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Don’t Just See It from Far, Drive Through the Golden Gate Bridge If there is one bridge that has been etched in memories of all Hollywood lovers, it got to the famed Golden Gate bridges. Long and one of its kind suspension bridges, driving through this historical bridge in your own car or a rent a car in usa is a sure to-do point on most Hollywood fans bucket list. If you want to make this wish come true, we suggest you choose any clear day to rent cars and tour this bridge. While the vicinity itself deserves a special mention, given that its brims with radiant azure water and interesting skyline in the backdrop, the bridge in itself is a monument to explore! Declared one of the modern wonders of the world, Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. What this implicates for a traveler in his rental car is the presence of a camera at all times. You would come across gorgeous settings while driving through this bridge that deserve to be clicked. The authorities have also done a good job in identifying various vantage points where one can park rental cars and get down to click the surroundings of this iconic bridge. The only caveat is the metered parking. If you get late at moving out of the parking lot, you would have to shell out around $30 extra as late fee. To avoid this, you can turn left out onto Lincoln (if you are towards San Francisco) and find a lot of gravel just about few hundred meters out. Park your rental cars here and get around exploring the bridge. If you plan to drive on to this majestic bridge in car hire usa on weekends or holidays, you would find more parking options across the satellite lot. Park the rental car there and walk up to the vantage point. To add to the driving experience, we suggest you try walking if not the entire length then at least some part of it since walking would give a better sense of its height and length. If you do walk till the centre, you would be 220 feet above the water and ships as big as average merchant ones, would look like a ball of cotton. While walking keep in mind that pedestrians are allowed only on the eastern side. If you plan to come down here, we suggest you plan your car rental usa in advance. Try America Car Rental for all car hire in usa requirement and explore the bridge for its majestic sights and overwhelming architecture.

Rent a Car in USA and Drive Through the Golden Gate Bridge  

Rent a car in USA and drive through the golden gate bridge and and explore the bridge for its majestic sights and overwhelming architecture.

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