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How to do oral sex There are things in life that you take for granted, things that you know that there are as they are cause they always were like that, things that you know that you know. Well, we all have experiences, we all know that we are good at certain things and we feel confident when doing these things cause we’ve done them before. We might have learned how to do these things cause someone showed us the way or we found out ourselves by trial and error. And you know, we could be really good at these things, we could be proud of how good we are and we could be telling stories about our successes. On the other hand we could be just IDIOTS! Or, in a more formal way (love swearing some times…!!) we could just be ignorant! We could think that we know, think that we are good. Now, imagine yourself being into that position, thinking about being good at something, actually believing at it and suddenly you find out that you know nothing! How more stupid could you feel? What the fuck am I talking about? Did I confused you? (I know I did confuse myself, or didn’t I???) Six months ago, I was at my home office, working late hours as usual, when my wife walked in. She was dressed to kill! In her brand new super sexy black lingerie (my favorite color by the way), high hills and new perfume I wasn’t familiar with! (that’s to rape, not to kill!!) I was way too focused on what I was doing I didn’t even notice her walking in. (Fucking world financial crisis made me work like mad searching for –non paying– clients. Awesome!!) Anyway, since I was not paying attention, she came behind me and knocked me on the back. As soon as I turn I felt that my eyes were going to explode, she was like an angel-lingerie model combination. At first I thought she was going to ask my opinion on her new outfit but that wasn’t the case. She got down on her knees and started taking my pants off! Since I was very busy over the last few weeks, I was kind of neglecting her. We were not having regular sex like we used to do, plus whenever we were having sex, it was just like another thing I had to do (ever been in my place??). So I decided (in tenths of a second) to spend some time with her and she put too much effort on it. I am such a freaking pig I thought, women are right, men are pigs (sometimes). She’s done so much preparation and I am thinking “alright, lets enjoy her for a few moments”, such a moron! In the beginning it thought it was going to be one of the usual stuff topped with black sexy lingerie. Well, I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. SO FUCKING WRONG!!! That wasn’t my


wife! That was someone else! Yeah, but who? Who was that sexy woman with her head between my legs? Who was that woman that was doing… OMG, I just realized that my English is soooo poor! I can’t describe that. My name is Mike, I am 31 years old, successful in my field (Dental Supplies), making enough money and I always had beautiful girlfriends, always. When I decided to get married I knew that my wife wasn’t the best sex I ever had in my life, but you know… it’s not the most important thing that you are looking for when you know that you have met your soul mate. There are other, more important factors. Now, if you get all the other factors plus the best sex of your life, you hit jackpot, but that’s not always the case. Back in reality now, my wife, my woman, my soul mate, was on her knees, with her head between my legs giving me the best head of my life, period! I didn’t know what to do. I was knocked out, trying to figure out what was going on. Millions of pleasure points later, I pushed her back and screamed “WHO THE FUCK TAUGHT YOU HOW TO DO ORAL SEX LIKE THAT ?”. Now I was mad. Was she practicing on another dick? “ARE YOU FUCKING CHEATING ON ME??”…. ( Six months later she’s still laughing at me! ) I was so confused. I just had the best oral sex of my life, given to me by my wife but I couldn’t believe that she learned a way to do that. And what was that way? How did she do that? After practicing Chinese interrogation techniques on my wife I discovered that, she wasn’t cheating on me (thanks God I don’t have to become a murderer now) but she had a secret, a dirty one! The dirty secret was that she bought a book, named Blow by Blow, a guide on how to give a good blowjob from some guy named Michael Webb, featured on Oprah (???). That was it, you know the rest… I now felt sooo stupid!! I never, ever imagined that I could have been experiencing such a blow job. I never believed that such a feeling existed. It makes you realize, for once again, that Socrates, 2500 years ago, saying that “I know one thing, that I know nothing” , was so right. After doing a little search on Michael Webb I found that he is the author of many relationship and sex books, plus he looks like and expert since not only he’s all over the tv networks and radio stations, he made my wife a pro! Looking closer, I found the book I was looking for, Lick by Lick. Do I have to tell you what is it about? Can’t you tell from the title? Its the antidote, its the ultimate guide on how to go down on a girl, its now my dirty little secret, thought my wife not only knows about it but she absolutely loves it!! Its the book that made feel stupid for once more! How can I possibly be so wrong all these years? Women used to say that I was a dynamite. Haha, I guess they were all lying or they were just less experienced. Now, for the first time in my life a woman (my wife – dont get fooled, I didn’t start chasing other women, though I could be playing with no competition) tells me that I made her the best present


a man could ever make. Apart from the child she asks for now, but that’s a different story… Finding out that such an author existed, our sex life ( and not only our sex life) has changed for good. I asked my wife to write a short review about the Blow by Blow book and she agreed. I also wrote one myself for the Lick by Lick one. Mike ps. Subscribe (on your right hand side) to receive your special Free Gift – 101 Romantic Tips on how to make your other half eager for you!

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How to do oral sex