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TRIPS 2013


“credible service-based outreach”

DAY & WEEKEND TRIPS A lot can happen in a day or a weekend… ask anyone who has spent one with us. Service at New Vision impacts our existing ministry. Doing what matters makes a difference, even just a few hours.


ADD-ON TRIPS & URBAN MINISTRY ACTIVITIES Ways to work with us if you are short on time or just passing through San Diego for your Mexico trip or a local conference. Add some urban ministry to your trip.

MULTI-DAY TRIPS Tailored for your group’s availability, desired schedule, risk-threshold, and preferred activities. Come spend three or more days with us. Flexibly priced to get every group here.


Hosting urban ministry trips year-round in San Diego, CA

Overcoming the barriers that keep us from outreach.

WE DON’T TALK THEM TO THE NEXT LEVEL… WE TAKE THEM THERE Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has a step forward to take. We are tired of talking about “ought to’s” and “should do’s.” Reflective, experiential learning… PRAY, STEP, REFLECT, STEP AGAIN keeps us moving.

Groups in from all over the country serve here in San Diego alongside New Vision's existing ministries. Groups will come this Spring and the Summer from Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, and Northern California. We also work with local and regional churches here in SoCal. We have had groups come all the way from New York. Our partnership with Hume Lake Christian Camp and Hume: SD will put a thousand high school and middle school students on the streets this year to serve the homeless, complete service projects in our community, and rock their suburban paradigm. This is not just about an experience for the participants… You help expand actual ministry that is already going on in our community. You help strengthen relationships with our community and ministry partners. What you do matters. 


De-briefing We take time to reflect and dialogue at the end of each day and after most activities.



By it’s nature, a city is loud, busy, fast-paced, and complicated. To learn how to be still and know God in the middle of a city is an invaluable skill to take into our culture.

It boils down to this one thing…

… and you will know if it happened.

…making disciples. What we mean when we talk about At the end of the day, it really comes down to two making a disciple is more than having someone attend a questions… “Did I follow” and “Did I help someone else class, complete a course of study, or teaching them

follow?” The answer can be found in our actions,

to pray in public. The singular task that Jesus gave to his followers was to make more followers. And His

“make one who can make another”

not proclamations, excuses, or justifications. It takes all day to come up with an answer to those questions. We hope that you will spend one or more of those kind of days with us.

example was intentional investment over the course of several years with a small group of people.

WHAT WE DO BEST OUTREACH Credible, service-based outreach is our game changer. We obtain generous access through our service and our success.




Learn to lead yourself, then you can lead others. We raise up, release, and resource new leaders to serve with new vision.

The principal mandate given by Jesus... “Make disciples.” Our resolve… “make one who can make another.”

Match actions to belief. Wait no longer to align action with belief. Come DO what you say you BELIEVE.




DOING WHAT MATTERS MAKES A DIFFERENCE I work at an urban church and part of my heart for the poor was shaped on that summer trip. I loved the experience and it really softened my heart and whetted my appetite for urban ministry! Ken Rawson, Middle School Youth Pastor at The Chapel Author and speaker for Youth Specialties

DOING WHAT MATTERS HAS LASTING IMPACT “We continue to have fruit in our youth group from our time with you and thank you again for that!” Chuck Elmore, Youth Pastor at New Life City Albuquerque, NM

“GOD bless you, Mike... our kids are so much better for having been with you.” Alan Hawkins, Lead Pastor at New Life City, NM

DOING WHAT MATTERS MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN US TOO! “I would not have brought my son here otherwise. I want him to grow up in a place where the Gospel is both preached AND lived out. I him to see that with God, all things are possible… even the overwhelming needs of the city. There is no shortage of things to do with your group this summer. But how many of those things will actually make a measurable difference?” Mike Haskins, Urban Missions Pastor at New Vision Christian Fellowship

Coming back again & again This isn’t just a trip… it is the beginning of a new relationship, a new chapter in story that we will share together, a partnership that benefits and blesses everyone involved. Some groups have served with us for over 10 years. Others come out a several times each year. We have had groups from as far away as New York.

What will you say about your trip with New Vision [4]

A Great City... • San Diego is home to the some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

...With Great Needs • San Diego is the 8th largest city in the country and the 3rd largest in California, yet we have the third largest homeless population

• San Diego’s tourist industry has thrived and sustained the city through the recent

in the US.

recession. People from all over the world come here to experience the weather,

• The ranks of the homeless are swelling with a rapidly growing group… foster kids

beaches, shopping, a fantastic zoo, Sea

who have aged out of the system.


World, and a rich culture. • The population of San Diego is diverse: about 59% Caucasian, almost 28% Hispanic,  7% African-American, and 6%

• 3 million people live in San Diego county, a 4200 square mile area. This is approximately 80% of the entire population of neighboring state Oregon.

Asian (including the largest Filipino population outside of the Philippines). Cross-cultural ministry opportunities abound.

• Within a 3-mile radius of the church, we have almost a full representation of our entire county's demographics. You can cross a

• Tens of thousands of youth group participants pass through San Diego each

street and go from urban blight to suburban neighborhood.

year on their way to build houses in nearby Mexico

An Amazing Ministry... Ready for urban missions? Through New Vision Urban Missions, New Vision Christian Fellowship partners with churches from all over the country to expand outreach to the homeless, impoverished, and disenfranchised of urban San Diego. New Vision is in public schools to redeem the future of high-risk teens, networks dozens of local churches to build supportive relationships with over 65 public schools, has outreach at downtown hotels, adopts local apartment complexes, and on the street to serve the homeless community. New Vision provided food for over 10,000

Ready for a new vision?

people in January, 2013 through food distribution and community meals.

Where do you get your info about the city?


Ken, New Vision's food distribution manager is a powerful example of what happens when someone catches God's new vision for their life. Thousands of people eat because of what God did in the life of a man who saw real hunger in the households where he used to deal drugs. New Vision helps people see beyond their past, discover their incredible worth to God, then gets behind the new vision He has for their lives. 

WITH NEW VISION When you come here to serve, we ask that

businesses, and organizations to expand their outreach by offering urban mission trips. Pastor Pete is a 20 year urban ministry veteran

you present yourself to the community as being

who is well known on the streets, in

“with New Vision” because you are an extension

the schools, and all over the

of our ongoing work in this community.

city. New Vision's recent merge

New Vision Urban Missions is a ministry of

with the Fellowship of San Diego,

New Vision Christian Fellowship, an urban

has resulted in amazing resources

church in San Diego, CA. Everything that is

that are expanding outreach in

going on at New Vision represents an exciting

every direction. New Vision reaches

move of God to reach the homeless,

into the public schools through a

impoverished, and disenfranchised of San

dynamic student leadership


program and has created a

Led by "Pastor Pete" Contreras, New Vision partners with other churches, schools,

network that links over sixty public schools with local churches. Over 8000 people

Mike, Amy, and Josiah Haskins

each month receive sustenance

New Vision Christian Fellowship 4353 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92103 Call (619) 997-9249 for more about urban missions.



through New Vision's food distribution program.

New Vision Urban Missions In late-Spring of 2012, Mike Haskins and

career as a professional youth worker with a recent foray into the world of technology as a corporate trainer for Apple Care advisors. Amy is the Sunday AM children’s director. Mike and his family love their life on-site

his family were called to move back to San

at New Vision and grateful for the “daily bread”

Diego to take over and expand the urban

God provides to sustain them here. Their

missions ministry. Mike has spent most of his

support website is


NEW VISION URBAN MISSIONS GROUP RESERVATION FORM GROUP CONTACT INFO: Name of Group: ____________________ ___________________________________________________ Contact Person: ________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ City: __________________________________________ State: _______ Zip: ______________________ Phone: (

) ________________ Fax: (

) _________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

GROUP TYPE: Organization:

Church ___

Age group: Adults ___ Group size: 15-30 ___

College/University ___

College ___ 30-50 ___

High School ___ 50-75 ___

School ___

Non-profit ___

Business ___

Middle School ___

75+ ___

ITINERARY: Preferred dates: ____________________________ Next best dates: _____________________________ Arrival day - what time of day do you think you will arrive? AM



Departure day - what time of day do you think you will depart?




How much free time do you want built into each day? _________________________________________ How much group time do you want built into each day? _______________________________________ Would you like any full or partial “free days” (no program) for sightseeing? ________________________ Notes: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Please send this with your non-refundable deposit in the amount of $300. Make all checks out to: New Vision Christian Fellowship with “urban missions trip” in memo line. Mail this form and your trip deposit to: 4353 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92103

Ask about discounts available for first-time groups, large groups (50+), longer trips (6+ days), and early payment of your group’s balance.

New Vision Urban Missions  

Spring & Summer Trip Catalog

New Vision Urban Missions  

Spring & Summer Trip Catalog