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Properties at Geshaview

The living experience... overview of the types of dwellings you can enjoy. Geshaview has several types of dwellings all designed and built to integrate into and complement the strong principles of the village. All the dwellings are completely finished and built with high quality materials according to the best traditional building standards. All properties have fitted kitchens, bathrooms, real fire-places, laminate and tiled flooring, clay roof tiles and general heating throughout.

2/3 Bedroom Townhouses


These are the most popular type of dwellings at Geshaview. They are located throughout the village and are designed to maximize the use of space. They include an open plan dining and lounge area, large double bedrooms, rear and front balconies and options for a luxury upgrade to the kitchen. This type of property is a perfect balance of village lifestyle. The approximate size of these properties is between 129sqm for the 2 bedroom Townhouses and 223sqm for the 3 bedroom Townhouses.

2/3 Bedroom Mews Cottages These dwellings, with large bedrooms, are strategically located in the village and designed to maximize internal space. With magnificent views and secluded gardens, spacious lounge and dining areas, front and rear balconies these cottages are very special. This type of property is ideal for either young families or less able people because of their ease of access. The approximate size of a 2 Bedroom Mews Cottages is 134sqm. The 3 Bedroom Mews Cottages are approximately 229sqm.


2 Bedroom Cottage Homes


The Cottage homes are located on the South slope of the village and each one of them has a great view to the mountains. They have 2 en-suite bedrooms and a dining area with fireplace and fitted kitchen. These lovable 118-120sqm Cottage Homes are the perfect holiday home and a great residence for small families.

3 Bedroom Detached Farmhouse


These types of properties are designed to maximize the use of space both internally and externally located in a secluded part of the village. They include 3 large double bedrooms, 2 fully tiled, modern bathrooms, utility room, dining area, spacious lounge and private patio area. The size of this type of property is 307sqm - excellent for big families and groups with many friends.

Courtyard Apartments Located in the main Courtyard building are the Courtyard Apartments. They include a spacious bedroom, bathroom and a lounge/dining area with fantastic views to the forest or to the Courtyard festivities. The approximate size of each apartment is 64sqm which makes them ideal accommodation for a short business stay at Geshaview. All apartments have fitted kitchens, fully tiled bathrooms and central heating.


‘How to...’ you can now own your special piece of Geshaview... We have come to realise over the past 5 years that Geshaview isn’t just another piece of real estate. So many times we, the team, have been told that the village has something very, very special, an energy and a feeling difficult to explain but easy to feel... despite the attention to the detail of the technical aspects of the ‘bricks and mortar’ the value that all speak of is the intangible value of the whole village, its buildings, its forest, its ground, its pathways and its place compared to the world we currently live in. This of course was the concept and principle from the outset, this was ‘the vision’.

You and your family's long term security... Your monetary investment can start from as little as €25,000 (based on a shared ownership option). Your personal return would be priceless! All properties, cottages, farmhouses, courtyard dwellings and lodges within Geshaview village are managed under a carefully orchestrated programme of ‘management to maturity’. Each has its individual characteristic, potential to generate contributions from lettings and opportunity to welcome you for an unlimited time of occupancy at the village. Your investment is important to us and we understand the need for you to completely embrace the village, its reality, its potential and its return to you.

Commercial What about a small investment in the commercial/operational opportunity at Geshaview, maybe in one of the 22 shops or 7 eateries? There are many aspects of the functionality of the village that are available. If you would like more information please be open to contact me on 01202 201300.

Bricks and mortar

So, having said that, there are many options for anyone to take the opportunity to own a special part of Geshaview. Obviously owning outright one of the properties would be a fantastic option, however for many of us this is maybe not possible, for many reasons, both financial and practical. Owning part of property in a 'shared ownership' scheme is something that may be more realistic and exciting. What better than owning and sharing with those closest to you a little piece of something special. Maybe the era of owning a 'holiday home abroad' has passed and many are looking for something much more... I believe Geshaview is that, and much more.

Financial planning available for you to consider...

From a financial aspect we are very open to discuss with you, and those you may know that may want to have a further insight into Geshaview. There are many options that can make owning a special part of Geshaview a reality. With help from our partners in the banking world and with support we are able to offer many options. Part payments, delayed options, referred mortgages and more. Just ask! We would be pleased to hear from you.

Feel like getting more involved? One option to own something different at Geshaview and the, something, that many have already enquired about is, very much more personal. Offering to become part of the small, but growing family of teachers and professionals who wish to offer there wisdom, skills and experience. Geshaview as you know is a place of education and knowledge, for all 3 generations across all aspects of life and wellbeing. The large rooms in the courtyard and the open spaces in the village offer a unique place of learning. Normally labelled conferencing, seminars or meetings, we have a vision of the 'Geshaview places' being known differently to this. Again, if you would like to have a greater insight to this type of opportunity please feel open to contact me. The organising of groups for workshops, gatherings, festivals and much more is all part of being at Geshaview.

Just one more opportunity to contribute... As you will have read, we have recently been personally granted, from the Bulgarian Church, the permission to restore (restorate to its original) the ‘old church of Gesha’. Although this is not directly connected with the Geshaview village, we just have to honour our opportunity to give back the church to the old Gesha village. We will very soon be open to contributions on any level from anyone. All we desire is to be part of the giving back and show respect to those who have helped make Geshaview possible so far.

To help you, we are pleased to welcome you to experience a journey to the village, stay a few nights with us and absorb the feeling. Once you have completed this part of your investment, and only then, will you be in a position to decide if Geshaview is right for you and your family's future.

homes at Geshaview  
homes at Geshaview  

Houses and homes to rent or buy at the Geshaview holiday village in Bulgaria.