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This is U+ Providing the foundation for success in Rentokil Initial

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow… Learn as if you were to live forever” Ghandi

This is U+ Welcome to U+, Rentokil Initial’s global initiative aimed at developing our people across the whole business, allowing them to be the best that they can be. You may have heard the term “U+” being used around the business but what does it really mean? U+ is a whole new approach to learning and development which is designed to drive performance – for the good of our people and for the good of our business. U+ allows us to grow together as One Company, benefiting from each other’s expertise through shared knowledge and best practice. We have incredible knowledge and experience throughout our divisions, and in order to share this we need to ensure that we have open communication channels. U+ is structured around a core set of Faculties, each aimed at providing tailored Learning and Development solutions for that particular function or division of the business. This allows our people access to learning customised for them, both in terms of their role and their particular business. The combination of different learning opportunities, through face-to-face training, online learning and work based development, empowers our teams to learn when they need to, how they want to, where they can. Wherever our people work, they need to have access to top-quality Learning and Development resources. We rely on them to deliver our business promises and keep our clients satisfied – without our people, there is no Rentokil Initial. U+ will provide our people with access to this development… wherever, whenever. U+ is not just an online resource. It is an agenda to unify all our L&D activity and maximise the potential of our people, improving their performance and the performance of Rentokil Initial. This booklet will introduce the key objectives of U+, why we are doing it, and how we will move forward in the future.

Martin Sawkins, Group HR Director


U+ is all about developing our people U+ will establish Learning and Development as a global, shared resource that allows all team members to benefit from the same high standard of development wherever they work, in any division and any country. It will work hard for our business, allowing Rentokil Initial to move towards a common, globally integrated curriculum delivering for colleagues, Learning and Development teams and business managers in a three pronged strategy to establish a more efficient business:

For Colleagues:

n U+ will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all my learning and development needs. n Learning will help me to meet my business goals. n U+ will give me access to training resources and also supports me day-today in doing my job. n U+ will help me understand my career development options. n The learning opportunities U+ will provide me at Rentokil Initial are first rate.

For L&D Community: n U+ will provide me with a shared resource and a group of experts to create exciting development across the business n U+ will allow us to make sure that we deliver a consistent experience for all colleagues n U+ will provide me with a state-of –the-art solution to offer blended learning in my business n U+ will give us the opportunity to experiment with new methods of L&D, giving us real development

For Business Leaders: n The learning curriculum will be focused on the technical skills I need in my business, and also the six key competencies built on our Rentokil Initial values. n I am confident that we can deliver the compliance we need through learning. n U+ Learning will help me to deliver high performing colleague engagement. n Line managers will build a common language and common practices through learning which is creating high performing teams.

For the Business: n U+ will establish a simplified learning model across the Group. n We will deliver consistent learning practices across the business, avoiding duplication and rationalising learning spend. n We will promote leading learning practices across Divisions and Functions. n U+ will have a consistent structure across the Group whilst affording the required flexibility to meet business goals. 4


Why we are doing it? We are a fast paced business. We demand a lot from our people and people demand a lot from us. With such high expectations, we need to be sure that we have the tools to succeed. With U+, we will: n Deliver our business strategy faster n Create loyalty from both our customers and colleagues n Build a unique environment where people can realise their potential n Develop experts in the essentials with access to relevant, real-time learning. U+ will provide you with the framework for success. Look at this photograph: see how the outline blends into the complete picture‌ the finished article. Think of U+ in a similar way – it will provide you with a place to start, allowing you to fill in the gaps, adding the colour and the individuality.

What have we done? 2012 has been a busy year for U+. Although much of the work may have been going on behind the scenes, Year One has provided the foundation upon which the real work can start. The first key step was to establish how people would actually learn through U+. The following pages will give you an idea of how we have progressed in 2012, establishing U+ across the business.



The brand Creating a brand was a key step in establishing U+. U+ stands for innovation, engagement and accreditation. By working with local L&D partners, Rentokil Initial will create a portfolio suitable for everyone, tailoring products for all levels and divisions.

This brand is now gaining significant traction with various areas of the business designing their collateral to reflect the consistent direction of U+, in balance with the established content already in existence.



The delivery ONLine Our U+ ONLine portal uses leading edge technology to provide L&D resources via an internet connected computer. Modules are already in existence, with the option for divisions to write their own, tailor made modules directly applicable to the business needs. In 2012, implementation has made considerable ground in selected businesses across Europe and the US, helping us to embed the product and start to shift towards a new way of learning in Rentokil Initial.


ONClass Just because it’s called ONClass, doesn’t mean it needs to be in a classroom! ONClass provides team members with face to face learning opportunities, developing them through innovative programmes and providing them with new ways of looking at things through experience and coaching. ONClass can be supplemented with other forms of learning, usually in the form of ONLine modules aligned to subject matter in the face-to-face sessions.

ONJob ONJob will provide front line team members with the ability to participate in Apprenticeships, nationally recognised qualifications that allow people to learn whilst working. Rentokil Initial have also commenced two new Graduate programmes this year, giving young business talent the opportunity to develop in experiential career paths and Action Learning.


The online portal We have already established that U+ is much more than an online training environment. That said, U+ ONLine is a key part of the provision, providing dynamic and innovative solutions to meet business needs. What is it? U+ ONLine is an electronic platform that provides our colleagues with 24/7 access to a wealth of development solutions. It supplements our ONClass and ONJob learning catalogues, allowing colleagues to continue their development at home, away from the training session. It also provides Rentokil Initial with an opportunity to maximise development out of the classroom, delivering high quality tutorials in a wide number of subject areas. What have we done with it? There have been some key areas of impact in Year One. Each has significant importance in our business, providing much needed resource in some vital development areas across the entire Group. This is what U+ has in store for 2013 and beyond: n Corporate Induction n Value Proposition n SPA n Bribery and Corruption n Safety, Health and Environment n Workday training n Blended learning solutions, integrating online provisions into ONClass programmes



“Online learning gives me development when I need it. There are loads of sessions available on my computer which help me to learn without travelling.” “U+ ONLine is a great tool for supplementing the learning I can do in a classroom. This is a wealth of information there to help me with specific areas of the modules, so I can remind myself of a given topic later on.” 13

So why should I use it? We have these fantastic tools being introduced to the business, but why should you use them? Here are some ideas of how U+ will impact you and the effects this will have on Rentokil Initial: n My increased knowledge and expertise will allow me to feel more confident in my role. n My capability to take on new challenges will be improved by the developments to my skillsets. n My performance at work can improve as a result of my increased confidence and knowledge. n My career prospects and mobility can open up as a result of the better understanding of my role and the business. n The customer can benefit from a better experience as a result of my skills and attitude. n The Business can become more competitive and more profitable through the development of myself and my peers.



What does it look like? With various U+ products impacting the business in Year One, here’s a taste of what’s coming in 2013 and beyond.

The Aspire Conference Aspire was piloted in 2012 and is a Learning and Development Talent seminar for the Top 50 Work Level 3 team members in Europe. It balances experiential learning with a fantastic networking opportunity, giving participants a chance to develop their skills and their relationships over three action-packed days. It will run again in 2013, broadening the horizons of learning whilst facilitating important relationship building across geographical borders.


The Graduate Programme The Graduate Programme provides Rentokil Initial with new, young leadership potential. Over two years (three for Finance Graduates), the programme embeds the skills and behaviours needed to succeed in a professional environment. Through a combination of experiential learning, job placements and classroom based development, participants start to understand our business and what it takes to be a manager in a global service company. The programme continues to run in 2013 with 38 graduates currently participating. The business will welcome another intake towards the end of 2013.

The Sales Leadership Programme Already established in Rentokil Initial, the Sales Leadership Programme is a management and leadership programme aimed at providing our Sales colleagues with the skills they need to become the best possible Sales managers. Providing a foundation in management and leadership skills, the programme demonstrates how these interact with Sales competencies to develop true skill and aptitude for this essential population. 2013 sees further growth of the programme, with supplementary modules being rolled out throughout the year. These will address sales competencies and complement the sessions already in existence.

Asia Pacific Performance Coaching and Development Development in Asia Pacific has taken a significant step forward in 2012, using U+ products to impact substantial populations across nine countries in key behavioural change. For Work Level 2 supervisors and team leaders, Stepping into Management has been implemented in four languages to 420 people, changing the way they work with their teams. The programme has been well received and is supported by the Coaching Management Development Programme, giving 100 Work Level 3 managers the skills to lead and coach their people in an integrated approach to developing our front line teams. Rollout will continue throughout 2013.


What do our colleagues think of it? With the initiative gaining traction across the business, here are some thoughts from our people in Rentokil Initial, giving you an idea of what you can look forward to experiencing with U+.

“U+ has given the European businesses the opportunity to take part in training that is at the highest standard and creates great value for money.” Head of Talent and Development, Europe “U+ has given me the power to control my own learning, allowing me to learn at home and at work when it fits in with my busy work schedule.” Team Member, Initial Textiles and Hygiene “U+ gives us the opportunity to make development available to our people with different needs, in different ways, in different parts of the business.” Branch Manager, Initial Facilities 18


How will we move forward? Now that much of the foundation has been set in place, U+ has a structure upon which to grow that will allow it to gain real traction in the business. Here’s our “top ten” of how we will drive U+ through 2013 and beyond, establishing it as the one-stop-shop for all business L&D needs:

1. Existing faculty structures will help to rollout the U+ brand into the wider business, truly establishing the strategy and measurable quality across Rentokil Initial;

2. Learning and Development inventories will catalogue all existing

provisions to minimise duplication across the business to launch “one best way” of doing things;

3. The Leadership and Management Faculty will continue to support other

parts of the business to provide a standardised approach to developing this key population;

4. The Sales Faculty will continue to deliver its already well-established products, aligning them to the U+ brand standards;

5. The Sales Faculty will also lead the way in linking Job Families to specific learning, tailoring learning to job needs. This will develop to encompass all areas of the business;

6. We will continue to develop L&D expertise across all divisions, delivering Train the Trainer to agreed standards, allowing more of our front-line population to benefit from leader-led high quality learning;




The U+ ONLine portfolio will continue to grow, offering more tailored development to more people without the need to leave the workplace whilst providing opportunities for blended learning across the U+ curriculum;



We will accredit our learning with established Learning and Development bodies, demonstrating quality at the highest level whilst targeting awards to certify our successes;



We will publish a “preferred supplier list� for L&D resources outside of Rentokil Initial, allowing us to negotiate best value from our providers whilst delivering top quality experiences;

10. 10. We will improve YVC scores through better retention and satisfaction scores, giving our people another reason to stay with us.


How are we going to make it work? Governance is a key part of the U+ strategy. It is the only way that we can guarantee the high quality Learning and Development that we need in Rentokil Initial. Most of this governance is not important to the majority of U+ beneficiaries, but with a lot of new language being used in the business, it is a good idea to know a little bit about the various bodies involved and how these work together to deliver high quality development for you and your people The Faculties Like many other corporate universities, U+ relies upon a structure to separate the various areas of learning in the business. As our business is diverse and complex in its service offering, we have a number of faculties that coordinates the learning into specific areas. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the resources. Each of the technical business areas have their own faculty, providing knowledge and skill development specific to their requirements. These are supported by cross-divisional faculties, which provide learning applicable to colleagues across our business, specific to their role but regardless of their division. Each faculty is headed by an expert in the field and sponsored by a senior member of the Rentokil Initial team, allowing us to provide you with the best standard of learning. The U+ Governing Board The UGB is a select group of senior stakeholders representing our business, who work together with the Company Executive Board and the wider Learning and Development community to ensure that Rentokil Initial has access to the highest quality provisions aligned to business needs.


The Learning and Development Community Led by the divisional Heads of L&D, the wider L&D community plays a vital role in ensuring all parts of the Rentokil Initial community are serviced by the U+ curriculum. They help to contextualise the various products to meet the specific business needs, whilst establishing a consistent approach to content.


Where do I go now? So, you know what U+ is, and what it means to the Company. You have access to a catalogue of development opportunities that has been designed with you in mind. Your local Learning and Development team forms part of U+, so why not ask them what we can do for you? Rentokil Initial values its people. Wherever you work, whatever you do‌ this is going to have a real impact on your working lives. You are our most important asset and you allow us to be the best we can be. When you are successful, we are successful with you. Let us help you to excel - you can help us to make Rentokil Initial be the best at what we do.



Contacts Below is a list of some key information you might need to find out more about U+. Please do feel free to get in touch with us and we will help you as much as we can. For general information on what U+ has to offer, you can visit the homepage on the Rentokil Initial intranet: For general inquiries, you can contact us on the following email address: For Faculty Development needs, you can contact Daniel Roberts-Green (Group L&D Business Partner) at:



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