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Intell Online PR Online PR is one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches for any types of business. They are marketing techniques being used to favourable mentions of companies, brands, or websites on third party websites which are likely to be visited by the chosen target audience. Online Public Relations is potentially faster , more effective PR by driving online visibility of company’s press release to thousands of media websites and blogs. Online PR options Through viral marketing, social media releases, web editorials and bloggers a company can create a noise and sending a marketing message in order to engage with their audience.

Online PR opportunities are constantly changing and improving, so keeping a steady public relations program that the company can adjust when needed is vital for marketing and advertising online. Online presence allows businesses to come across as larger and more recognised than it may yet be, which could help the business attract more customers and secure further partnerships. By using different techniques of the online PR a business could sell more products or services not only in their physical store, but also online. For example, publishing an article, or broadcast a video clip at various web outlets can provide the business with great feedback and increase the amount of inbound links to their official website.


Intell Online PR Apple, Nokia, Samsung and HTC implement online PR by using internet and digital technologies, to effectively communicate with customer stakeholders and also deliver their organisation’s strategic messages. Social networking can be heard across the world in a very short period of time and effectively engage contact with customers in a more personal level. Also the level of quality of customers relations can be improved, the satisfaction and brand loyalty too.

HTC, Nokia and Samsung do have official blogs which are being utilised quite well. They are fine marketed and people are easily able to find them on the company’s official website or directly search for their blog on the web. This may be very beneficial and if visitors are interested and want to be up to date with the newest news the, then they can regularly check those three company’s blogs.

However, Apple do not have an official blog nonetheless, visitors can find a section called “Hot News” on Apple’s official website and read the latest news relate d to Apple. (See image below)

Companies such as Nokia, Apple, Samsung and HTC can easily identify whether or not their social media marketing has been successful, for example, by the number of viewers or followers on the various social platforms. After getting the results the companies start to analyse the feedback that they received. The outcomes can help the businesses develop their online public relations, its strategy and how it has been used to draw people’s attention. If these are managed communicated effectively then mobile company giants will attract more traffic to their sites.


Intell Online PR Often the power of business blogs can be under-estimated by the public. Blog content may help the business to keep their social media presence going, because company’s blog can serve as that repository of content.

By using blogs, all mentioned mobile companies are strengthening their social reach with their blog content and driving new website visitors to their blog with their social channels. Meaning that blogs work closely with search engines and social media in terms of attracting new traffic to their websites. When companies use blogging their huge advantage is that they develop their brand and company’s personality. It generates online conversations and interactions, which allows either Nokia, Samsung, Apple or HTC to develop and project a personality such as being innovative and focused on customer service.

It is important to mention that blogs and reader comments are a key source of information to the company itself and also it has its impact on other readers and customers too.

The image above shows HTC’s blog and some readers who had read this specific article and left a comment after that. Visitor comments, particularly customer comments can provide detailed and immediate feedback on HTC’s business activities, products and services. The image at the bottom is from Samsung’s blog. The conclusion that can be made is that sometimes the company has to be prepared for complaints and negative comments. The way in which businesses have to respond to criticism will have a significant impact on the way the business is perceived by their followers and online community. Complaints and negative feedback may present invaluable opportunities to improve service and products in a manner which wins new supporters and customer loyalty.


Intell Social Media There numerous low-cost social media platforms that can be used to combine technology social interaction with the use of words. Most typically internet and mobile based.

A few that everyone has heard of include facebook which offers the option of creating a fan page for a company or product. Twitter is the second social platform which makes use of 140 character posts that users follow. We have mentioned blogs in the previous pages, but they essentially are online journals which may be influential when spreading company’s news and information. And last one is YouTube which offers businesses to upload podcasts and video clips, with a viewership of millions around the world. Advantages of social media Open connection: when a company uses social media it lets them inform followers of for example special offers quickly and simply. It may help customers when they are experiencing some issues, so the company can write a short message explaining the problem. This allows companies to respond quickly and attempt to ameliorate the situation.

Cost: almost all social networking sites are free to use by companies unless they want to “sponsor” their posts (an option allowed on facebook to boost your post through the platform). Usually the cost of whether it is online, television or print advertisement is very high-costly, hence by using social media companies can save a substantial amount of money of their budget. Finding new customers: a social network gives the business the chance to reach out to new potential customers. The way companies use their social network to find new customers is when reaching out their current ones. For example, if a message is received by two people, they are more likely to tell two people, who will tell two people and so on. Disadvantages of social media Time consuming: it happens when a company isn’t tweeting or blogging frequently and the consumer may develop the impression that they may be treated like a company’s social media website. Negative comments: this occurs when, for example, a user of a social media platform site is leaving a message and feedback on company’s social media page where other consumers are able to see and may be possibly affected.