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Hospice Work and the Art of Dying


It is a morbid myth to say that man fears death.The on ly places in the worldwhere people are afraid of dying is withing the more developed materialistic nations of our civilization, where millions are very fearful of death due to the wealth they will leave behind, and as well as their loves ones and all that they have grown fond of ,and who very much enjoys ones life from a selfish point of view right here in which millions identify themselves with all that they have loved and known on earth as their only reality. This is unnatural to the point of stupidity. If one could invest the time to investigate the way in which other people in far off lands such as India and other places including the Arab nations of the world ,one could learn very well that the majority have a powerful spirituality in which they have constructed as the foundation that holds their identity intact as they prepare the discarding of the physical shell that has reached the stage in which it now become a useless and heavy burden upon the soul who is gathering its true wings about to fly, to enter the higher astral planes for a short period of time,after which the lower animal soul ``The shell`` ,-or echo one leave behind-Is as well discarded before one can enter the place of pure joy .The lower half of the mind is as well discarded before one enters a state of pure unalloyed state of bliss in which the higher self can fulfill all of its highest and Nobel aspirations,as well as its spiritual longings. The greater bulk of advanced humanity today will know that the discarding of the lower vehicles of the earthly man is only a transition into a life more abundant and very vivid and heart oriented, state of pure joy.Deep meditation through out ones life can be a very powerful way to come to the realization that just because the lower shells are cast off we are ,and will be conscious on some higher plane in a state where ones last incarnation can not be recalled at a certain time until one has become aware of it in their own way. This may last for many thousands of years while one rests in that state in Devachan,a place of utter bliss and fulfilment of ones good deeds and spiritual yearnings. Over time when one has exhausted their merit in heaven, there once again come the desire to return to earth to get on with the work of spiritual evolution. There is no evolutionary development while in Devachan, and hence one must once again be drawn towards the magnetic pull for terrestrial life on earth,and to instinctively act by making that great sacrifice by the higher self to once again ``fall``into incarnation with their astral family and companions who have been around them for untold thousands of incarnations. Often a human being belongs to a group of like minded human groups which is as well known as ones astral family. An astral family is a group to which one is karmically associated with and that has a history going back through tremendous periods of incarnations going back as far as the Atlantean root race which lasted about 12 millions of years. One of the most important things that must be done here while still in incarnation is to build for oneself a very powerful sense of spiritual self-awareness ,and to get into an intimate union with ones own soul, and to live a life of service to ones fellow man. For by

doing so one will know that he has not lived his life in vain serving only his own selfish existence. Service is a very rewarding experience as this is the nature of the soul ,or higher self that lies deep within all human beings. Meditation is the science of soul contact and begins to make it`s presence known to the man or woman on the physical planes about 3-4 incarnations before the first initiation. Once the first initiation has been taken one has then entered the ``super human kingdom``,or ``kingdom of souls``It will be many millions of years before the bulk of generic human beings can possibly take the first initiation. The average humans of today have a very long way as yet to tread before they can be prepared to take that first initiation. One form of service which I give is to be with those who have nobody with them as they lay there on their death beds on the physical plane and sometimes on the astral planes, and guide them in their state of fear and confusion as they pass over onto the higher astral planes depending how evolved they are as human beings. I have as well been at the death beds of those who have lived very profoundly wicked lives, giving them clues as to how to enter the light after a very long period in avitchi where they must come to terms of how they have lived their lives and how to purify themselves after many eons living within the hell of which they have created for themselves. All in good time the souls of those who have lived bad lives will,after many ages exhausting the bad karma of their past deeds, will come out of the shadows and the nightmares that they have created for themselves and to join their loved ones before they all come back into incarnation once again. I have been a practical occultist for about 30 years and so therefore quite confident as to how I work with those who lie on their death beds having nobody to comfort them in their hour of greatest need. For myself this has become a very rewarding experience that will follow me for many incarnations to come. ``Take your brothers need as the measure of your action and solve the problems of the world``

Hospice Work and the Art of Dying  

A new and hopful message that death is not the end of all that we are.