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Summer 2013

Totally Locally West Bridgford Summer Gathering This celebration of sustainable and community living began seven years ago to celebrate our Green Activities. It was a chance to acknowledge the work of people like Hugh McClintock, who campaigned for better cycling facilities through Pedals and started the Great Nottingham Bike Ride many years before; the hundreds of families spread around West Bridgford who joined Eco Teams; and the Queen of Green, Penny Poyzer, and her husband Gil Schalom who have gone on to make their Victorian house on Patrick Road a greener and energy efficient home.

setup gazebos and lend a hand when needed, look after each other’s stalls whilst they nip off to drop off the car in the car park, pick up a coffee or have a stroll around before the public comes.

The very first Gathering was organised in no time flat (just five weeks in fact). Friends and family baked, designed, printed, leaflet dropped, manned stalls, entertained and even made music, all for the good of our town. Who would ever had thought that all this activity in the spring of 2007 would result in an annual event that has grown so significantly?

Good Old Fashioned Style

The Summer Gathering has grown year after year and become bigger and better but never losing that all important community feeling. Stall holders arrive early in the morning, help each other

IN THIS EDITION Hydro Power - Why Not?

Why can’t we have it? Page 24

Eco Housing - One Bridgford House that isn’t costing the earth. Page 10 Lexicon of Loves What we love about Bridgford, Pages 16 & 17 From No to YES the Library story, and meeting a modern poet! Pages 4 & 5 The Jewel in the Crown - a look at Bridgford Hall Page 25

This might be a bit out of the ordinary in most big events, not here though. After all, they more than likely know each other. They may use each other’s businesses, know each other from school, work or clubs and if they don’t and are total strangers... well people can’t stay strangers once they have been involved in the Summer Gathering.

Friendships are forged, business cards exchanged and dates noted in diaries to meet up soon. A real opportunity to network, no need for telephones, emails, facebook, linkedin or twitter. Just some good old fashioned face to face conversations to get to know each other and find out what makes us tick and what we can do for each other. This is not just the case for the stall holders, the public too have a chance to link and connect, meet the makers bakers and information and service

providers. The Summer Gathering creates an amazing opportunity to net work as over 60 local businesses all come together in the heart of West Bridgford.

Here’s to a Bright Future You will be able to speak at leisure, whilst the children are entertained, get

Sign of the Times

The Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) from Nottinghamshire County Council helps local people in local communities develop a ‘pride of place’ and responsibility for the environment. Through the LIS they help regenerate and transform the county’s village and town centres, countryside, businesses, leisure and tourism spots. Thanks to this grant, a beautiful Totally Locally West Bridgford noticeboard arrived in front of Paolo’s Seafood business on Melton Road. We now have a focal point where people can find out what is happening and what is organised around them. So, if you want to know what’s going on around Melton Road, or indeed you have an event you need publicising contact Karina on 0115 914 7408

involved in activities and soak up the great atmosphere and link and connect to their future community . Now that Karina has handed over the running of the event to the wonderfully efficient, Claudia Cole, she can stand back and enjoy seeing our community in action. For all the latest news see:


All About Bridgford

Where and when is this? The West Bridgford and District Local History Society was formed in 1976 to cater for the growing interest in local history and since then has been active in the historical study in West Bridgford’s institutions, people and buildings. Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the first Friday of each month between October and April in the West Bridgford Community Hall, Church Drive, West Bridgford, when talks are given on subjects of local history interest. Outings to places of historical interest are arranged during the summer months. The Society has published a Local History Trail and due to the efforts of the late David Mellor, a display board was erected in Gordon Square giving information about a former resident, Horatio Davies. In 2011, three members began the Loughborough Road project

Learning on your Doorstep at CENTRAL

investigating the houses within the Trent Bridge Ward, ie architects, individual families, etc. The Secretary would be grateful for the opportunity of copying any photographs, documents or other material of local interest which members may obtain. The Society is affiliated to the Nottinghamshire Local History Association. Membership is open to anyone. The annual subscription of £8 for single, and £14 for doubles, includes two issues each year of the Nottinghamshire Historian published by the Nottinghamshire Local History Association. For more information visit

The College has had a presence on Greythorn Drive in West Bridgford since 1970 and has always offered a range of part-time courses for adults looking to improve their employment prospects, learn a new skill or try something new for fun.

Full & Part time Learning

Central College Nottingham is the new name for South Nottingham College. The new name reflects the much greater size and presence of the college not just here in West Bridgford but at all the other sites it has round Nottingham and Rushcliffe. In particular it also points the way ahead for the future, with plans well underway to have a presence not just here in West Bridgford but in the centre of Nottingham as well!

Part-time courses include languages, reflexology, sign language, pilates and counselling. The College will be publishing its new part-time course guide in July 2013. You can pre-order your copy on 0115 914 6414. The College also offers a fantastic range of full-time courses for school leavers across many sites in the City and Apprenticeships. For more information browse the College web-site at

Is all the talk about Solar just hot air? SOLAR-HEAT is a family business, owned and run by Chris Wheelwright, BSc, which was established in 2008 and is fully MCS approved, to install Solar PV and Thermal systems. We pride ourselves on excellent service and honest advice as well as prompt and friendly staff.

gives Cash Back for all electricity produced and secondly it provides free electricity to your home during daylight hours. These result in a Return on Investment of around 12% tax free!!

Installed Costs Halved Although the government has reduced the Tariff considerably, the cost of Installation has reduced dramatically in the last year. A 4kWp system (16 standard panels) now costs around £5,500, which still gives similar returns to that of a year ago, where the cost would have been around £12,000.

Why Renewable? Renewable Energy has become part of our general conversation in recent times, as increasing fuel prices, the depletion of fossil fuels and the affordability of such products has reached the public eye! Whether you are looking to reduce your energy bills, wanting a high interest, tax free investment or are aiming to cut your carbon footprint….the answer is renewable energy. Many of you have seen the vast numbers of Solar PV installations on house roofs as we drive around. Why so many? The reasons are two fold….firstly the” Feed in Tariff” – which

Solar Thermal systems provide up to 60% of the hot water for your household and currently are applicable for a £300 grant. A system will cost as little as £3,000 and will be applicable for the RHI due to come into force in 2014 – offering a cash back scheme for this technology as well.

So why Solar-Heat? • • • • • • •

Fully MCS approved Company offering the Feed in Tariff and RHI. Honest and Competitive quotations Free Initial advice Realistic Estimations of Generation Returns Quality products - we only install quality products which fit your requirement and budget (we are not tied to any manufacturer) Experienced and trained staff Excellent after sales service Call Us on 0115 937 1767 or Chris on 07530 914486

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What’s It All About - Totally Locally explained Totally Locally West Bridgford is all about promoting and supporting local independent businesses in order to stimulate our local economy. We started this in earnest on the 1st October 2011 and have been busy ever since. Supported by founders Chris Sands and Nigel Goddard the journey has been exciting and joyful. Although I do this on a voluntary basis, it feels like the best job in town. Meeting and connecting with lovely local people, sharing their hopes and dreams is fulfilling and addictive. I want to see more of it!

providing local businesses with locally reared meat. You know when they sell beef, it is beef and nothing more or less.

All Gathered Together! These are just a handful of local businesses who will be at the Summer Gathering, for you to meet, get to know and hopefully see more of in years ahead. Unlike most of the food you buy in supermarkets, this will be your opportunity to meet the people who are passionate about what they do and will give you the best they can make it.

the new name for south nottingham college Over the last year I have seen new businesses who are making and baking: Le Pain a la Main the artisan bakery who now is supplying No.8 deli, The Tall Frog and C Brumpton had to move to bigger premises as the new oven would have taken up half of the kitchen in which Jelena started her business.

From Smoothies to Coffee Beans Ben, the Smoothie man, too has grown so much that he has decided to give up his college education and full heartedly throw himself into the business. He gets his fruit from the Salad Bowl and produces 4 flavours of smoothies without any preservatives or additives for the fortnightly Farmer’s markets and the Tall frog. Then Tim and his team, who are coffee mad, have taken up residence in a unit on Meadow Lane. There 200 Degrees Coffee is roasting beans for sale in some of our local coffee shops. They are roasting them to order, so why not try out their exclusive blends at Belle and Jerome. All are roasted to individual specification.

Then Beer to Beef (British of course) For a little while now, The Magpie Brewery has been delivering to local outlets, however through their presence at the Melton Road markets, the Clumber Road Off licence has been able to grow the range of Magpie beer enormously over the last year or so. With the brewery based on Meadow lane, the food miles are kept to a minimum and the good people of West Bridgford are able to have Totally Locally brewed beer from a local micro brewery. Harkers farm in Clipston is one of our closest farms,

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First a NO - But now a BIG YES

The history of West Bridgford’s library is more than a little entertaining. In fact it covers a catalogue of blunders, missed opportunities and appalling smugnerss on the part of various members of the council in the past. In that time a gift of £3,000 was turned down, and yet the latest refurbishment cost over £5 million. If we go right back to the beginning of the twentieth century we can see that somehow the councillors of West Bridgford and the two thousand residents who were asked, thought that the offer of a gift of £3000 to fund a library was more than outweighed by the fact that it would result in an extra penny being put on the rates to maintain it. This was considered to be a shocking demand and was turned down. It was another thirty years before even a reading room was opened in Bridgford Hall, although Florence Boot had started her lending library with the nearest branch at Trent Bridge almost thirty years earlier. Indeed there was even a subscription library at the bottom of Musters Road which was photographed in 1910, so clearly there was a demand.

County Council and West Bridgford Urban District Council had got so bogged down that there were two separate sites almost purchased before sense was seen! The local papers brought the message home clearly. They were fed up with the way in which the two groups were clearly more interested in getting their own way rather than providing the library service that, by now, residents had been paying for for the last three years.

“The library is like a fair!” complained one woman. “Children run about and pull books out of the shelves... And women gather in groups and talk noisily. I know it’s a fine library but at times it’s like a fair It should be a refuge!

And Now 100 Years On But now, more than a century since Andrew Carnegie’s offer to fund a library was turned down, we now have the ‘West Bridgford Library and Young People’s Centre’at a cost of some £5.3 million. The new library boasts all kinds of extra goodies with emphasis being on greater access for children as well as the free computer and wi-fi service.

But by April 1935 the County boundaries changed and so the County Council was required to offer a public library service under the Public Libraries Act.

My Site - No, Your Site Following a series of blunders and miscommunications it took a further three years before a site was finally agreed. Indeed matters between the

There’s no place like


Visit our stall at the Summer Gathering for homemade treats!

Hugely Popular The library was finally opened in the March before the start of World War II and it was a hit from the start. Although only housing just 7,000 books on the shelves with a further similar amount stored in the basement, the first year saw nearly a quarter of a million books being issued. There was clearly a huge demand! In fact the library has been at the heart of the community ever since. In 1941 a Citizen’s Advice Bureau was opened in the Reading Room staffed uniquely by members of the W.V.S. Other major innovations included the launch of a “loan a record” scheme in 1964 with 400 LP’s (But No Pop!!) Not all was sweetness and light however, as was witnessed by one complaint to the Chief Librarian.

New Look Library shelves in 2013 Over 40,000 books are available, which is six times the number that the original branch had on the shelves when the library opened in 1939. It seems that our love affair with the printed word carries on, even in this electronic age! There’s a lot more to the library than just books though. The Young People’s Centre has an ongoing programme of events and there are also a series of talks by nationally known authors, starting with Roger McGough, (see the report on the facing page). Keep up to date with news and events either through the West Bridgford Wire twitter @westbridgfdwire or directly at the library website itself

Abbey Road, West Bridg�ord, NG2 5NG 0115 981 6224

The Library Shelves in 1939

Search 1,000s of mortgages... by spending 15 minutes talking to 1 adviser Call: 07966 433626 Visit: 36 Gertrude Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5BY

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There will be a fee for mortgage advice. The actual amount you pay will depend upon your circumstances. The fee is up to 1% but a typical fee is 0.3% of the amount borrowed. Over 700 high street offices nationwide

MAB 1670

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Poetry Please - This Poet Certainly Pleased To celebrate the new facelift and redesign of the Library at a cost over £5 million, Britain’s “patron saint of poetry” (the poet laureate’s description, not mine); came along to start a series of signature events about books and words and great ways to be entertained, informed and enthused. And what a superb job Roger McGough did! He kept a packed audience thrilled and amused and occasionally wistful with his magical juggling of words and oh so sneaky insights into everyday life. We spoke to him before the event itself, hoping to bring you some insights into Britain’s most popular poet. The man who has had No 1 hits such as “Lily the Pink” and who describes his group, The Scaffold as “One Direction meets the Cheeky Girls!”

the opportunity to find out how much fun you can have with words. TLT So what does poetry bring that other writing doesn’t?

RM - Well it’s the exact opposite of what normally happens. Next week I am back in Liverpool protesting about the closure of the library there. It’s frankly quite a delight to come here and know that yet more kids are going to be given

“Teachers have also told me that reading poetry out to a class has been particularly useful for the slower readers, they can listen to the story of the dancing words and get information at their own speed. They don’t have to

22,000 Happy Customers already - The Library Boom So much so that Peter Gaw, head of Libraries for Nottinghamshire County Council is confident that it will soon become the busiest library in the county! “In just the first two weeks we have had over 22 thousand visitors and with all the events that we have planned we are sure we can build on this success.” The new policy for the county puts emphasis on providing a flexible approach to users. And that isn’t just

And then he was gone, leaving behind an audience who left with a distinct feeling of enjoyment.

“It’s theatre, it’s rhythmn, it’s about singing a little song with words that string themselves together and make a special sense.”

TLT - What is it like to be involved at the reopening of a library?

about making the space in the library flexible so that events such as the Poetry event with Roger McGough can take place. It is also about a much more flexible approach from staff. Peter explained: “Our plan is to be at the heart of Nottinghamshire communities and community life.” Today our libraries aim to be vibrant, creative and inspiring places where communities can come together to enjoy books, reading and culture, get access to knowledge, information and learning, and explore their interests and passions. The inspiring new West Bridgford library aims to be a real focal point in the community for books, culture, information and heritage for everyone. People can enjoy thousands of books, computers, free wi-fi, space to relax, children’s area, gallery, local studies area, a vibrant programme of events, and modern meeting space to hire. If you want to know more then do call in, we would love to see you!

at the idea of him getting bored with waiting to die, and so firing the nurse watching over his bed; although he did indeed end up in bed with her later! He moved us with little quips and sneaky swipes at politicians filling in their expenses in a poem “As far as I know” the title of his latest collection.

RM “The main thing is that it is a special way of communicating. So many teachers get it wrong, especially in secondary schools. They go on and on about the text and the deeper hidden meanings. God, the way they describe it would bore me to death!”

“A number of mums with autistic boys tell me how much their children like the poems being read out loud to them. I think that it’s because it is quirky and quick and works at an unconscious level.”

In the first two weeks since WB Library opened after its refit there has been fantastic flood of new and old users.

worry but just go with the flow of the words they hear! It’s the rhythmn of the performance and the dance that matters, the rest will follow if it needs to!”

It hadn’t been a rock concert, it hadn’t been a big show, but it had done everything and more that people had hoped for. If the rest of the series planned is anything like this first one then what a year ahead of us!

A Firecracker of an Evening And so onto the evening itself, which was a resounding success. It encouraged us to get children to discover the joys of expressing themselves. To explore what it might be like to be a firework and to tell others in their own words!

Thanks to everyone involved. There was a huge amount of background work put into this, I promise you, it was all very well worthwhile! So, to paraphrase Oliver Twist, “Please sirs, can we have some more!”

Roger McGough duly did just that. He had the entire audience fall under the magic of his words. We heard tales of his Grandmas, and laughed out loud

To find out what’s on and when, just check online for all the lastest news


espresso bar & licensed eatery

take out coffees with free parking!!!!

Mon - Thur 8.30am - 4.30pm Fri - Sat 8.30am - 4.00pm Sun 9.30am - 2.30pm Start the day with a hearty breakfast made with free range eggs, meats supplied from the local butcher served into the early afternoon. Other choices include bagels with cream cheese & smoked salmon, fresh fruit, granola, porridge, honey, yogurt, and croissants that are also freshly baked each morning. Enjoy lunch and afternoon tea from the extended menu offering paninis, brushettas & baguettes. Choose from a variety of fillings, served with fresh organic salad produce supplied by the local allotments. All our home made chutney fillings are made onsite by our staff at taste and have become so popular that we now jar and sell them! Check out our soup board for our daily home made soups, we try to cater for every one as they are all meat, dairy, gluten, lactose and msg free! Eat in or to go. order from the taste menu, reserve a table or book taste for any event.

65 Clumber Road, Off Melton Road, W. Bridgford, Tel: 0115 9 817 817

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Mystery Shopping? - It Mystified Me!

It all started when I was asked to be a mystery shopper. I was slightly stunned, because if anything, shopping is itself a bit of a mystery to me. I just don’t get it, all that wandering around, browsing through this and that, and then going home with virtually nothing! Shopping is very straight forward really. You make a list, you tick things off the list and then you pay and go home. Job done! My wife, on the other hand will happily spend hours or even days browsing.

Home Furnishings? So I set off on my mystery shopping expedition as probably the worst possible choice of all. What was worse I was being sent into somewhere that had the odd phrase “home furnishings” in it’s name.

was filled with nice bits and pieces, smart clocks on the wall, and all kinds of what my wife calls “knick knacks” all around. All good quality and surprisingly light on the wallet. But, dear reader, that was just a kind of gentle introduction. It was what I discovered as I wandered through to the back that thoroughly mystified me!

Turned to The Dark Side Suddenly I came across rather swish armchairs and swatches of designer wallpapers. I had suddenly discovered an Aladdin’s cave where I could touch and feel the kind of thing that you normally only see in Sunday supplements or Gracious Living or suchlike magazines!

For that instant look of Bookishness, and no need to dust!

What’s more, if you couldn’t see exactly what you wanted the owners were quite happy to get you samples from the designers or manufacturers.

What on earth did that mean? It sounded like something straight from the TV series, Mr Selfridge, or one of those grand stores in London; but this was here in West Bridgford, and just off Melton Road too. I was confused!

There were wallpapers that could turn a room into a stately home library or a Brooklyn street. I even found some from an internationally acclaimed designer who does really fashionable interiors all over the world. What on earth was this doing being here in Bridgford?

I was even more confused when I actually went in. Apart from anything else, this shop was a bit like the Tardis inside. The front

I’ll tell you what it was doing! It was turning me to the dark side. I had suddenly fallen in love with shopping. Here was somewhere where I could let my imagination run riot and find ideas and items that had previously only drifted through my mind. So, if you want to find out for yourself then pop along to Heidi’s Home Furnishings, on Portland Road (just off Melton Road). But be warned, you too could end up discovering the delights of proper shopping. Remember though, this is the start of a long journey down the dark side. You will be greeted by either Mel or Phil, and they will do that deadliest thing of all; they will find out what it is you want. Happy Shopping!

Now in More than Black & White When micro leads to major success

Magpie Brewery is a traditional microbrewery situated next to the Notts County football ground creating wonderful real ale using only British Hops and Malts. We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible using green energy, recycling water, reusing bottles and keeping deliveries as local as possible. All our spent grain is given to local farmers for pig or cattle food and the spent hops are used to compost and mulch our own gardens or given to the local allotment holders which means we create little to no waste.

From Small Beginnings In 2006 Magpie Brewery was set up and initially run by three friends, Bob Douglas, Ken Morrison and Nick Sewter, (Bridgford locals) who are all retired from their “day jobs”, Nick was a teacher in his previous existence, Ken and Bob both worked for industrial relations trouble shooters, Acas. Sadly, Ken passed away during late 2010 but his name lives on as his role as head brewer has been taken on by his son Gavin. From what was originally a retirement project the brewery has grown into a thriving business, with our beers being available in a vast array of free house pubs around Nottinghamshire, Der-

byshire and surrounds. Our bottled beer is all done in house, and distributed locally, Clumber Stores on Melton Road and N&S in Lady bay are just two of the many shops we supply around the Nottingham, Newark and Mansfield areas. We can also be found at several farmers markets throughout the year find them on our website

The Brewster’s Kitchen Gavin’s partner Katrina joined the team in 2012 doing sales and marketing, and the odd brew here and there helping us to continually grow. She has also branched out with our sister company, The Brewster’s Kitchen, that sells a variety of cakes, pastries, and breads all baked using our beer. You can find out where you can get these deliciouc new products by going on line Last year we introduced the Magpie Brewery mobile bar, perfect for any occasion, we can set up anything from a traditional mixed drinks bar with snacks, up to a full temperature controlled real ale festival. You can find us regularly at Bartons in Chilwell where we run the bar for their once a month Comedy club, and other one off events they hold.

Wherever, whenever If you have an event planned whether it’s a party you’d like a bar for or just some beer, or a market or event you think we might be interested in please get in contact, all our details plus what events we are getting up to are on our website

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Three Girls in 10,000

E G Group

One of the areas for concern for everyone is how to make that huge jump from education into the workplace. Even graduates face a huge uphill battle these days and it can be quite daunting. One scheme which has been a great help had a real boost from a local business here in West Bridgford. So we asked for their experience when it came to giving young people an introduction to what life in employment would be like. Susan Cain, Director at Oddie Dalton Wealth Management takes up the story.

My son is going to university this year and it seems it is very hard these days for graduates to get into work. Around 10,000 young people between the ages of 18 to 24 in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are currently claiming Job Seekers Allowance. Hopefully, through offering placements firms like mine can help such people gain the relevant experience in the workplace. I run a financial services company, Oddie Dalton Wealth Management Ltd, located on Melton Road, offering financial planning and wealth management advice. There were only two of us in the office at the time, myself and my office manager Laura Ling, so having a third person would really be useful as my business has grown over the last 5 years. With that in mind, I felt they would certainly play an important role within the business and we could give them plenty of useful experience helping me with my research and preparing reports for clients.

Your success is our goal, because we always invest in the best businesses. Call now on 07973 841743 to find out more. Susan Cain, Directorr at Oddie Dalton Wealth Management one to Experian and she is now working for them and further completing her accountancy exams. I am very happy to announce that the other young lady, Samantha Redman-Bradbury, is now permanently employed at Oddie Dalton Wealth Management Ltd. As part of the campaign, I can confirm that the experience young people gain from a placement has a positive impact on their ability to find work. It has also been a very rewarding experience as an employer and therefore I ask that if you are in a position to, please consider supporting the campaign to give a Nottingham young person a chance and contact or call 0115 9349556.” As a footnote to this story, here at TLT we can thoroughly endorse the activities of everyone involved in enabling young people to gain proper work experience. So, if you are a business owner then why not follow Susan Cain’s example. It will help others and it may well also enable you to grow your own business from the grass roots upwards!

Three Success Stories In the meantime, we have had two more young ladies spend time with us. I was able to introduce

There’s no place like


Visit our stall at the Summer Gathering for homemade treats! Abbey Road, West Bridg�ord, NG2 5NG 0115 981 6224

West Bridgford

The process was very straight forward, I submitted a job description to the Job Centre Plus who subsequently found suitable candidates for me to consider. I treated this as I would for a real life job vacancy and selected several young people to come for an interview after reviewing their CVs. I was surprised by the high standard of the applicants and they had all completed university courses. My first successful candidate was Rheona Kynoch, a young lady from here in West Bridgford, who immediately impressed me during her time with us. She had ambitions to work in finance after completing a Degree in Maths at the University of Leeds. She subsequently had an interview with the Pensions Management Institute in London and, because of her work ethic and diligence at Oddie Dalton, I was able to act as a referee for her and confirm she was more than capable of doing the job they were offering.

Looking to take your business to the next level, but not sure how best to go forward? Call on us to help with identifying and then supplying the necessary skills and experience. With our extensive network of contacts, we can enable you to access the same level of help as the biggest businesses, but at a fraction of the cost.

“As a local business owner, I had been invited to take part in the launch event of the Nottingham Post ‘Get Notts Working’ Campaign where they were asking companies to take on one or more unemployed people for a work experience placement of up to eight weeks. The initiative is a partnership between the Nottingham Post, Derbyshire and Notts Chamber of Commerce, the City and County Employment and Skills Board, Job Centre Plus and, of course, local businesses who volunteer to take on these young people.

Business Development

Plumbing & Bathrooms Ltd • • • •

For a local & reliable plumbing service

Small repairs & leaks Taps, showers & radiators Full bathroom refits No call out charge / free estimates

Call Russell Tuffin on

0115 923 4000

Visit our website at

We now accept Debit and Credit cards

8 Devonshire Road, West Bridgford Email Mobile: 07951 373 990

All About Bridgford


The best way to make a Big Difference - Act Small How you shop

If every adult in West Bridgford spends £5 weekly in an independent business rather than in the supermarket or online it will bring an extra £9.3m in to the local economy without spending a penny more! That’s magic and will do wonders to our lives.

What you eat With the exposure of the horse meat scandal it has become clear that processed and convenience food can go through over 100 hands before it lands on your plate. At any point something can go wrong. Be safe and help the local economy at the same time. Does your local butcher, rear his own meat? Ask him what he can provide for the money you would have spent in the supermarket. You may be surprised Or go to the local farm shop, like Harkers Farm in Clipstone just outside West Bridgford

Think BIG Join the BIG Project; grow your own

food in the square foot garden, grow food in your garden or allotment, if however you are not able to grow your own fruit and vegetables, join the Abundance Group, it is fun and free.

Which came first? NOT the Egg! Have you got space for some hens? Three Warrens (I think that’s a kind of chicken as opposed to a place where you find rabbits! Ed.) will keep a family of four well stocked with eggs throughout the year. You may even have enough to sell some to your neighbours to pay for the chicken food.

Get with it - Get Wired West Bridgford Wire is keeping the people of West Bridgford informed about the latest news and events in NG2. Recent additions have been a fabulous “Places To Go” section that shows some of the lovely local places of interest that can be fun for the family, including some just a few miles away. The “What’s On West Bridgford” Event Calendar continues to be popular and shows as many local events as possible including links to the organisations where possible. If you have an event give them a shout! The Photo Posts and Guest writers are

also contributing some brilliant local stories, like the recent WBYPC posts. For more information including Police Alerts, Markets, Planning and Council visit: Twitter: @westbridgfdwire

Dancing Queens & Kings as well!

If you need a home for them then local business Arks and Crafts will be able to make some hutches and coops for you.

Many of West Bridgford’s talented youngsters are keen dancers, but you may not know that Jenny Wesson from the Halifax on Central Avenue is also one of the instructors at The Dance Studios on Carrington Street.

Join a local group, West Bridgford is absolutely filled with people sharing time together, doing everything from gardening (Shared gardens and allotment schemes to keep fit or even Tai Chi. Fancy losing weight? Then walk it off with Nordic Walking!

Jill Edwards (Jenny’s mother) and Maxine Loydall started the school over 15 years ago and Jenny is a fully qualified instructor. The Dance Studios is now home to over 200 talented children who practice a wide variety of dance.

Remember: Every small act sets something big in motion.

Many of The Dance Studios students take part in a range of dance competitions and festivals across the country gaining numerous amounts of medals, trophies and awards. These are a great way for children to gain confidence and also for them to have the opportunity to perform.

The school also holds an annual show within a theatre, where all pupils are encouraged to take part. It gives the children the chance to dance to an audience and also give friends and family an opportunity to see how their children are progressing. Recently, the students have been given some fantastic opportunities to perform their dancing. These include: Angelina ballerina The Mousical, The Nottingham Arts Theatre Productions, The Nottingham Playhouse &Theatre Royal Pantomimes. If you would like more information then contact The Dance Studios, 28-30 Carrington Street Nottingham 0115 9411993 F/b The Dance Studios Nottingham

The Magic Fiver When you want to know just what a difference you can make by shopping locally at independent stores then the simple picture on the right says it all! Each fiver you spend locally helps employ not just the people in the shop itself, but all their suppliers and so on. It includes the bakers who make the bread and also the accountant who does their books. And it doesn’t stop there! Most of the staff live locally and also shop locally, that too ensures that yet more money comes into

the local economy. In fact the “multiplier” to give it its technical name is a factor of five in places like West Bridgford. As the graphic on the right shows, if you go and spend money in a large supermarket or coffee chain then that money is nowehere near as busy locally. In some cases the profits don’t even stay in this country at all! But all you have to remember is where your Fiver can be most magical of all - Locally! Here in West Bridgford!

Created by Cara Holland

Local News


What’s in a Name?

customers. All of our products and suppliers are local to Nottingham and the company will go out of its way to work within the local community”.

Two Mums, five kids, five scooters, two bikes, and countless bags. One good idea and six months later Nottingham based ‘Namees’ is launched.

You can follow Brydie and Katherine on Twitter and Facebook for up to date information and news and visit

Fed up with the daily problem of identifying the correct scooters in the hustle and bustle of the playground, Brydie a part time art teacher and Katherine an event manager, both from Nottingham, had the idea of making plastic name plates to brighten up and personalise their children’s scooters. The prototype made proved to be a great success, with both children and parents commenting on how cool they looked. This made us realise there could be a market for the colourful product. The range includes ‘On the Go Namees’ for scooters and bikes, ‘My Corner Namees’ for bedroom or playroom doors and ‘Tag that Bag Namees’, smaller versions for rucksacks, PE bags, school book bags, luggage etc. We feel passionately about our idea and products and strive to offer a great personal service to our

Brydie Filer and Katherine Crowther brydie@namees.



An eclectic range of furniture, gifts and home accessories you are sure to find something that will make you smile.

Creative and inspiring ideas that will bring fun and style to any home.

Every small act sets something big in motion Many years ago, Elderflower cordial was made in a kitchen in the Vale of Belvoir. Now Belvoir fruit farms, distributes their famous Cordials all over the country, employing handfulls of people in the process.

What you make Hilary of Lings Lane Larder has started making pickles and jams using local fruit and vegetables and can now be bought through No 8 Deli. Will that pickling with her grandmother result in another wonderful business? Jelena of Le Pain a la main, too was inspired by her Grandmother who used to bake bread with her. Her artisan bread baking business is going from strength to strength. This is a call to all you grand parents out there! Share your skills with your grand children, its fun, it keeps both of you busy and you never know if your enthusiasm sparks of a love of baking and making that could be a profession for them in the future. Enjoy!

A wonderfully diverse selection of individual and often unique pieces of carefully selected and priced items of furniture, home accessories, art, and other interesting household items, gifts and greeting cards. With three rooms to explore you will be sure to find something that is hard to resist. Whether you would like a beautifully designed and colourful piece of furniture or art from Tom’s Drag Company; an Italian hand stitched rug by Miho; or one of Heidi’s many well priced and exciting items from our furniture, gifts, and kitchen and home ware ranges. Heidi’s is not about following trends, we want you to buy something because you love it and want it in your home. Go along and see and browse at your leisure. You can be assured of a warm welcome at...............

5 Portland Road (off Melton Road), West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6DN T: 0115 8461083 . E: .

Local Business


“Home of the negawatt” by Tina Holt “And what is a negawatt, when it is at home?” I hear you ask. “we might have heard of Megawatts or even Mega Bills (because that seems to be what we keep getting from the power companies all the time!” Well, a negawatt is energy that has been saved and not used. So let us imagine that in 2010 you consumed lots of energy at home (gas plus electricity). Then you carried out an energy efficiency make-over of your house so that in 2012 you used far less energy than in 2010. The energy saved can be described as “your negawatts”. And every “negawatt” you work on means more money in your pocket!

What could this mean for us all?

If large numbers of householders reduced their energy consumption (i.e. “made some negawatts”), UK energy demand would go down to the point where we would need fewer power stations. The risk of future energy shortages would be reduced, and of course if demand for energy were to go down, the upward trend of prices would also be diminished.

Putting ideas into Practice So how does a typical 1950’s solid wall house with all the thermal properties of a brick shed become one of the most comfortable and cheap to heat homes in the UK? The answer is not just insulation, insulation, insulation as you might imagine. It is a combination of three steps; insulation, draught-proofing and ventilation with heat recovery.

It’s all about Comfort Really The lovely thing about having a substantial thickness of external insulation (speaking from personal experience) is that the house is far more comfortable, without cold spots, and it stays warm long after the heating is switched off (and often the heating is not needed anyway). The original house with costly heating bills

Draught-proofing also adds to that feeling of comfort. And the ventilation

system keeps humidity at a healthy level by bringing fresh air in constantly and removing stale air from kitchen and bathroom.

But does it look ok? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For most homes, the existing appearance can be replicated fairly closely, although it must be said that a rendered finish is usually a fair bit cheaper than any of the brick style finishes. And how much energy can be saved? For this house, the anticipated annual space heating requirement per m2 should be a twelfth of what it was before the refurbishment (the first 5 months of meter readings suggest that the house is on track). That is the difference that a whole house refurbishment to EnerPHit standard (Passivhaus retrofit) makes. But this level of improvement is difficult and expensive to achieve. So what would be more achievable, and what help is there to cover the costs? To help householders save energy, the UK government has set up the Green Deal - a new scheme to overcome some of the financial barriers to energy saving home improvements. But before you get carried away thinking that this

200 Degrees Coffee Roasters I have had a passion for coffee since my early teens. After learning to make coffee in my home town of Macclesfield, in 2008 I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend some time in New Zealand. During this time I was managing a small independent coffee shop called ‘Cafe Bliss’ at the very centre of the country’s booming coffee scene. One day I got chatting to Greg who roasted our coffee, just down the road in Newmarket, I’d never met anyone who knew so much about coffee. He took me to see the roaster, a very impressive looking 30Kg Probat roaster, and I was hooked. The next week I bought myself a simple popcorn maker from the hardware shop and with the help of the internet, learnt how to convert it into a makeshift coffee roaster. When I was back on British soil I moved to Nottingham and for the next four years, whilst working in the hospitality trade, experimented with different beans, different blends and different ways

of roasting coffee, trying them out on my friends and family. The passion was still with me.

From Dreams to Reality! In the summer of 2012 I got chatting to Rob Darby & Tom Vincent of Belle & Jerome who shared my passion for great coffee and were keen to pursue the coffee roasting dream. Together we created 200 Degrees Coffee and I now do what I love for a living; talking to the coffee traders in London, sourcing the roaster all the way from Turkey, blending the beans from Brazil, Colombia & India and hand roasting on Meadow Lane, Nottingham. A long way from roasting with a popcorn maker in my garage.

The same house which is now warm, comfy and amazingly cheap to heat! something for nothing, weigh it up carefully. The Green Deal is a loan which you pay back as a surcharge on your electricity bill. If you have savings or can extend a mortgage or get a personal loan for a lower rate than the Green Deal interest rate (7-8% anticipated), then the Green Deal is possibly not the best deal available to you.

But Isn’t it too Costly for me? Alongside the Green Deal is a sister scheme called ECO (Energy Company Obligation). This is a grant, so well worth finding out if this can help you. It helps people in a range of situations. For those on certain benefits it can cover the cost of things like a new boiler or cavity and loft insulation. If you live in a typical West Bridgford solid wall home, you should be able to use ECO to help with the cost of internal or external wall insulation, regardless of your income. You have probably never considered covering your house walls with insulation. Until now, the cost has been too high to attract much interest from individual householders. However, with the ECO grant, it looks set to change. Another way to drive down the price of this kind of work is to get together with your neighbours – it is the kind of work where there are significant efficiencies of scale when several houses in the same street are insulated (especially if they are similar in shape and style). For more information on saving energy (with or without the Green Deal and the ECO) contact Tina Holt at the Energy Saving Co-operative. 07962 453037,

All About Books


Alan MacDonald - Children’s Author ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ It’s a question I’m asked every time I set foot in a school as a visiting children’s author. I have never found a simple answer. One author I know tells children that he gets his ideas from a budgie he keeps on his desk. Another says he sends off for them by mail order. But in my experience ideas just turn up out of the blue – and seldom when you’re looking for them.

Opera and Italians The first children’s story I ever had published was called ‘The Great Spaghetti Suit’ . All I had at the outset

was a title stuck in my head but eventually it grew into a story about an opera singer whose vanity leads to him performing in a suit woven from spaghetti. (Naturally it all ends badly.)

The Lollipop Idea Other ideas come from people, conversations or those small-print stories you find in newspapers. One example was the story of a local council who had banned a lollipop man from giving the children ‘high fives’ when they crossed the road. Hard to believe but a gift for any writer. ( The story was called ‘High Five Henry’.)

These days my best known childrens’ books are the ‘Dirty Bertie’ series. In this case the idea began with a character – a messy, mucky little boy whose family despair of his appalling habits. There are now over twenty Dirty Bertie books in print and the series has been translated into eighteen different languages. That’s the thing about ideas – like children they grow up in ways you could never have expected. You can find ‘Dirty Bertie’ and other books by Alan MacDonald on Amazon, in Waterstone’s or any good bookshop.

Who will be at the Summer Gathering this year? Transition West Bridgford Totally Locally SELF Eco Architect: Gil Schalom Rotaire - Eco clothes dryer Solar Heat UK - Solar PV and Thermal The Green Deal Real Cycle

Food Al Fresco: Italian Food So Smoothies Artisan bread by Le Pain a la Main Riverford Organic Fruit and Vegetables Harkers Farm No. 8 Deli The Field Kitchen; Foraging The Green Kitchen Gluten Free Food Nottingham Tiffin Taste 200 degrees Coffee (roasted on Meadow Lane) Harringtons Fudge Lings Lane Larder; pickles and preserves Trio Juice bar Handmade chocolates Health Food; nuts, seeds, energy bars; the Health Food store

Gardening Roots - gardening for the little ones Creative Roots - Landscape gardening

Beverages Magpie Beer

Crafts Jewellery by Helen Domleo Funky Pots West Glass - Zena West Jewellery by Martha Cann Antiques and collectors corner Captured in Glass Locally Produced for you Minifolk Market KardsbyKris: embroidered cards Stitched by Oonagh; Mending and making of clothing Namees; Name tags for bikes, scooters and bags Muchado about Stuffing Heidi’s home furnishings The Baby Bakery

Services Alh legal; will writing Bridgford Bookkeeping Rex Gooding Estate agents Nottingham Local ; Discount card Pewter Rose Publishers Honest Inks Photography by Karen Benson Bright and Beautiful; Eco Cleaning Entertainment Capoeira (martial arts & dance demonstration) Maypole dancing by the West Bridgford Infant school Zumba with Miss Gold

Clothing Moo Moo’s organic baby clothing Bromley designer clothing Isobel and Henry

Groups and Societies Dramatic Society Just Friends West Bridgford The Beekeeping Association The Ramblers

Health and Beauty Skin care and advise by Salon Corina The health and Beauty people

Transport Vale Cycles Pedals Nottingham City Transport The Cycle garage

Education Central College Nottingham Iona School - Steiner Education

Activities for the Little ones Tots on top: crafts Sticky fingers: cooking for toddlers Story telling with Amy Gethings; Usbourne Books Rob Hann children’s book author Beat Feet: drumming for the little ones

Food Glorious Food


Precious Preserves & Practical Pickles

leaving plenty for the wildlife, mind), and was very proud of herself for recognising a tree in her office car park as a medlar, a muchoverlooked fruit in the apple family which makes delicious jelly. Fair Trade, Fair Enough All the sugars and spices which Hilary uses are fairly traded, and she uses vinegars produced by a family firm in Suffolk in her chutneys and pickles. She’s also a member of the Slow Food Movement ( which promotes enjoyment of food with a commitment to environment and the local community.

Artisan Preserves and pickles producer, Lingslane Larder will be at the Summer Gathering this year. “Preserving and pickling are in my blood” Hilary says.. One of Hilary Wellington’s earliest memories is of helping her Grandma to preserve runner beans from her garden, “and some of my happiest childhood days were spent at Pick Your Own fruit farms.”. She has been making jam since the 1970s and is passionate about top quality homemade products.

they’ve ever tasted, reminding them of those they enjoyed as children. These days Hilary sources seasonal citrus fruit from local independent greengrocers, and orchard fruit from her own garden and through the Abundance scheme. She loves nothing more than a free harvest of foraged berries (always

Hilary works seasonally to take her customers on a journey of tastes through the year, from Seville orange marmalade in January, lemon curd in spring through apricot and raspberry jams in July, mellow plum and damson jams in September and hearty chutneys and pickled red cabbage in October, to a finale of cranberry sauce and pickled onions for Christmas feasts. How Can You Get Them? Her products can be ordered direct from or 07776 284238, and on sale at No.8 Deli in West Bridgford. Hilary is delighted to be having her first stall at the West Bridgford Summer Gathering. Please come along for free tasters, recipe ideas and to buy a jar of something yummy to take home.

Just like I remember Many of her customers tell her that her preserves and pickles are the best

Canterbury’s Melton  Road  West  Bridgford   We  are  now  selling  pizzas  at  super  low  prices.  

Wild Food for Free Foraging, Food & Fun One of the more unusual attractiuons at the Summer Gathering will be Rebecca and her Field Kitchen. There you will learn a lot about how to take advantage of the huge amounts of tasty and FREE food all around us, if only you know where to look. You can also book to go with her on a variety of trips all round the area.

Sunday 2nd June, 2-5pm: Field Kitchen foraging trip along the Trent. This will be a bicycle-based expedition, lasting for 3 hours, where you will learn to identify wild food plants and cook up a foraged feast. Costs: £10 per person. For further information and to book, email

Wild Food Sessions

at Stonebridge City Farm, St. Anns, Nottingham, NG3 2FR /0115 9505113 Each session will be an opportunity to learn to identify wild food plants, do some foraging, and try out seasonal recipes, cooking outdoors on a home-made rocket stove. Some of these sessions might involve a foraging trip further afield. Please book by emailing so that we can send you information about where to meet and anything you’ll need to bring. Costs: Suggested donation of £3 per person for each session.

2013 program

We are  open  late  until  8:30pm  on  Thursdays,  Fridays  &  Saturdays  

Wednesday 15th May, 5-7pm

9 inch  pizza  from  £4.99  

Wednesday 19th June, 5-7pm

12 inch  from  £6.99   14  inch  from  £7.99    

Call us  to  pre-­‐order  on  01159  812  365          

Lime leaf wraps, foraged salads and beech leaf gin Elderflower time! Try out recipes for elderflower fritters, wine and cordial

Wednesday 17th July, 5-7pm

Harvest lime flowers, look for summer fruits and experiment with rose petal recipes (Please note, the program may be subject to change depending on what’s growing!) For further information about the sessions, contact Rebecca at:

Health & Beauty


Local Base for International Brand Following huge success across Europe, organic, eco-friendly make-up range; ZAO- essence of nature, bursts into the UK health and beauty industry - a hidden gem, situated on our very own door step in West Bridgford.

No Throw away Packaging Zao is the refillable organic make-up brand created for consumers who love colours and want flawless looking skin with a subtle, natural glow; characteristics of youthful and healthy skin. True skincare make-up with: natural remineralising, antibacterial, anti-ageing,

regenerating, moisturizing and protective ingredients. Innovative in every stage of its conception, it uses Bamboo packaging and extracts in its formulation. The first make-up brand with such a connection between outside and inside, such as true beauty! Its universe of serenity immerses every woman in a green natural beauty.

At an event in London, Serge Van Kleef met David who introduced him to Zao, and from then on fell in love with the brand, so much so that he became the exclusive agent for Zao in the UK & Ireland.

Daniella Vincent

At the heart of organic make-up is David Reccole, Founder of Zao. With over 10 years experience in organic cosmetics, David had a vision to provide natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients and sustainable packaging. Inspired by a natural gift received from a Taiwanese friend (A pen and pencil made in bamboo material), the Zao brand was born, using Bamboo both for casting and formulations.

Rooting for Success After intense rounds of competition and fighting off sixteen other schools, Roots was proclaimed best company 2013 in the Nottingham Young Enterprise area final. We now progress into the Nottinghamshire finals to take on another five schools. After achieving this success it is vital that we continue developing and strengthening our company through finding new outlets, further promoting our product and spreading our passion for gardening. The ‘Grow Your Own’ philosophy is to encourage team work, achievement and enjoyment. So if you want to grow your own produce, selecting Pepper, Oregano, Sunflower or Cress from a kit that contains everything you need to support a local business whilst gaining

something for yourself too this is the product for you! With our friend Farmer Dave we are able to guide you through the steps of growing your own favourite plants and herbs in an exciting way. If you wish to purchase one of our children’s ‘Grow Your Own’ kits you’ll be able to find us on www., facebook and twitter and at the forthcoming events:

• Summer Gathering 18th May • Mini Folk Market 8th June

Finally we would like to thank you for your support and hope you enjoy joining us on our business venture. Roots, West Bridgford School Young Enterprise

From the Heart of Bridgford - to the Whole UK

Situated in a small office in the heart of West Bridgford he hired local marketing professional, Daniella Vincent to launch the brand into the UK. Although Zao is part of a much bigger story across Europe, we’re very much a small business with less than five employees and little budget for our marketing and sales efforts. So far, we’ve relied heavily on the knowledge of local marketing professional, Daniella, who has been a fundamental part of the success of Zao. We’re keen to support local business by; employing local people, stocking Zao

products in local stores such as; health food shops, beauty spars and other related retail outlets /online e-commerce shops. So far we’ve launched our online ecommerce shop, received coverage in a number of women’s health magazines and we’ll be attending the Organic & Natural Beauty show on the 2-3rd June, 2013 at ExCel London. Should you wish to enquire further about our products contact us on 0115 9814665 or

+ Stop Press + Stop Press + Selby Road Open Gardens

8th/9th June 2 - 6pm Just £3 entry, accompanied children FREE. In aid of Friends of Nottingham Mental Health. It’s not the Chelsea Garden competition, just ordinary gardens that might just get your imagination to work.



Musters Road Open Gardens Triumph A Way to Meet Each Other Musters Road resident Kate Lewis helped to organise the open. Mrs Lewis said, “I had the idea of getting people together who live on the same road but who might not know each other at all. We sat down and decided where profits should go. The Friary seemed the obvious choice – it’s on our road and it’s a fantastic cause. I just thought having open gardens was a great idea to raise money for people in need but also to bring our community together”. Residents of 11 homes opened their gardens, along with the children at Jesse Gray Primary School and the Friary allotment. Through ticket sales, the day raised £2300.

New Friendships made and £2,300 raised as Musters Rd opened its gardens. Looking around other people’s gardens is one of the nicest ways to spend a Sunday afternoon – whether the main purpose is to borrow some planting ideas, enjoy chatting with other gardeners, take some gentle exercise and refreshment or, let’s be honest, be a bit nosey! The open gardens concept certainly isn’t new to West Bridgford – Lady Bay and Selby Road have well-established open weekends - but in September was the turn of some of Musters Road’s residents to reveal all.

Mrs Lewis added, “I have had emails from people as far afield as Chesterfield and Sheffield saying what a great day they had. At least 600 people came. We made new friends in the process. It really did succeed in bringing people together”.

Date for your diary Next Musters Road Open Gardens will be on Sunday 8th September 2013. More information is available at And if you want to volunteer your garden or your help, have a word with Kate Lewis (0115 9816433) or email her at

Canterbury’s Melton Road We are now selling pizzas at super low prices Open late until 8:30pm on Thurs, Fri & Sat

9 inch pizza from only £4.99 12 inch from £6.99 14 inch from £7.99 Call us to pre-order on

01159 812 365

Ecoficient Design for Life Gil in his award winning Victorian retrofit and garden

GSD ARCHITECTURE Social kitchen extension, Lady Bay

Nationally, West Bridgford is a bit of hot bed for cutting edge low energy buildings. Local architect Gil Schalom is an award-winning designer whose own pioneering eco home opened the doors to a national movement. Gil is Principal Architect of GSD Architecture, a practice noted for advanced low energy and ecological design including PassivHaus methodology - from small domestic projects to larger clients across a range of sectors and in settings of special interest.

retrofit ranking among the top handful in the country. But Tina’s project was not all plain sailing: “Gil quite literally rescued us from an architectural nightmare, stepping into the breach when our previous architect let us down. As it turned out, the situation was a cloud with a silver lining. Gil’s unrivalled knowledge has provided us with a wonderful healthy, ultra low energy retrofitted home. His personal experience of eco retrofit made an enormous difference on our architectural journey toward living sustainably, he is a designer who walks the talk”.

Gil is the man behind Nottingham Ecohome several local ultra low energy retrofits and extensions including his own Victorian semi on Patrick Road. The Nottingham Ecohome (and urban permaculture garden) that he shares with his wife Penney Poyzer has been acknowledged by the retrofit industry as an early benchmark for radical eco retrofit. Through regular house tours, lectures and as speaker for Transition West Bridgford’s eco house group, Gil has given advice to hundreds of local people and his knowledge of the local housing stock through in-depth study and a number of design projects has given him a unique insight into how to release the potential of local homes.

Gil said, “Working on Tina and Richard’s house was a wonderful opportunity to bring together the ideas I have been honing for the last two decades in one super efficient retrofit that works in real-life as well as in theory. But this project is about more than just efficiency and low bills – it is inherently more comfortable to be in, draught free and never stuffy. It is elegant and simple: everything ‘just works’ silently and in the background with very little user input but achieving this demands an understanding of building methods, attention to detail and quality control not yet common in the UK. We need many more projects like this if we are to address the problem of our existing aging housing stock and especially in the current climate it often makes more sense to improve and extend rather than sell up.

Gil explained his ‘Ecoficient’ approach to design, “A building should serve beautifully the needs of several generations with the lowest environmental impact possible. Whether retrofitting an existing building or creating a new one, for me the design is ultimately about balancing the books between the needs and desires of the occupants with the ever-rising cost of living and diminishing natural resources”. Gil’s projects, coupled with his personal commitment to reducing his impact on the planet, earned him a national accolade. Last year, he was named DECC Retrofit Pioneer of the Year, recognising his contribution to cranking up the movement to retrofit the UK’s older, energy hungry buildings. One of Gil’s clients is well-known local campaigner Dr Tina Holt. Tina – who founded the West Bridgford Ecohouse Group - and her partner Richard, took on the massive job of transforming their cold, energy-hungry 1950s detached home on Harrow Road into an exemplar energy

Passivhaus method retrofit of former coachouse, Mapperley Park

“Engaging an architect is ultimately a matter of trust. It isn’t something you do every day so it is vital that the designer your choose has the knowledge and experience to enable you to realise your project smoothly and reliably. Whether new build, energy measures or extension, you want to know that it will meet your long-term needs for beauty and comfort - and be as pragmatically efficient as it can be within the context, scope and budget – but ultimately it is also about whether your architect can listen and interpret your needs with sensitivity.”

Passivhaus method retrofit , Harrow Road

The Todd family have lived in Lady Bay since the early 70s and once the children had grown up and left they decided to extend their kitchen. Mrs Todd said, “During our first meeting, Gil’s knowledge was immediately apparent, his friendly open approach made the design process a pleasure. We love our new greenroof extension and remodelling of the ground floor, it has given us the light, sociable, comfortable space we always wanted to entertain our friends and family.” Gil’s work has taken him further afield with projects right across the country. An unusual project in Derby proved a spatial challenge for the King family who wanted a truly eco extension to effectively double the size of their modest Victorian terrace. Daniel King said, “We heard Gil speak at a Lecture at Nottingham Trent University and when we told him that we wanted to self-build a straw bale extension to a house with impossible access his enthusiasm gave us great confidence. His ideas and commitment to go the extra mile and support us for such a long-term project have been essential in helping us to realise our own ‘grand green design’ on a budget.” Straw bale timber frame self-build, Derby

Other projects include a PassivHaus methodology retrofit of a former coach house in a conservation area in Mapperley Park, the new community building for Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens and a number of corporate projects in the West Midlands and East Anglia. Current projects include the low energy refurbishment of a Georgian farmhouse for the Peak Park Authority within the Peak District National Park. If you have a building design project that you would like to talk to Gil about contact him on 07801 501322 or Arkwright Meadows Community Garden Site Facility


Lexicon of Loves & Lik

You all know that West Bridgford is a great place to live, but did you realise how many different and exciting businesses and services were available right on your doorstep? Here are just some of the reasons you love to live in Bridgford.

A Antiques

Antiques & Collectors Corner For vintage and antique goodies, visit us at 67 Eltham Rd, NG2 5JP.

B Bike Shop

D Delicatessen

No.8 Delicatessen High class Delicatessen stocking the very best of local, national and international food and drink. With indoor and outdoor customer seating this is fantastic place to enjoy a coffee break, lunch and afternoon tea.

The Cycle Garage For repairs and servicing we offer the convenience of a collection service locally, or bikes can be dropped of at our shop. Open 5 days a week between Tuesday and Saturday. 128 Exchange Road 0115 9452790 www.cyclegarage.

within 10 miles of West Bridgford, which allows us to offer you the lowest energy prices available. If you’d like to know more, please give us a call on 846 0438 68 Musters Road, NG2 7PR

E Espresso bar & licensed eatery taste 65 Clumber Road, off Melton Road, NG2 6DP Tel. 01159 817 817 We take great pride in the coffee we serve. Our meals are served with many home made products made on site with locally supplied produce. There are also many allergen free options available.

NG2 6DN Tel: 0115 8461083 www.heidishomefurnishings. and heidishomefurnishings

I Inheritance & Wealth Management

Oddie Dalton Wealth Management Ltd specialises in planning for your financial future security. From funding for education or making sure that Inheritance issues are looked after effectively, come for a free initial consultation. Oddie Dalton Wealth Management, 124 Melton Road. NG2 6EP Tel: 0115 977 5200

C Complementary Health

Wellbeing Centre, 80 Bridgford Road NG2 6AX Tel: 0115 9825353 Wellbeing Clinic Nottingham is a leading provider of counselling and complementary health care. Our nineteen practioners are highly skilled, trained, experienced. We offer a range of counselling and fourteen complementary therapies.

D Dementia Care

The Service Tree The Service Tree provides home-support services and organised social days for older adults and those with dementia. We also provide support and specialist training for families and carers as the only support service in Nottingham licensed by The Contented Dementia Trust. 0115 945 5639

8 Gordon Road NG2 5LN 0115 9820383

E Entertainment

David Fox Magic. For close-up magic, parlour magic, and stage magic at parties, weddings and corporate events contact David who is a member of the Magic Circle and Equity would make your party or event go - like magic! 0115 945 2826 Mobile: 07946 686 258

E.Energy provider

Better Energy Supply Ltd offers a local alternative to the big national energy suppliers. We are fully licensed and have been supplying energy since the start of 2011. Over 80% of our customers are

F Farrow & Ball Stockists

“LIVING HQ is the local F&B stockist for wallpaper and paint offering colour advice and a complete interior design service. Come and browse the inspiring collection of designer wallpaper and fabric, home accessories, greeting cards and gifts. LivingHQ, 67 Clumber Road, NG26DP Tel: 0115 981 8686 email: web:

F Floor Sanding

ADN Floor Sanding is the leader in sanding and resealing. Do you have any type of wooden flooring of any kind at your premises? Is it looking tired and in need of some TLC? Call your Totally Locally floor sanding specialist ADN Flooring. 07973381652 Email:

J Jayline D.I.Y. Ltd

For all your local DIY goods and hardware needs. A customised Dulux paint mixing service is also available with quality Harris decorating products. 13 Tudor Square NG2 6BT Tel: 0115 981 1091 Emal:

K Kitchen Shop:

In Toto A style for every taste, a design for every lifestyle. In Toto 100 Melton Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6EP Tel: 0115 981 0808

Daisy Daisy Opened in 2007, an Independent gift shop selling a large collection of Gifts, Cards, Jewellery and Home Accessories. Well known brands on offer alongside local independent suppliers. 91a Melton Road, NG2 6EN 0115 9827005

L Lingerie: Jolie Lingerie was established in 2004 and prides itself on excellent customer service. We are expert Lingerie Stylists with qualified professional bra fitters based at both our shops. We fit bras from a 28 to 46 back and an A to J cup size. We also have a range of Swimwear, Nightwear and Hosiery. 20 Gordon Road, NG2 5LN 0115 9811812

H Home Furnishings

M. Money Matters:

G Gift Shop

Heidi’s Home Furnishings. Furniture, Home Accessories, Homewares, floor and furniture care products, gifts 5 Portland Road (Off Melton Road),

The Loughborough Building Society Rossell House, Tudor Square, NG2 6BT 0115 981 1147

kes in West Bridgford Located at the offices of Massers Solicitors On offer are a traditional range of mortgage products and lending, with a competitive range of fixed and variable rate savings accounts including accounts for businesses, children, regular savers and instant access, and notice accounts.

N Newsagents

Nottingham Local News Local News, LocalCARD Discount FREE discount card for all Rushcliffe residents 0115 9819 200


R Restaurants

escabeche tapas bar and restaurant reflects the very freshest food-loving tastes of the Mediterranean, its seas and shores, fields, forests and farms. Tapas, ‘Bigger Plates’, cocas, bocatas and more are all freshly prepared and cooked using responsibly-sourced ingredients. escabeche, 27, Bridgford Road, NG2 6AU 0115 981 7010

S Solicitors.

Massers have been serving the business community in Nottingham for over 100 years. Based at Tudor Square, West Bridgford and Victoria Street, Nottingham, all of our solicitors are trained to work with you and your business in a friendly, prompt and professional manner. Massers Solicitors, Rossell House, Tudor Square, NG2 6BT Tel: 0115 851 1666

West Bridgford Young People’s Centre.,

W Wood burning stoves and fires, Family run local business

specialising in wood burning stoves, gas & renewable heating systems. Bespoke fireplace designs and installation. HETAS & GAS SAFE approved retailer and fitters.

offering you a free pitch at the first ever market created for young people, by young people. Saturday 6 July on Central Avenue in West Bridgford. The event is for young people of Rushcliffe so we are specifically looking for young acts. Drop us an email or watch out for the performers’ form that will be coming your way soon. @YoungWeareYouNG

Z Zumba classes with Miss Gold Summer is coming!!! There’s no better time to join the calorie burning, bum ‘n’ tum

O Opticians

Thomas Bond Opticians have been offering a family eyecare service for over fifty years. With convenient free parking and a relaxed atmosphere you can make sure your eyes stay healthy and well looked after. 130 Melton Road, NG2 6ER Tel 0115 9812844

P Plumber

West Bridgford Plumbing offer a local & reliableplumbing service for everything: Small repairs & leaks; Taps, showers & radiators; Full bathroom refits No call out charge / free estimates. Call Russell Tuffin on 0115 923 4000

Q Questions

The Rushcliffe Customer Services Centre is in West Bridgford Police Station on the corner of Rectory Road and Bridgford Road. Open for face to face customers from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays. Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre, Rectory Road, NG2 6BN. Tel: 0115 981 9911. ,

T The Little Shoe Company The Little Shoe Company Quality children’s shoe shop with professional fitting service. 30 Gordon Road, NG2 5LN

U Uniform outfitters

S&A Uniforms We sell school uniform and corporate wear, one stop local school wear supplier Telephone number: 07970 875671 or email

V Vegetable shop

The Fruit Basket 4 Gordon Road NG2 5LN 0115 9817014 Retailer and wholesaler of fresh fruit and vegetables, health foods and whole foods. We supply shoppers and caterers with a diverse range of local, national and international produce. www .

Proud sponsor of West Bridgford Colts football team. The Fireplace Centre, 41 Radcliffe Road, NG2 5FF Tel. 0115 9813670 @fireplacecentre

X. XXX West Bridgford Xcellent amenities, lovely people and amazing shops. What’s more, there are Xciting times ahead when you tell us Xactly what you like best in West Bridgford.

Y Young The YounNG Market is a brand new innovative idea to help budding young business people kick start a creative career. We’re

toning fitness fun with Miss Gold Zumba®. Mondays 6.30 - 7.15pm West Bridgford Community Hall (Behind Central Avenue) Also for events, private community classes and Zumbatomic® bithdays 07905274219

Your Health


How to keep sight of your sight Age related macular degeneration explained

One of the single biggest causes of visual impairment in the UK is Agerelated macular degeneration (AMD). It is a painless eye condition that leads to the gradual loss of central vision. Central vision is used to see what is directly in front of you, during activities such as reading or watching television for example.

Types of age-related macular degeneration There are two main types of AMD: Dry AMD Dry AMD develops when the cells of the macula become damaged due to lack of nutrients and a build-up of waste products called drusens. It is the most common and least serious type of AMD accounting for around 9 out of 10 cases. Wet AMD develops when abnormal blood vessels form underneath the macula and damage its cells (doctors sometimes refer to wet AMD as neovascular AMD). Wet AMD is more serious and without treatment vision can deteriorate within days.

Treatment There is currently no cure for dry AMD so treatment is mostly based on helping a person make the most of their remaining vision such as using magnifying lenses to help make reading easier. There is also limited evidence that eating a diet high in leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit can slow the progression of dry AMD. Wet MD can be treated with a medication called ranibizumab which helps prevent further blood vessels developing. Treatment for wet AMD does not always lead to improved vision but can prevent vision from worsening. The sooner treatment is started the greater the chance of success.

When to seek medical advice

If you notice problems with your vision, such as blurring, see your GP or optometrist. If your vision suddenly gets worse or you notice blind spots in your field of vision, seek advice immediately. Either book an emergency appointment with an optometrist or visit your local hospital’s accident

and emergency (A&E) department.

Who is affected AMD is the leading cause of visual impairment in the UK, 462,000 people experiencing some degree of AMD. It is estimated that around 1 in 500 people aged between 55-64 have AMD. This rises to 1 in 8 people aged 85 or over.

Reducing your risk

We asked Tom Klima of Thomas Bond if there was anything else that he would suggest and he kindly offered the following additional advice. ‘If your vision suddenly gets worse or you see kinks in straight objects such as lamp posts seek advice immediately’. ‘When looking at how you can reduce risk’ • • • •

give up smoking, drink in moderation, include dark berries and green vegetables in your diet, protect the eyes from ultra violet rays by wearing sunspecs on bright days.’

thomas bond & partners

optometrists and contact lens practitioners Complete local eye-care from a long-established independent practice with friendly qualified staff. Whatever your visual needs we will be happy to help. NHS eye tests available.

130 Melton Road West Bridgford NG2 6ER 0115 9812844 also at: Bingham 01949 838242 Arnold 0115 9267455 Netherfield 0115 9616193 Hucknall 0115 9632427

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Too Busy For Books?

Bridgford Bookkeeping is owned and managed by Ian Long. The business was established in 2012 with the aim of providing a cost effective and personalised service to local businesses. Bridgford Bookkeeping is available on a flexible basis – full time or part time, ongoing or ad-hoc. There is no charge for our initial consultation, just call us and see what we can do for you. I have a wide range of business experience dating back to 1995, beginning with an eight year career in the energy industry which culminated in a consultancy role for Logica CMG. This means that I have been able to understand all types of business from small to quite large In 2003 I became self employed, running my own small business for seven years. Increasingly I found I enjoyed the finance side of the business more than the business itself and, having completed the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 2 & 3 exams, I was able to take sole responsibility for my business and personal tax affairs.

Boys in Blue Go Green

Following the birth of my daughter I took a year away from work to complete my business degree at Trent University. During this time I began doing the accounts of a number of friends and family who ran small businesses or who needed to complete a self assessment tax return. Bridgford Bookkeeping was the obvious next step, allowing me to combine my aptitude for finance with my all round business experience. Building on my original client base of family and friends, I now work with a variety of businesses in the West Bridgford area. Bridgford Bookkeeping has associated itself closely with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) in order to benefit from the support and guidance offered by such a reputable professional organisation. In turn, my clients can feel confident that I have had to meet exacting requirements in order to gain my Practice Licence.

West Bridgford Police Station has gone green with a new solar panel system providing energy from the sun. Computers, CCTV system, lights and even small electrical items are all now powered by the sun, cutting emissions and reducing bills. The station, in Rectory Road, is one of seven police buildings using the new technology. There are plans for more of the Force’s buildings to use green electricity in the coming months. The scheme not only means reduced bills but Government payments thanks to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Feed in Tariff scheme. The scheme encourages businesses to invest in low carbon electricity for payment.

Estates manager Phil Ellis said: “We are always looking at ways to become more sustainable and this scheme has the added bonus that we are able to use our roof space and generate an income from solar energy. “The panels don′t need sunlight, they just need daylight. Even on a cloudy day they still get what they need to power the building.” Electricity for the police stations is still also supplied in the traditional way but bills will significantly fall now they are generating their own power. The installation at West Bridgford will save 20,028kgCO2 a year in emissions.

You look after the business, we look after the books......


BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPINGBRIDGFOR You look after the business, we look after the books - as an ICB licensed bookkeeper we are qualified to take care of the following...

✔ B oo



a Final Aration of counts BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPINGcBRIDGFOR ✔ VAT Our rates are lower than those Return s charged by accountants - why ✔ Self -assesBRIDGFOR pay an accountant to do your BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING sment T ax bookkeeping? ✔ Prep aration o Ma na g ement Af ccounts BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFOR We are licensed by the Institute

of Certified Bookkeepers, supervised BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING Rhs Qualified

A small locally based landscaping company dedicated to creativity and perfection. rPatio & Paths rDriveways rBrickwork rTurfing rFencing rPlanting rDecking

under the Money Laundering Regulations (2007)

and are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFOR BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING Using Bridgford Bookkeeping can help improve the day to day running of your business as well as driving BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING down expensive year-end accountancy fees.

BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING Working with Bridgford Bookkeeping will ensure that you: • meet all the statutory requirements set out by HMRC • are aware of all your forthcoming VAT, NIC and BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING Income Tax liabilities

• receive up to date, user friendly financial

BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING information to help you make informed BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING business decisions • always know how much money you are owed BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING BRIDGFORDBOOKKEEPING and by whom

Tel: 01157 401 232 Mob: 07850 374 369 Email: Web:

Registered Practice 12469

Telephone 0115 9747044 Mobile 07813 646580 E-mail Web

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Full of Eastern Promise? Amazingly West Bridgford is almost Oriental at times. Especially if you happened to pop into the Community Hall on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon. It seemed only right therefore to ask Joy Parsons the leader of the Tai Chi groups what exactly was going on.

What is Tai Chi? “Tai Chi & Qigong are ancient Chinese exercise systems which combine movement, breathing techniques and mental focus. We practice them here in West Bridgford and have a lovely time. Movement is slow, mindful and controlled and specifically designed to improve the functioning of your central nervous system as well as your muscles and joints. Breathing is deep and rhythmic, bringing vitality and tranquility to your body and mind, leaving you feeling focused and relaxed.

Qigong has been found to maintain and improve mental and physical well-being. It strengthens bones and muscles, improving balance, coordination and flexibility. It can improve the way you stand and move, making you more aware of your posture and how you use your body. It may also enhance your concentration and memory, since we learn a sequence of moves together.

Classes: Classes are specifically designed for the over 50’s and take place throughout the week in West Bridgford and Bramcote.

Why do it? Regular practice of Tai Chi and

All classes take place during the day and there will be a new Beginners’ Class starting in September 2013 in West Bridgford. Please telephone to reserve a place or to find out more please contact Joy Parsons on 0115 9743542 or visit

Make do and mend is ‘sew’ now! Oonagh Brett is a local seamstress, showing that some of the old skills are making a real comeback at a time when it isn’t just fashionable to sew. It makes all kinds of economic sense too. Here is her view on how sewing is making a comeback! The Great British Sewing Bee has recently been on TV, showing that there are lots of people out there who are interested in sewing. Like the public, some of the contestants have been sewing all their lives, while others are recent converts. If there is an increasing interest, it could be seen as part of a backlash against consumerism, but other reasons include the wish to wear or make something that is unique, or just to save some money.

themselves, it would help them understand the value of a garment, and the time taken to make it and in turn inform their decisions if there’s a problem or it no longer fits. Clothes that are donated to charity shops like Oxfam either go into the shop, or to Wastesavers (a business within Oxfam), where it is sorted and either goes to other shops or even to micro-businesses in Senegal. Other charity shops have different arrangements such as sending their clothes on to other branches after a couple of weeks on display in West Bridgford. We have so much choice in the charity shops here in West Bridgford, it’s easy to buy good quality clothing, even if it needs alterations. Holes in garments or cushions can often be patched or have an appliqué sewn on. If you love a dress, but it needs a more complicated alteration, it can be worth having a dressmaker to do that. There are plenty of library books available to provide ideas. If you’re after new fabric, try John Lewis, Sharma’s Fabrics in Victoria Market, or there are websites such as, fabricinspirations. or

Individually made curtains by Oooagh I was lucky to be taught by my mother, which meant I had the freedom to get on at my own speed at home. Sometimes people get put off whilst learning to sew within the restrictions of school, but I think it would be a valuable life skill to teach people the skills to do the simplest mending jobs on their own clothes. Even if they decide that they would rather not do it

I’ve inherited some vintage clothes going back to the 1930’s, and patterns covering a few decades. These were an inspiration to me and because I’ve loved sewing all my life, I’m now self-employed as a dressmaker. If you need advice on getting started, don’t hesitate to call me on 0115 8780470 or 07913 401580

Wedding Feature


Getting the Right Photographer Choosing a photographer to document one of the most important days of your life is a big decision and with lots of options out there it can feel a daunting one too. Fortunately local wedding photographer Paul Carroll has some top tips for couples about to embark on the search.

Top Tips for Success “Book a professional with a solid portfolio and meet them a couple of times to check there’s good chemistry between you. Ask to see a completed album, or even better, all images from a previous wedding, to give you confidence they’re going to deliver quality all day.

Don’t be shy, do ask to be put in touch with some of their previous clients to get a proper testimonial. Make sure you get a contract too, as well as assurances they’re properly insured in case something goes wrong.” Paul’s wedding photography service offers full day coverage from bridal preparations to first dance, an edited and enhanced selection of high resolution images on a DVD, as well as an engagement portrait prior to the wedding, so you and Paul can get to know each other better. To find out more and see additional examples of Paul’s work visit www.

The day YOU should be a Princess Every girl dreams of looking and feeling like a princess on her wedding day. Dolly Hair Co and makeup by Jenni are a professional bridal stylist and Make Up Artist team who use their skills and expertise to ensure you look exactly as you’ve always dreamed on your wedding day. When thinking of your wedding styling requirements, the best place to start is thinking about how you envisage your total look on your wedding day. Choosing the right hair and makeup stylist is just as important as choosing a good photographer. You’ll want to look back on those amazing photographs and see your flawless radiant face with beautiful timeless hair. Bridal styling is our passion. We are there for you from the moment we arrive to the moment you are ready to step in the car from your home or down the aisle at your venue. Our aim is to create a beautiful look for your wedding day for memories that last a lifetime. If you would like to book in for a bespoke consultation please get in touch. 07805691864 07932 648056

For a More Dramatic Look When you want to make a statement and yet not break the bank, why not talk to us about some different and modern alternatives to the traditional three tiered cake. Here is a Madeira Sponge Cake with Matching Cupcakes. Dressed With Handcrafted Flowers & Embossed Fondant Icing. Find us at: F/B Hopscotch Bakery or email us

A Mother and daughter run business with a passion for quality and an eye for beautiful things. The Collections at Grace Couture bridal boutique have been chosen with the greatest care and consideration and a welcoming, friendly and honest service to match.

Nestled in the bustling suburb of West Bridgford, just minutes from the city of Nottingham you will find dresses with classic simplicity alongside vintage and modern in luxurious silks and delicate lace. We have the most stunning collection of bridal gowns from Lusan Mandongus, Annasul Y, Ritva Westenius, Ritva & Chenca, Gemy couture and White One by Pronovias.


Pop up Spa Pamper Parties Corporate Events Office Treatments

Our aim at Grace Couture is quite simple: “We want to make choosing your gown one of you most cherished memories.”

Ladies Evenings

Childrens Parties

Grace Couture 44 Abbey Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5NF Telephone: 0115 981 1821

At Home Parties Pamper Breaks

To make a booking please contact Anne on 07870 704 765 or

Wedding Feature


Holme Pierrepont Hall If you are thinking of adding a touch of elegance to your wedding, but without absolutely breaking the bank then you could really impress all your wedding guests by inviting them to share your day at Holme Pierrepont Hall. The Pierrepont family first arrived here in 1280 when Annora de Manvers, who was the sixth generation of her family to live here married Henry Pierrepont and for many generations there was a huge estate that existed until 1941 when it was sold and all that remained was the ancient house surrounded by thirty acres of Parkland.

Today, the house is occupied by three generations of the Brackenbury family and is a thriving family home. It is used as a venue for meetings and seminars as well as a place for weddings, private parties and other such gatherings. Its picturesque setting and its closeness to the city make this a rather unique place. It is hard to believe that when people look out across the gardens and Park that we are only three miles from Trent Bridge and five miles from the centre of Nottingham. So what makes this so right for your wedding? Is it the lovely gardens? Or is it the chance to share the magic of a home that has five centuries of history behind it?

childcare if your guests need that. In other words, you can tailor your important day to fit the budget and your guests needs.

Choose between a wide variety of options for your Civil Ceremony, reception, wedding breakfast, evening reception and even disco.

The impresive house is yours for the day, so you can enjoy your own experience of gracious country house living. One thing is for sure, the dramatic backdrop will certainly enhance the day you will always want to treasure.

You can add everything from music to fireworks and even

What’s more it comes at a remarkably reasonable price. Winter Wedding

packages start from around £4,500. And if you want the day to start with a traditional Church wedding, then you would be hard pushed to find a prettier church than St Edmunds which is just a stroll from the house! Robert Brackenbury can be contacted on 0115 933 2371 if you think you might like to use or see the house. Group tours are available all year. Better still have a look for yourself at

On Yer Bike - For a great day’s entertainment and delicious drinks Pedal Power Sound and sister venture The Smoothie Bike Company are two halves of a family business based on Abbey Road in West Bridgford. Matt, Helen and little Belle Godfrey are very much a bicycle reliant family, using bikes and trailers for all their transport and shopping needs. Matt has spent many years working as a cycle courier and promoting sustainable transport in Nottingham, so starting a pedal powered business seemed like a very natural progression. Pedal Power Sound specialise in bicycle powered entertainment. They use stationary generator bikes to harness the energy of pedalling and convert it into electricity. This bike power charges up a sound system and stage for live bands, DJ’s and public address. Bike power technology has advanced to a point where using a pedal powered sound system at an event is a real alternative to relying on a petrol generator. The fact that the event then relies on the public to pedal the bikes to generate the electricity makes for an empowering experience for an often passive audience. People really enjoy contributing to an event and playing a part in sustaining a creative environment, so there’s always a queue of eager volunteers waiting for their

turn to generate some clean, green pedal power. The Smoothie Bike Company take their very funky custom built blender-bikes to schools, events and promotions along with a bounty of fresh fruit to offer super healthy pedal powered smoothies. Making a bike blended smoothie is a dynamic activity that gets people of all ages to engage with exercise and nutrition and can be a very effective aid to help kids hit their five-a-day target. Matt says “Our work in schools is tailored to get kids ‘hands on’ with fruit, exploring recipes and learning about the benefits of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. In an age of increasing obesity through poor diet and sedentary living a smoothie bike experience might make a small difference to a child’s perspective on eating fruit and keeping activity.” For more information about Pedal Power Sound and The Smoothie Bike Company please visit and www. or you can call Matt Godfrey on 07891 862 459.

HAPPINESS GUARANTEED WITH BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL Bright & Beautiful business owner, Sarah Cox says; "Bright & Beautiful is known for its consistent, professional and trustworthy services. I take pride in providing clients with a quality service tailored to suit their needs. Our aim is to give clients back their time to spend with the family whilst enjoying a beautiful and ordered home"


• Lovely laundry • Immaculate ironing • Sparkling steel • Strict security

• Flawless floors • Gorgeous glass • Wonderful wood

• Trustworthy team

For a free, no obligation quote call: 07872 594 172 / 0845 200 8021

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A Massive Opportunity Hidden Power just waiting


According to Jerome Baddely “The papers are full of stories about renewable energy schemes. Most of them involve solar panels or huge wind turbines, but here in Rushcliffe we have a third opportunity right on our doorsteps.

Selby Road started out life in the local plan as Watcombe Road, to begin just under the railway bridge at the end of Devonshire Road. However, by the time Jesse Gray the builder had built the first five houses the road had become Selby.

What would you say to having an unobtrusive, eco friendly source of electricity that could be made available to local people, all owned by a not for profit community based organisation, which in turn would pass on the savings to all is members? Not only is it handy, renewable and has a proven track record. It also has groups of people willing to finance it. And finally it is almost completely invisible. There would be no unsightly towers for wind turbines, nor would there be acres of fields filled with solar panels hoping desperately for enough sun to make the project viable. It just takes our single biggest local natural resource and generates power day after day week after week with little or no need to worry about the weather. But what it is missing is a group of people willing to champion the project and to make it a reality.”

Proven System For the last 14 years the weir based hydro plant at Beeston has operated inconspicuously, generating enough electricity each year to power two thousand homes. If the same plant were built today, with feed in tariffs on top of payment for the electricity generated, this facility would earn £873k each year!

Hidden Objections In 1995 and again in 2009 private developers put in planning applications to develop a similar, though slightly smaller, scheme at the Holme Pierrepoint locks. The scheme was granted planning with conditions in 1995 and in 2009 the re-application was withdrawn due to issues raised by the Environment Agency, Sport England and Inland Waterways. Neither the exact reasons for the 2009 withdrawal, nor the outstanding conditions in 1995, are publicly available.

In the 1913-14 census there were only houses numbered 9 and there were fields to the top of the hill and as far as Ouchborough Road to the west. It took 43 years to complete the road, not including 19a which was built much later on the tennis court of No 19.

A wholly or partially community owned scheme could inject urgently needed investment in to the local economy. This could support further local community resource efficiency initiatives and services to help Bridgford residents adapt to squeezed household budgets.

Proven Backers Loan finance is available for community groups looking to develop schemes like this through the Charity Bank, Triodos, The Cooperative bank and even mainstream banks. Share issue schemes like Energy for All have been established to help raise money from local community investors. Grants are available to get projects off the ground with feasibility studies and development costs. The new Community Right to Build, under the 2011 Localism Act in theory has funding available to support community infrastructure projects.

Hidden Benefits What is more the entire scheme would be almost entirely out of sight. The plant is mostly underground and hidden from view. Electricity is generated by diverting a proportion of water around the weir, passing it through the two turbines and returning it to the river. The scheme would give added benefits to anglers. A new fish pass would allow greater numbers of salmon and coarse

fish to travel up river, and the screening equipment could be installed across the intake and discharge channels to protect the fish.

A Chance to show the way This seems like a golden opportunity for Lady Bay and West Bridgford residents to take hold of and develop local community resilience. If you or anyone you know is interested in setting up a steering group for this project and turn this dream into reality, please contact : Jerome Baddley

Originally much of the land was mortgaged to the Pimms Oyster Houses who brought us the drink Pimms No 1. One section was bought by Sir Albert Ball (father of Albert Ball VC) on behalf of Clifton Colliery. Past residents have included Clive Rice, the cricketer, (with England International Stuart Broad a current resident). TG Hepburn, a railway photographer of great repute, a published poet, office workers in the lace trade, Boots Players and The Evening Post. Slightly more unusual residents include the family that developed Parazone (Disinfectant and Bleach) and a former Lord Mayor of London. There are also two past residents names on the War Memorial, J.A Finking and C.G Prosser. The road has included shop owners, teachers and estate agents in its 100 year history and curiously the same kinds of people and professions throughout the decades. History does repeat itself!

Open an account quoting Totally Locally and your First box is half price, plus get a free bag of fruit with your first 10 regular deliveries. Fresh, natural organic produce delivered Free to your door. See for yourself how good the produce is and what great value for money it is direct from the farm. Tastier, no nasty chemicals, loads of recipe suggestions, miles better than supermarket organics. It’s like having your own allotment. Set up your account online at and e mail once done to claim the offer quoting Totally Locally or contact us on 0115 981 0002 or e mail me to get started. It’s that easy.

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The Jewel in the Crown - Bridgford Park The ‘Jewel in the Crown’, ‘The Park at the Heart of West Bridgford’, a unique town centre. Since the Norman Conquest the West Bridgford Estate passed through several famous local families, the Lutterels, William Peveril and the Pierreponts. it is though that the Marquis of Dorchester lost the estate in a game of cards to Millicent Munday. She married John Musters, son of Sir John Musters, owner of Colwick Hall and estate. Building the Hall began in 1768, completed by John Musters in 1774. A notable encounter in the life of the Hall in 1803, was the meeting of Mary Ann Chaworth and Lord Byron, whilst visiting the tenants Rector William Thompson and his wife Sarah. Byron still smitten wrote a poem, ‘To Mary’ in 1806, after Mary Ann married Jack Musters. 1840 the wealthy lace manufacturer Lewis Heymann was the tenant. His son, Albert bought the estate in 1883 and enlarged the Hall. Albert kept cattle in the Park, which explains the Ha Ha, still a feature.

A Bargain for All of Bridgford

The hall and Park were sold to West

The Lodge, the former gatehouse is offered for rent. The Croquet Lawn is under threat from developers behind the Halifax Building Society. Seven years ago a community group, The Friends of Bridgford Park and Bridgfield, working alongside R.B.C., Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, were formed to enhance and protect this beautiful green space.

Bridgford Urban District Council, (now Ruschliffe Borough Council), as custodians, in 1923, thought to be for the original price from the Heymann family, ‘for the enjoyment of the residents of West Bridgford’. The council offices were in the Hall. From early photographs and publicity the public Park had, greenhouses, an aviary, six hard tennis courts, two bowling greens, tow football pitches and a Croquet Lawn, the latter has a covenant.

But what for the Future? Today it is a very different story. Sadly the bowling green is under tarmac under the extension of the Library car park. The nursery car park occupies the site of the former glasshouses. There are two tennis courts.

started making bespoke celebration cakes using organic, free range and local (whereever possible) ingredients.

I started baking when I was fairly young, I can’t recall why I started, I think I won a recipe book in a poetry competition at school. When I got married in 2005 we had a very tight budget and couldn’t afford a professional wedding cake. I decided that I had enough skills to pull off a simple design, so armed with several 100 white chocolate cigarellos I made my own 2 tier wedding cake.

I make everything from scratch in my home kitchen, every cake is designed and decorated to be as individual as the person ordering it. I love a challenge so the more outragious the design the more I enjoy making it.

In September of 2005 I enrolled in night classes at South Nottingham college, learning everything from traditional techniques such as royal icing to making realistic sugar flowers. I began to decorate more complicated designs for friends and family but starting a business was the furthest thing from my mind. In November 2008 I bit the bullet and entered my first competition and to my great surprise I was awarded a merit for my novice cake. I was thrilled. I started getting more enquiries for cakes and in 2010 I set up More Than A Cake and

Dick Venner Linda Phillips, Chair of Friends of Bridgford Park

The Hall, the most popular wedding venue in the County, has ceremonies booked until the end of 2013, as the building is open to offers on a 125 year lease.

More Than A Cake

My name is Caroline and I own a local cake baking and decorating business called More Than A Cake.

Popular with the public there are two play areas for children, the Willow Tunnel, wooded areas in the Park , and on the edge of Bridgfield, a Summer Butterfly Meadow to create greater biodiversity. In April, our Tree Trail will be launched, as there are many mature and rare specimen trees in the Park.

2years and 3 children later I’m ready to take More Than A Cake to the next level. You can find me selling home made cakes by the slice at the craft fairs on the croquet lawn on Central Avenue. You can also find me on facebook or on my website (still under construction) If you need a cake, I’d love to hear from you.

Photo Post:

Bridgford Park’s New Tree Trail Have you ever wanted to know more about the trees in West Bridgford’s Park? A Tree Trail has been introduced that with the aid of a map and clear signs, lets you know about 20 species of tree that are in the park! We heard all about it from the Bridgford Wire (www.bridgfordwire. com) which keeps us up to date with what’s happening locally. The signs next to each relevant tree species have pictures of a specimen and notes in braille too. A scan of the QR Code on a smartphone leads you to FOBP’s Website (Friends of Bridgford Park). A Hint now - There about 20 species of three in Bridgford Park.

Bridgford Business


Gone fishing! Liz Jones, freelance writer with Lippy Satsuma Communications, meets a man who was hooked at an early age!

Tim Aplin is a man with a passion – for fishing. He was casting his nets in gravel pits in Barnstone by the age of five and by 18 he was match fishing four or five times a week. So when he was made redundant from Cotgrave colliery he took on a fishing tackle wholesale business - and fell for it hook, line and sinker! That was almost 25 years ago and in that time the business, Matchman Supplies in Ella Road, West Bridgford, has gone from strength to strength. Within five years they had taken over the property next door and in 1995, when the internet came on stream, Tim realised there were bigger fish to fry. Now, Matchman Supplies deals in everything a fisherman or woman could want – from small amounts of bait to fishing poles worth £3,500. And they sell all around the world.

From Russia to Oz “Thanks to the internet, we sell everywhere from Russia to Italy and Romania to Australia,” says Tim. “We sell quite a lot of English tackle to people from abroad because they are good quality products so they like to buy from us. They like the English brand names and our comfy fishing chairs are also very popular. English brand– named fishing rods go all over the world”

gone through ups and downs over the last 15 years but it is a lot cleaner now and there are a lot of big fish in there. People come from all over the country to fish here.”

Fishing changes course He also explained that fishing has changed a lot. As farming has diversified, lakes have been dug out on farm land and they have been opened up for fishing. There are more women involved in the sport now – especially as new fishing sites tend to have more facilities. “This is my hobby,” says Tim “and it is every fisherman’s dream to work in the business. I get up in the morning and enjoy going to work. What more could I ask for?” Matchman Supplies is at 4 Ella Road, West Bridgford. You can contact them on 0115 9813834 or email or look at their website Liz Jones is a freelance writer with Lippy Satsuma Communications which is based in West Bridgford. or email

“You cannot survive without being online these days,” he added. “When the shop has been quiet, the internet has helped us keep our heads above water.” Matchman Supplies now employs two local lads full-time as well as two part-timers. And after nearly a quarter of a century running the business, Tim still waxes lyrical about the joys of fishing. “People enjoy the sport because they can get away from everything and find peace and quiet. And you never know what’s going to jump on that hook next. The River Trent has

Alan Cross Cabinet Makers Family run cabinet maker and furniture restorer Alan Cross Ltd on Ludlow Hill Road was founded 39 years ago in Nottingham by father Alan Cross whose son Simon now runs the business. when the back of my antique chair The company not only offers bespoke, broke. Simon lovingly restored my fitted or free-standing furniture like chair to its former glory: as good as it wardrobes, lounge units and kitchen would have been when it was carefully additions, they also offer restoration made by a Victorian crafts person some and repair services to most timber hundred years ago. furniture, be it old or new. Simon tells me that the vast majority of their work is for domestic homes but they do carry out work for commercial clients from time to time and these include Boots, Games Workshop, Gauntleys Tobacconists and NET. Last year they also completed a commission for Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street with two very large oak display cabinets for ‘Britain creates 2012!’ Visiting Alan Cross Ltd and meeting Simon is a real joy. From the moment you walk through their front door, you These repairs range from re-gluing smell real wood and see craftsmen rickety chairs, re-finishing damaged carefully turn beautiful wood into table tops to complete stripping, high quality furniture that will serve sanding and re-finishing of chests, generations to come. No artificial sideboards and dressers. They also plastic or laminates here. provide a painted furniture service which is becoming increasing popular. If you are looking for lovely hand made furniture, a bespoke kitchen Being a small firm every commission or someone to restore your family is seen through from start to finish by furniture, Alan Cross Ltd is the place to the same person ensuring attention go to. For more information, including to detail and a quality not found in photos and video’s of their work over mass produced furniture available the years have a look at their website elsewhere. I found Alan Cross Ltd at almost by accident a few years ago

Just Friends West Bridgford


Do you live in the West Bridgford area? Are you 55+ years young! Unatttached, Cheerful, Active, Lively minded and looking for new friends? (not a dating club) Theatre/Cinema/Concerts/Holidays Home/Abroad Walks/TableTennis/Darts/10pin/Bowls/Snooker/Lunches/ Dinners At Home: Cards/Games/Music/DVD Please Ring 0115 8462225 or 0115 9890267

Bridgford Business Cutting Costs Got Me More Customers

No, not my own costs, but those of people who switched to using my range of inks and toners. My name is Suzanne Reeveley and I have been local to west Bridgford for many years but, I have also lived in France during my teenage years and, Spain before coming back to West Bridgford. Living abroad served me well as I am fluent in both languages, which gave me the opportunity to work for a large corporate company selling inks abroad. Having worked for a large company I realised that there was very little after service and customer care, one of the reasons for setting up my own company. I pride myself on the customer care and after service my company provides and feel this service is unrivalled. Here at Honest-Inks Ltd we can offer you a total print solution for your home or office regardless of whether you use one ink cartridge a year or print everyday day from a number of machines. If you’re happy to meet me for no obligation friendly chat, we can work out your printing costs and future printing needs and offer you professional advice that will benefit your personal circumstances and save you money on your printing costs. We have recently launched HonestInks Cash 4 Cause; this is a local recycling scheme that enables us to donate money to local good causes within our community. I am so pleased with how this is going and would like to Thank the CO-OP stores involved, West Bridgford Conservative club & PCRC computer Shop on Musters road for having recycling boxes where people can donate empty ink & toner cartridges

they may have so we can recycle them. We believe in helping the UK economy, this means self-guarding future UK employment and investing money back into local businesses. We aim to achieve this by only allowing one trusted local UK manufacturer to recycle the empty ink & toner cartridges we collect. A customer called me saying the toner cartridges they used were very expensive and asked if I could help. We spent a few minutes discussing her business and what she used her printer for, as it was mainly for printing black & white documents to keep on file. I recommended a cheaper alternative for her and she now pays £28.50 for her reliable toner cartridges a saving of over 50%.

Drumming & Dancing Founded by local resident Jude Winwood in 2012 and already enjoying huge success, the popular company BeatFeet provides musical workshops around the UK for adults and children of all ages. These take place in a variety of settings; including communitybased organisations, educational establishments and corporate environments, where African drumming, storytelling, song and movement are all incorporated in order to create a sense of togetherness among group members. BeatFeet is delighted to be at this Better still come along to one of the year’s Summer Gathering and will be introductory sessions, they’re free and offering workshops throughout the great fun for children of all ages! day. For more details on BeatFeet and Jude visit BeatFeet’s website at or look for BeatFeet on Facebook


Growing Your Business According to Richard Branson, the greatest task for any new business is building the right team. “Every successful business needs three key people. The entrepreneur who spots the gap in the market, someone to market your product or service effectively, and finally a sharp finance person to keep an eye on the money. No one person is strong in each area and so you need to make sure that you find the right people to complement your own strengths!” Catherine Risman, of E.G. Group, has identified that many businesses fall at this point, because they cannot afford to employ people with the necessary skills and experience. She explains.

Key Specialists on tap “Bigger businesses can take the time to find just the right people, but younger, smaller enterprises have to muddle through somehow. In consequence they don’t grow and thrive as they should.” “That is why we have developed a network of key specialists who can

become part of your business team, offering the right level of support, whilst not draining cash resources. We not only provide the skills and experience, but have also developed some novel packages, where payment is based on success!”

Dragon’s Den Mark III This unique approach means that smaller companies can, for the first time, grow faster and more profitably, because they can have the right team in place. It is a new version of the Dragon’s Den, but we invest something even more powerful than simply cash! If you would like to find out how this could help your business then call 07973 841743 to find out more.

Bridgford Business


Karen Benson Photography “Mum to 3, step mum to one and married to Rich, I started my photography business really by accident. I’ve had a love of capturing special moments ever since I first received a Kodak instamatic when I was around the age of 9 or 10. For me, it wasn’t a love of the camera, or photographic process, but being quite a shy child, I found taking photos of people meant I could be involved with the events happening before me, with the safety of my camera to hide behind!

Love of Skye My love of capturing moments has never left me, but it was only after falling in love with The Isle of Skye,

and for the first time ever taking photos of not just people, but the beautiful scenery, that I realized I wanted to understand more about the technical side of taking a photo. I studied at college, and found I still loved photographing people, and people seemed to like me photographing them, as they started to approach me and offer me money to do so!

I continued my training specifically in child and family photography and found that as my understanding grew, so my love for what I was doing soared. I have now been running my business for nearing a year, and it has gone from strength to strength. I have enjoyed meeting so many different people during this time, and working with them to produce images they can treasure forever.

All Things Crafty is a textile studio run by Emma Learoyd & Jan Merryweather. From this quiet industrial unit on Crocus Street, (2 mins from Nottingham train station) they produce gorgeous hand made goods & run a variety of fun & inspiring workshops. Emma’s background is textile design, having earned a degree from Nott’m Trent University, Jan’s background is City & Guilds in Soft Furnishings. Their love of textiles & craft brought them together on a felting course in 2009 and they became firm friends.

Not Just a Stitch in Time All Things Crafty was launched in July 2011. Initially teaching creative embroidery, their workshops have gone from strength to strength and now there is a full programme of inspiring workshops including basic sewing, machine embroidery, felt making, printing fabric, soft furnishings, card

making, dress making, bag making and much much more. Their philosophy is very much about ‘passing on their passion for all things crafty’ and they love nothing more than seeing the variety of products produced by their students at the end of their one day workshops. Photographs of all their students work can be seen on their facebook pages. Their children’s sewing classes & parties are popular & if you like sewing but need company their Sew Social evenings are the perfect time to get that project finished with like minded company. Being a local business & both living in West Bridgford/Ruddington they love to support local businesses too, arranging meetings at Taste or Tiffin, buying fabric from Cowan’s, buying cards/gifts from living HQ or Daisy Daisy when they don’t have time to make them! Contact Jan Merryweather tel: 07800 546428 or Emma Learoyd tel: 07970 121955 or their email:

I was thrilled when my work was recently recognized by The Guild of Photographers, I was placed 4th in the people category at their Photographer of the year awards ceremony. This has given me an incredible boost, and made me want to continue to strive in my aim capture the most beautiful memories for my clients.”

Dry - whatever the Weather One of the editorial team here at TLTimes is a notoriously green and eco friendly person. Amongst other things she hates handing money over needlessly to the energy companies and so when she discovered a greener, more efficient and (whisper this quietly) cheaper, way of drying her clothes come rain or shine she snapped up a bargain!

“The first and only product to solve the problem of rain on washing day, saving time and worry, freeing you from the weather. Above all it saves money by not using energy to dry your clothes.

The website says it all much better than we can so we shamelessly stole their words and thought that you might like to hear about a little bit of British ingenuity!

If you saw someone using an umbrella without a cover you’d think them crazy! Why do we do the same to our laundry?

“Wind power without the turbine.


National Recognition

Solar power without the panels.”

Quite simply, it is a cover that attaches to a rotary line - then it lives on the line and protects your laundry from rain, birds and more.

Why Wait? Join our thousands of satisfied customers. Spring is around the corner so there is no reason to delay drying your laundry outside, where it should be! WINNER OF THE 2012 PRIME Award for Senior Entrepreneur & Best Product, from the Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise and Sage One Accounts tel 01684 575156 fax 01684 563240

All Things Crafty

A textile studio run by Emma Learoyd & Jan Merryweather Creative workshops for all abilities & ages including feltmaking, creative sewing, childrens crafts, fabric printing, soft furnishings & much more.

Passing on our passion for all things crafty • We also run creative birthday parties & hen parties e:

t: 07970121955

Crocus Street, Nottingham NG2 3DR (5 mins from Nottingham train station)

Local Activities Friends of Sharphill Wood


People with Poles!

The Friends of Sharphill Wood is a nature conservation group run by volunteers in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire UK. Sharphill Wood has recently become a nature reserve. This is great news for wildlife and it means that the friends group can actively participate in hands on conservation work, fund raising and reserve management. Rushcliffe Borough Council own Sharphill Wood and the Wildlife Trust are paid by the council to facilitate friends groups and maintain reserves within Rushcliffe. With their vast knowledge, experience and support we can work within a well developed and strong framework.

restrict access to certain points and to make the local community aware of what is happening so that they can get involved too. Other Activities That You Could Get Involved With Are • • • • • • • • • • •

Working with local schools to develop activities for children Fundraising Publicity material for the group Updating the web site Learning new practical skills Attending short courses in skill development, e.g. coppicing Monitoring of the wood (dog walkers) Surveying of species Admin support Litter picking Become A Volunteer

We meet once a month (except in August) at a member’s house and are always made to feel most welcome. The group is fairly new, we have been officially meeting since January 2008, although it has taken longer to get to a stage where setting up a group was possible.

Work Parties We Need Your Help! We are currently planning our work party schedule for the next few months and we have a wonderful Events Coordinator who is working to develop the upcoming work parties for the autumn season. We are also putting signs and gates up in September to

West Bridgford seems to have sprouted whole groups of people walking in a very determined way with a pair of pointy poles in their hands. We asked local Nordic Walking instructor Matt Tandy what on earth it was all about.

What is Nordic Walking? Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience. With a technique that is similar to the upper body action of classic cross country skiing, Nordic Walking becomes a genuinely whole body exercise that can be enjoyed at many levels, from walking for health to athletic Nordic running. More than 10 million people globally enjoy this outdoor activity all year round. And because Nordic Walking doesn’t feel like hard work you’ll be happy to walk further and for longer. Nordic Walking is a very accessible activity and something that can be shared by people of different fitness levels. It’s an ideal activity for people who haven’t exercised for a while or who dislike traditional sports or gym activities.

The meeting place as of 16th April will now be the Poppy & Pint Pub, I had to change recently due to the new tram work. The cost is £6 and I provide the Nordic Walking Poles (unless walkers have purchased their own). For new starters contact me in advance and I will do a forty five minute one to one teaching session with you, this will cost £5. Within this I will teach correct Nordic Walking technique. History, evolution and benefits of Nordic Walking both physical and mental. If people wish to proceed and take up Nordic Walking classes I offer a new starters package which is £30 for five lessons the sixth is free if they wish to continue within my classes. After that lessons are on a pay as you go basis.

You can find out more at: Matt runs classes here in Bridgford, so here are some detaiuls for you if you want to get involved. We meet at 6 pm on Tuesday Evenings and sessions last for an hour. Voluntary help is the bedrock of the any conservation project or group and we hope that this will inspire you to get involved and join us in making a difference to our local wildlife and community green spaces. Please visit and get in touch.

Nordic Walking Taster Session Our next Nordic walking taster session will start at taste café in West Bridgford on Friday 17th May at 12.30pm. That is where you will meet the instructor Catherine Hughes, who is also Director of Nordic Walking CIC. She will provide the poles, so you just need to be dressed for a walk. As a special treat and part of the Fiver Fest this will cost you just £5.00 The introductory walk will finish back at taste at around 1:45pm where, for the Totally Locally Fiver Fest, taste will do a £5 lunch deal of: bread, soup and a regular cup of tea, or a sandwich and side salad and a cup of tea. Booking is essential – please email or call Catherine on or call her 07940 575758.

All About Bridgford


An Abundance of Fruit - For Generations to Come. The Queen’s generation planted an abundant array of fruit trees that have given pleasure to and fed us with local fruit and nuts for 70 years. Those trees are coming to the end of their life and what better legacy to leave the next generation than a replacement that will be enjoyed by them and their children. People are often reluctant to plant fruit trees because of concerns about space or height, but these days there is a fruit tree to suit even the smallest garden plot or even a large pot. Fruit grown on dwarfing rootstock will give trees that can be grown anywhere and never reach more than 6-8 feet in

a lifetime while just getting better & better. What’s more you can even grow different fruit on the same tree! Cherries will also thrive in north or easterly facing gardens and pears can cope with damper conditions in gardens. Fruit trees such also do well if they are trained against fences or walls or grown as cordon pole trees so that even a small garden can have several types. Similarly these walls or trellises are ideal for growing grapes whether for dessert or juice. Family trees are ideal for those who want to extend the range of fruit & have more than one variety on a single tree to extend picking time. For those lucky enough to have a warm sunny wall of 6-8 feet in height the range is almost endless and includes,grapes, plums, greengages, apricots and peaches. The writer enjoyed some of the latter delicious crop of apricots & peaches grown in the heart of West Bridgford last September whose flavour straight from the tree is

unparalleled and infinitely better than those that have spent up to a week in cold storage before being available in shops. For those fortunate enough to have medium to large gardens then the range of fruit tree that can be grown if modern dwarfing rootstocks are used is almost endless. The Skills Exchange Abundance Group are supporting initiatives to plant more fruit & nuts and we are fortunate to have a local source of young fruit & nut trees & grapevines & soft fruit that people can obtain at reasonable cost together with a wealth of information available to help with planting & growing from Abundance Group members.

is made available free for people on low incomes & turned into scrumptious produce that helps people to shop locally.

What is the Abundance Group?

This year in late July there will be a Family Tree Workshop & demonstration of budding & grafting & how to prune to get the most from your fruit and people can have a go at creating their own family tree.

This section of the Skills Exchange provides a free service to fruit tree owners by harvesting fruit from gardens in West Bridgford. Owners then take what they want and the remainder is used to help local community groups

More details of how to book a place on the workshop can be had by contacting the Workshop Convener Flora Muir on 07757 892 399 or send a text message to the same number. Places are limited to 10 so early booking is recommended.

Fiver Fest


1. Honest-Inks Ltd (off the map)

2 Ink Cartridges for £5 Available for most Epson, Brother & canon compatible Inks Tel: 0115 8 375127

2 The Clean Machine

Dry clean 1 suit or coat for £5.00. This does not include leather. 83 Melton Rd, Tel: 0115 9811203

3. Taste Espresso and Eatery

Two home made chutneys (subject to availability) or Afternoon tea and home made cake for two or Full English breakfast including a regular cup of tea. Also see Nordic Walking for a special Taste offer 65 Clumber Rd, Tel: 0115 9817817

8. Heidi’s Home Furnishings

6 Glitter Glass Votives for £5.00. 5 Portland Road (Off Melton), NG2 6DN. T: 0115 8461083 E: Or message us at heidishomefurnishings

9. The Cycle Garage

Get a puncture repair including a new innertube for just £5! 128 Exchange Road. Tel: 0115 945 2790

10 Tiffin

Full English Breakfast for £5 normally £5.95 if ordered before 11am SundayFriday. 35 Abbey Road, Tel: 0115 9816224

11 Fuzz Guitars.

3 bottles of Magpie Ale for £5, 63 Clumber Rd, Tel: 0115 9822136

Fiver off any lead, strap, tuner, stand or capo at Fuzz guitars, 43 Abbey Road, West Bridgford, Ng2 5 Ng.

5. Hair Matters

12. Sosmoothies (Summer Gathering &

4. Clumber Road Stores

£5 gift voucher off any hair or beauty service on treatments that cost over £20. The gift vouchers can be collected from Hair or Beauty Matters, 93b Melton Rd NG2 6EN. Tel: 0115 9231275

6. Scotts Newsagents

“Breakfast Bundle” of: -Any 2 litre Milk or Princes Orange Juice -Any 800g loaf of Bread -Any 6 Eggs -Bacon all for £5.00 Melton Road Tel: 0115 945 5513

7. Isobel & Henry

2 pairs of children’s socks for £5 103 Melton Road, West Bridgford

farmer’s market 25th) 4 x 250ml smoothies for £5 All smoothies are handmade without artificial ingredients. Free home delivery service in West Bridgford. F/BSoSmoothiesUK Twitter-So_Smoothies Tel: 07528 963569

13. Amy’s Books

Usborne children’s books £5 instead of the usual £5.99 and delivery is free too for any “That’s Not My..” touchy-feely baby book 51 Gordon Road, email:

14. Mystique Nails

An Eyebrow shape for a fiver! 32 Gordon Road Tel: 0115 981 5872

15. Jolie Lingerie Lingerie styling experts

During a one-hour seminar with West Bridgford-based Table Communication’s Paul Reaney, for just £5, learn the basics of Twitter and how it can help you and your business to flourish. Date and venue to be confirmed (during the 15th and 31st May), to express an interest email

Cyber Fiver Fest A Beginner’s Guide to the Business of Twitter

23. The Fireplace Centre

that specialise in mastectomy, maternity, sports and swimwear all year round. £5.00 off bra purchase for new and existing customers 20 Gordon Road Tel:0115 9811812

British hardwood logs at £5 per net OR Pack of heat logs and a free pack of kindling £5 41 Radcliffe Road. 0115 9813670

16. It’s Brilliant Dry clean 1 suit or coat

24. Pathway2Healing

for £5.00. This does not include leather. 10 Gordon rd Tel:0115 9140013

17. Rainbows & Lemondrops,

Shelf of £5 gift and home special offers 17 Gordon Road, Tel: 0115 8465240

18. escabeche

escabeche meatballs for a Fiver (they’re usually £5.50). The meat is locally sourced too. Bridgford Road

£5 off all Reiki Healing, Counselling & Life Coaching sessions in 2013. For bookings ring 0115 981 3778 or further information ring Mark Halbert on 07843 081531. The Bay Centre, Trent Boulevard, NG2 5BB.

25. Mainwise Launderette

Dry clean 1 suit or coat for £5.00. This does not include leather. 191 Loughborough rd, 0115 9812358

26. Children’s picture books

Reeves paint by numbers 2 for £5 (usually £3.49 each) 18 Central Ave. Tel: 0115 9821200

The Grumblegroar and Sidney Sneed. Written and illustrated by Rob Hann and Howard Barton. £5 each

20 Alfresco

27. Zumba with Miss Gold!

19 Inspirations

Any regular hot or cold drink Toastie with two fillings or pizza with two toppings Shortbread Biscuit..£5.00 Bridgford Park

21. Rectory Road Fishbar

Fish & chips with either peas, curry, gravy or beans £5.00 Rectory Road Tel: 0115 9819352

22. The Health & Beauty People

Choose from either Evershield Aluminiumfree Deodorant or Aloe Propolis fluoridefree toothgel. 28 South Road. 0115 878 0806 / 07595 675499

Join the energetic, fun-filled, calorie burning, bum and tum toning Zumba fun! £5 to take part. Mon 6.30-7.15 pm WB Community Hall, Church Drive, NG2 6AY Tel: 07905274219

28. Taste will do a £5 lunch deal of: bread,

soup and a regular cup of tea, or a sandwich and side salad and a cup of tea.

29. Nordic Walking, starting at taste

(see above) Friday 17th May at 12.30pm. Instructor Catherine Hughes, will provide the poles, so you just need to be dressed for a walk. This Fiver Fest offer is just £5.00


SUMMER GATHERING SATURDAY 18TH MAY 10AM - 4PM WEST BRIDGFORD PARK BRINGING WEST BRIDGFORD TOGETHER Join us for our annual celebration of sustainable and community living in West Bridgford. Find out more about how you and your family can save energy, water, fuel and household budgets. Discover local skills, services, products and activities that make life easier and more fulfilling. Bring your family to enjoy the day Visit our website and see who's who this year.

For further information email us Go Totally Locally and help build a strong and sustainable community

Totally Locally Times West Bridgford Summer Gathering Issue  

Local community paper published in conjunction with WB Summer Gathering

Totally Locally Times West Bridgford Summer Gathering Issue  

Local community paper published in conjunction with WB Summer Gathering