R7HSA Head Start Sand Box Winter 2017-18

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Educare Symposiums are a component of the shared learning that takes place as part of an Embedded Professional Development model.

Shared Learning: A Component of Embedded Professional Development by Jessica Haremza Diop, Educare Director, Project Eagle, and Heather Schrotberger, Director, Project Eagle


n a recent Friday, teachers and staff members at Educare Kansas City gathered for a morning of shared learning from the experts, which, in this case, were each other. Two times per year, as part of the embedded professional development model at Educare Kansas City, teachers and staff prepare presentations for the Educare Summer and Winter Symposiums. All teachers, master teachers, and family support staff are asked to participate either individually or as a member of a team. Collaboration amongst members of teaching teams or various school community of practice groups is encouraged. Staff members submit their topics and descriptions a few weeks ahead of time for review and approval by school leadership. Presentations last approximately 5-10 minutes and must be related to a professional development topic from the past several months.


Region VII Head Start Sand BoxTM | Winter 2017-18

Educare Kansas City carries out an embedded professional development model. When intentionally implemented as it is at Educare Kansas City, an embedded professional development model assures that teachers and school staff receive ongoing mentoring and support, engage in reflective practice and supervision, and participate in focused professional development. In this way, the program can link gains in teacher practices and classroom quality and sustain them over time as a component of a reflective organizational culture. The leadership of the program protects and values time for the growth and development of teachers, recognizing the impact of this approach on children’s outcomes. These Educare Symposiums are a component of the shared learning that takes place as part of this embedded model. Each teacher and staff member receives a comprehensive professional development guide