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David Dorman Teen Succeed By: Michael Jameson Visual Communications January, 2016

Introduction • Many people do not understand exactly what Boy Scouts do and I thought somebody should shed some light onto what the Boy Scouts of America actually do. How the organization gives boys discipline and a chance to show leadership. Lastly, the Scouts can introduce boys to skills that may develop into a career interest and introduce them to life long friends. • My teen succeed is David Dorman and he is the leader of the local Boy Scout troop, 151. He is a tremendous leader and has turned a group of boys who couldn’t set up a tent, to a team that can complete most any task.

Who is David Dorman? • David Dorman is a Junior at West Boylston High School. He is a very successful student and a member of the Tri-M Music Honors Society and the National Honors Society. He is also a very profound leader and not only shows respect to those he leads but receives respect from them in turn.

What is a leader?

• A leader is somebody with a vision, a goal. David has a vision he wants his troop to be the best and most efficient it can possibly be. His troop is recognized statewide for its achievements and especially how the boys including David and those under his lead run the troop basically by themselves. Troop 151 runs itself giving the scouts experience in how to function in the real world.

Instructions • David gives instructions to the scouts so they can learn different skills in a hands on way. When learning a new task he explains how to do it, demonstrates it, guides the scouts as they do it and then enables them to teach others.

Supervision • David has to make sure his Scouts maintain their skills. In this picture he not only inspects the troop equipment (in this case a tent) to see if it is in working order but also sees if the scouts who set it up did so properly.

Demonstration A good leader also maintains his own skills and passes them down to those under his lead. David is very proficient in demonstrating tasks for others to learn from.

Taking Care of Business • When a meeting comes to a close there can be a lot of unfinished business. Even though David has done a lot of the work already he is not afraid to pick up the slack if there are not enough hands to get the job done.

Planning • In order to have meetings and go on trips the scouts have to plan. David being the headhoncho is in charge of making sure meetings get planned and that they are planned efficiently. He also makes sure the plans are interesting, engaging and that we can carry them out.

Group Ideas • It takes a lot of planning to be able to put on as many activities as Troop 151 does. In this photo David is collecting ideas for trips and themes for the coming year so the scouts can participate in activities that they want. They give the ideas and David and his “council” shape the ideas into trips and meetings that can actually be done.

Teamwork • Now David not only directs people in the direction they need to go but also leads them by working with them. He has taken boys that couldn’t stand each other and had them sort out their differences and now they are the best of friends.

Friendships • Boy Scouts also presents people with another way to make lifelong friends. In this photo from left to right are Matt Barakian, James Masse, Ed Salate, and Patrick Mckeon. David developed kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk great friendships with these people and this was the first time they have kkkkkkkkkkk seen each other since they began college.

Summary • I chose to photograph David Dorman and Troop 151 to show the amazing work and the marvelous job he has done as a leader. Our troop wouldn’t be as prestigious or well-running as it is with out the example of David. • Most of all I learned to appreciate the effort other people put in to make things happen and keep things organized.

Teensucceed jameson  
Teensucceed jameson  

This presentation shows the success of a local teen leader.