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6th may - 19th May 2011 Following on from last year‘s successful event, this year Geshaview is promoting The First Geshaview International Arts Festival in partnership with the Gallery Panev in Veliko Tarnovo and under the patronage of the Mayor of Dryanovo - Dr. Ivan Nikolov. Geshaview will be playing host to artists and sculptors from across the world to develop creative contacts between artists from Bulgaria and abroad and will extend the interest in Bulgarian art and culture. There are 18 artists and sculptors from Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Italy and Czechoslovakia who have registered their interest in attending. The following pages show brief introductions and a Sculpture created by Giuseppe Strano sample of each artist‘s work. Spitu (Spain) at the Festival in 2010.


Nationality: Bulgarian Hristo Panev is a recognized author in the contemporary Bulgarian art. He works in the sphere of paintings, graphics, illustration, book design and monumental art. His paintings are characterized with expressionism, rich colourful gamma, genre and theatrical variety. It is influenced from the Bulgarian icon and mainly from the Bulgarian fresco.

GABRIEL PANEV Nationality: Bulgarian

Gabriel Panev is a representative of the youngest generation Bulgarian artists. He graduated in the subject of painting at the Sts Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo. Still a student, he seeks his way of creative growth. Passing through the influence of surrealistic tendencies of western European art and reaching to the aesthetics of the abstraction.

IVANICHKA PANEVA Nationality: Bulgarian

The Panev Art Gallery opened in March 1999. It is located in the most romantic part of Veliko Tarnovo on the “Samovodska Charshija” Square. The gallery exhibits the paintings of the Panev family. Besides the permanent exhibition in their own gallery in Veliko Tarnovo, several times a year they present new exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. GALLERY PANEV Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, 8 “Pop Matey” Street Telephone: +359 888 300 309; +359 888 606 620; +359 886 696 268 E-mail:; Internet:

Ivanichka Paneva is one of those artists who fell in love in with the romantic corners of Bulgarian landscape and architecture of the ancient capital Veliko Tarnovo. The landscapes wears unique atmosphere and colour of artist deeply connected with this city, which rich historical fortune haunt in the air, which just a few Bulgarian artists touch, studded with the God spark and inspiration. The paintings of act like that we forgot the known and she shows it, as if the same but different. Continued on next page




Alexandre Osipov paints fantastically beautiful pictures. They are consistent in composition, shape, colour and craft. He paints pictures without breaking, without stem displacement. He paints in the unbroken understanding of the artist for his own work. The painting seems to be his love. It takes him into the realm of illusion, a fantasy world, in the pure beauty.

SUZAN UĞURLUÇAM Nationality: Turkish

Suzan Uğurluçam graduated from Belgrade University, Museology in Art History Department at the Faculty of Philosophy. She did research and investigation for 1 year including Louvre Museum in Paris. She did research, investigation and specialization for 1 year at Galleria Nationale D’arte Moderna in Rome, Italy.


Nationality: Azerbaijan Adil graduated from the State Art College n/a A.Azimzade, Baku, Azerbaijan in 1996 and from the State University of Culture and Arts, Baku, Azerbaijan in 2000. In 2005 he received the Gold Medal for the “Third International Biennial of the Islamic World Contemporary Painting” Tehran, Iran. and in 2005 he was awarded the First Prize for “The Best painting of the year” by the Ministry of Youth Sport and Tourist of Azerbaijan Republic.

ZERNISHAN ALQAYEVA Nationality: Azerbaijan

Zernishan graduated from the Art Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan in 2007 and from the Art Academy, magistr, Baku in 2009. She has exhibited in the Netherlands, Greece, Argentina and Turkey.



Nationality: Hungarian Dániel Ludvig graduated at Pécs in 1999 as a graphic designer. His work consists of highly textured mixed media canvases of simplified faces with focusing on the eyes and of animal shapes. He has held numerous solo exhibitions at art galleries throughout Hungary as well as galleries in Austria, Singapore and Slovakia. Dániel has also participated in group exhibitions in Hungary, Austria, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore and Germany.

LUDMILA CHAGINA Nationality: Russian

Ludmila was born in Cheliabinsk, Russia and from 1971 to 1975 she studied at the art college in Saint-Petersburg. From 1975 to 1983 she studied in the I. E. Repin‘s Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture, department of painting in SaintPetersburg. Since 1997 she has been a member of the Artist’s Union of Russia and has been a participant in republican and international exhibitions and is also a regular participant of Saint-Petersburg exhibitions.

ZOLTAN LUDVIG Nationality: Hungarian

Zoltán Ludvig in his pictures goes back to the roots, the ultimate limits. He likes to stir up our collective consciousness by his paintings. He can present an original state of the living substance, the first moment, when life starts. He is a committed and determined painter who knows how to bring things into being. He can give us strength and faith by his artworks. “For me each time, when I can travel to a new place, it is a new opportunity to present my creations, meet new creators and their works, to find new effects of my job.”

THURAYA AL-BAQSAMI Nationality: Kuwaiti

Thuraya Al-Baqsami is member of the “Kuwaiti Formative Art Society” since 1969, the “Formative Arts Group” of the GCC countries and member of the “Very Special Arts Organization” in Washington, D.C. (USA). She was awarded the “Golden Palm Leaf” of the GCC-Print-Biennial in Riad/Saudi Arabia in 1989, in Doha/Qatar in 1992 and she won the 1st Prize of the “National Museum Exhibition” in Kuwait in 1987 and 1992.




Selin is an artist, painter, sculptor, writer whose work can be found in public and private collections around the world. She graduated from medical school in Turkey and finished London College of Fashion in England. She followed her first passion art - rather than medicine. Selin has exhibited work in her hometown of Istanbul and across the globe in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Denmark and Egypt.

Pınar Partanaz started her art career in the Painting Department of Istanbul High School of Fine Arts in 1996. Afterwards, she continued her education in the painting department of Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University during 1999-2003. She then completed the Master of Arts on the basic Section of Painting Program at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul. Her theme for the thesis was “Portrait since the end of the 19th century until today in painting”.

Nationality: Turkish

Nationality: Turkish

PANCHO PANEV Nationality: Bulgarian

Graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 1966, emphasis on graphics, in the class of Prof. Evtin Tomov and Prof. Vesselin Staykov. In 1972 he joined the Bulgarian Painters Union. Since 1966 regularly takes part in collective exhibitions of graphics in Sofia and inside the country, in international exhibitions in Turkey, Egypt and France. He holds solo exhibitions in St. Peterburg, Bucarest and Budapest.

Artists are still registering for the Arts Festival as this issue of the Geshaview Newsletter is being prepared. For up-to-date information please visit the Arts Festival page on the Geshaview website: international_arts_festival.html


Giuseppe Spitu is known for his performances and his installations but also for his sculptures, working in various materials like plastic, resin, glass, or wood. He has taken part in a great number of collective exhibitions and symposiums in several countries: Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Finland, Romania, China, Croatia, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, India.

IVAN PARASKOV Nationality: Bulgarian

Completed higher education in sculpture in 1970 and he has participated in national and international exhibitions and forums. He has realized over 10 solo exhibitions in Europe and 16 monumental works. His works are owned by Collections in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Finland, South Korea, USA and the Fund of the National Gallery.

LENKA VODA BALENKOVA Nationality: Czechoslovakian

Lenka Voda Balenkova studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava and the Akademia Sztuka Piekna, Warsaw. She has exhibited in Bratislava, Warsaw, Banská; Štiavnica, Bratislava, Malacky Liptovsky Mikulas, Dehli (India) and Toledo in Spain. Lenka is now dedicated to paintings, sculptures and multi-genre visual art events, and also does well in the theatre as an animator and visual collaborator.

MILENA MLADENOVA Nationality: Bulgarian

Milena studied at the National School of Plastic Arts and Design- akad. Dechko Uzunov-Kazanlak and at the University “St. St. Cyril and Methodius where she was a student of sculpture. She has participated in the National Student Exhibition Gallery Red Pony, the International Biennial of Humour and Satire at Gabrovo, and also the Biennale of Small Forms in Pleven.



News Reports from Bulgaria Occasional items from the Bulgarian press

3% passenger increase at Sofia Airport Sofia International Airport has registered a 3% increase in the number of serviced passengers in the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same period in 2010, which was a record year for the airport. From the 778,955 passengers, who used the airport in the first 3 months of 2011, 39,596 have been travelling inside the country – to and from Varna and Burgas, which is 8,000 or 25% more, compared to the first three months of 2010.

The Airport marks the beginning of its summer schedule with a new direct flight between Sofia and Malaga, Spain, offered by Wizz Air on Mondays.

Gabrovo - Bulgaria's best city for doing business

Bulgarians smoke less and drink less alcohol In the last year, smoking in Bulgaria is down to 591 cigarettes per person, compared with 778 in 2009, according to data of the National Statistics Institute (NSI). The consumption of alcoholic beverages is also down – from 25.5 litres in 2009 to 23.6 litres in 2010. In 2010, Bulgarian households have increased their consumption of bread by 2.1kg, compared to the previous year, reaching 108 kg per person. The trend to eat more meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables remains, with 32kg of meat per person, compared to 30.7kg in 2009. In 2010, the average Bulgarian drank 19.9 litres of milk, 1 litre less than in 2009, but increased the consumption of yoghurt to 28.9kg, from 26.8kg in 2009. The consumption of vegetables is up from 68.4kg per person in 2009 to 69.1kg in 2010, but the one for fruit is slightly down, by 800 grams to 42.5kg per person in 2010.

Unemployment rate down to 9.5% in March 2011

The Old Clock Tower in Gabrovo. (Photograph by Nikola Gruev)

Gabrovo, located 28 mile south of Geshaview, is Bulgaria’s best city for doing business, according to a survey compiled by the Sofia based Institute for Market Economics (IME). The criteria were subdivided into three major categories - ‘Taxes and fees’, ‘Administration’ and ‘Economic Activity’. The study included the 28 administrative districts in Bulgaria, each represented by one city, which in most cases is the district capital, ranked by 10 indicators. Gabrovo recently became internationally famous as the place of origin of the family of Brazil’s newly-elected President Dilma Rousseff. In the late 19th and early 20th century the city was known as the ‘Bulgarian Manchester’ for its many textile plants and entrepreneurial spirit. Gabrovo also has the reputation of the world’s laughter capital because of the jokes and sense of humour of the local population.


The number of unemployed Bulgarians, registered in the so-called Labour Bureaus, is down by nearly 10,000 people in March, 2011, compared with the previous month. Another positive trend is the reduction of unemployment among those younger than 29 and older than 50. The most job openings have been in the industry sector with 2,619 new jobs. There were also 6 times more openings in the tourist sector, compared to February, and 2.5 more in farming.

Bulgaria to introduce new part-time work rules by 2012 New rules for the work of employment agencies, dealing with parttime jobs, are going to be in place by 2012, Bulgarian Social Policy and Labour Minister, Totyu Mladenov announced.


There are still great opportunities for investment at Geshaview... 2/3 bedroom Townhouses

They are located throughout the village and are designed to maximize the use of space. They include an open plan dining and lounge area, large double bedrooms, rear and front balconies and options for a luxury upgrade to the kitchen. This type of property is a perfect balance of village lifestyle. The approximate size of these properties is between 129sqm for the 2 bedroom Townhouses and 223sqm for the 3 bedroom Townhouses.

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2 bed Townhouses - from €140,000 • 3 bed Townhouses - from €182,000 - fully furnished

2 bedroom Cottage Homes

The Cottage homes are located on the South slope of the village and each one of them has a great view to the mountains. They have 2 en-suite bedrooms and a dining area with fireplace and fitted kitchen. These lovable 118-120sqm Cottage Homes are the perfect holiday home and a great residence for small families. The approximate size of these properties is between 118 - 120sqm.

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End Cottage Homes - from €136,000 • Middle Cottage Homes - from €128,000 - fully furnished 5


Workshops & Retreats at Geshaview A round-up of what is planned for this year.

Stephen Coburn BEM, is the Wellbeing Director at Geshaview, where he brings together and shares his many skills and disciplines. Valery is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor, Mentor and Teacher of Spirituality, who has a passion for life and humanity. She creates nondenominational ceremonies for the celebration of marriage, funerals, baby namings, renewal of vows or civil partnerships, in fact for anything that calls for celebration through sacred ceremony.

‘An Exploration of Earth Energies Workshop’

‘Nature’s Pharmacy’

20th May - 23rd May 2011 This will be an opportunity to explore and discover the Energy and Healing power that abound from ancient rocks, trees and land that form the matrix of the Geshaview village in Bulgaria and spend time in a special place created and embraced by nature and explore its hidden secrets. If you lay a map of the world out in front of you and draw a line from corner to corner, you will find that where they intersect is in the centre of Bulgaria. If you then do the same exercise using a map of Bulgaria you will find at the intersection and centre is Geshaview.

Stephen will be presenting this Workshop which is an opportunity to spend time in a special place created and embraced by nature and to explore and harness some of nature’s most powerful hidden natural remedies. Healing through the wisdom of nature. We are all born of the earth, we live upon the earth and we eventually return to the earth. Therefore all living plants, trees and minerals have extracts of our genes or DNA within them. Nature surely provides all we require to keep us well and heal us when we are sick. Literally millions of remedies are available to us.

‘Reconnecting the Heart in the Heart of Bulgaria’

Reconnecting to Healing Ways

Discovering Ancient Sites 8th - 12th September 2011 Stephen will be presenting this Workshop which is an inspired opportunity to spend time in a special place created and embraced by nature and to discover and explore surrounding sites of archaeological interest. This workshop would be of particular interest to Dowsers as well as those who enjoy discovering and visiting ancient sites.


9th June - 13th June 2011

EFT Level 1 One Day Workshop 2nd July 2011 Time: 10:00am - 05:00pm Organised and facilitated by EFT Expert -Stephen Coburn. Join Stephen for this powerful one-day workshop which introduces you to EFT and in one day gives you the knowledge and skills to use EFT effectively on yourself and your family. Learn how to use this revolutionary and amazing tapping technique that targets unresolved emotional issues and the potential blocks to vibrant health and happiness.

11th to 14th November 2011

Valery will be holding this Retreat. The heart energy overrides everything. It has no opinion on your spiritual belief, what your lifestyle is, what colour you are, what your profession may be, or what age or gender you are. But, when you are in the heart energy you are truly at the heart of the matter. Re-connecting IN the Heart asks that we speak to our self. Re-connecting THE Heart asks “So who am I and why am I here?” A re-connected Heart says; “I hear you and sings your name”. A Heart re-connected says; “I feel you, welcome”. The Heart knows the truth, the truth of who you truly are.

30th Sept to 3rd Oct 2011

Continuing the Reconnection Series of Retreats with Stephen and Valery. Have you been stressed? Overwhelmed by Life? Or do you need some special YOU time? A new, exciting and innovative series of Healing Retreats that will help you reconnect to your source. A holistic journey to your innermost thoughts and feelings, and to the hub of everything that reconnects at the source of All That Is, where everything begins and ends. Over this Healing Retreat weekend we start to dialogue firstly with you and then with your body. We dive deep beneath the waters that move on the surface of your life.



On the first day of March and few days afterwards, Bulgarians exchange and wear white and red tassels or small dolls called "Pizho and Penda". In Bulgarian folklore the name Baba Marta (in Bulgarian Baba Marta meaning Grandma March) is related to a grumpy old lady whose mood swings change very rapidly. The red and white woven threads symbolize the wish for good health. They are the heralds of the coming of spring in Bulgaria and life in general. While white as a colour symbolizes purity, red is a symbol of life and passion, thus some ethnologists have proposed that in its very origins the custom might have reminded people of the constant cycle of life and death, the balance of good and evil, and of the sorrow and happiness in human life. This is an old pagan tradition and remains almost unchanged today. The common belief is that by wearing the

red and white colours of the martenitsa people ask Baba Marta for mercy. They hope that it will make winter pass faster and bring spring. Many people wear more than one martenitsa. They receive them as presents from relatives, close friends and colleagues. Martenitsa is usually worn pinned on the clothes, near

‘Gesha Om’ in association with ‘SimplyBeingLotus’

Yoga Retreat Thursday 5th May - Sunday 8th May 2011 Come and join us for a long weekend and invest in your health. For abundance in the wealth of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Practice and discover further yogic lifestyle disciples including: Pranayama, asana, meditation yoga nidra, chanting and yogic eating. PLUS: A magical fire night. And guest speakers on spiritual/holistic lifestyle. Price £320 includes all of the above plus airport transfers, accommodation and meals. A massage therapist will be available (not included in price) For more details or to book your place please email Claire at:

the collar, or tied around the wrist. The tradition calls for wearing the martenitsa until the person sees a stork or a blooming tree. The stork is considered a harbinger of spring and as evidence that Baba Marta is in a good mood and is about to retire. The picture shows a martenitsa tied to a blossoming tree, a symbol of approaching spring. Wearing one or more martenitsi is a very popular Bulgarian tradition. The martenitsa symbolises new life, conception, fertility, and spring. The time during which it is worn is meant to be a joyful holiday commemorating health and long life. The colours of the martenitsa are interpreted as symbols of purity and life, as well as the need for harmony in Nature and in people's lives.

Workshops at Geshaview with InspirationPlus May 20th - May 23rd 2011 An Exploration of Earth Energies

This will be an opportunity to explore and discover the Energy and Healing power that abound from ancient rocks, trees and land that form the matrix of the Geshaview village in Bulgaria. Led by Stephen Coburn.

More details and booking form are on our website:

9th - 13th June 2011 Nature‘s Pharmacy An inspired opportunity to spend time in a special place created and embraced by nature and to explore and harness some of nature’s most powerful hidden natural remedies. Led by Stephen Coburn. More details and booking form are on our website:

Keep up-to-date with the month by month guide on the Geshaview website:



Geshaview Orienteering Cup

Report on another successful competition held at the village The 2nd competition for the Geshaview Orienteering Cup (organised by the ‘bacho Kiro-94’ Orienteering Club, Dryanovo) took place on Sunday 27th March. This Central Bulgaria Orienteering Competition saw over 350 visitors and 240 competitors from 7 clubs with all 3 generations participating, as well as international athlete - Kirol Nikolov ranked 6th in Europe. More pictures of the event can be seen on the Geshaview Facebook page: The next International Orienteering Festival competition has been booked for September 2012 and will include international, invited runners of world ranking.

Winners celebrate receiving their cups, medals and certificates.

Orienteers of all ages ready for the start.

Competitors ‘punch-in’ at a control point.

The finishing point at Geshaview.

Thank you for taking a few moments to absorb some of this month’s Geshaview news. We look forward to writing again.

Topics for the next issue will include:

Report on the First Geshaview International Arts Festival.

Update on the landscaping of the village.

Geshaview - 2011 and beyond

Holiday lettings

For journeys and discovery trips to the village please contact: • UK / EU: +44 (0)1202 201300 UK/EU OFFICE: Sales & Administration Telephone: +44 (0)1202 201300 Email:

Multiple Award Winner


Bulgarian Head Office: 1309 Sofia, 127 ”Slivnitsa” blvd., ”West Park” Trade centre, floor 3, office 22 Telephone: 00359 2 822 00 65


Geshaview Newsletter March/April 2011  

March/April 2011 newsletter of the Geshaview village in Bulgaria

Geshaview Newsletter March/April 2011  

March/April 2011 newsletter of the Geshaview village in Bulgaria