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ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011

David Hollands gives a personal report... Well, it was an amazing 14 days, I had never realized that artists could party so much then on the next day produce an amazing piece of art! Where some of their inspiration comes from has always eluded me but after a few hours watching and chatting I began to understand what goes on inside an artist’s mind. Now the sculptors, well that was a different matter altogether... with a 2 ton block of marble in front of you, a hand grinder, 1kg mallet and a few chisels... what do you do next? It was between 1 and 3 days before they all got started on chipping away at the marble block set in front

of them. The days were used to grab the moment, capture the feeling and then, without warning the grinder fires up and a huge piece of marble is disregarded (after 4 hours grinding) with a sigh of relief, for the next 2 hours silence returns to the marble and the next download of inspiration is welling up inside.

Clouds of dust This process lasted about 2 more days when suddenly, the shape of the finished sculpture magically starts to appear. From then on each day unfolded with a new and intriguing side to the shapes that appeared from the clouds of marble dust.

Giuseppe Strano Spitu and Ivan Paraskov show that being a sculptor is not quite so glamorous as it looks.

Each day of the festival welcomed a constant stream of invited friends and colleagues from around Bulgaria and Europe. Chatting and having coffee and enjoying the Geshaview

lifestyle was the main topic of conversation. Plans were always being discussed and finalized in a cross section of about 5 different languages, (all Continued on next page

David & Mirra, Julian & Dessi pose with all the artists who attended the First Geshaview International Arts Festival. you see the YouTube symbol go to the link or to see NEW!Wherever all of the videos go to:


ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011 Continued from previous page communication had a thread of Bulgarian or English) so a decision was always reached after about an hour of discussion and the plan - a trip to a restaurant or place of interest - was set up for yet more rural Bulgarian inspiration. I must share with you the pictures on some of

conversation the night before). As the days went by it began to feel like one big happy, artistic family where everyone was enjoying the delights of the village, and so the art started to take shape on the canvases.

Local children Lessons to local school children were offered on one of the days, greatly received and the kids had some fun (not sure how to get sticky brown oil paint from a pink T-shirt), no-one seemed to mind and it actually became one of the art pieces! Meals were catered for by our kind neighbours The Park

Local schoolchildren had the opportunity to watch the artists at work.

Hotel, providing a set menu ‘meals-on-wheels’ service. All was consumed along with copious amounts of local

DĂĄniel Ludvig (Hungarian) at work on one of his paintings

the faces when we reached the planned destination were clearly, and very artistically, expressing complete bemusement as to where we were and why we were there! (obviously not enough threads of Bulgarian or English had entered the

The Mayor of Dryanovo - Dr Ivan Nikolov bringing laughter to the closing ceremony.

Pancho Panev (Bulgarian) paint the view from the village.


Owners support Accommodation was provided free to all of the artists and to support this a few owners donated their properties for free, this was particularly welcomed by all of us here and we appreciate your continued support. Thank you. The few sponsors of the event helped also in a way that was supportive, providing materials and services that enabled a safe and satisfying event.

Milena Mladenova (Bulgarian) explains the art of sculpting to local children.

With thanks for their support to...

Gallery Panev - co-promoter

wine every mealtime (this also helps with the inspiration I was told!).

The Mayor of Dryanovo Dr. Ivan Nikolov - for his patronage.

ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011

A work of art magically appears from a slab of marble.

The result of the Festival has given Geshaview the opportunity to open the Art Gallery with kindly donated works from the artists now hanging on the House Gallery walls. The other opportunity that has sprung

Artists of all nationalities having a great time!

from this first Festival is the Young Bulgarian Artist of the Year competition which will take place over the coming months with the winners all qualifying for next year’s Festival and a chance to step onto the international art


scene. (more details below). We are very much looking forward to this series of events that will bring people, publicity and yet another unique event to Geshaview. Add the 2012 Geshaview Arts Festival to your diary!

The entrance to the Geshaview House Art Gallery.

Geshaview ‘House Gallery’

Young Bulgarian Artist of the Year This year’s Art Festival was a complete success. All our expectations were met and the general feeling of organizers, visitors, sponsors and artists was... ‘we can’t wait till next year’. Well, they are right, we can’t wait till next year! Geshaview Art has already planned 3 youth Art Festivals in the next 6 months to discover some of the best young artists in Bulgaria. Once the schools are back in September, Geshaview Art will be hosting, at the Geshaview village, three 2 day events that will host 20 invited up and coming artists to show us what they can do. Using the stunning panorama and the picturesque village we will be asking the young artists to paint 3 pieces during their stay. From this we will choose 3 from each event to enter next year’s international event. An overall winner will also be chosen to take the numbers to 10 invited young artists of Bulgaria. In addition to this, Geshaview Art have created a 10 year festival programme which will take the Art Festival from this year’s humble beginnings to one of the most respected festivals on the calendar. Being international by invitation do you know an artist you would love to see at Geshaview?

An exhibition of all the art from across the world from this year’s artists can be viewed at the Geshaview ‘House Gallery’ in the village. Entrance is free and the doors are open every day from 10.00am till 5.00pm. Appointments for special viewings can be arranged and a preview can be seen on the Geshaview website at: We thank all of you who attended the event and a special thanks to this year’s sponsors who helped to make the event successful.

Date for your diary... SECOND

7th may - 22nd May 2012


ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011

Geshaview owners pages

The owners of each property at Geshaview will shortly have secure access to comprehensive information about their house in the village.

The Owners Property details page contains comprehensive information about each property.

We are pleased to announce that after some delay, the Geshaview Property Owners’ online management region is soon to be launched. Covering all of the aspects of property and management, lettings and income, value and expenditure, this simple, online region also allows for direct communication for each owner to be ‘in touch’ with their property. Owners will have been sent the link to the sample web page by now and, we hope, will have made their comments and suggestions as to how it can be improved. This region of the Geshaview website is password protected for owners only. We are looking forward to this being used to provide a greater understanding of many aspects of property ownership and management at the village.

Owners also have their own online forum.

Summer Solstice - another Geshaview tradition in the making.

The time flies when you can remember in detail the Winter Solstice like it was yesterday... As the sun rose on the morning of 21st June and the longest day of the year was upon us, activity in preparation for the evening event was underway. Traditions are being created here at the Geshaview Circle, it is the second celebration of the Solstice to take place at Geshaview. Joined by a growing number of guests the

Residents sit around the Circle.


Sunset at the Geshaview Circle.

Guests reading part of the ceremony.

celebration was taken by a dear friend of Valery Coburn. The shortest evening of the year was filled with entertainment and after a short while we watched the sun go down and the clear night sky was back before you could blink! Some of the younger ones could not stay awake that long so they will have to wait till next year... If it is not to short notice why not make plans to be part of the Winter Solstice (coming soon!)

The youngest celebrant just couldn’t stay awake!

ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011

Bridge over the pond... ...water catchment system gets its finishing touch.

As the landscaping nears completion, the water catchment system, that has been happily working for the past 5 years, is about to have its long awaited finishing touch - the pond. Positioned to take all of the water from the roofs of the houses in the centre of the village as well as helping to capture and route all the surface water down to the forest, the pond is now fully operational. It plays an important role in the village water catchment system. Now with the bridge in place the idyllic location is set to be the backdrop of a million photographs. Built with reclaimed beams and designed in the traditional style the bridge connects the main village to the forest homes and the forest edge.

Every day during its 6 week construction by ‘Barabi’ the stone masters, people of all ages were attracted as they displayed their age old skills of traditional building. School classes were invited to come and watch and every worker on site took time to take a sneak look whilst refreshing themselves at the nearby water fountain. This winter will see the maturing of the pond and final construction whilst the creation of a natural wildlife area has already started. It will be stocked with fish, and plants that are naturally found in the area will be slowly introduced. We expect the full maturity of the pond, its residents and the lower lawns that play host to the cascading falls and stream to be settled by summer 2012.

Pond liner in place and retaining walls being built.

The main support beams for the bridge are put in place.

Walkway and upright roof supports are added.

Handrails are added and central roof beam is positioned.

Boulders are placed and landscaped, and the bare wood is stained and sealed.

Dancers in traditional Bulgarian costume add the finishing touch.


ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011

The Courtyard progresses... The start of the final, detailed design and finishing of the shops in the Courtyard are now underway. 22 shops ranging from a bank to a nursery, cinema to grocery and 6 eatery locations have all started to have their character and internal decoration installed. Each shop has its own character and functionality to enable adaptability to suit different types of business. Tiles, flooring and internal stone arches form the basic design of each shop with carpet and wood flooring finding its place in the cinema and coffee areas. The shops have been positioned to enable an organized flow of day visitors to take full advantage of the short stay but also allows for those who are here for the longer term to be able to relax and meander whilst enjoying the ambiance of the central plaza. The Art Gallery and Business Centre lounge suites are cleverly located not to create conflict and to blend in with the overall concept and principles of the village and Courtyard. There are numerous opportunities that

The facade of the Courtyard blends in with the village.

will now start to become available for investment from the commercialization of the Courtyard. This will be a careful and controlled programme of start up as the demand and working practices develop over the coming next few years. It is planned that in the next 3 years the Courtyard commercialization programme will be fully operational

with the diversity of shops and services operating on a local, regional and international platform. For those who have shown an interest in investment in this area of the Geshaview village, we thank you for your patience, as now is the time to step forward if you would like to know more about the opportunities available.

Courtyard music festival stage and plaza Work is now well underway with the construction of the Courtyard plaza area and stage. Old stone wall and steps form the connection between the already impressive arched entrances to the building. Dealing with the gradients, making shops accessible, taking account of the rain and snow, keeping the build design as authentic as possible were just a few points on the agenda. The cobbled and stone flooring will be a work of art when seen from the balconies above which are now in the process of being installed. The stone steps that run across the plaza floor have been designed to integrate the drainage and run-off water. With no guttering on the inside of the plaza the effect when it is raining and the water cascading (in the old fashioned way) down onto the cobbles is a wonderful sound. Keeping dry under the cloisters you will be able to enter every shop without stepping outside when it’s raining, and in summer with the temperatures up in the mid 30’s, the natural shaded areas will be a delight to


The stonemasons building the retaining walls...

...for the Courtyard plaza area.

The traditional stonework blends in with the walls.

The stepped cobbled flooring under construction.

sit and watch the day unfold. By night the Courtyard will come into its own with lighting and an ambiance not easy to find anywhere in eastern Europe.

The stage is set for performances of art and music. Both large and small productions will transform the Courtyard into a theatre of memories... well worth waiting for.

ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011

There are still great opportunities for investment at Geshaview... Courtyard apartments Located in the main Courtyard building. These 1 bed apartments are designed to maximise the internal space. Giving views to the forest and to the panoramic views to the mountains, you also have a viewing gallery to the Courtyard festivities.

Visit our NEW website:

1 bedroom Courtyard apartments from €100,000

Bulgarian monasteries are top sites for foreign tourists Rila monastery, Bachkovo and Troyan monasteries are the sites that attract the most foreign tourists in Bulgaria, Nikolai Mindov, chairperson of Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides told Focus News Agency. Ancient Roman ruins near Varna and Plovdiv, along with preserved architectural reserves like Bozhentsi, Arbanasi and Zheravna, are perceived as magnets for most foreign tourists who visit Bulgaria. Another group of tourists prefer SPA hotels and the mineral springs available, said Mindov. “Bulgaria has so many resources, so the country can develop any kind of tourism; ornithology tourism, religious tourism but more investments are needed,” he said. After Greece and Italy,

Bulgaria ranks third in the number of historical monuments in Europe, he said. “Bulgaria’s varied geography provides excellent condition for mountain trekking and any other type of tourism; the problem with quality of services remain, if we do not develop the quality, we risk losing a lot of potential tourists,” Mindov said. In his view, the all-inclusive tourist package holiday offered by most Bulgarian tour operators is not the best option because it keeps tourists away from sightseeing in the area they are staying in. He said that most tourists went home with favourable impressions and that there were many unexpected pleasures to be found on holidays in Bulgaria.

Source: (23 June 2011)

Workshops at Geshaview with InspirationPlus 8 - 12 September 2011 Discovering Ancient Sites This workshop would be of particular interest to Dowsers as well as those who enjoy discovering and visiting ancient sites. Led by Stephen Coburn.

30 Sept - 3 Oct 2011 ‘Reconnecting the Heart in the Heart of Bulgaria’ The heart energy overrides everything. It has no opinion on your spiritual belief, what your lifestyle is, what colour you are, what your profession may be, or what age or gender you are. But, when you are in the heart energy you are truly at the heart of the matter. Led by Valery Coburn. More details and booking forms for both events are on our website: Keep up-to-date with the month by month guide on the Geshaview website:


ISSUE 14 - JULY 2011

Rambling & walking routes, adventure park, trim trails and Geocaching As part of the ongoing plan to create, from nothing, a rural tourism centre here at Geshaview we are delighted to report that one of our original property investors and Geshaview Ambassador has completed the first task of seeking out, and walking a number of routes around Geshaview village. Starting and finishing at home with all the hints and clues en route for the beginner and with a more difficult unmarked set of routes for the seasoned rambler, we are happy to be able to place, in a few months time (once we have full permissions to publish the routes) all of the routes onto the website to make

available to all a great way to spend a day or two here at Geshaview. Not forgetting the youngsters we also have a short and very interesting route that doesn’t venture more than 500 metres from the village (you can still get lost though)... taking all sorts of clever aspects of rural exploration and education in to account en route, this will be a great introduction to the wonders of the forest that lies just beyond your back door, literally. Geocaching is another international rural pastime, A Geshaview where the geocaching box. ingredients of the internet and nature really do come together. Geshaview has a number of placed

Detailed map of the area surrounding Geshaview.

Above: Geshaview viewed from one of the routes. Right: Route markers being made ready.

caches waiting to be discovered... if you not sure what this is all about... Google Geocaching and discover! Trim trails and adventure park will be the next to follow once we have the rambling routes in place. More on this later.

Thanks to ‘AXR’ for all the hard work and time setting these rural tourist attractions in place for us all to enjoy here at Geshaview.

One of the routes being marked out.

For journeys and discovery trips to the village please contact: • UK / EU: +44 (0)1202 201300 UK/EU Office: Sales & Administration Telephone: +44 (0)1202 201300 Email: Bulgarian Head Office: 1309 Sofia, 127 ”Slivnitsa” blvd., ”West Park” Trade centre, floor 3, office 22 Telephone: 00359 2 822 00 65 Multiple Award Winner



Geshaview July 2011 Newsletter  

The July 2011 issue of the Geshaview village in Bulgaria newsletter.

Geshaview July 2011 Newsletter  

The July 2011 issue of the Geshaview village in Bulgaria newsletter.