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Parsons The New School for Design ​number 15 the woman in the ceiling in 2009 an actor by the name of Joe Cummings uploaded a video to YouTube that gave at least 10 million people chills while Cummings is an actor he has made many claims that everything in this video is true and was not set up in any way Cummings had been hearing strange noises at night for several weeks and a lot of his food was coming up missing Cummings originally put the camera up to catch his girlfriend sleepwalking or simply lying to him about rummaging about his apartment at night the camera was set up in his kitchen and kept out all night and what he found the next day was truly nightmare inducing in the video uploaded by Cummings it starts off with the homeless woman dropping down from some type of vent or cubby near the ceiling that alone would be enough to scare anyone her thin legs dropping from the upper right corner of the screen however things start to get terrifying in a more realistic way the woman starts eating food and even pees in the sink at one point during the night Cummings gets up to get a drink and the woman darts behind a couch or chair to better hide herself once Cummings heads back to bed she continues her routine before hopping back up into the cubby perhaps even more chilling is the few seconds of footage at the end of the video where Cummings wakes up the next morning for breakfast and to take down the camera completely unaware of the woman as he lived his daily life Cummings claimed that as soon as he saw the footage he left his apartment and called the police who removed her she had set herself up a small living area in the cubby which was actually a small loft intended for storage well there are many claims out there that the video is faked it's still very unsettling to think of the possibility of someone living in your home without your knowledge number 14 screaming spirit in 2003 many guests staying at the Wingate hotel began calling in to the front desk and complained that there were screams coming from a certain room room two zero nine to be exact apparently no one was booked in that room so a security worker was said to see if maybe someone had broken in the security footage catches the security worker approaching the door and a woman screaming can be clearly heard he knocks on the door several times but there is no answer the security manager tells us worker John to wait for the police to arrive however the worker enters the room anyway after he opens the door the screaming comes to a complete halt once he enters the room a white ghostly operation can be seen moving from the doorway and then disappearing John reports to the security manager that no one is in the room but the furniture has been flipped and the carpet ripped up John urges for the police to be called even the manager claims to be scared before the footage ends there is no history with this hotel or even particular room being haunted before this number 13 alien abduction a paranormal investigation TV series from the late 90s known as paranormal borderlines featured a story about an alleged alien abduction caught on surveillance camera the footage was sent in with the letter that provided a brief explanation of the footage the footage includes four black-and-white blocks of video in the top right square of footage there's a worker who exits a gate of some sort in a flash of light and a camera glitch he disappears the tapes continue to run normally with no sign of the employee for more than two hours around 1:00 a.m. the tape exhibits the same behavior as before and the employee is returned outside the gate lying in the fetal position he pukes stands up appearing dazed confused and imbalance before he walks out of the shot the letter claims that this employee didn't remember anything about this event or even his alleged alien encounter but after the incident the employee did quit his job and move far away never to be heard from there after the episode of paranormal borderline also brought in professionals to examine the tapes authenticity well the pros do claim that this could be the result of someone taking advantage of common camera malfunctions those glitches are not faked number 12 violent spirit the happenings in this video are pretty self-explanatory taury the original video was uploaded in 2013 and it features a man walking down a hallway of an unidentified building as he is walking a dark figure appears in front of him in the camera's view the man falls to the ground and is drugged seemingly by the spirit towards the end of the hallway for at least two or three metres before he is let go and runs in the opposite direction he seems fairly confused and certainly terrified of course there's a vast group of spectacle is to be faked however many have made the argument that the way his feet move as he is drugged would make it impossible for him to be pushing himself it's a pretty chilling thought to imagine yourself walking down a hall mining your own business before being pulled to the ground and drugged forward by an

immensely strong force consider that fact that you probably cannot see the source of your attack and it makes her a very traumatic experience number 11 the tutorial ghost in October 2010 a man was recording a tutorial for his illustration class he was in his kitchen as to have more counter space available as he explained the different materials he was using in the background you can see a cabinet door slowly open without a sound by this point in the video you're not even paying attention to the tutorial as you're completely focused on the cabinet door and what may happen next the small door slams shut and the youtuber Ben iv2 is startled he turns back to check out the scene possibly thinking there is some kind of vermin in the cabinets once he realizes there's nothing in there he runs to the camera to inspect what just happened this is the type of casual ghost activity that probably happens to us in everyday life that we don't even notice number 10 baby watcher on October 5th 2014 a very strange thing occurred during a burglary in a Houston Texas a man broke into a couple's home to rob them however he got distracted surveillance footage from inside the home showed the burglar going into the nursery and watching the baby sleep he did not just casually check to see if the infant was still asleep he literally stood in place for several moments and watched he left the child unharmed fortunately but nothing can change the minds of the parents who were left completely disturbed by a man silently breaking into their home and watching their baby the man stole 60 dollars were of cash and also took a laptop you later dropped the laptop in the neighbor's yard though so this whole ordeal seemed kind of pointless in fact the only thing anyone got out of this was the couple probably learned a valuable lesson about protecting their family and more than likely invested in a better security system number 9 guy catches a creeper the following story was submitted to Reddit by user cool v in 2008 cool v purchased an AV transmitter and receiver in an attempt to get cable in his bedroom without having to pay extra to his company he started the process of setting the box up but was having no luck eventually though a signal started to come through a very grimy and fuzzy scene of a bedroom appeared on his TV he soon realized that the AV box wasn't even on yet so he was confused about the signal but continued to watch cool v told his family about the bedroom seen on the TV they all concluded the AV box was picking up signal from a camera set up nearby possibly at a neighbor's house the family kept an eye on the happenings until someone finally entered the room at 6:00 p.m. that night it was their neighbor and they all joked that the camera was probably set up for sexual reasons or to catch the other cheating however things go weird as time went on the family only randomly tuned in to watch the camera to see if it was still set up they found out the neighbors were having renovations done and assumed maybe the camera had to do with the team working in their home every day while they were out one day when watching the men work however a plumber began sifting through the bedrooms drawers underwear drawers and things like that he stood up and approached the camera adjusted some things then put it back in its place it was clear that this plumber was the one who set the camera up cuvees dad went to their neighbor's home that night and showed them the camera he discovered that the creepy plumber had set it up behind a device used to monitor water usage the couple reported it to the police immediately it came to light that the man had been coming to their street at night parking outside of the house and watching the stream on his laptop of the neighbor's sleeping or possibly being more intimate cool he explained that he would often walk past the car but didn't think much of it number 8 brutal officer shooting in January 1998 and you're Brandon with speed down the road at about a hundred miles per hour when he was pulled over by officer Kyle ding Keller as soon as he was stopped Brandon rushed towards ding Keller in an aggressive stance and ding Keller was forced to pull his gun he also shouted I am in fear for my life likely an attempt to warn Brandon he may have to shoot Brandon and dink Heller got into a heated argument of some short before bread and rushed into his truck to retrieve a rifle he charged that dig Keller and shot at him by the end of this bloody ordeal Brennan had been shot once in the stomach well then Keller had been shot a total of ten times Dan Keller died on the scene and Brennan took off thanks to his plate number he was arrested the next day charged without incident and sentenced to death however as of 2013 Brandon has still not been executed for his crimes when he was questioned about why he killed the 22 year old officer he responded I killed him because he let me number seven vatican ghost a 19 year old college student took a trip to europe and found some strange footage on his video camera after he got home and reviewed the memories of his trip while visiting the Vatican he had his video camera out to get a good shot of inside the st. Peter's Basilica and a few frames of the shot of bright orange or red figure can be seen hovering in the air it seems like a human figure wearing a cloak or loose sheet but it moves more mysteriously than that in a later shot the figure is still seen there but in a much lower location closer to the ground the student claims that he did not see this in person only later when he was going through the footage some people saw this as a sign of the presence of st. Peter or even Jesus Christ Himself will others saw it as a darker and more evil presence the truth is up for those who believe number 6 kitchen poltergeist the video of a very violent poltergeist was uploaded by user Melo bird in 2011 he claims that this footage was taken from inside his severely haunted home he would come home often to a kitchen totally destroyed he set up the camera to see what was going on while he was

away and he found something so chilling most of us would pack up right away but instead he stuck around to investigate and now has a very popular channel with a huge chunk dedicated to his haunted home you've got to be pretty brave to stay in a home filled with violent and spirits that are strong enough to throw furniture but he has done it for his viewers to be entertained and more informed this particular footage is a great example of just how strong and terrifying this haunting is in fact many of his viewers claimed that the thing haunting his home is not a ghost at all but a very powerful demon number five st. Louis dormitory ghost this is the type of ghost footage that could very well be fake but that you still shouldn't watch alone at night in your room staring at your lit computer screen as you fall through pages of YouTube videos but being the channel we are we're providing you with this anyways the original video uploaded in 2006 claims that this was taken by a camera left unintended in the dormitory you're left staring into the dark distance wondering what will pop into sight at any moment a female figure seems to focus into the shot it stands there probably staring you down or so you feel eventually the figure disappears real ghosts are not it's amazing what cameras can catch sometimes and it's even more amazing how they can make you feel number 4 attacked in her own home in Millburn New Jersey sometime in 2013 a father leaves for work and tells his family goodbye the mother has left to watch a toddler and infant as she sits down to watch TV her day is being observed on a nanny cam little does she know whose nanny cam will later aid in catching the man that breaks into her home and brutally beats her you can hear the back door being broken down before large man rushes into the room and immediately attacks the mother he hits her several times in the face and she nearly passes out on the living room floor as the man runs up the stairs just as the mom gains enough strength to get up the man returns and kicks her in the face and continues to beat her before he leaves the house he drags the mother and throws her down the basement stairs eventually she musters the strength to get up again and leave the basement she comforts her daughter checks on her baby and calls the police this attacker was found later and charged with attempted murder robbery and endangerment to a child the mother suffered a concussion and explains that she didn't scream throughout most of the attack because she didn't want to scare her daughter any more or make her daughter scream which could have led to her being attacked as well number three Jacksonville clowns in late 2014 there was a strange trend of people dressing as clowns and walking around small towns in California they'd walk around at night and be spotted or they've actually posed for a camera or in this case they'd be caught on home surveillance cameras the victims of these visits claimed it's probably just some neighbors having fun however the footage of clowns staring up at a camera from your porch we're tearing apart a pumpkin while glaring up what their clown face is still unsettling if you're afraid of clowns you probably consider moving because this is seriously creepy the clouds never harmed anyone and didn't destroy any property aside from the pumpkin that won't change how truly terrifying these clowns are though number two ELISA Lam the ELISA Lam's story has been popular since the day it occurred and there's a lot of lore creepypasta and conspiracy theories out there that try to explain the strange event ELISA Lam was a young college student that went missing and took the internet by storm police released footage of her in an elevator at the Cecil Hotel where she was staying as it was the last time she was seen and they thought it might aid in her being found the video is strange she goes in and out of the elevator presses multiple buttons for what seems like no reason talks and gestures as if there's someone in the hallway and even hides herself in the back of the elevator out of view as she is doing the see elevator also begins to malfunction either from her behavior or something else as soon as the video hit the internet people began their speculations as it is strangely unsettling not long after the release of this footage guests at the hotel began making complaints about the water supply when the staff checked the water tank above the downtown LA hotel they found her body floating a kid her clothes and belongings were floating with her but not on her an autopsy was delayed several times but eventually came back with the label of an accidental death no foul play from her behavior in the elevator possible elements of the footage being tampered with how she got into the tank at all why the search dogs didn't pick up the scent from the roof all the way to issues with the autopsy ELISA Lam's death has been a marveling modern mystery there seems to be no explanation to these concerning questions and the time goes on there seems to be no further breakthroughs in this case ELISA Lam's life and death has been the inspiration for many TV shows and movies in the past two years and in years to come number one nightcrawlers this footage is actually so weird and scary it's a little nauseating especially if you're easily spooked this is from a resident in Fresno California who noticed what are known as night crawlers in their front yard they basically look like a head that goes straight into legs and is covered in a sheet they walk very slowly and with wide steps they're also apparently very tall this footage is very disturbing with no context so have a look got an idea for a top 15 video be sure to submit it at top 15s net / submit be sure to subscribe for future videos thanks for watching SUNY State-wide Colleges.