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Season’s Greetings from Geshaview

ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012

World Health Organisation welcomes Geshaview to Geneva Having received an invitation to visit Switzerland to present Geshaview to The United Nations Women’s Guild, and a number of chosen United Nations ambassadors, Mirra found herself hot-footing it to Geneva on a very foggy mid-November morning.

Bulgaria and internationally), that connected Mirra directly to the world recognized organization. It didn’t take much to accept the invitation of course, especially with the invitation allowing her to present herself and the Geshaview philosophies directly to an influential audience during her trip.

It was an introduction from the local educational authorities, (where Mirra has been making some inroads to set up a joint venture allowing Geshaview to become a recognized educational destination for children from all around

The results from her few days will of course develop over time, the seeds are now sown and the journey towards allowing Geshaview to be a recognized location for whatever we can provide to this global audience will be a great asset.

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The World Health Organisation welcomes Mirra to Geneva.

Mirra stands outside the United Nations building in Geneva.

The United Nations building.

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ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012 The invitation from the United Nations Women’s Guild, Geneva, gave Mirra a

Making a wish for the world.

busy time. Her 5 days included gatherings with: Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva who also served as Prime Minister of Kazakhstan from 1999 to 2002. Introductions to Directors of the World Health Organization and various other dignitaries including a personal invite to discuss the philosophies and concepts of Geshaview to members of royalty.

Standing alongside the flags of nations before making her presentations.

Waiting for the opening of the annual United Nations Women’s Guild by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Waiting patiently whilst the audience listens to another presentation.

The Geshaview philosophy is discussed with The World Health Organization’s Department of Aging and Life Course.

The busy schedule included visiting the clinic ‘la Prerie’ to sow the seeds for opening a similar project here in Geshaview.

Nerve-racking but Geshaview is delivered!


ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012

Great opportunities for investment at Geshaview 2/3 bedroom Townhouses They are located throughout the village and are designed to maximize the use of space. They include an open plan dining and lounge area, large double bedrooms, rear and front balconies and options for a luxury upgrade to the kitchen. This type of property is a perfect balance of village lifestyle. The approximate size of these properties is between 129sqm for the 2 bedroom Townhouses and 223sqm for the 3 bedroom Townhouses.

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2 bed Townhouses - from €140,000 • 3 bed Townhouses - from €182,000 - fully furnished

2/3 bedroom Mews Cottages These dwellings, with large bedrooms, are strategically located in the village and designed to maximize internal space. With magnificent views, spacious lounge and dining areas, front and rear balconies these cottages are very special. This type of property is ideal for either young families or less able people because of their ease of access. The approximate size of a 2 Bedroom Mews Cottages is 134sqm. The 3 Bedroom Mews Cottages are approximately 229sqm.

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2 bed Mews Cottages - from €166,000 • 3 bed Mews Cottages - from €192,000 - fully furnished


ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012

2 bedroom Cottage Homes The Cottage homes are located on the South slope of the village and each one of them has a great view to the mountains. They have 2 en-suite bedrooms and a dining area with fireplace and fitted kitchen. These lovable 118-120sqm Cottage Homes are the perfect holiday home and a great residence for small families. The approximate size of these properties is between 118 - 120sqm.

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End Cottage Homes - from €136,000 • Middle Cottage Homes - from €128,000 - fully furnished

Courtyard apartments Located in the main Courtyard building. These 1 bed apartments are designed to maximise the internal space. Giving views to the forest and to the panoramic views to the mountains, you also have a viewing gallery to the Courtyard festivities.

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1 bedroom Courtyard apartments from €100,000 To help you, we are pleased to welcome you to experience a journey to the village, stay a few nights with us and absorb the feeling. Once you have completed this part of your investment, and only then, will you be in a position to decide if Geshaview is right for you and your family’s future. We can assist you in your visit by arranging your travel for you, or if you prefer to book your own flight to Sofia, you can use our transfer options guide on our website for the journey to Geshaview.


ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012

New President of Bulgaria... recognition for Geshaview. October saw the results of election of all local, regional and national political offices. In Dryanovo the current mayor, Dr Ivan Nikolov was re elected for a second term. President Rosen Plevneliev spoke with David about the changes and the future he intends to lead over the coming years of office in Bulgaria.

The new President being welcomed to office (Picture courtesy of Sofia Morning News article 11 Nov 2011).

Dr Ivan Nikolov presenting the closing ceremony in May at The 1st Geshaview International Arts festival.

David met 18 months ago with the then Regional Development Minister, Rosen Plevneliev at a BalREc Sustainable Living Conference where they shared the stage. Mr Plevneliev included in his delivery Geshaview, promoting it as model for all to follow. Later in the day

David meets the Presidential candidate Rosen Plevneliev, when he was campaigning in Veliko Tarnovo.

Bulgaria heads for Germany to promote tourism.

Reaction to the zero tolerance smoke-free Geshaview... There has been an overwhelming support to the decision for Geshaview to be a zero tolerance smokefree village. Thank you to all who shared their views and comments and thank you to those who, as smokers, support our decision. Of course there has been a number of negative issues we have had to face but these are only based on speculated ‘loss of business’ by not

David Hollands confirmed that the build principles and concept is only part of the solution, it is the people, the philosophies and the human elements that need to be addressed as well to create a true balance of an ‘embraced living’ environment for the future.

An article from last month’s Sofia Morning News showing a move towards promoting rural tourism in Germany...

allowing smoking. Interestingly, none of these speculations ever consider the upside of the huge amount of additional business that can be generated by being smoke free. The subjects of additional business being, of course, set around the 5 core elements of the Geshaview concept: Health (good health), wellbeing, education, family and children, community and sustainability.


Bulgaria will participate in the international Viva Touristika Caravan and Exhibition show in the German city of Frankfurt, the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism has announced. The Balkan country will have its own pavilion at the exhibition for the second time after it debuted in 2010. During 2011’s edition, Bulgaria will try to showcase its potential in the spheres of cultural, spa and sea tourism, among others. Some of the world’s largest tour operators are expected to include Bulgaria in their catalogues during the exhibition in which over 200 exhibitors from 21 countries will take part, the BGNES news agency reports.


ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012

The Courtyard and landscaping - end of year round-up The Courtyard Plaza and balconies nearing completion It has been a tough summer and autumn to get to the final stages of completion of the Courtyard building. Bringing together all of the services and the final fittings at the right timing and with the right levels of quality have placed delay after delay, this month however sees the final sections of the flooring being placed. The design of the ‘Plaza’ has had to consider many aspects of the use of the area, from showcase basketball to classical opera stage, to craft exhibition, and of course, its every day use as a central meeting/shopping/chatting place.

Attention to authentic details in the Courtyard.

The Courtyard Plaza floor is created with original cobbles from Dryanovo.

All roads connected... This autumn has seen the final connecting of the roads and pathways here in the village. Creating a labyrinth of hidden paths and connections to all parts of the village has been a story in itself. As each section of paths are completed they seemingly open up another hidden area of the village that will be great to explore. Allowing for ease of access in summer and

Final sections of pathways are nearing completion.

when there is snow on the ground is probably the first priority, followed very closely by the look and connectedness to the immediate nature. Of course all considerations are also cost driven and we also have to keep, at all times, to the concepts and principles of the Geshaview values. Done in the old-fashioned way we are able to maintain all the roads, paths and grassed and flowered areas with the minimum of effort and maximum connection to the natural surroundings.

Paths that open up to reveal a hidden part of the village.


ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012

Sports/recreation area appears from nowhere... It has always been the plan to have a sensible sport / activity / performance area in the village that would need to be ‘unnaturally levelled’. Making space for activities that range across the sport agenda, skittles and bowls, putting to volleyball, garden chess and the odd game of Krupp or how about quoits? Then there are of course summer fairs, craft markets, outdoor exhibitions, sports days, and then just when you were thinking that every day at Geshaview will be filled

with shouts of “over ’ere Harry.....”, “I’ve got it son, leave it to me....” “Come on you blues...”, “Hey, referee are you blind...” or even.... “Fore!” Well this is not the case, but having the opportunity to lay out a few courts for ‘play and enjoyment’ and to say nothing for having a nice quiet picnic spot, they all need a flat grassed area (something you won’t find naturally here at Geshaview). So now we have it, it is flat, is surrounded by trees and

A digger removes the topsoil in preparation for levelling the area.

has seating areas and it is hidden (you cannot see it until you enter the area). Eventually it will connect to the pool area and central bar and café area and outdoor seating. The driving force behind the subject of sport is NOT for Geshaview to become a sport centre, far from it. The reasons are so that those who normally never have the opportunity to participate in a bit of casual exercise can do so. Those who need to take time out with their children and just do

something that time seems to have taken from us. When was the last time you shared in a bit of sporting activity with the kids? We have created the opportunity. And what about sports from a different angle? Sport rehabilitation, sports injury and sports psychology. All these aspects are often overlooked and to a degree, poorly catered for. Here at Geshaview we have the opportunity for being one of the best locations for this very important ‘sport support’.

The cleared recreation area.

First frost of winter... Forget the freak snowstorm that caused the damage to the trees in October (see the October/November issue), winter really arrived at Geshaview with the first really heavy frost of the year. The pictures show that even when it is freezing, nature can put on a beautiful display.


ISSUE 17 - DECember 2011 / January 2012

Ambassadors doing their bit... This year saw the launch of the Geshaview Ambassador programme with many friends of Geshaview, owners and visitors joining the programme, despite it being a difficult year for all of us to promote almost anything, especially if it involves a serious investment in time and/or money. And, whatever way you cut it, Geshaview asks of both those important commodities to be considered. Promoting Geshaview in any way possible has always been a job that requires a special understanding and feeling of the village. Not a quick read of a brochure and a flick through the website... saying: “Oh yes, I get it, you need this type of client/ buyer...” NO this is not the way of Geshaview. For those of you who have dedicated time and money to get into the understanding of the uniqueness of Geshaview, I thank you. For those of you who have gone out there and done your stuff and brought people and more to Geshaview over the past year, words are not enough to express our gratitude, and, for those of you that maybe didn’t find time to do as much ‘Ambassadorism’ this year, don’t worry, I am sure next year will be the time to sow a few seeds and help in a small way. Whatever you are doing is supporting, and just being an Ambassador helps the whole Geshaview cause. Thank you. David Hollands.

Holiday period office closures The Geshaview offices will be closed from the 21 December 2011 until the 4 January 2012. Get connected to Geshaview:

For journeys and discovery trips to the village please contact: • UK / EU: +44 (0)1202 201300 UK/EU Office: Sales & Administration Telephone: +44 (0)1202 201300 Email: Bulgarian Head Office: 1309 Sofia, 127 ”Slivnitsa” blvd., ”West Park” Trade centre, floor 3, office 22 Telephone: 00359 2 822 00 65 Multiple Award Winner



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December 2011/January 2012 newsletter for the Geshaview village in Bulgaria

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