure

Trying to reach out to the people who read the magazine who are usually males 15 to 35, and also women the same age. This audience is looking for the newest, safest, qickest toechnology and information out there. We plan to introduce them to this, through daily emails, newletters, magazines, websites, showing off newest technology, healthy living, recipes, and other essential information.

“18.8 million American’s suffering with Diabetes..” One issues based on diabetes will promote the awareness, and also bring it a different demographic to both the campaign and The Food Network Brand.

Research Paper Company overview Research done has shown that only one Food Network celebrity chef has announced an interest in Diabetic Foundations. This is Anne Burrell, who recently starred on the reality show Chopped All-Stars. She participated to win money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 50k was won and donated to this foundation. She has family that suffers with this illness and really did well on the show. Spreading word about the upcoming issue would probably bring more celebrities out to show their support, but for now she has the only one that has come out in to the light.


Effective Solutions The cover of the magazine should stay basically the same design wise. Changing the colors to match the American Diabetes Association’s would be important and putting their logo on the front would show the consumer what’s inside. Placing Anne Burrell on the front with headlines to her story on family members with diabetes along with a picture of a dish she created. The content of the magazine would go from explaining new and updated products and news from medical studies, showing pictures of what the products look like and who the stars are in creating the new advances. This would bring a few pages of information for the consumer, which this magazine already provides but focuses on mainly news in the food industry. May also include how-to’s on using the new products and what are the affects of the products and updates. Gives information on new medication and new studies on how to control your sugar levels as a diabetic. Then continuing on to cooking for diabetics. This means low- carb and sugar-free recipes, easy to do recipes and new ways to make blah food into something you actually would

eat. This is important to diabetics and would try and cover all areas of food. A section on what to stay away from when eating out and how to get the same taste of foods you love but without carbs or sugar. Healthier living would follow, showing new exercises and ways to sat fit and active. Weight problems are a huge factor for some diabetics and will be a largely appreciated area to talk about. To control your blood sugars without using so much insulin as many diabetic do is important. By eating right and exercising the ways shown in this section could bring down the blood sugar and amount of insulin used for the consumer. Testimonials from diabetic peers showing how these steps helped them control their diabetes and made them all around healthier show be a portion of this section to. Have an area where they can write in to Food Network or email their stories. A diabetic recipe sweepstake would be announced at the end of the magazine. Participants will be in the running to win a basket full of the new products mentioned before in earlier sections and their recipe in the next issue

Research Paper Conclusion The “Pricked Daily Campaign”, issue of the Food Network Magazine will provide much needed information to the people affected by the illness. Support of the issue will provide much needed donations to the American Diabetes Association for further research into a cure. Overall expansion of client base will give a needed advantage to the magazine. The purpose is to spread the word of heath for diabetics and give back some new and innovative ways to deal with problems diabetics have. Adding the bracelet for donations will also push donations for those who may want something in return. “Cure, Care, Commitment” is the inspiration for this issue.

e, s u Ca ent , m re Cu mmit Co


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Audience Profile


Our Target There are so many diabetics in the United States and more being diagnosed every day. Pricked Daily’s target audience is every person that currently lives with, knows someone, or just would like research for diabetes. The age ranges from very young to the elderly. To be appealing to these generations of people we will have to incorporate many different elements. But, the ease of what the campaign is about and who it will be introduced will be great for all ages.

How can we get people to check out the campaign By introducing Pricked Daily in many differnt ways will bring people into the campaign. Creating the website with easy navigation and very clean concept will be appealing to all ages. The Food Network Magazine having an issue introducing the Pricked Daily campaign will open the client base and client range. Then also print ads and other promotional aspects will bring in the target audience that we are looking for.

The American Diabetes Association The association is a non-profit organization

Their website gives people the chance to donate and read information about who they are and what diabetes is. This site is a great resource for people looking.

Swot That has the mission to prevent and cure diabetes and make sure that diabetics live healthy lives. By donation and sponsors they bring the cure for this illness a little closer and a little more real for everyone suffering.

14 Food Network Magazine This magazine is a very trendy food based read. Showing new recipes and giving tips on ways to eat healthy. Having one month dedicated to diabetes and Pricked Daily would be a great way to get the word out about what we are trying to do. Showing diabetic recipes and sections of the Pricked Daily News letter would promote the campaign and also promote donations to The American Diabetes Association.

Their contribution and agreement to produce one magazine for the Pricked Daily campaign would truely bring a consumer base that is much wider than word of mouth. Giving a taste of we are going to be offering and the sponsor we may have and just the over all message we are trying to get acrossed.


Brand Features

All Updated


People want to be informed and educated on the new advancements in the treatment of Diabetes.

Taste Tasted Recipes

Unlike the past, low carb and sugar free recipes that are actually good and are good for you.

People feel rewarded, as their are many different areas of updated material. Such as food, health, products and supplies and much more.

Pricked Daily Positioning Statement For diabetics, Pricked Daily offers an exciting way to show your support to help find a cure, eat healthy, and be healthy. Their information is always updated and protrays the daily advancements in to field of diabetes. If it is new, they bring it to you. Diabetic health and awareness in their number one priority.


Prodigy Pocket Blood Glucose Meter Smaller than a business card! Available in six vibrant colors which add a personal touch to managing your diabetes. It has a small, compact and sleek design. The one button simplicity makes it easy to perform a test with the freedom to stay on the go! The Pocket™ requires no coding and offers alternate site testing. Needs only a small blood sample and delivers results in 7 seconds. Includes a large easy-to-read screen and USB port that will work with any standard USB cable. Use with Autocode Test Strips only.


Trendy and Simple How can Pricked Daily be more user friend ly In an effort to support, inform and be a resource for all diabetic’s alike. The typical ways that have been presented in the past has been dull and very long winded. Which was fine when people first become ill. But as the years have gone by the technology and products , and information have changed. Better ways of getting and recieving information. This is how we plan on being user friendly. Including many forms of advertising such as print ads for those who can’t use computers, facebook, twitter and website for those who do. Magazines showcasing the campaign and donations for our non-profit.

Pricked Daily will act as a resource and personal guide to the people and visitors who in some way shape or form suffer with diabetes We will be a very trendy and classic way to get new information with current updates and new products and recipes for everyone to use. Living healthy and spreading the word about diabetes is our goal. Find a cure is what is important and between our campaign and the advertising donations will be a good way to promote diabetes awareness.

This campaign is a progresive movement to raise awareness about diabetes in the United States


Fo u r R ea s ons to C heck ou t P ri cked D ai ly

Finding tastful recipes that you will love Find a trendy useful resource that will be up to date and current

Find new products and medical advancements to promote ease and health Donate to The American Diabetic Association.

Creative Brief

Market Position Compared to other diabetic magazines and newletters Pricked daily has over come all of them. Pricked daily has the newest and best information, which continues to be updated and improved. Great resource for all daibetic’s alike. Current Situation Pricked Daily is currently trying to spread the word about diabetes and serve as a way for donations to be giving for research. Joining the Food Network magazine for a month to show new client base what we offer.

“ less stressful ”

20 Communication task “the message” Our goal is to give people suffering with diabetes a new place to find updated information instead of the old typical information. Becoming trendy and portraying the newest technology for diabetics everywhere. Staying healthy and eating right is important. Joining with Food Network magazines will provide some much needed recipes and how to’s with celebrity chef’s foor made special for diabetics. Target Audience All diabetics living in the United States, including people who have any need for a diabetic resource. Objective Showing everything that can help a diabetic to stay healthy and make life less stressful.

2. Standards

Brand Voice

Brand Color

Brand Typography

Brand Print


Logo Variations

Logo Size Standards

Logo Clear space

Do’s and donts

picture , graphic, or design

design research

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abstract research portion design research

Imagery Only high quaility photography, which are licenced and legal. Pricked Daily will stick to these guide lines when portraying the brand. Images showing anything other then our message will not be used. Examples of the imagery that will be used are above, and page before.

3. Creative


Mood Boards

new technology

Diabetes Diabetes fonts Diabetes



shtgnertS uploadable apps.



staerhT seitinutroppO

Brand colors C - 0 M - 0 Y - 0 K - 100

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Adverstising development


Logo Design an

nd sketches


Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic


Final Designs


Logo Standards

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