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A Rewarding International Experience


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Perched on Canada’s east coast along the Atlantic Ocean, New Brunswick is the gateway to the Maritimes and home to some of the most incredible Marine Wonders of the World. Highways from all points in the United States and Canada join the Trans-Canada Highway into New Brunswick, making it an easy drive from Ontario, Québec, New England, or other points on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Of course it’s always just a short flight away.

New Brunswick’s Capital Fredericton is a vibrant, young culturally-diverse city where you can enjoy affordable, safe living, abundant recreational and cultural amenities, short commutes, clean drinking water, health care, and premium



You can see why the City was named “One of Canada’s Best Places to Live” four years running and the 2009 Cultural Capital of Canada as well as “One of the World’s Top Seven Intelligent Communities.”

People from over 30 countries around the world have been coming to Fredericton, New Brunswick, to study and to live for several years. Students seeking to study in a culturally diverse community often enroll through the International Student Program. School District 18 ranks amongst the best in the world for academic performance based on the 2006 PISA results. Not only can you receive a world class education and improve your English you can also have the added experience of taking a variety of French Immersion courses.

“ It has been a really nice experience. I got the chance to meet new people from different parts of the world and even be friends with them. I got to learn about other cultures and countries I didn’t even know existed.”

Vanessa, Venezuela

LEO HAYES HIGH SCHOOL “Dreams are the Seedlings of Reality”

LHHS Leo Hayes High School was built in 1999 and houses approximately 1800 high school students. It has a unique circular design and sits high on the Northside of the Saint John River overlooking the city. The school is located next to the St. Mary’s First Nations Community and reflects much of that community’s culture. LHHS is a great place to study.

“ I am here for my second year and I still find it super! I play on the ice hockey team. That was the main reason that persuaded me to come here ... but even for non athletic types it is terrific here because the people are so friendly. I would absolutely recommend this experience to everybody; you learn a lot when you are on your own, away from your family; it is a once in a life time opportunity.”

Nik, Austria


FHS Fredericton High School was established in 1758 making it the oldest High School in Canada. It has a long history of excellence in academics, sports, and the arts. It is home to 1900 grade 9-12 students. FHS offers a full complement of courses which includes science, technology and industrial selections. It has an exciting international flavor with a well developed ESL program.

“I am actually doing better in school here; I think one of the reasons is that you can talk to your teachers about all sorts of things (not only school); therefore you have a better relationship with your teachers, and that makes it easier to ask questions or to make a request.”

Florian, Germany


CNBA Central New Brunswick Academy is a new $15.4-million high techology school located in the Doaktown and Boiestown area of New Brunswick. The Upper Miramichi River area offers a World Famous opportunity for the outdoor sportsman. CNBA is wired wall–to–wall with the latest technology and is a “Notebook” school which provides each student with their own laptop and wireless access. This is truly a school for the 21st century.


SHS Stanley High School is situated along the Nashwaak River, 30 km north of Fredericton where one can enjoy fishing and canoeing in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. This quaint rural setting has much to offer students who are looking for a change of pace from heavily populated




prides itself in having “something for everyone.” It strongly supports the many school sports teams and clubs. A visit to Stanley High will show you what New Brunswick is all about.


CHI CHI is a member of the Canada Homestay Network Inc., Canada’s leading and largest professional homestay program management firm. Our success over the years is based on our reputation for caring hospitality, personal integrity, dependability and through due diligence. We have arranged successful homestays across Canada for over 30,000 students from around the world. When we select a host for you, you are assured of the best homestay experience in Canada. Our clients include leading Canadian educators and outstanding international student education and travel agencies in 35 countries. We are parents ourselves. Only qualified and responsible Englishspeaking hosts will support your student, just as they would their own child, as he or she strives to reach the goals they have set together. You can be as confident as we are in our hosts. We consider them family and trust them with our own children. Jennifer, Robin & Fraser Wilson CHI founders and owners

“ When I first came to Canada, my English was very basic. My family helped me so much with everything including my English. Now people sometimes ask me if I am from Canada!” You-Lin, Korea Toll free (in North America): +1-877-441-4443

The extracurricular programs are excellent, the school has a good sports program and the games are a big event where all students in the school go to, the school maintains groups of all kinds and you will participate in many events and meet a lot of people. Every start of an exchange is hard but soon you will be screaming and having fun like every other student... screaming GO LIONS!!!! Kenneth, Brazil

In the classroom here you do different things like discussions and field trips. I played basketball here, it was so much fun! I’m looking forward to returning next year to graduate! Mai, Japan Leo Hayes High School is awesome. It is a huge and well equipped school, and it definitely has the high school flair that we see in movies! …. My self-confidence has increased considerably, and I am happy to recommend this experience to everybody. Sarah, Germany

Everybody is kind and friendly here. Every teacher always gives me extra help. Fredericton is a safe and quiet city. It is a clean city with a lot of freedom. Kiet, Vietnam I can’t believe all the open space in Fredericton. I would love to do this experience again. I would recommend everyone come to Canada. Huan, China I really like this place. I would like to show all my friends this great country. Eu Gene, Korea

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada’s Secret.

Come join us!

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