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ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011

The weeping trees of Geshaview Unexpected winter wonderland in mid October

Heavy snowfall and gusty winds on the 17/18 October 2011 brought down trees and branches and caused a near critical situation in Bulgaria. All of the Stara Planina mountain passes were closed to traffic as a safety measure to avoid vehicles becoming stuck in the snow. Scores of vehicles were

trapped in southern, central and eastern Bulgaria and hurricane-force winds swept 6 vehicles into the Black Sea in Varna. Eastern Bulgaria was disconnected from the electric power network leaving hundreds of locations in the regions of Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo. Dobrich, Kardzhali, Yambol. Plovdiv,

The trees, still in leaf, bow under the weight of the snow.

6 of the trees could not stand the strain.

The bright blue sky, green leaves and snow make a very unusual sight..

Gabrovo, Stara Zagora, Sliven and Targovishte without power.

No escape

Once the snow has melted it is hard to see what caused such damage.

Unfortunately, Geshaview did not escape, with up to 30cm of snow falling overnight. Wonderful to wake up to of course, no school... no work... then, no electric... no

you see the YouTube symbol go to the link or to see NEW!Wherever all of the videos go to:

water... no internet... You get the picture. Only when we ventured outside did we realize that all of the trees - still with 80% of the leaves on their branches - were heavily laden with snow and were snapping apart under the weight. Continued on next page...


ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011 Continued from previous page...

Trees were bent over to ground level, literally weeping with the weight. In total we only lost 6 trees after frantically shaking off the snow to release the pressure. The 6 trees we lost will be cut and the stumps will be

left in place to make seats for visitors to enjoy. Despite all of our efforts to keep and preserve the trees here at the village, nature comes along one night and does a bit of natural, autumn pruning! Fortunately, all of the houses remained unscathed.

It is hard to believe that something as pretty as snow... the wrong time of year, can cause such devastation.

All the effort taken to preserve the trees, and then nature chooses the ones to go.

The forest shows the dramatic effect snow can have.

A Christmas log in October!

The road leading to the village was blocked by fallen trees.


ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011

Great opportunities for investment at Geshaview 2/3 bedroom Townhouses They are located throughout the village and are designed to maximize the use of space. They include an open plan dining and lounge area, large double bedrooms, rear and front balconies and options for a luxury upgrade to the kitchen. This type of property is a perfect balance of village lifestyle. The approximate size of these properties is between 129sqm for the 2 bedroom Townhouses and 223sqm for the 3 bedroom Townhouses.

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2 bed Townhouses - from €140,000 • 3 bed Townhouses - from €182,000 - fully furnished

2/3 bedroom Mews Cottages These dwellings, with large bedrooms, are strategically located in the village and designed to maximize internal space. With magnificent views, spacious lounge and dining areas, front and rear balconies these cottages are very special. This type of property is ideal for either young families or less able people because of their ease of access. The approximate size of a 2 Bedroom Mews Cottages is 134sqm. The 3 Bedroom Mews Cottages are approximately 229sqm.

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2 bed Mews Cottages - from €166,000 • 3 bed Mews Cottages - from €192,000 - fully furnished 3

ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011

2 bedroom Cottage Homes The Cottage homes are located on the South slope of the village and each one of them has a great view to the mountains. They have 2 en-suite bedrooms and a dining area with fireplace and fitted kitchen. These lovable 118-120sqm Cottage Homes are the perfect holiday home and a great residence for small families. The approximate size of these properties is between 118 - 120sqm.

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End Cottage Homes - from €136,000 • Middle Cottage Homes - from €128,000 - fully furnished

Courtyard apartments Located in the main Courtyard building. These 1 bed apartments are designed to maximise the internal space. Giving views to the forest and to the panoramic views to the mountains, you also have a viewing gallery to the Courtyard festivities.

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1 bedroom Courtyard apartments from €100,000 To help you, we are pleased to welcome you to experience a journey to the village, stay a few nights with us and absorb the feeling. Once you have completed this part of your investment, and only then, will you be in a position to decide if Geshaview is right for you and your family’s future. We can assist you in your visit by arranging your travel for you, or if you prefer to book your own flight to Sofia, you can use our transfer options guide on our website for the journey to Geshaview. 4

ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011

Courtyard floor at the 3rd attempt! It has been one of those jobs where it never seemed to go right. The courtyard cobbled flooring has been long awaited and in September we were in a position to start with the laying process. After balancing out all the old fashioned drainage designs underground, allowing the water to flow and naturally drain in the old fashioned way, we were happy to start laying. Experts have been on hand for the past 6 months waiting for the right time to lay so when we gave the call there was a good deal of apprehension all around. I suppose if you think it will be difficult, it will be. We thought it would be difficult, and it was.

The cobble-stone flooring of the Courtyard, enhances the stonework and the curved pattern design (left) reflects the archways.

We had, in fact, to relay the middle section twice before we got the water run-off correct. Thankfully the freak snowfall on the 18th October gave us the final proof that we had got it right. We pass a big thank you to the small team of experts who we will welcome back next month to complete the last third of the flooring as we make the adjustments underground and connect it up to the frontage and roadside landscaping.

Geshaview Village... smoking ban, indoor and outdoor. The decision by Bulgaria’s parliament to ban smoking in public places has been spearheaded by the privately owned Geshaview village. Designed to create a place of excellence and transition for all 3 generations to embrace the need for changes in our lifestyles, Geshaview has a 100% ban on smoking both inside and out. The 22 shops, 7 restaurants and all the services and facilities are designed to be ‘smoke free’. An overwhelming opinion and demand from families, children and visitors to the village have made it clear that at Geshaview, smoking is NOT part of the lifestyle. A place of education, entertainment, enjoyment and business, Geshaview village welcomes all who support this very forward thinking and planned decision. There is no statistic showing a reduction in revenue from a total ban on smoking, to the contrary, totally smoke FREE is proving to be the only way for the future to attract serious, health conscious, parents, grandparents and business people and families. The total smoking ban anywhere within the boundaries of Geshaview village will be introduced fully on 1st January 2012.


ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011

All a bit spooky at Geshaview... again! Time for the second Hallowe’en evening at Geshaview. This year we had over 30 children and as many parents (enjoying the mulled wine).

Bulgarian children do not celebrate Hallowe’en in the same way that western children do, so the chance

to dress up as ghosts and ghouls was an exciting novelty for them. Fun and scary games of

All manor of fancy dress made the evening a great success.

Plenty of food for the children and parents.


course, and with a chilly evening the fire was a treat. Apple bobbing (actually kibabchi bobbing), ‘wrap the mummy’ and ‘count the legs on the flying bats’... add a few ghost stories and coloured lights and we had everything for a great few hours of fun. Food (supplied by curious parents) was gratefully appreciated, laughter by the kids from the local school and a big thanks to the odd teacher or two who came to help keep things in hand. The ‘lady in red’ ‘the devil in disguise’ - Mirra, who delivered a scary commentary all evening of threats and promises, instructions and explanations of the traditions and fun of Hallowe’en to the parents and children.

The Devil in disguise!

A mummy wrapped in the traditional material.

As white as a ghost!

ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011

Wet ’n dry

Despite having no rain between 14 July and 7 October (nearly 12 weeks) the pond has managed to keep alive and well. It was a worry that all the efforts that went into building the pond to use the water from the natural drainage catchment system

and create a natural habitat for wildlife, would struggle and not get into the life cycle that the summer months create.

The pond is slowly maturing into a haven for wildlife.

The completed landscaping of the View Café garden.

Geshaview by numbers ...trees were damaged in the recent freak snow storm of 18 October 2011. have been placed in the pond over the summer months and all survive. ...specially selected stones make up the spiral on the inner Courtyard cobbled floor. ...guests visited the village over the summer months to view properties and the village in general. ...metres of roads and paths have now been added to the village over the summer months. ...photographs, on average, were taken each week during September to record all of the progress.

With a bit of a helping hand by the introduction of plants, fish and river water we are pleased that all is well. Last week saw the sowing of the first grass seed since May this year. The areas now looking greener every day are around the pond, the lower areas by the forest and around the View Café garden. The rain and damp weather is back with us so

we expect to see a real change with the grass taking hold before the winter snow sets in. Next spring will be the start of the colour. The flowering plans are in place and with the first days of spring 2012 we will start to see the green grass of this year blend with the colour of the flowers, herbs and window boxes.

Church foundation and restoration Old Gesha Village A big thank you to all of you who have donated to the fund for the restoration project. We now have a number of Bulgarian celebrities that will be supporting the restoration and this will help with the profile. Still a bit more paperwork and ‘red tape’ to go through but we are hoping that next spring will see the start of the process of restoration.

Warning to drivers in Bulgaria If you are hiring a car or driving in Bulgaria this winter, please take note: From 1st November drivers on Bulgarian roads are required to have their lights on during daylight hours until the 1st March. Traffic police will be issuing tickets to drivers. The police will also issue fines to drivers with malfunctioning windshield wipers blades and worn-out tyres.


ISSUE 16 - OCTOBER/NOVember 2011

Arts Festival update... Having set up the Art Gallery in June this year, we are very pleased that a continued interest has enabled us to confirm next year’s Arts Festival will be, at least, double in size. The plans are now underway for a 2 week long festival with workshops and open days for schools and tourist visitors. Added to this we will be holding the ‘Young Bulgarian Artist’ competition during December, January and February to find 6 lucky

ART Young Bulgarian Artist of the Year

winners who will be invited to participate in the Festival in May 2012.

We are now planning for individual master classes to start in 2012, with a number of Bulgarian and international artists already in place. We will keep you posted.

Milena Mladenova’s sculpture.

Geshaview Art Gallery

Giuseppe Strano Spitu with his sculpture from this year’s Festival.

An exhibition of all the art from this year’s artists can be viewed at the Geshaview ‘House Gallery’ in the village. Entrance is free and the doors are open every day from 10.00am till 5.00pm. Appointments for special viewings can be arranged and a preview can be seen on the Geshaview website at:

Master classes begin

In addition to the paintings we will be positioning the marble sculptures around the village over the next 8 weeks. Once in position the 4 sculptures will form the first phase of the ‘Geshaview Outdoor Gallery’. This outdoor gallery will extend into the forest area of the village and become the first of its kind in Bulgaria. Any budding artists from UK? Entry forms are available on request.

Date for your diary... SECOND

7th may - 22nd May 2012

Get connected to Geshaview:

For journeys and discovery trips to the village please contact: • UK / EU: +44 (0)1202 201300 UK/EU Office: Sales & Administration Telephone: +44 (0)1202 201300 Email: Bulgarian Head Office: 1309 Sofia, 127 ”Slivnitsa” blvd., ”West Park” Trade centre, floor 3, office 22 Telephone: 00359 2 822 00 65 Multiple Award Winner



Geshaview October/November Newsletter  

Issue 16 of the newsletter for the Geshaview village in Bulgaria.

Geshaview October/November Newsletter  

Issue 16 of the newsletter for the Geshaview village in Bulgaria.