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ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011

A walk in the forest with Geshaview In a continuing effort to maintain the uniqueness of Geshaview and all it will be offering we are pleased to say that after nearly 3 years of searching and almost hunting down, we have found our partners who will be creating the Wellbeing and Forest Discovery Park here at Geshaview. The original plans are still the choice after weeks of deliberation, the design of the ‘Spa Centre’ and the reception buildings will now all be incorporated into the programme.

Perched in the trees Catering for all ages, from kids having fun to serious spiritual and holistic therapies, the labyrinth of ‘rural’ buildings will be perched in amongst the trees, making full use of the steep valleys and dense forest areas. you will be literally ‘lost’ but only a few 100 metres from home. Safety in creating this type of forest environment is, of course, paramount and as the buildings will be made of wood and stone the need for understanding the structures that will house the Treehouse properties,

Above: Swinging bridges suspended in mid air, inviting you to take a big breathe, stretch out your arms and cross deep ragged ravines. Left: Wooden walkways set up high amongst the tree canopies.

treatment rooms, exercise platforms and raised decking, and raised walkways all have to be accurately calculated. The project build will take place over the coming 2 summer seasons of 2011 and 2012 and will be a project that will happen very much with the natural seasons.

Monitoring suntraps

Hidden in the forest but only a short distance from home.

We will monitor the sun traps this year and, as we have done with the snowfall this winter, we will be able to work with the natural elements and be able to place everything in an ideal location, in harmony, with sympathy, and of course, with the least damage to the natural forest floor and its life. The first yoga courses are in place for this year to be able to use the facilities and in the late summer we have already Continued on next page


ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011 Continued from previous page secured a ‘summer rural camp’ for schoolchildren. So despite all the issues and the economic pinches that we all seem to be under, Geshaview manages to steer towards the future. We can’t wait for the first working to begin. a big thank you to all who have been able to share in my vision with this Treehouse forest adventure ‘playground’. It’s been great fun getting to this stage and now ‘let the work begin...’ David Hollands PS. Anyone wishing to invest in part of this unique venture, please just call me. I will be very pleased to share with you the investment and opportunities.


A walk in the woods with Treehouse Life.

Original, proposed plan for the Wellbeing Lodge and Spa Centre The lodge is a complex of 8 buildings that will be located in the woodland area of the Geshaview village. Each of the 8 buildings is designed to make the best of the location within the woodland area. Constructed from stone and wood, the ‘open sky’ design allows for maximum connection to the natural surroundings without compromising the comfort you would expect from an internationally recognised and awarded destination.

relaxation Lodge

Treatment Lodges

Central Lodge and reception

Entrance from village

relaxation Lodge


Water relaxation Lodge Treatment Lodges

ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011

There are still great opportunities for investment at Geshaview... 2/3 bedroom Townhouses

They are located throughout the village and are designed to maximize the use of space. They include an open plan dining and lounge area, large double bedrooms, rear and front balconies and options for a luxury upgrade to the kitchen. This type of property is a perfect balance of village lifestyle. The approximate size of these properties is between 129sqm for the 2 bedroom Townhouses and 223sqm for the 3 bedroom Townhouses.

Visit our NEW website:

2 bed Townhouses - from €140,000 • 3 bed Townhouses - from €182,000 - fully furnished

2/3 bedroom Mews Cottages

These dwellings, with large bedrooms, are strategically located in the village and designed to maximize internal space. With magnificent views, spacious lounge and dining areas, front and rear balconies these cottages are very special. This type of property is ideal for either young families or less able people because of their ease of access. The approximate size of a 2 bedroom Mews Cottages is 134sqm. The 3 bedroom Mews Cottages are approximately 229sqm.

Visit our NEW website:

2 bed Mews Cottages - from €166,000 • 3 bed Mews Cottages - from €192,000 - fully furnished 3

ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011

New look Geshaview web site

The village web site has been up-dated to reflect that we are now getting ready to position Geshaview for the future – as a holiday destination! The first thing you will notice about the new web site is that the focus is no longer on selling property. Of course, there are still houses and apartments for sale at Geshaview, but the future of the village is in it becoming a holiday destination. Over the next few pages we will give a brief overview of the web site and explain the new features and how to navigate easily to the various functions of the village. The main thing you will see is that it is split into panels. These provide portals to the detailed information about the village. When you ‘click’ on one the menu links in the panels, the central panel changes to provide a brief overview of that aspect of the village. a further ‘click’ on a menu link will take you to the part of the website that will give full details of the topic.

Looking to the future This re-design is very much looking to the future. Many of you will be aware that some of the proposed facilities are not available at the moment (this will be fully explained to anyone who enquires about a holiday at Geshaview) but we anticipate that throughout 2011 the village will begin to come alive with visitors. as with any venture you have to start somewhere, and by opening the village with limited facilities we believe it will gradually evolve into the destination we want it to become.

Rental income The owners who have furnished their properties are keen to start receiving rental income from their investment and we are positive that this is the right time to open the village to holiday makers. We have also had a number of enquiries for weddings and functions as well as companies wishing to hold their corporate events in the village. Valery Coburn is having a ‘Spiritual retreat’ in april this year and Stephen Coburn is holding an ‘Earth Energies Workshop’ in May.


There will be career opportunities at Geshaview and a media section will provide news articles and photographs for journalists etc.

These are for business Partners and Property Owners who will require a username and password to access the privileged or personal information.

ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011 Each topic has its own ‘sub-directory’ which is a mini website that provides full details of that aspect of the village. These can be accessed directly by adding (after ‘/’ and the topic name as provided below. Note: Some sub-directories are not available at the time of publication of this issue.


Family & Friends

The most important aspect of Geshaview is as a holiday destination for families, groups, singles or couples.

This panel links to the ‘Weddings’ and ‘renewal of Wedding Vows’ subdirectories.

These pages cover the holiday choices available from activity to learning and cultural to short breaks and also provides details of accommodation costs for each of the properties as well as a reservation form.

These provide full details on the facilities available for any couple wishing to hold their wedding or renew their vows at Geshaview. ‘birthday parties’, ‘Celebrations’, ‘family reunions’ and ’any excuse...’ link to their own sub-directory.


This panel covers the learning experiences that the village offers. The ‘Energy Workshops’ and ‘Spiritual retreats’ links take you to Stephen and Valery Coburn‘s sub-directory: The artistic, Musical, Performance, Photographic, Lifestyle and Participation are linked to the Holiday Choices pages:

60 second Previews

This panel links to seven 60 second video clips that give an insight into the lifestyle at Geshaview. Clicking on each of the images opens a panel on the page where the video will play.


ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011

Food & Drink

What‘s On

With seven places where you can experience the cuisine of bulgaria, this panel links to the sub-directory ‘restaurants’. Each ‘Eatery’ has its own page which describes the restaurant and also contains an example menu and price list as well as the facility to reserve a table (currently not available). The other menu items link to a page which gives a brief overview of the Organic fruit & vegetables, food & drink which will be available at Geshaview.

If you want to find out what’s on at Geshaview throughout the year this panel links to a sub-directory which will tell you month-by-month.

Business & Commercial

The Courtyard will have the facilities for business Meetings, Seminars and Conferences. The business & Commercial panel links to the ‘conferencing’ sub-directory which lists all the facilities at Geshaview and their seating capacities as well as the catering facilities available. There is also a page on the delegate accommodation and an online enquiry form. The sub-directories for the other menu items are under construction.


There are separate pages for business, Theatrical, Cultural and Seasonal events as well as Workshops and Spiritual retreats. for the visitor to Geshaview who wishes to experience bulgaria there are pages for each of the nearby towns of arbanassi, bojenci, Dryanovo, Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Tryavna and Veliko Tarnovo.


The pages from the old web site are now available in the ‘property’ sub-directory which is accessed via ‘The Property’ menu link on the Geshaview home page. full details on each of the properties at Geshaview, the availability, prices and location can be found here.

ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011 We hope this overview of the new Geshaview web site has given you an insight into the exciting future that is planned for the village. as you can see, there is a lot more to be added and as the facilities at the village become available we will update the appropriate pages with the new information.

Checking availability, newsletters and much more... The other panels provide access to general information and other details about Geshaview. Check availability This panel is a quick and easy way to start arranging a visit to Geshaview. Simply enter your proposed arrival date, tell us how many nights and the number in your party, select the type of accommodation you require, enter your email address and click ‘just Checking’ and we will contact you as soon as possible to begin the booking process.

Waiting to be discovered...

Please take time to explore the new site, there is so much more to be discovered than can be described in a few short paragraphs. The village is changing from a building site to the rural retreat that was envisaged all those years ago. If you haven’t visited Geshaview recently, hop on a plane now and see what you are missing!

Come to Bulgaria and find us... a link to a PDf detailing the airlines that fly to bulgaria or you contact us and we will arrange everything for you.

‘Gesha Om’ in association with ‘SimplybeingLotus’

Yoga Retreat Thursday 5th May - Sunday 8th May 2011 Come and join us for a long weekend and invest in your health. For abundance in the wealth of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Practice and discover further yogic lifestyle disciples including: Pranayama, asana, meditation yoga nidra, chanting and yogic eating. PLUS: A magical fire night. And guest speakers on spiritual/holistic lifestyle. Price £320 includes all of the above plus airport transfers, accomodation and meals. A massage therapist will be available (not included in price) For more details or to book your place please email Claire at:

Geshaview Newsletter read the latest issue on-line and enter your email address and we will send you the newsletter as soon as it is published.

Spiritual Retreat and Workshop with InspirationPlus April 1st - April 4th 2011 A Spiritual Retreat - Reconnecting the Heart in the Heart of Bulgaria The heart energy overrides everything. It has no opinion on your spiritual belief, what your lifestyle is, what colour you are, what your profession may be, or what age or gender you are. but, when you are in the heart energy you are truly at the heart of the matter. Led by Valery Coburn. More details and booking form are on our website:

May 20th - May 23rd 2011 An Exploration of Earth Energies

This will be an opportunity to explore and discover the Energy and Healing power that abound from ancient rocks, trees and land that form the matrix of the Geshaview village in bulgaria. Led by Stephen Coburn. More details and booking form are on our website: 7

ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011

‘Running amuck’ in the Geshaview forest... Over the last weekend of October, Geshaview played host to athletes competing for the ‘Dryanovo Cup’ and the newly created ‘Geshaview Cup’. Over 300 competitors from 15 towns and cities in bulgaria took part in the annual Dryanovo orienteering competition. The youngest competitor was a 4 year old and the oldest was a woman of 76. On the Saturday the race for the ‘Dryanovo Cup’ took place, and on Sunday the competition was for the ‘Geshaview Cup’. The event attracted bulgarian national Orienteering champions and also international competitors. The competitions were under the patronage of Dr. Ivan nikolov (Mayor of Dryanovo) and were organized by the ‘jEC bacho Kiro-94’, Geshaview, Tourist association bacho Kiro and Dryanovo.


The Mayor of Dryanovo was presented with a plaque for his contribution to the development of the sport of orientation. Dryanovo first established an orienteering (guidance) team in 1974. In 1994 Dr. Ivan nikolov created the ‘bacho Kiro-94’ Orienteering Club.

National champions The jEC bacho Kiro-94 and Dryanovo jointly organize competitions for the ‘Dryanovo’ Guidance Cup. The club has produced multiple champions for the individual state championships. The winners were awarded their cups on the Sunday afternoon by the Mayor of Dryanovo.

The Geshaview Orienteering cups.

ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011

David presents The Geshaview Orienteering Trophy to the overall winner.

Mirra presents medals to the youngest competitors.

The Mayor of Dryanovo presents the medal to the oldest competitor aged 76.

The orienteering competition was a great success with over 100 medals presented to runners of all ages. We were satisfied that our first big event of over 300 people went very well, the excitement was high and the sun was shining.

Re-booked for 2011 We are pleased to say that the organization was immediately ready to re-book the event next year with a suggestion of raising the entry to a full international standard. We of course accepted and are now planning for the event for October 2011. We, of course, have an interest in making the event a 4 day, 3 night festival with other activities around the main event. Inviting families and full teams will give the village a reason for them to stay overnight (many of the

The madals and cups ready for presentation to the winners.

competitors travelled each morning up to 4 hours to be ready to compete) we want to change this for all sorts of reasons so all of us can win, so to speak. I know it’s early but if anyone is able to take part, knows friends and family who would like to enter a Geshaview team into this international event, I am ready

with the application forms and the training schedule! Here’s to next years’ event and a big thank you to all of you who were on hand to help on the day. Great organization and delivery showing we can be proud hosts... well done and thank you once again. David Hollands


ISSUE 12 - janUary 2011/fEbrUary 2011

25 Ambassadors and growing... We are delighted with the overwhelming success we are having from everyone who has joined the ambassador team here at Geshaview. With nothing more than a desire to bring experience and wisdom to the party and to be able to share the Geshaview story with anyone... that’s it. The rest, as they say, takes care of itself. How right that saying is. With the ambassador web pages proving a success and the wealth of suggestions, practical solutions and to say nothing for the introductions and referrals each of you have given, it is fantastic to see the Geshaview story starting to get to the right people and organizations. The first ambassador investment introductions are in place and in february we are hosting a number of investors in property and commercial aspects of the project – all recommended by ambassadors. The next ambassador meeting will be held at the Schoolhouse on 11th March 2011. See you there!

Thank you for taking a few moments to absorb some of this month’s Geshaview news. We look forward to writing again.

Topics for the next issue will include:

2011 and on

Workshops and seminars

Holiday lettings

Another winter changes to spring

For journeys and discovery trips to the village please contact: • UK / EU: +44 (0)1202 201300 UK/EU OFFICE: Sales & Administration Telephone: +44 (0)1202 201300 Email:

Multiple award Winner


Bulgarian Head Office: 1309 Sofia, 127 ”Slivnitsa” blvd., ”West Park” Trade centre, floor 3, office 22 Telephone: 00359 2 822 00 65


Geshaview January/February 2011 Newsletter  

Issue 12 of the Geshaview newsletter about the holiday village and spiritual retreat in Bulgaria.

Geshaview January/February 2011 Newsletter  

Issue 12 of the Geshaview newsletter about the holiday village and spiritual retreat in Bulgaria.