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First Key Positions Filled Geshaview now has a Spiritual Director and an International Events Co-ordinator and Wellbeing Director. Valery and Stephen Coburn have moved their home and business to Geshaview in order to take up their new roles: Valery as the Spiritual Director and Stephen as the International Events Co-ordinator and Wellbeing Director.

Valery Coburn Valery says “It is a privilege to offer my life’s experience, learned skills and innate wisdom at Geshaview. I have a strong sense of commitment and service, and know I have much to offer this amazing project”. As an ordained Interfaith Minister embracing all diverse systems of spirituality, I am able to create services for all who would like to celebrate a memorable occasion here at Geshaview. I am also here to share my sensitivity, experience and inner wisdom with those who seek spiritual support and guidance. I will promote Geshaview as a venue for all spiritual teachers worldwide, practitioners and leaders in the fields of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, for workshops, conferences and trainings.

Spiritual Director As Geshaview’s Spiritual Director I will be responsible to the owners and shareholders for all spiritual aspects of Geshaview. These will include Creating as well as Performing Ceremonies for Weddings, Baby Naming/Blessings, Funerals and Renewal of Vows. I will also promote and facilitate events for Spiritual Retreats, Workshops, Seminars, Groups and Trainings. I have also created my own spiritual retreats. These will begin in the spring of 2011, and I am seeing personal clients at Geshaview. I will also work beside Stephen with his duties as Wellbeing Director.

Stephen and Valery Coburn are settling into the village.

Stephen Coburn Stephen says “Geshaview is ideally positioned to become the leading centre in Europe for sustainable living. Incorporating a world class Courtyard Centre and auditorium, it is perfectly designed to facilitate a whole spectrum of events and functions. If properly positioned, marketed and utilized its potential is exceptional. Geshaview also has a unique presence and feeling that is difficult to put into words, I believe it has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. It is vital that the person who fills this position must understand and be fully integrated into the concept, philosophy and heart of this special place. I bring to Geshaview my experience, commitment and service as someone who has experienced this place at first hand, and having also spent many hours in discussion with its owners – David, Mirra, Julian and Dessi. As Geshaview Events Coordinator I will be responsible to the owners and shareholders for the production of

events from conception through to completion.

Events include: • Exhibitions And Fairs • Concerts • Weddings • Festivals • Conferences • Promotions and Product Launches • Workshops • Retreats • Social Events As the Wellbeing Director I bring my experience as a practitioner and teacher of Energy Medicine with over 20 years experience, having facilitated workshops and courses all over the UK and Ireland. Together with my wife Valery we aim to bring our vast experience in this field to assist in the creation, development and running of the future Wellbeing Lodges/Centre. I will also promote, organize and facilitate my own workshops here at Geshaview.

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First group of Ambassadors give Geshaview a ‘sign of approval’ The end of a glorious September saw the visit by the first large group of six Ambassadors to Geshaview. Viewed as somewhat of a personal triumph by Stephen and I, these six people were the very first to respond to our personal invitation with amazing speed. They were the first with news of the Geshaview Ambassador programme. As a result all 6 stepped forward with huge enthusiasm, commitment and excitement for their trip, finally leaving us on october 2nd after a very full 5 day programme. organized visits out and about the region and with structured presentations on all aspects of the Geshaview vision, it is safe to say that all six will not only come back, but will become vibrant Ambassadors for Geshaview.

Enormous success For us personally, Stephen and I felt enormous success from the whole visit. An enormous amount of pre-planning, work and dedication was needed behind the scenes for this first group of visiting Ambassadors. orchestrated by Mirra the catering and hospitality experience they all enjoyed, supported by all the Geshaview team members who really

The six Ambassadors from left to right:

gave their all, surpassed the expectations of the very happy Ambassadors. The value of dedicated Ambassadors is of the highest priority for building the future of Geshaview and therefore Stephen and I add our personal

gratitude to everyone who took part; and to the ‘Super Six’, we say thank you for stepping forward, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bountiful Blessings from Geshaview Valery and Stephen Coburn

Valery and Stephen Coburn Move to Geshaview Our journey to Geshaview began with the loading of our furniture into a lorry sent from Bulgaria to transport it along with David and Mirra’s which had been loaded the previous day. This was all loaded expertly by David, and Mike who had volunteered his help which was indeed very much appreciated. After 5 hours the final part of the jigsaw was manoeuvred into place, and with not an inch to spare the doors were closed and it began its journey to Geshaview. on arrival it was all placed carefully into one of the Courtyard shops to await David and Mirra’s arrival a


Stephen and Valery survey the village from their new home.

week later. We then followed in early September after Valery fulfilled a long standing booking and commitment to perform a wedding in the New Forest. on arrival we were delighted to find that our furniture had been placed in our new home, and our possessions were stored in the house next door. We were so grateful to David and Mirra for their attention to detail and care, thanks to you both and the rest of the Geshaview team and Euro SPD for a great removal service, for making our transition so easy. Stephen Coburn


The Queen and the Bulgarian orphans Queen Victoria take pity on 2 homeless boys Every year thousands of tourists visit osborne House, Queen Victoria's country estate on the Isle of Wight. This was where the Queen and Prince Albert created a royal retreat to escape with their children and enjoy family life away from the demanding formalities of state. In March 1854 two Bulgarian orphans named Johens (aged 4 years) and Georgy (aged 15 months), were rescued during the Crimean War from Constanta (now Romania) by the British Navy after being wounded by the Turks. Their parents had been killed and they themselves were wounded and taken onboard HMS Firebrand where they quickly recovered and became popular with the ship's company.

Killed in action

Osborne House, where the Bulgarian orphans were brought up.

Captain Hyde Parker gladly took charge of them and had decided to adopt them but unfortunately he was killed in action in July 1854. Queen Victoria heard the story, took pity on them and had them taken to osborne House, where they were brought up in one of the cottages on the estate by a Mrs Ann Jackman, the wife of a carter.

They took the surname of the captain who rescued them and became known as John and George Parker. The Queen regularly visited them at the cottage that became their home and also at school. The embroidered clothes they wore are preserved and are on display at osborne House. When the children grew up they

joined the British Navy but had varied fortunes. George also served in the Rifle Brigade. He died in 1896 leaving a widow and a daughter. John continued his naval career until 1881 when he decided to seek his fortune in America without success. He later married and died in London aged 78 in 1927.

One day in the autumn... The day is Monday, the sun is out, the air is still and the day is about to begin. The temperature is 15 degrees. As another week begins the preparation for the coming winter is in full flow. Wood stocks are being delivered as the first log fires are being lit. The rusty bronze leaves are falling making the last of the grass cutting a chore. The stunning greenery all around is now rapidly changing the face of the landscape. Snow shovels are appearing in the high street shops and screen wash is in abundance in every garage... ...and not a Christmas decoration in sight... ...aaahhh so refreshing. 3


David moves to Geshaview

After 5 years of planning, the move on August 11th saw the arrival of the Hollands family at the Geshaview Village. Taking the decision to move family and their whole life to the project shows the passion and long term commitment David and Mirra have to the success of the village. There will be others following in their footsteps I am sure as the village starts to take on life beyond the builders. Many of the logistical management issues are being put into place by the team who are now working closely with the changes that are happening. Managing visitors and balancing the last of the building work is not an easy task but one that everybody is understanding and working together on.

The driving force David is steadily driving forward all the systems of operation, the commercial aspects of the courtyard, building the restaurants and of course, the visitors. Mirra heads up the subjects that involve, food, service, customers, and of course the vital communication of language and understanding, and more!

Above: Preparation of the inaugural circle barbeque. Inset: Family of Ambassadors lunching in the Gatehouse Garden.

I know the passion that they both have for the project is sometimes full on but it is this passion and support that they both have that will make the village the place it has always been destined to be.

Settling in

First foundations of the farm take place.

With both their daughters now settled in at school they too are turning their attention to the village life and setting up the farm, advising on the crèche, parties and managing the wildlife that is in abundance. I know both David and Mirra would like to thank all of those who have supported them in their move and those who have committed to be close to them in the coming years helping to grow and keep safe the vision of Geshaview. Stephen Coburn

Books and donations... Yes please! As we move closer to the starting point with welcoming guests to the village we have been overwhelmed with the focus we have on education. We have had donated over 300 books for the library ranging from herbal remedies to emotional relationships, cooking from the soil and... well the diversity is to be read, as they say. Included in the donations has been a pristine collection of nearly 50 years of National Geographic magazines, ‘the old fashioned’ search engine. We are pleased that we are now also having donations from Bulgarian sources and I am sure as time goes on we will be blessed with an international library for learning. Any books you feel would fit the bill please pop them in your suitcase on you next trip. Thanks.



Charity fundraising. Why not donate! The church at old Gesha village moves a step closer to being renovated as we hear from the regional church authorities that we will soon have the papers all in place to be able to start the plans for renovation. We have in the past (see May/June issue) made many of you aware of the need, we feel, and this is now mirrored by almost all who visited Geshaview over the summer months. An additional thanks to those ambassadors who took time to add some very interesting and wise practical advice on the way forward. The preservation of the existing inner decor and all the wooded parts together

The old church at Gesha as seen from the Geshaview village.

with the safekeeping of the remaining fittings will be priority. If anyone has experience of such a project or similar and would like to offer some advice we would love to hear from you. Donations are now being made here at the village, all visitors to the new Geshaview Lifestyle offices have the opportunity to read about and offer donations during their visit. For those who would like to donate ‘from afar’ please contact me directly by e-mail and I will be delighted to give you the details of how to donate. All donations will be held in a separate fund and released to the restoration project once it is set up and officially granted. Anyone interested in administering this type of project who has experience and would be able to visit the project at least 4 times a year... please step forward! Stephen Coburn

Above: The donation box in the Geshaview Lifesyle offices.

Right: Besides the donation box there is a ‘comments’ book for visitors to add their observations.

Administrative co-ordinator for church funds

The entrance to the old church.

The interior showing the damaged roof.

Jocelyn (Joss) Vining has offered to become the UK Administrator for the Gesha church restoration fund. Joss is one of the first Geshaview Ambassadors and can be contacted via her Ambassador web pages:



Orienteers find their way to Geshaview Over the last weekend of October Geshaview played host to athletes competing for the ‘Dryanovo Cup’ and the newly created ‘Geshaview Cup’. Over 300 competitors from 15 towns and cities in Bulgaria took part in the annual Dryanovo orienteering competition. The youngest competitor was 4 years old and the oldest was a 76 years old woman. on the Saturday the race was for the ‘Dryanovo Cup’ took place, and on Sunday the competition was for the ‘Geshaview Cup’. The event attracted Bulgarian National orienteering champions and also international competitors. The winners were awarded their cups on the Sunday afternoon by Dr. Ivan Nikolov, the Mayor of Dryanovo. More pictures and full details in the next Newsletter.

Picture from top right: 1. Orienteering competitors ready at the start. 2. The youngest competitors racing through the village... 3. ...and the eldest competitor registers at the finish. 4. The Geshaview Orienteering cups ready for the winners.

Thank you for taking a few moments to absorb some of this month’s Geshaview news. We look forward to writing again.

Topics for the next issue will include:

Wellbeing Lodge moves a step closer.

Christmas at Geshaview.

Full report and pictures on the Dryanovo orienteering Cup.

First music sound check in the Courtyard.

What does 2011 hold for the village?

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