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Mike Hong Mrs. Mirecka H2 English B

What Career Will You Pursue and Why?


What Career  Will  You  Pursue  and  Why?    

I had  many  dreams  of  what  job  to  pursue  since  very  young  age.   During  my  kinder  garden,  I  wanted  to  become  the  president  of  Korea,   when  I  was  an  elementary  student,  I  desperately  wanted  to  become  a   national soccer player but because of unfit physical characteristics, I had to let go of my dream. As I grew up, I wanted to become an interior designer however most currently my dream has hardened to become a CEO of the world leading logistic company. My dad is a founder and a CEO of a international logistic company name Cargo Plaza. Having to view how my dad works and what exactly his job is, it became a huge dream to accomplish what he couldn't do. I will accomplish my own international logistic company and when it becomes successful, I will buy my dad’s company to prove that I don't need my dad’s support and nag to become success.

Letter of Inquiry

Letter of  Inquiry     Jl.  Antasari,  Complex  Paradise  G-­‐1   Jakarta,  Indonesia  1993   September  7,  2011     Scott  Galloway     New  York  University     70  Washington  Sq.  South     New  York,  NY  10012         Dear  Mr.  Galloway,  my  name  is  Mike  Hong  and  I  am  wishing  to  major   International  Trade  at  the  New  York  University  (NYU).  Despite  other   schools,  the  reason  why  I  chose  to  apply  for  NYU  is  because  this   school  not  only  develops  student’s  academic  level,  but  also  implants   and  highlights  the  vision;  future  career  after  the  university  education.   Moreover,  many  of  my  friends  who  are  in  NYU  studying  International   Trade  tell  me  that  by  interacting  with  the  real  companies  the   students  learn  much  faster  in  greater  ways  and  because  I  am  a  tactile   learner,  this  unique  method  of  learning  will  be  a  advantage  to  me.       By  studying  in  the  NYU,  I  am  looking  forward  to  learning  about   international  trade  in  different  views  and  in  diverse  depths.  By   acquiring  skills  and  knowledge  with  students  from  around  the  world,   all  the  experiences  will  become  my  greatest  property.       To  jump  into  the  conclusion,  throughout  my  high  school  life,  I  didn't   take  any  business  of  economic  classes,  which  are  essential  in  learning   international  trade.  I  am  very  confident  to  learn  everything  from   beginning  in  the  university.  However,  I  am  worried  if  I  cant  follow  the   lecture  of  might  fail  in  the  subject.  To resolve my problem, is there any way I can adapt to the new environment without going through many difficulties? Or do I have to take private tutor to gain some basic understanding of business before enrolling into NYU? Thank you for reading and I will be waiting for reply. Sincerely, Mike Hong

Article What are the advantages of studying abroad?

Article   For  many  multilingual  students,  the  question  of  whether  to   study  abroad  or  to  study  in  their  home  counties  for  higher  level  of   education  is  probably  the  biggest  dilemma.  Korean  students  have  to   suffer  from  this  factor  compared  to  other  colleagues  because  Korea  is   a  country  with  one  of  the  highest  rate  of  unemployment.  This   environment  has  led  Korean  students  to  become  more  fierce  and   competitive  toward  each  other.  Moreover,  there  is  a  popular  saying   in  Korea  “What  University  you  go  into  determines  your  future  life.”   Therefore,  it  is  a  cold  fact  to  swallow  that  I  am  pretty  much  forced  to   go  to  university  in  Korea  in  order  to  get  a  job  in  my  home  country.  To   sum  up,  what  advantages  are  there  for  students  who  are  studying   abroad?     I  am  a  multilingual  student  who  went  to  Jakarta  International   School  starting  from  fourth  grade.  My  heart  defines  me  as  a  pure   Korean  with  an  International  student’s  mind  and  it  is  my  wish  to   continue  my  multilingual  life  by  pursuing  to  study  out  side  of  Korea   for  university  education.  I  have  a  friend  named  Jun  Mo  Hong  who   went  to  university  in  Boston  then  transferred  to  the  university  in   Korea  because  of  the  same  reason  as  me;  getting  a  job  in  Korea.   According  to  him,  because  he  went  to  Jakarta  International  School   since  very  young,  studying  and  hanging  out  with  many  other  native   and  multilingual  students  was  a  great  experience  to  improve  his   English  speaking  skills,  besides  experiencing  their  cultural  lives  from   first  point  of  view.     As  the  world  is  shifting  its  trend  into  globalization,  studying  in   a  new  environment  and  getting  in  direct  contact  with  foreign  people   with  different  perspective  of  a  material  can  be  a  most  valuable  lesson   in  surviving  the  21-­‐century.  According  to  my  dad  who  meet  many   clients  from  various  countries  for  business  matters  says,  “You  have  a   disadvantage  of  having  a  chance  to  leave  your  identity  in  a  labyrinth   but  on  the  other  hand  you  gained  a  tremendous  value  of  not  having   stereo  types  against  foreign  people.”  Placing  my  international   thoughts  as  a  root,  the  advantages  of  studying  in  different  countries   can  be  quite  a  few.  Being  an  adaptable  person  is  one  of  the  pros.  In   order  to  make  a  conversation  or  to  debate  with  the  people  from   different  ethnic  groups  with  different  cultures,  without  being  able  to   adapt  to  their  thoughts  and  actions  surviving  in  a  harsh  environment   where  people  compete  with  each  other  will  be  impossible.  For  

example, Korean  people  have  a  very  strong  belief  in  respecting  older   people  even  when  it  comes  to  high  school  students.  If  a  closed   minded  Korean  students  went  into  the  foreign  university  and  put   physical  punishment  on  the  non-­‐Korean  students  for  not  bowing  to   him,  this  would  be  a  case  of  Korean  student  not  being  able  to  adapt  to   his  new  environment.  A  formal  Jakarta  International  School  student,   Nakul  Malik  who  went  to  Cambridge  of  British  Columbia  stated  that   the  one  of  the  advantages  of  going  to  university  in  foreign  country  is   meeting  new  students  and  learning  about  their  new  cultures  and   lives  more  over  interacting  with  them.  The  second  advantages  of   studying  abroad  is  you  can  check  yourself  if  you  can  be  a  organized   person  without  any  parental  care.  According  to  Tomek  who  is  a   formal  JIS  student  quoted  “I  was  very  well  prepared  as  a  result  of  the   rigorous  IB  Diploma  program  and  I  had  my  mom  (Mrs.  Mirecka)   constantly  checking  in  on  me  to  see  if  I  had  my  homework  done.  I   always  had  to  make  sure  that  I  had  all  of  my  assignments  done  and  I   could  only  rely  on  myself  to  make  sure  I  completed  everything   correctly.”  If  it  wasn't  for  studying  abroad,  I  believe  Tomek  would  not   have  known  if  he  was  able  to  organize  himself  without  Mrs.  Mirecka’s   help.  I  would  also  love  to  discover  if  I  am  able  to  complete  all  the   university  assignments  without  any  nagging  from  my  parents.       As  there  may  be  number  of  cons  of  studying  abroad  like  Nakul   and  Tomek,  did  such  as  expense  and  losing  ones’  identity,  but  I   believe  there  are  far  much  to  learn  from  studying  in  a  complete   different  environment.  Stepping  into  the  foreigner’s  and  viewing   materials  in  different  perspective  will  be  a  base  for  the  future  success   to  multilingual.                                


Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae       Personal  Detail   Name:  Duck  Kyung  (Mike)  Hong   Address:  Jl.  Antasari  Complex  Executive  Paradise  G-­‐1,  Jakarta  Selatan,   Indonesia   Home  Phone:  (021)  750-­‐4173   Hand  Phone:  087880305040   Date  of  Birth:  August  17th,  1993   Email:     Education     2013  –  2019                New  York  University  (After  serving  two  years  in   military  service)   2004  –  2012                  Jakarta  International  School  (JIS)   2000  –  2004                  Jakarta  International  Korean  School  (JIKS)     Academic  Qualification     2011  –  2020                Bachelor’s  Degree  of  Business  in  New  York   University   2013  –  2019                Completed  the  studying  of  majoring  subject Additional Academic Qualification - TOEFL score available - SAT score available - TOEIC score available Important Academic Courses Taken During High School - IB Math Studies - IB English B HL - IB Korean HL Work Experience 2011 – 2020 - Internship in Korean Air Cargo - Part time job in Starbucks Coffee 2013 – 2019


Assisting Manager of the New York University Violet - Part time job in DHL (continued) - Band Club in NYU (fund raising for orphanages) - Taught middle school students soccer

2004 – 2012 -

Habitat for Humanity (three years) President of Emmanuel Club (helping orphanages) Internship in MIKROBOT during summer holiday Played bass guitar in church (five years) MUN (Model United Nation) representative Helping out elementary students to read books Teaching a student how to play a bass guitar (learned leadership and importance of money)

Languages -

Korean English Indonesian (colloquial) Spanish

Personal Statement As hard as it could become, I am currently majoring international trade in the New York University. I can proudly say that I might be the happiest person in the world for I am pursuing my old dream and taking small steps to accomplish something huge. Slacking is one of my biggest cons, however, I get motivated very easily and will show strong concentration toward my work. I wish to continue on with my life by finding a job that has a direct connection to my major. Thus, I can be satisfied

Note: If any documents or evidence are required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Letter of Application


Dear Mr. Chang Keun Hong, I am sending this letter to apply for a job in your company that I saw on the newspaper advertisement. As required, I have attached the resume and job application to the written address. I believe because international cargo is what I have been studying since university and a job I preferred since high school, Cargo Plaza is the right place to show my full potential ability. I would like to slowly acquire skills to be a person who is important and acknowledged in the field of international logistic. I am very capable of working in various working environments due to the internship during high school and another internship experience in Korean Air Cargo. I have experienced various working positions throughout different companies and learned most valuable lessons of being a flexible worker. Most importantly, throughout the internship experience, I have learned to be a cooperative worker to interact and work efficiently with the others. I am a multilingual person. Being able to speak three languages is a gift, which many others don't have thus cooperating with the other workers will be so much easier for me then the other workers and this will lead to the exponential improvement of the Cargo Plaza. If I become one of the workers in Cargo Plaza, I promise to work on my full potential to improve your company’s progress but also working on the cooperation and teamwork within workers. Sincerely, Mike Hong 홍덕경 Thank You

Change Project  

my change project

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