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Issue 1 January 2013

IN THIS EDITION Bridgford’s new Library and Young People’s Centre

Seven Figure Extra Income for West Bridgford Economy Since our successful launch last year, Totally Locally West Bridgford has been going from strength to strength, and it’s you lovely people with your enthusiasm and passion for where we live that we have to thank for that!

Do local markets work?

Winter visitors; flying visit.

We thought it was about time we talked about the wonderful shops, cafes, pubs and businesses of West Bridgford using good old fashioned ink and paper. So for those of you who choose not to be kept date via the internet, you can now read

Why do we need another Paper? Lark in the Park, back for another successful year

Building on the Olympic Flame - the future for sport

In this first edition of the Totally Locally West Bridgford Times we would like to take this opportunity to show you all how, with collaboration, the people and businesses here in our town don’t just get by but thrive! We’ll try to point out some of the things that make the difference between simply using mass produced, mass marketed products and choosing things that reflect our own tastes and our own area. This first issue that you are holding in your hands, and no doubt will read from cover to cover, on the train, the bus, the sofa or even in the smallest room in the house, contains reports and stories you just are unlikely to find anywhere else in print media today.

Fairy Tale? Or a possibility for us locally.

We hope that our slightly different approach makes you stop even if just for a moment and encourages you to say to yourself: “I think I’ll try that independent shop or business rather than simply use one of the supermarkets or even Amazon!”

We have a fantastic range of businesses in this area and by supporting them you pour vital cash into our own local economy. And amazingly, you will see that some of our local businesses are rapidly becoming national and even international, something we should all be proud of.


all about all of the goings on of Totally Locally West Bridgford at your own leisure. The impact of such simple things as using local independent shops rather than the major supermarkets cannot be stressed enough. Inside you will see stories of just how much the local economy of West Bridgford is benefiting. And the numbers are certainly staggering to even the staunchest supporters. Expert opinion based on a number of studies right round the country suggests that millions of pounds are generated locally and continue to be spent locally. This means everything from more local job opportunities for us here in West Bridgford to encouraging new young start up businesses to have a go. And that can’t be bad for Britain as well as here in Nottingham.

Local News


Moonraker First Aid

(HOW TO TURN £10 INTO £50!)

& Life Support

There’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a local shop or business that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into West Bridgford’s economy can be over £50! (*)

Spend £10 - Create £50? How? Here is a real example on how it works when you have a delicious meal at Signature. See page 3 for details.

Eighty Percent Stays With each step, in a case like this, around 80% of each spend often goes back into the local economy. So in effect the money that stays within West Bridgford gets more and more. Local independent businesses are far more likely to use other local firms than any of the big national giants would it’s what makes them tick and they know the true value of keeping it ‘Totally Locally’.

It’s also a lot easier! The more everyone spends within our area the stronger our economy grows,

As a parent one of the worst things we come across is when there is an which means more jobs, better facilities, accident involving one of our children, or their friends. vibrant town centres and a nicer place for us all to live. Fortunately now we don’t have to panic This can be applied to everything from a any more. We can actually do something college, to bike manufacturers, to music to prepare us for these almost inevitable situations. One of Bridgford’s mums shops, to public sector organisations. decided that she ought to do something about this and so has set up a series of If you compare this with buying online courses to help parents. outside the area - where none of the money comes back into the West Bridgford economy - it seems to make sense really. Add to this a smaller impact on the environment due to less transportation and you have good reasons for keeping your purchasing Totally Locally.

Marijke van Eerd is a mum to Liesje aged 7 and Willem, who is nearly 5. She currently works in the Children’s Emergency Department, and has a background in Accident and Emergency Nursing and Paediatric Resuscitation Training. She regularly teaches on Advanced Paediatric Life Support courses and have a PGCE teaching qualification and a first class BSc Honours Degree in Children’s nursing.

It’s not about protectionism, it’s about small decisions that have a big impact on where we live.So when you go for your next purchase, be it eggs, a sofa or a new pair of shoes, consider the true effect of how you buy! *Figures from New Economics Foundation

Marijke provides a two hour informal session in first aid and life support for parents grandparents or carers of a baby


or children of any age. These can either be held during the day (you can bring babies and toddlers along) or during the evening at your house, where you can invite friends to come along. Cost per person £15

Topics covered are: Basic Life Support (with practice on life-like manikins) Choking High temperature Head Injuries Fits Rashes Burns and stings Poisoning and ingestion of foreign bodies Shortness of breath And anything that you would like to ask about. For more information contact Marijke directly Mobile 07980 615092

Local News

HOW TO TURN £10 INTO £50! Continued There’s a bit of maths that says if you spend £10 in a local shop or business that sells stuff from local producers the amount of money that goes back into the local economy can be over £50! (New Economics Foundation) Local independent businesses are far more likely to use other local firms than Well if you imagine that when you buy any of the big national giants would – it’s what makes them tick and they a meal from Signature Steak House a know the true value of keeping it big part of your money is passed on to “Totally Locally”. It’s also a lot easier! the local butcher. The restaurant It’s not about protectionism, it’s about employs a local accountant or even an small decisions that have a big impact electrician In turn the butcher from whom he sources his meat spends a big on where we live. Ask your local butcher, baker, accountant, lawyer, percentage of his money with the farmer. The farmer then spends some of mechanic, whomever how many local his money at his local garage, the garage suppliers that they use – and you will soon see how you are affecting your owner, goes and gets his lunch at the local economy. Chances are that you Rectory Fish Bar. will know someone employed by one of these companies. With each step, around 80% of each spend goes into the local economy. So So when you go for your next purchase, in effect the money that stays locally be it eggs from the Spar shop (ask for increases locally. The more everyone their local free range ones), a software spends within our area the stronger our package from Serif ,or a cooker from economy grows, which means more Grices on Central Avenue, consider the jobs, better facilities, a vibrant town true effect of how you buy. Turn that centre and a nicer place for us all to live. tenner into fifty quid for your town.

Spend £10 - Create £50

We have set up the Skills Exchange where a token (gem) worth one hour of a member’s time can be traded through a directory of members, stimulating friendships and help at the same time. The Totally Locally campaign is looking more at the local independent businesses how they can work together and become a force to be reckoned with.

New You at Trio Juice Bar Melton Road saw the grand opening of Trio Juice bar in October when sisters, Thea, Jessica and Rebecca embarked on their new adventure. They are pleased that the Trio Juice continue to offer the good people of West Bridgford a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals only this time made with freshly juiced fruit and vegetables. tasty and healthy option which is part of their 5-a day recommended fruit and vegetable intake because did you know: 1 - Your body receives its required amount of vitamins and minerals 2 - Antioxidants in fruits & vegetables are essential for younger-looking skin. 3 - Folic acid in fruit and veg helps to keep hair and nails strong. 4 - Juicing is a healthy support to a weight - loss programme. 5 - Juicing is an ideal way to aid Feeling tired/ beginning of cold, trouble recovery from illness? sleeping due to stress or generally just that awful run down feeling ?– The Trio To help you stay on the track to stay Juice bar staff will put their knowledge healthy, Trio is offering a FREE 10 and expertise to good use and will make minutes consultation in 2013 by you a soothing, invigorating or nutritionist and personal trainer Thea. refreshing drink. Please Book on 0115 9812900 . Pop into Trio Juice bar on your way to/ Jessica adds: “ Parents can rest assured from school, work, the gym or just for that if their child pops in on their way the health of it and we are happy to to school or back home, the snack or make up something tasty for you. juice coming from this juice bar is a Qualified personal trainer/weight management director and nutritionist Thea says: ”Pure juiced fruits not only taste wonderful but also make a delicious addition to your diet, the nutrients they contain are utilized far more quicker than those the body gets from solid food, which requires many hours of digestion before any nourishment is available to the cells and tissues.”


Little by little we are getting our message across through our banners, posters, fiver fests, and magic tenner messages. By the way our 6ft x 3 ft banners that can be seen around West Bridgford are printed totally locally by Havenwood Signs Ltd. Tel: 0115 956 4877 Fax: 0115 956 4879 Email:

Local News

Everybody needs good neighbours People are being urged to look out for their elderly and disabled neighbours in a new campaign being launched across Nottinghamshire. The Good Neighbour campaign aims to reduce the number of people who have falls, accidents or become victims of abuse or crime. The campaign is being run by Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NSAB) and is being supported by Rushcliffe Borough Council.

Seven Signs

Top tips for being a good neighbour will be distributed throughout the county and are available at

Signs to Watch For If someone has had an accident or come to some harm in their home, they may not be able to attract attention of neighbours, passers-by or people who call at the door. Always be on the look-out for signs that something might be wrong:

milk not taken in late in the day

newspapers stuck in the letterbox for a few days

curtains have been drawn for a few days when they are normally open

lights left on during the day when they are normally off

home in darkness when there should be someone at home

bins have been left out when they are normally put away

dog barking all day or the cat scratching to be let in.

If you are concerned about a neighbour, please knock on their door to see if they are ok. In an emergency phone 999..

A few minutes of your time Allan Breeton, Chair of NSAB, said: “Many of us have busy lives and often don’t get chance to even stop and say hello to our neighbours. We’re urging local people to take a few extra minutes to get to know those who live around them – particularly if they are elderly or disabled. “If someone has had an accident in the home, they may not be able to attract the attention of neighbours or passersby, so we should all be on the look-out for signs that something may be wrong – especially if our neighbours are elderly or disabled. Tell-tale signs include milk or bins not being taken in, newspapers stuck in the letter box, curtains drawn or lights left on, or homes in darkness when there should be someone at home. “Simple things like offering to go to the shop in ad weather or putting out someone’s bin might also make a huge difference, so please do your bit.”


Health & Well-Being

Get fit for 2013

some groups of muscles to become short and strong, while others become long and weak. This creates an imbalance that can lead to stress on your joints and cause pain. As you exercise, parts of your body may move too much, while others don’t move enough, leading to further strains and jarring of joints because of lack of muscular control.

As the New Year begins, lots of us will resolve to get fit. But how many will fall by the wayside, not through lack of enthusiasm, but because aches and pains stop us in our tracks? At West Bridgford Physiotherapy Clinic, our team of friendly, experienced physiotherapists can help you recover from a wide range of conditions – old and new.

A nagging injury? Starting with a full assessment, we look at the history of your problem and how the pain behaves, as well as your work, lifestyle, activities and aspirations.

Then we use hands-on treatments to help your body recover. These could include mobilisation, manipulation, massage, ultrasound and even acupuncture. It’s all about empowering you to manage the problem and move well again with a carefully tailored exercise programme.

New Aches & Pains

Our physios can help you redress the balance and enjoy your new exercise. We’ll assess your movement patterns, check for anomalies that may cause bigger problems in the future and show you how to minimise them.

Our classes are run entirely by experienced chartered physiotherapists who have trained to teach Pilates, so they really understand the human body and how it works. We keep classes small to give you lots of individual attention and tailored support

Even if you’re feeling healthy and not experiencing any problems, it’s still a great idea to have an assessment before you dive into a new activity.

Find out more

So, if you’d like to make your New Year’s resolution a reality and really get Pilates: strengthen your core fit in 2013, we’d love to help. Just call our friendly team on 0115 969 6209 or Whatever sport or exercise you want to visit us online. West Bridgford Physiotherapy Clinic do, adding Pilates to your weekly routine can make a big difference. Based and Pilates Studio on the principles of core stability, Pilates can resolve muscular imbalances and improve posture, strength and flexibility.

If you haven’t exercised for a while, or are starting a new sport, it’s common to notice new niggles triggered by the fresh demands you’re putting on your body. Poor posture can cause


Local News

Top literary award for the Grumblegroar

GrumbleGroar as a metaphor for environmental sustainability.” A sequel, GrumbleGroar Clash, will be launched at the inaugural Festival of Words at the Newton Building, Nottingham Trent University on 16 and 17 February where the GrumbleGroar will be ‘in residence’ in what’s been billed the GrumbleGroar Lair. As part of the weekend, for which Arts Council funding is being sought, there will be story telling for children and arts based activities.

Best-selling children’s book The GrumbleGroar, written and illustrated by two Nottingham Trent University graduates, has been awarded a prestigious literary accolade after getting a massive thumbs-up from pupils in schools across the East Midlands. The New Writers’ UK Children’s Book of the Year 2012 prize is shared by author Rob Hann and illustrator Howard Barton, both from West Bridgford Nottingham, who conceived the idea of a “thought provoking” children’s rhyming book as a result of chats while waiting for their respective sons in the local school playground.

chosen from a shortlist of 12 books read by more than 3,000 pupils in 10 schools across the East Midlands.”

“The event will be a celebration of Nottingham’s strong literary heritage,” said Rob. For further information please visit Or email

He added: “When recent surveys show that boys read less than girls, with perhaps more children’s books Targeted at children between the ages of 4 and 10, The targeted at girls, this is one book which boys seem to GrumbleGroar, part lizard, part dragon, part dinosaur, read and find particularly enjoyable. One bookseller The GrumbleGroar by Nottingham writer Rob Hann, is aimed at sparking the imagination of children and said it was outselling Enid Blyton books, something of illustrated by Howard Barton, was voted New Writers’ parents alike as to what really does lurk at the heart of a compliment to us and The GrumbleGroar.” UK children’s book of the year, 2012 by school the Earth. children across the East Midlands. GrumbleGroar Rob, a solicitor with two sons aged 12 and 14, said: Clash, will be launched at Nottingham’s Festival of “No one really knows what might be down there,” said “There is also a very important theme to the book as it Words on 16th/ 17th February 2013. Visit the Howard, a graphic designer, whose two sons are aged helps to fuel children’s curiosity by using the GrumbleGroar’s Lair if you dare! eight and 12. “What makes this award so much more meaningful is that The GrumbleGroar was


Local News

West Bridgford Summer Gathering Back in the middle of May last year we saw the 6th West Following the success of this initiative we have put together Bridgford Summer Gathering in Bridgford Park. Attendance another Fiver Fest with £5 offers which are valid from the was good despite the less than ideal weather conditions. 1st – 15th February. Pull out the middle pages of this newspaper, pick up the map and In the past the emphasis had been more on the fact be a tourist in your own town. that it is a festival of sustainable and community You too might discover a hidden living, this year however, the organisers tried to gem. make it a Totally Locally West Bridgford affair. Although that day was cold and With local entertainment, information, gift stalls windy and we felt that maybe in and food providers. It was also the launch of our future we should choose a later first Fiver Fest, where nearly 500 maps of West date, with hindsight the weekend Bridgford designed by local artist Helen turned out to be the best in the Woodford were handed out, indicating the whole summer! whereabouts of the 36 local independent businesses who had a special £5 offer in store for us. The next Totally Locally West Bridgford Summer Gathering will be on Saturday 18th May 2013 for more information ( ) We are excited to reveal that new local boy band Young at Heart are planning to give a performance. So if you are a local independent maker, baker or supplier and would like to have a stall, please go to the booking form online and leave us your details. The stalls are free, if however, you had a good day a contribution towards the cost of organising the event would be welcomed.

Making Your Home Your Own Even before we opened Heidi's Home Furnishings on Portland Road (just off Melton Road) we knew that we wanted to offer customers the chance to really make their home their own. To put their own stamp on things rather than simply fill it with standard furnishings from any High Street Store.

aim to become a focal point for promoting community issues, local talent, and local charities, complementing rather than competing with other local retailers.

Since the day we opened, we have been humbled by the support and encouragement of the Totally Locally West Bridgford Team, local traders, and local Being a local couple living in West Bridgford we were residents, and we wholeheartedly subscribe to the really excited to be embarking on such an adventure social enterprise branding ethos of Totally Locally. and were very keen to be seen to be offering and Whilst commissioning as many of our goods and continue to offer a quality independent local service. services as locally as possible, we provide a range of Each of us has a working lifetime experience of working with a wide range of people and communities carefully priced and individually selected and often and we want to become known as a family business unique pieces of furniture, home accessories and other interesting home-style items, soft furnishings and and service within the local area and community. We household accessories. As well as local suppliers, we have been careful to select what we hope customers will agree are well priced quality individual and refreshing items from other respected suppliers such as India Jane of London, Coach House, Oliver Hemming clocks, Miho Unexpected, and Lily-Flame as well as other quality and individual items and gifts from Guillermo Forchino, Takkoda Pets Rock, Sass & Belle, Matryoshka Russian Dolls and others.


As a complimentary service, we are also authorised stockists for Liberon, who have been manufacturing woodcare products in the UK for over 110 years and who are a highly respected manufacturer of high quality wood and leather finishing products for the home. Whilst the furniture we offer is predominately new, the range also comprises a selection of complementary refurbished and restored items as well as quality pieces sourced from reclaimed wood. We will be offering a restoration service to customers in the near future. Heidi’s is now open at 5 Portland Road, just off Melton Road, Tel: 0115 8461083, email:

Local News

The Best & Worst of Bridgford A Post survey of people living and working in West Bridgford has revealed the best and worst things about the town. Dave Baxter, Ian Kingsbury and Tom Norton report... Nottingham evening post

SHOPS, buses and friendly faces have topped a poll of what is best about West Bridgford.

were about living or working in the town. When asked to name the best things, 62 per cent mentioned the good selection of shops.

In a survey of 100 people, the Post asked what the best and worst things

Kevin Cuthbert, 58, of Turner Street, who works as an engineer, said: "I think the range of shops is absolutely fabulous here. I shop in other places like Mapperley Top and Bramcote, but they don't compare. West Bridgford is definitely the best place to shop in Nottingham. Anna Short, 71, of Gordon Street, who works as a caterer, said: "I find it a delight to walk around the place. "I really like the mix of shops. There are lots of charity shops and coffee shops which I like – I think the place does have its own identity." Michael Evans, 62, lives in Ruddington but works in West Bridgford as a window cleaner. He said: "It's a good shopping area, and people are also generally really nice. It's a nice place to work, and very convenient – the amenities here are very good."

But people also said there were problems in the town. When asked what they would name as the worst thing about West Bridgford, 35 per cent talked about parking problems and traffic congestion. And not all were happy with the town's amenities – 20 per cent said there was not a varied enough shopping experience, and seven per cent said there were too many bars and restaurants. Janice Evans, 49, of Trent Boulevard, said: "It's a cosy place, and the public transport links are brilliant. "I can do a full shop and get all my bags home on the L2 bus. "It's very good for older people. But I do think there are too many charity shops, banks and building societies, and not enough local shops.” “Parking is a real problem too – the fines for parking are too high, even if you go a minute or two over." “This situation does seem to be improving slightly, but there does need to be more of an incentive for independent shops to open up or to take the spaces currently being used by the Charity shops. Surely having ten charity shops in such a small area as Central Avenue and up to Gordon Square is an imbalance?” Have your say and write to us, or even your local councillor. It will at least register your views rand maybe even open the doors for new businesses!


Energy & Environment

New Library & Young People’s Centre At the opening of the original library in March 1939, the Chairman of the County Council made reference, to amongst other things, the value of libraries in checking the spread of ‘horrible Americanisms’! Bizarre remarks considering the state Europe was sinking into at the time.

building with a large first floor extension above, will provide a 50% increase in library floor area as well as a new Young People’s Centre (including a recording studio and dance room), a registrar’s office and a new Shopmobility base. The building will be fully accessible and will contain a lift.

The original library was built on the site of the former walled vegetable garden of The Hall. The garden had previously been converted into a children’s play area and some local residents still remember playing there all those years ago. The library was extended in 1970 to form the exhibition area and the newspaper and computer room at the lower level with the children’s library upstairs.

The extension is unusual in that it is both larger and higher than the original building. Using traditional brick walls would have led to the extension dwarfing the original building which was to be avoided. The use of contemporary materials with subtle colours helps to reduce the impact of the extensions especially from Bridgford Road.

The library is by far the busiest in the county but its size had not kept up with West Bridgford’s expansion over recent decades. The building was also in need of major refurbishment and required amongst other things a new roof and a serious improvement in insulation levels. There were also accessibility problems with the building being on three levels without a lift. As the original building forms a popular landmark and as the money available for refurbishment had been reduced from earlier proposals, the decision was made to retain the original library by demolishing just the 1970 extension. The new extension, built on the same ground floor level as the original

The upper roof is covered in photovoltaic panels (panels which produce electricity as opposed to hot water). The total power produced will help to save more than 12 tonnes of CO2 each year. The insulation levels are well in excess of building regulation Notts County Council is set to trial requirements and the south facing LED street lights as it seeks to cut windows contain solar glass which down its energy bills. The trial will see will help to reduce overheating from the summer sun. the lights in four residential streets converted to LED – which stands for Advantage has been taken of the proximity of the park with light-emitting diodes – the new lights large patio style windows overlooking the park on both floors – would be more energy-efficient so if a lovely place to sit and read with a cup of coffee! successful, the system could be introduced county-wide by the end of In these times of cuts, it is good to see a public service being the year. extended and improved. History also tells us that the use of libraries increases significantly during times of higher Four companies will take part in the unemployment. Money well spent in my book. trial in Patrick Road in West Bridgford. The LEDs give a whiter, clearer light and the wattage will be reduced from 45 watts to 30 watts, saving a third on energy. The trials will be used to determine the views of residents on the different quality of boilers) to find out what light through questionnaires. It will measures could be used to cut also be looking at what specification heating bills. This assessment is of LED will be needed across the worth £150 and the plan worth county and how the lights will be £300 will tell people what they maintained in the future. The new should or could do to make their lights have already been installed in homes less wasteful. Patrick Road

LED Street Light Trials to save £½ million

Large Homes, Big Bills, New Boilers Owners of large homes are being targeted to help them reduce their fuel bills in times of rocketing energy prices. Rushcliffe as part of the Notts/Derbys Local Authority Energy Partnership has won Government funding to survey homes to find out energy inefficiencies. This funding is part of the Government’s Green Deal to pay for, or part pay for, a range of energy saving measures to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

£2.5 million Fuel Boost

The Council is also working with The Energy Saving Cooperative who will provide the heating engineer expertise and select local installers to carry out the boiler replacement. Rushcliffe Borough Council is leading the project and working with West Bridgford Transition Group who will raise awareness and commitment to taking action.

£270 Cash Back

The Partnership has £2.5million to help reduce fuel poverty and encourage people to be more energy efficient. There Replacing Inefficient Boilers are four area based projects – one of which is in West Bridgford where there The Council via its database will identify are many large homes with old boilers. large homes with old boilers and contact Old boilers are the main source of owners with the deal. The deal is a free wasting money and energy. assessment of the whole home (not just 9

People who act early, can claim a cash back of £270 of the price of the boiler and installation. If you would like more information email Sheila Hood, or call 0115 914 8560 or visit

Questionnaires will then be given to residents with the responses being analysed by the council in March. Following the trials, the county will look at each of the four companies – Phillips, Urbis, Advanced LED and LED Roadway Lighting – to decide which will be used in the county. This decision is expected to be made in April. The project is part of a four-year plan to cut down on street lights for financial and environmental reasons, expected to save about £500,000 a year in energy savings. The authority says the cost of electricity for street lighting had increased from just over £1 million in 2004-05 to more than £5 million in 2010-11.

Local History

Our quick tour of the local area starts on the corner of Radcliffe and Loughborough Roads.

Charvet Plumbing Solutions Bathrooms - Kitchens - Showers - En suites

As one stands here looking at the traffic speeding to Newark and Grantham on the left, and towards Melton and Loughborough on the right, one can see that West Bridgford today, although a sizeable community, witnesses much passing traffic. It has been like this for over 200 years because although it remained a village of 270 people down to the 1880s, in the 18th century there were three turnpike roads on the sites of the present Radcliffe, Loughborough and Melton roads. The village itself was clustered around the church about half a mile to the south of Trent Bridge.

Including all plastering tiling, electrical and joinery

Let one call do it all

The west tower dating from the 15th century contains high up on the south wall, what is probably a Before proceeding along Bridgford Road, which leads dedication stone with the words ‘Christ the stone of to the site of the original village, note the famous Trent help’ in Latin. The porch, which has seats which were, Bridge Cricket Ground and the probably equally no doubt, used for parish meetings to conduct civil and famous Trent Bridge Inn, or TBI as it is usually government matters, also has a list of Rectors starting referred to. There was an inn on this site mentioned in with Luke de Crophill 1239. the tithe survey of 1836, then known as the Three Horse-Shoes and Crown. Adjoining the porch is the Heymann family grave, and a little further along the south wall of the old chancel The houses on Loughborough Road, (since demolished is the Rector’s door of about 1230. A new chancel and and replaced by a Car Sales Showroom and flats), and nave were built in 1896. There are a number of those on Bridgford Road just past Hound Road were Swithland slate headstones of the 17th-19th centuries amongst the first to be built as part of the modern West alongside the western boundary wall of the Bridgford. It had continued to be an agricultural churchyard. village until 1882 when the Lord of the Manor, Mr John Chaworth Musters, leased and later sold land as At the end of Church Drive, turn left into Stratford building plots. From a population of 293 in 1881 the Road and walk to where the road veers to the left. The town rapidly expanded to one of 7,018 in 1901. space opposite was the Pinfold in the 19th century where stray cattle were impounded. The cottages to the The railway bridge, (part of the embankment is still left of the Pinfold, together with one on the corner of visible near Millicent Road), over Bridgford Road Stratford road and Rectory road, are some of the very carried the Midland Railway line to St Pancras Station, few older buildings still left. Just opposite is a pair of London, via Melton Mowbray from 1879 to 1967. In semi-detached houses which are early 19th century. the days of open-top buses, it was necessary for the conductor to mount the stairs just before the bus Also on Rectory road, now forming part of the reached the bridge to warn passengers not to stand up Conservative Club, is the former master’s house of the to avoid injuring their heads. The Library is on your National School built in 1865 and used until 1900. At left. the western end of Rectory road is a group of almshouses erected in 1894 by Mrs Catherine Adjoining the Library is an attractive public park, Peatfield, the widow of a curate of West Bridgford. formerly the grounds of the 18th century mansion, Bridgford Hall. In 1923 the Hall and its grounds were Hungry after this walk? You have just passed the acquired by the former West Bridgford Urban District Rectory Fish bar! Council. Prior to that the Heymann family had occupied the Hall since 1840. Lewis Heymann (18021869) came to England from Germany in 1834 and quickly built up a successful lace business. The Hall had been erected between 1768 and 1774 for Mundy Musters (1712-1770) who died before it was completed. Central Avenue was not created until the 20th century and opposite the park entrance Bridgford Road turns sharply to the right, following the centuries-old route. Clustered round the Church were the farmhouses and cottages which constituted the old village. On the right are a pair of semi-detached houses which date from the early 19th century, one called Thimbleby Cottage after an earlier Lord of the Manor. On Church Drive are what are probably the earliest buildings in Bridgford still used as houses,.They were built about 1780. The Church of St Giles is, of course, the oldest building in West Bridgford, parts dating from the 13th century. If time does not permit going inside, there are a number of interesting features to be seen outside.


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The Greenline steams ahead in West Bridgford! Running down from Boundary Road towards the middle of West Bridgford and bordered by lots of relatively large gardens the stretch of old railway embankment and cutting known as the Green Line helps draw wildlife into the urban area. Owned by Rushcliffe Borough Council, the site supports a mixture of tree, scrub and species rich fragments of grassland, with a cycle track running up the middle. The line was part of the old Midland railway which was finally closed in 1969. It was opened to the local community in 1989 when it was maintained by volunteers of the Green Line Group among others. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (NWT) is currently working closely with a new group of volunteers and to assist them in undertaking conservation work at this wildlife haven. .A number of work parties have already taken place together with evening meetings and NWT have recently written a management plan to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the area through structured conservation management.

and have recently cut and removed grass from the meadow area as well as removing encroaching scrub to widen the open areas on the track bed. These activities will encourage more wild flowers. The group is planning more work parties and is always on the look out for new volunteers who can spare a few hours on a Sunday. Gary Cragg, Conservation Assistant at the Trust commented “We are encouraged by the positive response of current users of Green Line to works completed so far and are pleased that the volunteers have already really taken ownership as custodians of this important wildlife habitat�.

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For further information on how to get involved contact Gary Cragg on 0115 9588242 or email on

Stay informed, join in and be part of this wonderful community

The fledgling volunteer group has already been keen to work on the line

For Free Totally Locally information read the monthly magazine; The Bridgford Local News, To advertise call them on 0115 981 9200. , /westbridgford

Tel: 0115 9147408 Or if you have access to a computer subscribe to the news via the websites of


Energy & Environment

Becoming eco-friendly is not just for modern houses At a time when energy bills have been on the up, this local group has done what it can to buck the trend by sharing knowledge and experience of saving and generating energy in the home. In 2010 Transition West Bridgford ran the first Eco House Open Day welcoming nearly 70 people to find out more about eco features in 6 local homes. Subsequently, Transition member, Tina Holt decided to set up the Eco House group and organised further events. At that stage, Tina had just moved into a solid wall 1950’s house with single glazed windows and no insulation of any sort. It was cold and draughty with condensation and mould on windows and walls. Sounds familiar? Like others she needed to know more about her options to make the house a lot more comfortable and healthy for her and her family. She submerged herself in some serious research, acquired a hard hat and became an expert in the field of eco refurbishments, which is useful as now she is able to

share her knowledge with others! Eco House Group members have learned about home energy efficiency improvements through small and large through seminars, open house events and visits to low energy homes during construction and refurbishment. Information is shared through the blog which contains case studies from local householders and articles of interest posted or sent in by members of the group. The refurbishment of Tina’s house is almost complete and it is so much more comfortable! Energy monitoring before and after will demonstrate whether the plan to reduce energy use by ~80% has been achieved. (See for further details) Success in the community has translated into employment as well. In early 2012, Tina went self-employed with a DECC funded project called “Homes Behaving Badly”, The “Homes Behaving Badly” report can be downloaded for free from the HOBBS tab of the

12 website. The report includes 8 case studies where energy savings have been made (local houses from the 1890’s to the 1980’s) so hopefully there’s one a bit like yours! Now working for the Energy Saving Co-operative, Tina carries out free home energy visits to identify energy saving opportunities in the home. The Energy Saving Co-operative carries out a wide range of energy efficiency home improvements by partnering with trusted local tradespeople who do the work. If you would like a home energy visit, go to , email or phone 07962 453037. Tina’s own business provides training and consultancy on aspects of low energy new build and refurbishment (e.g. Passivhaus projects), including an introduction to the costs and benefits associated with different levels of whole house refurbishment. If you would like to know more, go to , email or phone 07962 453037. If you would like to join the Eco House Group email list and hear about future events, just email In November 2012, Rushcliffe Borough Council recognised Tina’s voluntary activities with the award for “Protecting and Enhancing our Environment”.

Local Business

Locally Produced for You


Do you know who is on your doorstep? Well I have discovered there are textile designers; glass makers, cake makers, jewellery designers; portrait photographers, artists, tutors that teach creative classes and so many more people all running wonderful small businesses from home.

So much activity is 'hidden away' on our industrial estates. Take Cole Fabrics Plc on Ludlow Hill Road, hundreds of residents will pass their front door every day, but did you know that this local company makes ribbons and exports them all over the world? The name Cole has been linked with the textile industry since the early 1900's when H. E. Cole & Co. Ltd operated two fabric mills in Leicester and Whetstone and employed over one hundred people in its heyday.

New Beginnings In 1974, the Cole family set up a new company. They purchased a new slitting machine to produce and sell slit acetate and polyester satin ribbon to the garment labelling industry. Based on Newdigate Street in Nottingham, this company was the beginning of the Cole Fabrics Plc you see today. In 1983, the business moved to its current location on Ludlow Hill Road in West Bridgford, Nottingham, having expanded its operation with the purchase of a further five slitting machines and taken on more staff to cope with the demand for its products.

Ever Expanding Vision 1999 saw Cole Fabrics Plc expanding even further with the acquisition of TayTec, a specialist woven edge ribbon manufacturing operation which allowed Cole Fabrics Plc to produce and dye its own high quality woven edge ribbon product lines.

Whether in spare rooms, on kitchen tables or small studios beautiful products are being designed and created recycled or bought in by passionate people who would ove to show you their collections. My passion is Locally Produced for You a place you can find out where these fantastic businesses are and how you can view their products when they don’t have their own shop window to show off their wares. Every start up small business needs friends and family support to help it to grow; and they need you too. Small businesses can offer you a personalised, high quality service with unique products that ordinarily you may not come across. So why not take a look and see who is near you!

International Clients Cole Fabrics Plc has clients ranging from High Street chain stores to global cosmetic brands, from specialist cake producers through to national and multinational fashion and retail clients from all over the world.

I would love to hear from you if you are running your own small business and would like to find out more about Locally Produced for You or if you are looking for an item from a small business. Email Kate at

By working with such a varied customer base we have developed skills and experience which allow us to take on and manage complex projects. Even during very tough economic conditions Cole Fabrics have continued to invest in people and equipment to allow them to continue to compete and grow the business.


If you would like to know more about Cole Fabrics or any of the companies you see in this edition of Totally Locally Times then you can always contact them directly

For Just £5 1 coat dry cleaned with this advertisement for £5.00 The offer does not include leather. Valid until 31st March 2013 available at

The expansion continued in 2005 with the creation of Cole Fabrics (Far East) Ltd. In Hong Kong. This operation is now run by third generation of the Cole family, Nick Cole. Cole Fabrics (Far East) Ltd and Cole Fabrics Plc work together on projects and also work independently for a variety of customers across the world.

The Clean Machine 83 Melton Rd

Tel 9811203

It's Brilliant 10 Gordon Rd

Tel 9140013

Mainwise Launderette 191 Loughborough Rd 14

Tel 9812358

Directory of lovely businesses right on your doorstep! 1. Jo Jingles

10. Canadian Cleaning

19. It's Brilliant

28. Massers & Co

Activities children, music & movement West Park, Loughborough Rd, NG2 7JE 0870 900 4567

Eco-Friendly Domestic & Commercial Cleaning 157 Exchange Rd, NG2 6DD 9819397

Laundrette, ironing service 10 Gordon Rd 914 0013

Solicitors 9 Tudor Square, NG2 6BT 8511666

2. Helen Woodford Illustration Artist 112a. Musters Road, NG2 6DP 974 8474 uk

3. Taste Coffee shop 65 Clumber Rd, NG2 6DP 981 7817,

4. Tiffin Teahouse Traditional Teahouse 35 Abbey Road, NG2 5NG 981 6224

5. Bromley Designerwear Designer clothing 32 Abbey Rd, NG2 5NG 945 5559 uk

6. Isobel & Henry Children's clothing &accessories (newborn to 15 years) 103 Melton Road, NG2 6ET 945 5119

7. Barbara Jones Complementary health, maternity reflexology 47 Cambridge Road, NG2 5NA 0115 9232781

8. Minifolk Market Craft 69 Crosby Road, NG2 5GG 07738 172821 www.minifolkmarket

9. Seymour Road Studios Draw, print, pot & paint & Bijoux B&B 42 Seymour Road, NG2 5EF 982 2681

11. PM Electrical Electrician and Property Maintenance Services 83a. Trent Boulevard , NG2 5BE 07880 602555

20. Anna Girstun Marketing UK Marketing 28 South Road, NG2 7AG 878 0806 .com

21. Christopher Bell LRAM, ARCM Music teacher classic guitar 153 Musters Rd, NG2 7AF 9812547

12. Rex Gooding Estate & Letting Agents 122 Melton Rd, NG2 6EP 945 5553 www.rexgooding .com

13. Eden Bea Vintage Hand selected original vintage jewellery dating from 1940-1980's. West Bridgford 0779 5028930

22. Paul Carroll Photography Photographer 191 Eltham Road, NG2 5JX 07719413354

23. Ultra print Printers Blake Road, NG2 5JJ 9819191

14. The Health Store 24. Escabeche

15. The Service Tree

25. West End

16. Shirley Thompson Homeopath 6 Devonshire Rd, NG2 6EU 923 2899

17. Intoto Kitchens 100 Melton Road, NG2 6EP 9810808 uk

18. The Clean Machine

Wood burning stoves, fires and fireplaces 41 Radcliffe Road, NG2 5FF 9813670 Fireplaces@me .com

30. Mind and Body Yoga Yoga Beckett and Emmanuel Schools 07931 340534 www.mindandbodyyoga

31. Karen Benson Photography Natural Light Photographer 52 Rutland Road, 07792 091814,

32. Monika Frost-Pepper

Health food, 5% discount on Thursdays for sr citizens 29/31 CentraI Avenue, NG2 5GQ 9814080 www.hea.lthyroute

Home support service 45 Selby Road, NG2 7BP 9455639,

29. The Fireplace Centre

restaurant 25 Bridgford RD, NG2 6AU 9817010 info@escabeche www.escabeche

Restaurant/ Carvery 14 CentraI Avenue, NG2 5GR 9811022 info@west-end-restaurant uk

German tuition and translation (native speaker). Tuition at all levels for individuals and small groups (adults, GCSE and ALevel). West Bridgford 0115 974 9080

33. Don McLaughlin Joiner and Carpenter 136 Eltham Road, NG2 5JU 0115 969220 or 07968181517

26. Corina Lucian Skin care expert 7 Beech Close, NG 12 4BG 07815 804498 uk

27. Solar Heat UK Solar thermal and PV panels 41 Radcliffe Road, NG2 5FF 937 1767 .com

Laundrette, ironing service 83 Melton Rd 9811203 16

34. Crispin Oakes Man with a Van - Delivery Service 63 Eltham Road 07711 671511 NG2 5JP

35. Slater and Brandley Lettings Letting Agents 14-16 Bridgford Road 9819651 NG2 6AB

Disclaimer:Not valid Thurs 14th Feb, 70 Bridgford Road 0115 0115 981 1419 26 The Fireplace Centre British hardwood logs at £5 per net OR Pack of heat logs and a free pack of kindling £5 41 Radcliffe Road. 0115 9813670 27 Valecycles £5 off any crash helmet in stock Valid from 1st Feb – 28th Feb 2013 Bridge Grove, 0115 969 6146 28 Honest-Inks Ltd 2 Ink Cartridges for £5 Available for most Epson, Brother & canon compatible Inks 01158 375127 29 Rectory Road Fishbar Fish & chips with either peas, curry, gravy or beans for £5.00 Rectory Road Tel: 0115 9819352 1 Le Pain a la main 2 large artisan loaves of bread (granary, wholemeal, sourdough, white) for £5 from C Brumpton the butcher’s 69 Melton Rd. 0115 981 6235

9 Canadian Cleaning £5 off your first 5 cleans. 157 Exchange Rd 0115 981 9397

2 The Clean Machine Dry clean 1 suit or coat for £5.00. This does not include leather. 83 Melton Rd, 0115 9811203

10 The Cycle Garage Get a puncture repair including a new innertube for just £5! 128 Exchange Road. 0115 945 2790

3. Taste Espresso and Eatery For the Fiver Fest we will offer the following: Two home made chutneys (subject to availability) or; Afternoon tea & cake for two or; Full English breakfast or Home made soup, bread and a regular tea. 65 Clumber Road 0115 9817817

11 Tiffin Full English Breakfast for £5 normally £5.95 if ordered before 11am SundayFriday. 35 Abbey Road, 0115 9816224

4 Clumber Road Stores 3 bottles of Magpie Ale for £5.00 63 Clumber Rd 0115 9822136 5 Canterbury’s A baguette from our “up to £3.20” range, a cake square, a packet of Walkers crisps plus a can of soft drink for £5.00. 93a Melton Road, 0115 9812365

12 Bridgford Chippy 2 mini chips and peas for £5 3 Gordon Square. 0115 981 1777 13 Ghandi Indian Takeaway A portion of rice, curry of your choice and a poppadom for £5.00 36 Gordon Rd. 0115 9817532 14 Baa, The West Bridgford Wool Shop Woolcraft scarf yarn Tango or Bolero for £5 35 Gordon Rd 0115 9989671

6. Scotts Newsagents “Breakfast Bundle” of: -Any 2 litre Milk 15 Mystique Nails or Princes Orange Juice; Any 800g loaf An Eyebrow shape for a fiver! of Bread; Any 6 Eggs; Bacon for £5.00 32 Gordon Road 0115 981 5872 Melton Road 0115 945 5513 16 Jolie Lingerie West Bridgford 7 Trio Juice Bar specialise in mastectomy, maternity, A salad box from the salad bar and fruit sports and swimwear all year round. box for £5.00 £5.00 off bra purchase for new and Total Wellbeing book rrp £25 for £5 for existing customers customers when buying any juice or 20 Gordon Road 0115 9811812 lunch from Trio in February. 101 Melton Road Tel: 0115 9818900 17 It’s Brilliant 8 Heidi’s Home Furnishings Dry clean 1 suit or coat for £5.00. This Specially selected for Valentines Day. does not include leather. Lily-Flame candles and room mist 10 Gordon rd, 0115 9140013 sprays for only £5! (usual price £8.50) 5 Portland Road (off Melton Road) 18 Rainbows & Lemondrops, 0115 846 1083 Shelf of £5 gift and home special offers 17 Gordon Road, 0115 8465240

19 Jayline Limited Feeder supreme: Bird food, fat balls and birdfeeder for £5. 3 x 6 pack for Price’s tea lights for £5 or 2 x 6 pack of Price’s tea lights (long burning times 7-8 hours) and a glass tealight holder (choice of colours) 13 Tudor Square, 0115 981 1091 20 Belle and Jerome A bacon or sausage sandwich with a small tea or coffee Central Avenue, 0115 9817070

30. Zumba with Miss Gold!! £5 to take part on: Mondays 6.30-7.15 pm WB Community Hall, Church Drive, NG2 6AY Thursdays - 6.15-7pm All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd, NG2 5BP Tel: 07905274219

31 The Health & Beauty People Choose from either Evershield Aluminium-free Deodorant or Aloe Propolis fluoride-free toothgel. 28 South Road. 0115 878 0806 / 07595 21 The Health Store 675499 Quest Super One-a-day Multi nutritional product.Usual RRP £7.91 Festival price £5.00 (save just under £3!) 32 Homeopath Shirley Thompson £5 discount on all consultations booked 29/31 Central Avenue. 0115 9814080 during 1st-15th February By appointment only. 22 Pathway2healing www.shirleythompson. £5 off all Reiki Healing, Counselling & 6 Devonshire Road 0115 9232899 Life Coaching sessions in 2013. Discover the wonderful benefits,deal 33 Mainwise Launderette with your issues, gain personal Dry clean 1 suit or coat for £5.00. This development and improvement in your does not include leather. health, lifestyle and well being. For 191 Loughborough rd, 0115 9812358 bookings or further information ring Mark Halbert on 07843 081531. 34 Jo Jingles The Bay Therapy Centre, 21 Trent Blvd. Music & Movement for babies and Lady Bay NG25BB pre-school children (3mth – 5 yrs) 2 music and movement classes for £5 to 23 Inspirations new customers! (Usual price £9) Reeves paint by numbers 2 for £5 Telephone 0870 900 4567 (usually £3.49 each) Email 18 Central Ave. 0115 9821200 24 Sosmoothies (Farmer’s Market) 4 x 250ml smoothies for £5 All smoothies are handmade with no artificial ingredients.Contains 2 of your 5 a day Free home delivery Tel: 07528 963569 25 The Monkey Tree Get a pub classic main meal for £5 Bring this map in Monday to Friday 3 – 7pm 1 – 15th Feb Buy 3 pints of Totally Locally Navigation ales for £5 17


What is needed

Traders’ Association

Is a darned good cuppa. No doubt about it, almost nothing beats a decent cup of tea, or in my case a double espresso - but that’s another matter!

Who has not heard of Mary Portas, the TV shopping guru, and the report she was commissioned to prepare at the behest of Prime Minister David Cameron? Some of the points in the Portas report merit exploration as regards their relevance to West Bridgford, for instance:-

Fortunately we are well catered for all round Bridgford, but what you might not know is that there are even establishments that cater for those of us with nut allergies, or are gluten intolerant, which means that we can even have a tasty bite of something to accompany that cuppa.

Set up Town Teams to keep local shopping areas accessible, attractive and safe. Implement free controlled parking schemes for town centres. Promote the inclusion of the High Street in Neighbourhood Plans. The Portas report was brought to the attention of the West Bridgford Local Area Forum (WBLAF) and at their November meeting it was agreed that Lawrence Geary and Alan Wain would contact traders in Central West Bridgford to determine whether there could be interest in them setting up a Central West Bridgford Traders’ Association Over the next few weeks they will be visiting businesses with a view to determining the level of interest. If you wish to make contact before our visit, please email Alan Wain on or telephone Lawrence on 0115 9822720.


n F or Y Sun ou day 9 .30 Mon 42.3 - Th 0 u 8. Fri 30 Sat 4.30 8.30 - 4.0 0

DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR SHOP FRONT? The Shop Front Improvement Grant is a new fund operated by Rushcliffe Community Partnership that can offer financial support towards the improvement of shop fronts in Rushcliffe. The fund is available to independent businesses operating in the retail sector that wish to make visible improvements to the ground floor appearance of their shop. The fund can assist by providing grants of up to £1,000 for the renovation and/or improvement of shop fronts. Applicants must contribute at least 50% towards the cost of the work and will need to demonstrate that there is a real need for the improvement. Grant assistance is geared towards expenditure on

professional painting and decorating services, repair and/or replacement of fascias and signage. A proven need for improvement to the shop front must be demonstrated – a change of colour scheme, repainting or new sign for an otherwise well-presented and maintained shop will not qualify. Successful applications will be determined by assessing the completed application form, photos of the shop front, relevant plans and estimates for improvement and by visiting the applicant’s business premises if required. The primary objective of the Shop Front Improvement Grant is to help visually improve shops within Rushcliffe. It is open to all businesses in Rushcliffe which meet the eligibility criteria.


For further information and an application form please go to or contact


Local News


Canadian Cleaning So, what is it that makes Canadians cleaner than us Brits? That was the question that we put to Audrey Matthews the founder of the Canadian Cleaning Company And we were surprised by some of her answers.

We offer bed and breakfast guests a warm welcome to our home in Lady Bay, We have three beautifully presented bedrooms (2 double, 1 single), each with tv, wifi, hairdryer as well as desk, wardrobe and drawer space for your stay.

“We’ve been keeping West Bridgford squeaky clean since it was set up in 2009. The cleaning business focuses on high quality maintenance cleans, as well as spring or one-off cleans all within West Bridgford and surrounding areas.”

As well as all the usual creature comforts, you will find yourself surrounded by a wonderful range of original art and pottery and if the weather is warm enough you may like to take breakfast in our delightful garden.

“After focusing on that in the beginning we then branched out as a result of customers’ demands and now we have additional services.”

This is a non-smoking household. Allergy sufferers should note that there is a resident cat in the house. All bedrooms are on the first floor, so unfortunately are not accessible to those who find stairs difficult to negotiate.

“Our top notch ironing service, with free pick up and delivery has proved a real hit with customers and we will always try to go that extra mile to make sure you are happy.”

We close to guests over the Christmas and New Year period as the house is generally full to bursting with our own family at that time.

Audrey really does 'love the jobs you hate'. Building up her business gradually, Audrey and her team of four cleaners have supported local or independent businesses as much as possible, which is what we like to see. She's also conscious of keeping everything as local as possible and is on the hunt for a local supplier of eco friendly cleaning products.

Looking for a Boutique Bed and Breakfast in West Bridgford? contact Fran and Rod Tristram Tel: +44 (0115) 9822681 Mobile: +44 (0) 7946 208211

So it's not only the houses and businesses in town that are sparkling, it's Audrey's business ethos too!


Local News

What you see in our green areas in January

Business as Usual

tail tip. They normally live in the wild north, especially the taiga of Russia, but come to Britain to overwinter and can often be found where sorbus trees have been planted.

Tiffin Celebrates First Year!

Redwings look much like thrushes and are a member of the thrush family. Walking around the town in winter, you However, they can be distinguished by may be surprised at how much there is to red flashes along the underside of their see. First of all the lack of leaves on the wings, particularly noticeable in flight. trees means that you can really appreciate the skeleton shapes of The Fieldfare is also a Thrush, but has different varieties. The vibrant reds, blue-grey head and rump and chestnut pinks and oranges of berries on coloured wings. On one of my winter hawthorn, guilder, dog rose and spindle walks, I was lucky to see all three on the are best appreciated against the grey Greenline in West Bridgford. winter sky. And keep an eye on bushes with berries, as the birds feeding there may not be local but interesting winter visitors, as flocks of waxwings have been appearing on Rectory Road and Kingston Road area as well as fieldfares and redwings. Waxwings are particularly attractive birds, slightly smaller than blackbirds. They have crests, pinky-brown feathers, with a small black bib, red and yellow markings on the end of their wings and a yellow

On your bike!

A few years ago over 40 bike trailers were distributed in West Bridgford to find out how local residents would use them. They were second hand then, but can still be seen around the shops, the schools and allotments and many a recipient says they couldn’t do without them. Local Eco courier providers WEGO has now set up a service to increase accessibility to cycle trailers and pass on some their 14 years worth of experience of using load and child cycle trailers.

people a chance to try a trailer for a week or for longer. If they then proceed to buy one we send them a new one and refund the hire cost. If you too would like to join the growing band of bike trailer owners why not contact the Cycletrailer Centre and find out for yourself, For more details 0115 844 7745.

The hire service is essentially a try before you buy, aimed to give 22

glass of champagne and of course, a generous portion of cake to mark the occasion. Getting involved with the community and the ‘Totally Locally’ campaign has enabled them to form rewarding local links through events such as ‘The Summer Gathering’, ‘Magic Wand Day’ and a ‘Ladies Vintage Evening’ with ‘Eden Bea’ to name but a few.

The West Bridgford teahouse Tiffin, was not only full of festive cheer last month, but also celebrating its successful first year of business. The owners, Jo Bounds and Diane Elliott, invited customers to share a

Their finale to the year was participating in the ‘Vintage Christmas Fayre’ held on Gordon Road Square supported heavily by RBC and Craig the manager at The Test Match Hotel. Their enthusiasm is infectious as they prove that new independent businesses can succeed. Tiffin, 35 Abbey Road, West Bridgford, NG2 5NG, 0115 981 6224

Sport & Activities

Pride of Britain How the torch inspired us all and Ignited Olympic spirit throughout West Bridgford. as the pair got stuck in with training drills before stopping to let star-struck youngsters (and their parents!) try on their Bronze medals, signing countless autographs and posing for photographs. Helen started her hockey career with the club which is proud of its connections with many successful players. If you could be inspired to take up hockey, junior training takes place every Sunday morning at the Beckett School in West Bridgford from 9.30am. More information can be found on the club website,

Open water swimming On the 4th August when Olympic fever was gripping the nation, over 100 children from across the East Midlands aged 8-16 took part in Nottinghamshire’s first children’s open water triathlon event organised by Fourlife Triathlon Club at The National water Sports Centre. In the 6 weeks previous, Dean Hughes the Nottinghamshire residents experienced a once in head coach at Fourlife Tri had delivered coaching lifetime treat in June - a visit by the official London sessions to novices and club members alike in order to 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. Despite thunderous help promote the event and give coaching tips to the downpours, on Thursday 28 June over 10,000 people swimmers. The event ran with the support of Triathlon flocked to West Bridgford to see the torch. England and Nottinghamshire County Council and had a great community feel to it with volunteers from Crowds of young and old cheered and waved as the within the club helping to marshal and get involved. torchbearers and sponsor’s noisy and colourful escort Funding gained through Sport England initiative vehicles passed by, creating an epic atmosphere hard Sportivate meant the sessions were offered for free to to forget. novices. Next years event is in the early planning stages but the club are keen to capitalise on the Alex Eustace, 21 was one of the four torchbearers in Olympic legacy by creating opportunities for all, so West Bridgford. He was nominated by his mum keep an eye out for details to follow soon! To top off a Barbara to raise awareness of Special Olympics. Alex successful year for Four life following 2 sprint took part in the World Games in Athens playing tennis triathlons, summer camps and the open water event, last summer, where he won a bronze (for singles) and Fourlife triathlon club won ‘Club of the Year’ at The a silver (for doubles). Alex trains at West Bridgford Rushcliffe Borough Council Sports Awards in Tennis Club along with a number of other youngsters November which acknowledged their commitment to with learning difficulties, including two other athletes providing the local community with triathlon who also went to Athens – Michael Clarke and Joseph opportunities. Eccles. For details on Fourlife Triathlon Club and their His mum said: “So often when you have a child with a sessions please visit disability you are told what they can’t do. Special Please note : In order to swim open water you will Olympics is all about what they can do, giving these need a wetsuit – open water swimming is not advised youngsters confidence and a sense of achievement.” in water below 14 degrees. This is why the season for open water swimming runs from May to September Nicola Pearson, Arts and Events Officer for Rushcliffe with swim and tri clubs. It is also advisable that you Borough Council was part of the relay organising also wear goggles and a hat. The minimum age is eight team. “The planning operation for the torch relay was years old. one of the most complex of we’ve ever seen, with colleagues at both the Borough Council, County Council and emergency services pulling together to ensure not only the safe transit of the tour but also an enjoyable and memorable experience for spectators. We’d like to thank everyone who was involved with Karen Kirk runs dancing classes in Ballroom/ Latin supporting the relay – our staff and volunteers, the American, Disco and Rock&Roll for both children and torchbearers and their families and last but not least of adults at the Pavilion in West Park, Loughborough course, our residents and local business - all of whom Road. Each year they hold a Family Charity Social were great sports and gave the torch a right resounding Event where the pupils, aged between three to Rushcliffe welcome.”

eighteen, demonstrate dancing routines to parents and family, there are some fun dancing competitions and social dancing, a raffle is held, and the children bake cakes to sell at the event.Last year, they raised a total of £325 for the Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre in Nottingham. KK Dance offer Latin American, Ballroom, Disco, Rock & Roll Classes for children, teenagers and adults - Mondays and Wednesdays West Park, Loughborough Road, West Bridgford Contact Karen: 0115 9814308

Pot, Print, Paint, Draw Local artists Fran and Rod Tristram of Seymour Road Studios will be able to help you on your artistic journey. Spring/Summer term begins 25th February - please see our website for our programme of regular weekly classes and of one-day weekend classes. Our skillsbased classes are relaxed and friendly and suitable for all levels from beginners up - class size is max 8 so we are able to support students progressing at their own pace. Seymour Road, Lady Bay, Tel: +44 (0115) 9822681 Mobile: +44 (0) 7946 208211

Would you like to play chess? The West Bridgford Chess Club are meeting at the Willowtree pub on Monday evenings at 7.30pm. They run 5 teams from expert to beginner and are always pleased to welcome new members. For further information please call Terry Lavelle on 07703 555 574

Furoshiki workshop;

KK Dance

Medal Fever at Local Hockey club

This Japanese art of traditional wrapping is an ideal alternative to using plastic shopping bags. Not only does this reduce the amount of plastic to dispose of but you can quickly learn how to package or carry all kinds of items in an eco friendly way. For the more adventurous Furoshiki can also make stunning wrapping for special presents.Tuesday 12th March - Taste Restaurant Clumber Road 8 - 9.30pm Cost: £15

by Catriona Devlin Sunday 28th October was an exciting day for the West Bridgford Hockey Club. Not only was it the club’s annual open day, attracting over 200 people, they also welcomed two members of Team GB’s Olympic medal winning stars! Ladies Hockey Captain Kate Walsh joined West Bridgford born Helen Richardson

To book go contact us on 0115 9147408 or send us an email giving your name, address, telephone and email details


Local News

Every egg matters

W.B. Skills Exchange

With egg and petrol prices increasing rapidly it makes sense to 'invest' in a few hens. We live in the middle of West Bridgford and in a relatively small area we keep 3 happy hens, they provides us with plenty of eggs (21 per week) and very often I even sell those to friends to pay for the feed.

A network of strangers made my life worth living again. One West Bridgford resident shares her experiences of being part of a strong and caring local community. She told the Totally Locally Times that she feels the recession was a blessing in disguise as it somehow changed some people’s attitudes towards giving and receiving of help and support.

When we go on holiday we have people queuing up to look after them and enjoy the eggs at the same time. If you are thinking of having a few hens yourself but don’t know where to get the run and hen house from, I can recommend Totally Locally Hen house maker, Alex Brodrip who will be able to give advise and make you one on request.

With the breakdown of her marriage and loss of a full time job she had to re evaluate how they lived. They had to be more creative with their time, money and skills, and realised that collaboration was key to a happy, fulfilling and rich life. “This financial situation has actually brought us closer” She said..

sociable teenager, of whom I am very proud.” “Apart from the emotional support, which made me strong and gave me the courage to give time and help others with skills and services I am good at. I was able to receive practical support like Mrs Cann joined The West Bridgford setting up my computer, sorting out my Skills Exchange 4 years ago when she printer, DIY, gardening, the housework, and her young daughter hit on hard some extra maths lessons, lifts and times. Going through a divorce, not only even the occasional relaxing hot stone was an emotional rollercoaster it was massage. What a treat!” hard to make ends meet financially. “Being part of a caring community with like-minded people around you, who set an example for your child has been a godsend. As a single parent I felt supported and it gave me a sense of belonging; giving, me the strength to deal with the daily demands of life.

“All these interactions have led to good friendships and strong ties with people in the community who were previously total strangers to me even though they may have lived for many years just around the corner”

We normally get our hens from Mark from The Homestead at Hickling Pastures. His telephone number is 0788556036 If you want any information regarding the hens contact me at or the hen houses contact Alex

Abundant Fruit Local resident Ian Mumford is working to obtain some fruit trees to plant in suitable public places by agreement with Rushcliffe Borough Council - a kind of orchard for everyone.

“My advice: invest in your community. It doesn’t cost much; respect, care and a little time is all you need to make your life a richer one.”

My daughter was now surrounded by a much larger ‘family’ and has dozens of older and younger ‘brothers and sisters’ ‘aunties and uncles’. I have noticed that For more information about the skills through her contacts in this community exchange see: www.wbskillsshe has become a self confident and

Many of you may not be aware of the fruit that is growing all around you; sometimes even on your roads. Repton Road is blessed with beautiful plum trees, Eton Road has hazelnuts, The Greenline has apples, pears and blackberries and many of us inherited gardens adorned with fruit trees as well. So whilst waiting for Ian’s trees to establish and bear fruit, we will be able to use and enjoy the local Abundance when it comes to fruition.

Everyone’s a Winner One member of the Skills Exchange discovered to his delight that you really could have a win win win situation when faced with that most difficult of challenges in family life “What to do to make a Teenagers’ Birthday Brilliant?”

Transition West Bridgford has set up the Abundance project, which means no need to waste any locally grown fruit! (www.wbinabundance.blogspot. com )

Simon asked for ideas and suggestions and was thrilled when two members of the Skills exchange came to the rescue. Photographer Paul Carroll and make up wizard Sophia Cann gave five young ladies a night to remember with a complete make over and then personalised photo shoot, They also got souvenirs of the evening when they had a taste of the glamorous life.

If you have fruit trees; apples, pears, cherries, plums, grapes, figs etc and you would like to have help with picking the fruit, why not call the Abundance team and we will come and pick for you. You keep what you want, we take the rest and either make something with it or put the rest in the Abundance shop on Clumber Road. (Clumber Road off licence next to Taste) There is no cost, but if you are willing to leave a donation or buy something from the shop, that would be much appreciated. If you have the trees or want to be part of the team contact: abundance@transitionwb.c

Paul offers a whole variety of photo sessions and packages and can be contacted on 07719 41 33 54. 24

Local News

Making Money Tax Free The Hidden Earning Power of your House How you can earn £4250 per year tax free! How you could claim expenses against your tax, inc:

Rooms to let Have your children left the nest and now you have some spare rooms? ave you ever thought of using this ‘empty’ space and turn it into a tax free income? Although lots of housing is planned in West Bridgford, it will be a little while before these are built and ready to move in. With quite a few of our Bridgford homes having extra rooms that are not generally in use, these could be a valuable contribution to the current shortage of accommodation.

Earn £4250 pa through the Rent a Room scheme? If you would like to know more then you can download , print out & keep the free colour guide to the government's scheme and find out:

o o o o o o o

If you are looking for a Totally Locally Estate agents to rent out your property or look for rented accommodation why not pop into Slater and Bradley on Bridgford Road?

Buildings and contents insurance Interest on property loans Slater and Brandley Utility Bills Ground rent & service charges Are passionate about managing property Council tax and for good reason, they are landlords Cleaning too. This is what they had to say. “We And more...

know what’s important. As a landlord you want your property let to a good Simply fill in your email and name and quality tenant with the minimum of fuss they will email you your free guide. and for the maximum rent. We have spent many years managing eme residential property ensuring that our systems are capable of keeping track of I have had lodgers for many years, my all areas including vetting prospective advice: “if you choose them wisely, they tenants using some of the most rigorous can bring in friendship and a little extra application procedures in the business, income.” Most have moved on and have managing maintenance works on budget now settled in more spacious and importantly collecting rent on time. accommodation but our house was a great stop gap that tidied them over for a Systems are all well and good. However, few weeks, months and in some cases we all know that people are what make even years. the real difference in any business. We

know that one of a Landlord’s biggest concerns in choosing a letting agent is trying to figure out if the agent will deliver on their promises. Rest assured this is our main priority as we continue to grow our business via the best form of advertising there is – word of mouth. Communication is at the core of everything we do. So call us on 0115 981 9651 Enterprise House

Jobs Advice Totally Locally Jobs Advice Totally Locally Jobs Advice Good companies recruit for attitude first, not just skills “An applicant with a great attitude is far more likely to get a job than one with great skills” “It follows that employers will be far more likely to interview and appoint an applicant who can demonstrate the following in their application: • positive and cheerful - no one likes working with someone who is negative or gets down when things go wrong, as they inevitably do sometimes. We all want people around us to have a can do attitude, whatever the circumstances; • willingness to learn - no new employee is going to know everything about the business or the job when they start working, so an employer wants someone who is prepared to listen carefully to what is expected and then to get on and do it; • willingness to work hard - staff are a big investment for any organisation, so an employer needs to be confident that a new member of staff will be worth that investment; that is far more likely when they have evidence that the person will work hard to succeed; • an interest in their business - most people who run an organisation are proud of their business and therefore will want someone who cares about it too; someone who takes the time to research the organisation or better still is passionate about what it seeks to do is far more likely to get the job;

• high standards - no one wants sloppy work, demonstrating high standards when applying, checking the spelling, grammar and accuracy of an application letter or making sure you are on time and well presented at interview just makes good sense“

Good employers will give you feedback on your application “Sometimes, no matter how great your application or how great the interview, there may simply be a better candidate than you. That happens. But it is not the end of the world. Far from it. The fact that you applied has given you a useful opportunity for some feedback. Good employers will be happy to let you know the reasons your application was unsuccessful on this occasion. And that feedback will be really useful on your next application either to a different prospective employer or the same one if they are recruiting again in the future.

If at first you don't succeed... find out why and improve for next time “Most successful people will tell you that they learnt more when things went wrong than when things went right. The same is true when applying for jobs. It is highly likely that your first few applications will not be successful. But if you learn from each one and improve your approach for next time, it will also be true that your next application will be a better one. 25

And this also reinforces the positive, learning attitude that so many good employers are looking for.”

A common sense approach to finding a job totally locally It is very easy to panic when faced with unemployment. However, a simple application of common sense will give you a much better opportunity of finding a good job than you might think. So when you are next faced with this situation, take a deep breath and remember to use your common sense: 1.

Find out more about local businesses, we have some great ones locally and as a local resident you already have a number of advantages that they value.

2. Make sure you demonstrate you have the right attitude in your application as good businesses recruit for attitude first. 3. And finally, if you don't succeed at your first attempt, ask for feedback. This feedback will be invaluable in improving your application for the next opportunity for which you apply.

Business & Technology News

Serif celebrates the end of its 25th anniversary and spreads some New Year cheer to charities As its 25th anniversary year draws to a close, Serif, the Nottingham-based publisher of award-winning creative software, is distributing donations to over 25 local and national charities as part of its pledge to donate £25,000 to charities chosen by its employees. Founded in 1987 with the aim to provide great value software to customers who want to achieve professional results, Serif has successfully competed with worldclass companies like Microsoft, Adobe and Corel over the years, winning over 200 awards and proudly serving 6.5 million customers in the UK and internationally.

On 22 December 2012, the company welcomed employees to a 25th Anniversary Christmas Charity Ball and Awards Ceremony in the Great Hall of Nottingham’s Albert Hall. Each table, as well as every winner of the employee awards and competitions, was able to choose a charity to receive a £500 donation from Serif. This was in addition to the donations the company made earlier in the year to match funds raised through the personal endeavors of some of its staff.

Director. “Our Christmas Charity Ball and Employee Awards ceremony was an important part of that and we are delighted to be celebrating our 25 year milestone by donating £25,000 to charities chosen by people who work at Serif.”

Serif is proud to be sending out donations to the following charities: Almadad Trust; Beating Bowel Cancer; Beatson Oncology, West of Scotland Cancer Centre; Cancer Research; CH Trust; “We wanted to mark our 25th anniversary in style and to say thank Diabetes UK; Dove Cottage; you to everyone who has contributed Leukaemia Lymphoma Research; Macmillan; Maggie’s; MS Society; to Serif’s success over the years” Nottingham Children's Hospital; said Gary Bates, Serif’s Managing Nottingham Hospitals Charity; Nottingham West Lions Club; Nottinghamshire Hospice; Oncology Unit, Leicester Royal Infirmary; PDSA; Rainbow Trust; RSPCA;

Shelter; Smile Train; UK Sands; UNICEF; Weaverthorpe Preschool; Women’s Aid. This is in addition to the charities that received donations in 2012: Action for Children; Beating Bowel Cancer; Cancer Research; Children In Need; Leukaemia Lymphoma Research; Macmillan; MND Association; Movember; Nottingham West Lions Club. For more information or imagery, please contact Nikki Godwin at Serif at or on 0115 914 9043. Follow @Serif_Nikki on Twitter.


Local News

Street market days are great days, say shoppers The launch of the Totally Locally West Bridgford Initiative in October 2011 attracted hundreds of shoppers to enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere. It seems that an increasing number of people today have got the know this hidden gem of a shopping street, however, some West Bridgfordians are still not aware what the Melton Road shops have to offer. Why not go and explore this area and see for yourself? From March until October 2013 from 10am-2pm, we will see the return of the first Saturday of the month’s celebrations, this year they will be themed with Totally Locally Stalls, music and children’s entertainment. To stay up to date with what is happening around the Melton Road area, subscribe to the email newsletter. These are short but informative. Enjoy getting to know these local independent businesses that make this area so unique.

Shops and small traders have all benefitted from the Melton Road Market days on the first Saturday of each month from March

The Very Latest News on Melton Road Markets The success of the markets over the last year has meant that for 2013 each of the markets on Melton Road will have a theme. So, for those of you with a keen eye for something different here is something to put into your diaries. 2nd March Springtime Market; 6th April Absolute Vintage; 4th May Garden Market; 1st June Little Folk Festival; 6th July Teenage Market; 3rd August International Day; 7th September Energy; 5th October Celebrate Totally Locally (Our 2nd Birthday) 6th December Christmas Market (Note this is a Friday night from 5-8pm) .

Minifolk Market Minifolk Market, brain child of local resident Alison Reaney, started in Autumn 2011. The first market had over 200 families come through the doors of the West Bridgford Community Hall. This massive interest encouraged her to continue the markets throughout 2012. Minifolk Market took place every season through 2012, showcasing an eclectic mix of once loved, new, handmade and vintage children’s products. Alison noted: "I really hope that Minifolk Market has added something unique to the local community and has become a welcomed part of the West Bridgford calendar. My continued vision for Minifolk Market is threefold. I want it to be a space for local people to recycle once-loved childrens items, to provide a platform where local businesses can showcase their wares, and an opportunity for children to get involved and be creative. We hope that 2013 will offer opportunities to build on the successes of the last year. " Over the past year Minifolk Market has provided opportunity for a number of local people who are setting out in business, often Mothers who are skilled in craft and looking to create a job that fits in with family life. Alison continued: "I have been astounded at the variety, quality and talent of the local people that have taken stalls at Minifolk over the past year. There have been some really gorgeous, quirky and original items on offer. I hope Minifolk continues to be a friendly and encouraging environment that helps support local people, helping to launch or develop their ventures." As well as offering a great way to grab a bargain, Minifolk is great for recycling toys, games and clothes. It's equally good at creating a child-friendly environment. "We want Minifolk to be an environment in which children feel thoroughly included. This can be by helping on a stall or engaging in the free craft activities" added Alison, "I would really like to try and develop this aspect of Minifolk further by working with local school children to develop products and hopefully take to sale at Minifolk." Minifolk's Cafe, 'Cafe Minimunch' always has a few children helping with cake decorating, clearing tables or washing up. At the most recent Minifolk, in December, there were additional craft activities, in the cafe, and parents were able to relax and read papers/shop while the children created and played. Cafe Minimunch serves seasonal homemade cakes and reasonably priced drinks. Alison concluded: "Over the next few months we are also focusing on developing the Minifolk website. We want to provide the opportunity for people to buy and sell beautiful, locally created products outside of our Market." Minifolk will take place in the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter of 2013. The first event of 2013 is Sat 2nd March, at West Bridgford Community Hall 1.30pm - 4.30pm. There will be the usual Minifolk fair as well as Easter gifts, craft activities and presents for Mother's Day. If anyone is interested in having a stall they can contact Alison Reaney at, visit the MiniFolk Facebook Page or follow Minifolk on Twitter @minifolkmarket 27

Local News

Little Folk

New Kids On The Block

When Andrew & Zoe Scott opened their first nursery in West Bridgford, way back in 1997, they wanted to offer the same standard of care and devotion that they had always wanted for our own two young children, Charlie and Maddy.

A brief look at new enterprises in West Bridgford

Since they also feel that the "fuel," ie food, offered to our children is of the utmost importance, they immediately concentrated on building strong relationships with excellent, enthusiastic and reliable local suppliers. Very quickly they formed a great rapport with the Harkers family, whose children were amongst the first to attend the nursery, and who have their locally sourced farm shop in Clipston. Recently, they have also joined forces with Brumptons Butchers on Melton Road.

Dreams, Plans and Success Martin Luther King, Jr. gave the ‘I have a dream’ speech, not the ‘I have a plan’ speech.” (Simon Sinek) A year or so ago Steve Maddocks started making beautiful gifts for friends and family from recycled and drift wood. It was only when he introduced his gift range during the West Bridgford Summer Gathering and Melton Road markets, that he realised he was on to a winner.

Their seafood needs have been brilliantly satisfied by Paolo's Fish shop on Melton Road and the fresh veg was supplied by Tony Burton's Greengrocers next door - until he sadly retired last year. Tony's shop was recently turned into the great Trio Juice Bar owned by Jessica, whose son also attends our Selby Road nursery.

The word was soon out and Steve has now had his work accepted in a Gallery in Northampton. His goods have been so successful that he has not been able to produce enough to satisfy the demands.

Individual Attention Scotts Wood take a great pride in the standard of care and individual attention that they offer to the children at both of our nurseries in West Bridgford. Over 95% of their mature staff are fully qualified, with the majority having been with them for many years. “Hayley, our Nurseries Manager, joined us when we first opened, whilst their two Officers in Charge, Libby and Helen, have been with Zoe and I for 13 and 12 years respectively. “West Bridgford has a great community spirit which we are proud to be a part of, with over 90% of our children living locally and joining us as a result of friends' recommendations” Andrew added. For more information call him on 07971 191099

Most popular at this time of the year are his beautifully crafted bird feeders and candles blocks and holders made from driftwood and other reclaimed materials . To see for yourself the quality and craftmanship of Steve’s work, visit him at the Melton Road market on the first Saturday in March.

Rainbows & Lemondrops Is a beautiful new Gift & Home shop located at 17 Gordon Road, West Bridgford. We are a local family run, independent business which came to be after Fozia left a career in the NHS as a specialist dietician to be a stay at home mum. We are family run in every sense as 1 ½ year old Zakariya is in residence most afternoons to meet and greet everyone!

Smooth Operator When Ben Nichols started SoSmoothies in October 2011 he never imagined he would be where he is today. He has sold over 3000 bottles and picked up Rushcliffe Young Person of the Year award 2012 on the way. He was also featured in the Nottingham Post food and drink section where they devoted two pages to his enterprise and initiative.

We provide a homely and spacious environment combined with a warm welcome. We stock a variety of quality and design led items including unique cards, jewellery, accessories, children’s clothes and toys, stationary, home wares, candles and handmade chocolates.

"2013 is going to be a massive year for us. We plan to introduce new flavours and take them all across the retailers and farmers markets East Midlands. Look out for us in 2013!"

Our aim is to encourage local shopping through our carefully chosen, unique range of items to nurture our homes and the special people in our lives. So far we have had a fabulous response from local people and many amazing positive comments which we truly appreciate. We will be holding a selection evening for local makers to showcase their products on Wednesday 20th February 2013, please email us for more details ( or please email us to register your interest)

If you would like to try a SoSmoothies, then you can find them at the Tall Frog on Melton Road or at the West Bridgford Farmers Market where he has a stall twice monthly. Ben is also taking part in the Fiver Fest where he is offering 4 250ml smoothies for £5 which is a hefty discount. All of his smoothies are handmade in small batches and contain nothing artificial. They each contain 2 of your 5 a day and the fruit is sourced locally.

Contact info; Rainbows & Lemondrops, 17 Gordon Road, West Bridgford, NG2 5LL Telephone; 0115 8465240 Email;

To take Ben up on his offer then contact him directly. He offers a free home delivery service around West Bridgford. If you would like to contact Ben then here's Facebook-SoSmoothiesUK 28

Green Fingers & Gardens

Our landscaping and garden building services will no doubt be back in high demand in the coming months as people start to think about the spring and summer and the possibility of being able to use As we start 2013 local businesses throughout West their garden as an extra room. We have over 40 Bridgford will be hoping the new year will be one of years building experience within our team and optimism. For Creative Roots it will be our fourth year all our work is guaranteed giving our clients and if the past three are anything to go by it's sure to confidence that we are going to deliver a high have its ups and downs. standard. Whilst we do offer a simple landscaping service The decision to start a garden design and landscaping to clients who know exactly what they want, business in a recession was seen by some of our more and more people in Rushcliffe are starting friends to be a risky one, but as a family we love what to recognise the benefits of having their garden we do and, after living in the area for a while, felt planned by a qualified and professional garden West Bridgford had room for us. It was a challenge at designer. We were recently commissioned to the beginning as we were an unknown name but over design a garden by a couple who had discussed the past three years we have gradually built a loyal what they wanted with a number of landscaper customer base with more and more people recognising builders, but when they came to us they were that what we do is a little bit different. surprised that through careful planning and a bit of extra thought we were able to not only save them money but also create a scheme that will make the garden feel bigger, be more usable and have a bit of flair! Gone are the days of a patio/deck, square lawn and simple flower beds to each side!

Creative Roots

Last year, after a number of requests from existing design and build customers, we decided to expand by offering a garden maintenance service. After we had built their garden clients were understandably keen it continued to grow and look its best and then this progressed and, often through recommendation, we started to work for the wider West Bridgford community. Understanding the need for quality workmanship we employed Toby Pritchard who had studied horticulture with the RHS at Brooksby college


in Melton and we now regularly look after around 15 gardens carrying out lawn care, hedge trimming, pruning and of course general jobs such as weeding and planting. In 2013 we plan to continue building on the success of our garden maintenance services and will be on the look out for experienced, local gardeners to join our team. So although it might be wet and cold right now it won't be long until the sun is shining and the garden is back in fashion so if you're looking for a design, build or maintenance service for your garden and you want to keep it local please do take a look at our website or give us a call. Neil Sutcliffe, Creative Roots. or 0115 9812282

Eco House Net is an organisation that was

or contact JohannesHeeb


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Totally Locally Times West Bridgford  

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