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LEED Checklist building integrated photovoltaic panels receives energy from The Sun which reduces fossil fuel consumption


bike rack

when The Sun is at west the passive shading fins & overhangs reduces the amount of heat gain that affects the residential cooling loads


solar panels

hybrid cars only


zeroscape for western shading. rainwater harvesting irrigation


E. Br oad

Stre et

E E storm water retention 8.



E handicap parking


1. entry/lobby 2. playground/courtyard 3. suite daycare unique units residential units mechanical/electrical room suite balcony E egress

enhanced natural ventilation through the living units & courtyard, allowing the children and the residents to enjoy a healthy atmosphere

Total points: 47 LEED Gold

E 2.

the storm water retention/rain garden prevents unnecessary water from storm water running off. This also prevents moisture damage and allows it to recharge groundwater

E 3.


“strength lies in differences, not in similarities�

Site Plan

First Floor


Second Floor

Energy Section (section A-A)

-Stephen Covey

Playground/Courtyard Mike Daley ARCH 301-08 Architecture Design Studio I Professor Cowart Fall 2012

South Elevation

East Elevation

North Elevation

West Elevation

Focal Residential & Daycare Center  

Architecture Design Studio I: Presentation Board

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