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Need  Coffee  Advice?  We  Have  What  You  Crave!     That  morning  cup  of  joe  is  something  million  of  Americans  can't  live  without.  You   might  start  asking  yourself  "what  more  is  there  to  know  about  coffee",  but  do  you   know  what?  With  all  the  blends  out  there  and  all  the  different  styles,  there  are  some   things  about  coffee  you  might  not  know.  Here  are  some  tips  to  make  coffee  even   more  palatable  to  you!     Best  Coffee     Good  water  is  just  as  important  as  quality  coffee  when  it  comes  to  brewing  a  great   cup.  If  the  water  you  are  using  is  not  very  tasty,  you  cannot  expect  to  end  up  with  a   quality  cup  of  Joes.  The  best  coffee  is  made  with  spring  water  or  tap  water  that  has   been  run  through  a  filter.     Cold  brew  your  coffee  using  grounds,  water,  a  filter,  and  milk  before  going  to  bed.   Trying  to  quickly  cool  a  hot  cup  of  coffee  in  the  morning  by  putting  it  in  the   refrigerator  or  freezer  can  lead  to  a  watered-­‐down  beverage.  The  best  coffee  is  one   that  is  created  slowly.  Therefore,  preparing  the  night  before  is  important.     The  best  coffee  makers  actually  extract  the  essence  of  the  bean.  Drip  coffee  makers   do  not  do  this.  Find  an  inexpensive  French  press  and  taste  the  difference.  A  French   press  will  extract  the  oils  from  the  bean  and  put  them  in  your  cup  as  opposed  to  a   drip  coffee  maker  which  will  leave  them  in  the  filter.     Keep  your  coffee  in  the  refrigerator.  The  best  coffee  is  fresh  tasting  coffee  and   keeping  it  cold  is  a  great  way  to  preserve  the  freshness  of  it.  Simply  store  the  coffee   in  the  container  you  buy  it  in  and  put  it  in  the  fridge.  This  will  ensure  the  freshest   coffee.     Now  that  you've  read  this  article,  you  should  know  a  lot  more  about  this  extremely   popular  drink.  Take  the  tips  in  this  article  and  use  them  to  help  you  get  even  more   enjoyment  out  of  the  drink  you  love  so  much.  In  fact,  share  the  information  with   others  and  they  will  appreciate  it!     Best  Coffee  World    

Need Coffee Advice? We Have What You Crave!  
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