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Men; can’t live with them, can’t live without them. This issue we celebrate the male form through an anthology of editorials, stories and of course, fashion. We review the up and comers of the fashion world Ophelie and their inspired new collection; peek into Dion Lee’s leap into the male realm and profile one of our favorite menswear designers, Stratus Carlucci. Just when you thought this issue couldn’t get anymore exciting (who doesn’t love cute guys in stylish suits?), we take you on a virtual journey around the globe with hidden travel gems by continent. Why not sip a cocktail on a mountaintop in Nepal, or take a hike on one of Australia’s beaten tracks, right from the comfort of your own lounge room. This issue, we endeavored to make sure to give you fashion, travel and have added a monthly psychology column to keep your brains pumping with knowledge. Our resident style gurus Anna Pappas & Hannah St James, walk you through the must have fashion of the season whether you’re a guy or gal. It’s all about style, and Promo is here to help nurture yours. Love Marina & The Promo Magazine family xoxo

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Wardrobe Must Haves For Men – Pg 9 Strateus Carlucci – Pg 16 6 Secrets About Men’s Sexual Needs & Desires – Pg 22 Interview with Gerard Geer – Pg 26 5 Most Influential Designers Of All Time – Pg 43 5 Secrets of Success Celebrities Live By – Pg 49 Best Places To Eat – New York – Pg 51 GQ Best Dressed Men Of The Week – Pg 53 Interview with Chrisina O – New Wave Art – Pg 60 Humans Of The World – Pg 70 Styled By Anna – Pg 76 Ophelie – The New Kids On The Block – Pg 86 Poised & Posed; A Models Perspective On The Fashion World – Pg 88 Psychology Of Style – Pg 92 Summer Beauty Tips – Pg 96 Round The World With Promo Magazine – Pg 102

A Change in wardrobe

G. Manzoni Clothing

Photographer: Dani Diamond Clothing: G. Manzoni Men’s Fashion

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GRAPHICS Timothy Elico Mike Suber



Hannah St James Scott Alden Anne Marie O’connor Adam Platts Anna Pappas Mike Robinson Marina Dojchinov Anna Aknar Sanja Sanjicka Mercep Grant Szuveges

Dani Diamond Vincent Farwell Brendan Voight Verena Mandragora Mike Robinson Robert Coppa

WARDROBE MUST HAVES FOR MEN by Hannah St James Regardless of your profession, body shape or budget, there are certain items, which no man should be without. By working to a neutral or universal palette and choosing classic cuts, you will begin to build a collection of pieces that work with many other colours and styles. The following is a list of essentials that form the basis of a versatile and wearable wardrobe. First and foremost, everybody should have a blazer in a cut that flatters their shape. A good blazer will instantly update any outfit, turning scrappy hipster into chic grunge, and casual daywear into a stylish evening ensemble. This versatile piece can be worn to the office, to a date, for that important interview, almost anywhere. Look for pieces in maroon, navy, grey, white or black for an eternally stylish investment piece that will work with existing wardrobe pieces, for example the faux velvet maroon blazer featured in here, chosen by Stylist David Chapman from the selection at Oxford, Canberra Centre. It’s one of the laws of the universe that almost everyone looks good in a plain white t-shirt. Don’t underestimate what this simple item can do to help your outfit look clean and put-together. You can wear it under a suit for a nonchalantly sharp vibe, with jeans, subtly referencing the King of Cool James Dean, or with anything in between. Leather jackets come in many incarnations, and it can be difficult to find the right one for you, however this absolute essential is worth any time spent searching. Aim for a classic colour in a flattering cut (tailored at the waist) and you will be able to wear it for years to come. Black jeans (skinny or otherwise) are a saviour for men and women alike. There are many affordable styles available, but if you can, it’s worth investing in a quality item as it will fade slower and last longer. Jeans can be worn day or night, and anywhere but to weddings and funerals. Black jeans add a touch of sartorial thought to even the most casual outfit, so take the time to find the right cut for you, and then never take them off. Everybody needs a v-neck sweater or cardigan, especially men! The V shape gives the neck and shoulders of the wearer a flattering shape and frames the face. V-necks look fantastic with collared shirts and have come a long way from their once preppy image, becoming a

wardrobe essential for the well dressed everywhere. Business and formal shoes are important and a bad shoe can ruin an outfit, so if in doubt opt for a classic style over a trend item. Ideally look for a universal colour like black, or a semi neutral colour like a dark brown or wine shade. A classic brogue or business shoe will be versatile, and leather shoes are best as they breathe, mould to your feet and last longer than synthetic shoes. If choosing an elongated square or pointy toe style, ensure the point of the toe doesn’t extend more than an inch or so beyond the end of your big toe. Suits can be expensive, so invest in a classic colour that flatters your body, and you will be able to wear it on many different occasions styled with different shirts and ties. The suit may not maketh the man, but it does make a lasting impression, so ensure it’s a quality piece. Another item that has undergone a massive re branding in the past few years is the humble hoodie, now the go to item for off duty business men and gym-junkies alike. Plain hoodies are ideal as print can look tacky, think grey, navy, black, white or maroon, and style it with your leather jacket for a modern rock n roll twist on what was previously exercise wear. Our undergarments can often be neglected; however cotton, wool, or natural fibre socks are an absolute must. Feet sweat cups constantly when in shoes and it’s important to wear natural fibres that will allow your skin to breathe while also absorbing liquid, and reducing odour.

Photography by Eric Piris Models Adam Aquero & Ashleigh Rumble HMUA Ashley Cirovski Adam Styled by David Chapman Ashleigh Styled by Hannah St James

Men Style Fashion

VOGUE A more respected man

VOGUE A more respected man

STRATEUS CARLUCCI by Marina Dojchinov

We were lucky enough to sit down backstage at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Australia, with the design duo from Strateas Carlucci. The brainchild of Peter Strateas and Mario Carlucci, the label has its roots firmly planted in Australia but with definite international acclaim. Finding early success from their brand Trimapree, based in Melbourne, the pair are known for there structural, formed and dark aesthetic.

M; So what was your inspiration for your current collection? SC; The collection is called fracture, so for us it was a continuation of our previous collection, which is based around construction and tailoring, so with Fracture, what we wanted to do was take that and dis-joint it a little bit, so there is a lot of steps and layering. So that was the inspiration for this season.

M; Your collection looked absolutely stunning walking down the runway; what kind of materials do you guys use? SC; We work a lot of with Australian Marino wool, lots of leather, which is a big part of the collection as well. You would have seen on the runway lot of incarnations of Australia, such as Marino wool in knit form, resin coated, Teflon coated. We love our wool, and we also use a lot of silks as well for those under jerseys.

M; where do you plan on taking the label from here? SC; we have been lucky enough to be showing in Paris the last for the past 5 seasons, so we are continuing to take and expand more into the international market, and just keep growing as much as possible.

Untold Secrets.......

People see you as being about 20% more attractive than you think you are.




Secrets About Men's Sexual Needs & Desires There are a lot of frustrating myths that get tossed around about how men think and feel about sex. By Scott Alden

We Don’t Actually Want Sex All The Time We just think we’re supposed to want it all the time, and unfortunately, this seems to be what women think too. It’s extraordinarily difficult for a man to say no to guaranteed sex, not only because it’s considered unmanly, but because women tend to assume that something’s “wrong.” Nothing’s wrong. Just like women, we only want sex... when we wantit. The problem is that we’re often terrible at knowing the difference between sex we want and sex we don’t want until the awkward post-coital embrace. We really need to work on that one.

Sex=Validation We’re racked with self doubt, constantly. We try to ignore it, we cover it up with obnoxious bravado, and occasionally, we actually try to work on the bad habits that are making us feel so lousy about ourselves. Mostly, we try to push away feelings of inadequacy because we’re afraid that we won’t be attractive to women if we present as anything but totally confident. It sucks. There is a moment, though, when the inner critic just has to shut his stupid little mouth and let the grown-ups talk. It’s the moment of orgasm, followed by the collapse into a woman’s arms. That’s the best.

It Is About Power The domination thing is no myth, but it’s not a scary bad thing either. We want you lost in a raging, out of your mind, forgetting your own name, ocean of ecstasy. We want to you to completely lose control and we want to be the guy who took it from you. But, really, it’s not about power ‘cause everybody wins, right?


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We're Distant Because We Care Sexual prowess is the Holy Grail of manhood. More than success, more than athleticism, more than witty banter-- if we’re not killer in the sack, we’ve failed as men. And there’s a lot of ways we can fail. It can be over too fast or it can take waaaay too long. We can be too rough or too gentle. We’re afraid if we’re too emotional you might assume we’re head over heels in love with you or, worse yet, we might totally creep you out. Worst of all, there’s the fear that we won’t get you off. While some women can orgasm from physical sensation alone, for many, it’s a more complex equation. Something like-- Physical Stimulation+Feeling of Safety+Feeling of Danger+Loss of Control+Power+Crossing Our Fingers and Hoping For The Best+We Have No Idea. We want you to have a good time and we certainly don’t want you to tell all your friends that we suck in bed. It can be a lot of pressure. So, sometimes we just pretend we don’t care and sometimes the pretending becomes habitual. Really, though, deep down, we care a lot.


You Probably Know More About What Sex Means To Us Than We Do Men don’t usually get the opportunity to observe themselves during the physical act of love. Women, on the hand get a first POV of what we’re like when we’re doing it. If you really want to know what sex means to us, try to let go of your assumptions and just pay attention, because...


=We're All Actually Pretty Different This is the biggest secret of all, because it’s not actually a secret. Everyone already knows that there’s no fail-safe formula for understanding men. If you want to understand a man sexually, you have to have actual sex with him. Lots and lots of times. Unfortunately, it’s the only way. Check out more great content from How About We:

By Marina Dojchinov Unusual sculpture with a twist, Gerard Geer’s artwork is simultaneously beautiful, macabre and challenging. The bones are real, the skin is real; his creatures have found a new beauty after the loss of life. Geer brings new life and new energy into animal parts that might otherwise rot in the ground. We had the chance to catch up with this deeply philosophical

PM; There’s a bit of controversy surrounding your work, can you tell us about that? GG; My art started from taking dead animals off the side of the road, and from friends who are vets who had to euthanize animals for humane reasons. The State Government Department of Environment and Primary Industries got a photo of my work from instagram and Facebook and told me that my work was breaching the law. The use of wildlife for commercial purposes is prohibited. I was told that if I didn’t destroy the art work I had created over the past 9 years of my life, I would be prosecuted. When I shared this on social media the story exploded and media from across the country picked up on the story. Through all the attention, I was able to come to an agreement where I was able to keep my work and given a permit but given a strict set of guidelines to follow. I am unable to exhibit my work in a commercial manner, and it doesn’t allow me to sell

my work, unless the person buying it has a license. PM; Is that just for Australia, or can you show overseas? GG; In order for me to sell or exhibit overseas, I’d need to obtain a CITES permit – a certificate for the international trade of endangered species, because technically all native Australian species are protected. PM; Walk me through the process of creating one of your pieces; GG; I started off creating Jewelery, there was this tame ringtail possum that lived near the family home and we looked after it. Then one morning, my sister’s cat caught it and ate most of it, leaving its body on my doorstep. I was devastated, but I wanted to create something beautiful out of the loss, and so I learned the process of preparing and

sterilizing bone. I used a process called maceration, which can take months to strip the skin and flesh from the bone. I then use hydrogen peroxide to sterilize and bleach the bone. PM; so where do you now find these animals? GG; Initially I would find roadkill and pick that up. I actually have a kit in the back of my car for this with gloves and bags and salt for preservation etcetera. I can no longer do this with native animals as it is against the law. PM; What sort of reaction do you get to your work I know that people find my work confronting – it involves death, it involves skin and bones. Some others see it and are fascinated. There’s definitely a range of reactions. PM; Are you a vegetarian as a result of all this? GG; I used to be vegetarian, now though I would consider myself a conscientious omnivore. I will eat meat from animals I have raised, and I will also eat roadkill that is suitable, I learned from an indigenous Australian in central Australia how to identify meat from dead animals that is edible. I have even taken Vegan friends out with me and they have eaten roadkill, because it doesn’t offend basic Vegan values and ethics. PM; So with your art, is it just something that comes to you, or do you plans series? GG; It varies, but I am working on a series that came about from a strange philosophical insight that a friend had where he found himself asking the question ‘Why am I so curious?’. This touched me because a lot of my work comes from a basic curiosity in the anatomy of animals. So I decided to do a collection of animals exploring different aspects of their curiosity. The previous collection I did was a number of trans-dimensional Shamans that came to me as inspiration while I was watching the solar eclipse in Cairns at the end of a four day festival. I tried to capture the energies that came to me when these trans-dimensional shamans visited me whilst I was underneath the totality. I felt like I was in some abstract space. Tears where streaming down my face but I felt totally uplifted. So there is a spiritual aspect to my work, I believe the different animals represent different spirits and energies. So I try to put them in different positions to represent these aspects.

Dominance by choice

Photographed by Brandon Voight @ Voight Photography & Design Creative Director/Stylist Veronica Maree Model Michael Chaffen @ Vivien’s Model Management Makeup & Grooming Danielle Murrihy

Will Be. Blazer, Tee & Pants Shoes by Fane Footwear

Will Be. Blazer & Tee At Cosmopolitan Cafe Double Bay

Will Be. Shirt & Pants Shoes by Fane Footwear

Will Be. Shirt, Blazer & Pants Shoes by Fane Footwear

Will Be. Shirt, Blazer & Pants Shoes by Fane Footwear

Ben Austin Shirt & Blazer Will Be. Shorts

Ben Austin Shirt & Blazer Will Be. Shorts Belt by Fane Footwear

Ben Austin Shirt & Coat Shoes and Belt by Fane Footwear Will Be. Pants

Will Be. Vest & Tee

Will Be. Shirt, Blazer & Shorts Shoes by Fane Footwear


MOST INFLUENTIAL MENSWEAR DESIGNERS OF ALL TIME By Marina Dojchinov In celebration of the male form, we take a look at the 5 most celebrated menswear designers of all time. Take a peek into their current collections, and see for yourself why we adore them.

5 YVES SAINT-LAURENT One of the most celebrated couturists of all time, Yves Saint Laurent has effortlessly broken fashion boundaries and pushed the limits of traditional design time and time again. Reaching his peak from the 60’s onwards his style has evolved, and yet he has maintained his image as an industry leader gracing the catwalks of Milan, Paris, Tokyo & New York. He has been credited as having introduced the tuxedo suit to womensware, and has been both widely praised and criticized for his use of non-European models during the 70’s and 80’s, breaking the mold of a predominately racist society. His designs are often minimal, simplistic with a monochromatic color pallet. The elegance is undeniable. Viva la Yves Saint Laurent.


PIERRE CARDIN Pierre Cardin has transcended what most designers could only imagine and in turn has created over a decade long empire which has put him at the top of the menswear couture lines. Hailing from Italy and growing up in France, Cardin has perfected his craft and embraced asymmetry in his designs. Credited as inventor of the bubble dress, his avant-garde style with the label ‘space age’ designs. Cardin has been a constant favorite in menswear and often disregards the female form, opting instead to add bold lashings of color, geometric shapes, and motifs. He has since branched out creating his own line of fragrances, and furniture designs which have gained popularity and a large cult following.

TOM FORD When you think of influential menswear designers, you can’t go past Tom Ford. His classic lines, minimalistic approach to style and monochromatic color pallet have seen him fast become one of my favorites with a cult following to match. After a brief stint as an intern for Chloe in the pressroom, Ford began his love affair with fashion. Before launching his own label, Ford was creative director of both Gucci & Yves Saint Laurent for over 15 years, and saved both houses from financial doom raising revenue in Gucci to $10 billion in the first year saving it from bankruptcy. Since ending his directorship, Ford has forged his own label to critical acclaim and has gone from strength to strength, releasing fragrances, eye-ware and unisex collections.


2 GIORGIO ARMANI With his classic lines, and tailored suits Armani has become one of the front-runners of men’s couture and ready to wear. Recently awarded the title of the most successful men’s ware designer to come out of Italy, he has made his mark with clean, tailored lines, and beautifully hand made suits. Armani was the first designer to rebel against the super skinny model ideal fashion magazines idolized, by banning models with a BMI under 18.



There is a reason we put Michael Kors at the number one spot on our list. This born and bred New Yorker was recently named one of the top 100 most influential people by Forbes, for both his acclaimed label and his charity work. Kors began his affair with fashion at a young age, designing his mothers wedding dress at the age of 5. His line of sports ware inspired pieces, are a perfect mix of ready to wear and runway couture. He bypasses the traditional structured suits, which other designers adopt and instead opt for pieces that can take the wearer from day to night, maintaining a sporty and preppy feel. Using a lot of grays, blacks and whites Kors maintains a momentum that appeals to the wearer sense of style.

5 Secrets of Success That Celebrities Live By

By: Anne Marie O’Connor

Yes, stars look great. Yes, they’re charming. And yes, they have talent. But it takes a lot more than that to have a successful career and life in Hollywood. Our experts evaluate five famous faces and the secrets of success they applied to achieve their goals.

Success Secret No. Celebrities have a dream.


Beyonce had always wanted to be a performer. That dream has governed her life, from helping her form her first group at just 9 years old to releasing her first solo album in 2003. “Successful people are driven, which allows them to make a total commitment to their dreams,” says Marc Fenton, a life coach at Empire Life Coaching in New York City. Fortunately, there’s no expiration date on aspirations, so you can follow yours no matter what your age. But you do need to set a specific goal and plot out the steps you need to take to achieve success. If you’re having trouble sticking to the plan, try networking -- both online and in person. A mentor can give you advice, guidance and feedback.

Success Secret No. Celebrities work hard.


Despite their glamorous lifestyles, celebrities actually toil at their craft a lot. “Many of them have workaholic tendencies,” says Andrea Syrtash, a life coach and advice columnist in New York City. Television stars like Courteney Cox often put in 18-hour days shooting. “But even pretty faces can’t just show up,” says Fenton. You have to be driven and willing to work hard to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, he says. If you love what you’re doing, as most celebrities do, it won’t really seem like work and therefore it will be easier to invest the time and find success.

Success Secret No. 3: Celebrities create their own opportunities.

Smart people pounce on opportunity, even if it’s not a traditional path to success, says Fenton. Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn’t experienced in broadcast journalism but managed to land a chair on “The View” after a stint on “Survivor.” Bethenny Frankel parlayed her role on “The Real Housewives of New York City” into best-selling books and a line of premixed cocktails, as well as her own series, “Bethenny Ever After.” We can learn from these examples. “Two women in Vermont made simple brownies that are a global sensation,” says Fenton. Shawna Lidsky and Katherine Hayward, co-founders of Vermont Brownie Co., may never have had a chance to be pastry chefs at a four-star restaurant (a more typical aspiration), but they found a way to create their own success.

Success Secret No. 4: Celebrities make their health a priority.

Sure, the main reason celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow eat their veggies and hit the gym is so they look great on the big screen or the red carpet. But Paltrow also knows that eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising help her stay healthy overall, a quest she chronicles on her website, “Like all mothers, Paltrow has a lot of juggling to do,” says Syrtash. “But eating well, sleeping well and exercising contributes to your mental health and helps you have the physical and emotional stamina to keep going.”

Success Celebrities systems.

Secret build


5: support

To find strength and confidence, it’s important to have someone in your life who makes you feel like your best self, not who you look good with. Julia Roberts, like many stars, dated a string of celebrities but only found lasting love when she started dating an unknown cameraman, Danny Moder. “She has said in interviews that they have great communication and that they’re growing together,” observes Syrtash, who has also written He’s Just Not Your Type. In contrast, some women date men who have big personalities. These men like attention, they’re flirtatious, but they may not be focused on the woman’s needs.

Where to eat 2014 New York City

The Platt List Steak Trumps Bolognese My portly pasta-loving friends still dutifully devour the mountainous noodle dishes featured at the nouveaux red-sauce joints that are all the rage in Italian-dining circles these days. Lately, however, the dishes they can’t stop talking about are the old-fashioned rustico-protein specialties, like bowls of tripe gently simmered in fresh tomato sauce, heaping platters of Tuscan rib chops, and classic veal Parmesan, served in great saucers under mattresses of melted cheese.

By: Adam Platt’s At the center of this Italian meathead movement, in midtown, is Michael Stillman’s new steakhouse on 57th Street, Quality Italian, where the menu features a startlingly tender, bone-in Tomahawk rib chop for the expenseaccount price of $42 and a delicious flap of veal Parmesan for two that is so large the waiters dole it out in generous slices, like a giant pizza. There’s also a very fine Gulliversize veal Parm on the menu at Carbone, down in the Village, although, in my opinion, the one dish that manages to live up to the hype at this madly overhyped, overpriced, faux-redsauce establishment is the excellent “mixed grill cacciatore” for two, which is hoisted to the table on a butcher board the size of a manhole cover and contains sausages, chops, and other assorted specialties.

I’m not a big fan of the way the talented chef Michael White has put together his helter-skelter global restaurant empire, but if you have the urge for a protein fix while wandering the boutiques of Soho, you could do much worse than the generously sized (and, at $61 per person, steeply priced) “Fiorentina” porterhouse for two, which the chefs at White’s new Italian-themed steakhouse, Costata, scatter with frizzled sprigs of rosemary and bulbs of roasted garlic. I like to order the excellent pastas whenever I visit the elegant garden dining room at Piora, on Hudson Street in the West Village, but whenever I’m in the mood for a proper feast, I’ll call for the off-the-menu côte de boeuf, which was dressed, last I dropped in, with an elaborate New Age hollandaise sauce flavored with rosemary and maple. The great canoe-size marrow bone is the dish my friends get whenever they visit Harold Dieterle’s slightly muddled new Italio-German mashup restaurant, The Marrow, in the West Village, and if you’re in the market for a superior piece of beef in the East Village, you won’t do better than the classic Red Angus tagliata di manzo, which the former uptown chef Roberto Deiaco cuts in tender, juicy slices and finishes with more generous spoonfuls of bone marrow at East 12th Osteria on First Avenue.

For the ultimate in beefy, sophisticated Italian cooking, I direct you to the sleek, matchbook-size new Soho restaurant Charlie Bird, which has been more or less mobbed with revelers ever since it opened, early last summer, in a tiny, pie-shaped space off Sixth Avenue on King Street. All of the rustic specialties on the former San Francisco chef Ryan Hardy’s unpretentious, user-friendly menu are worth the trip, but the dishes that work best are the old fresser classics, like the fat, milk-fed veal chop, garnished with wedges of lemon; the smooth, almost silky “Lovely Style” tripe, served on slices of thick peasant toast; and the large-plate dry-aged beef rib eye, which you can wash down with co-owner Robert Bohr’s expertly chosen Rhônes, red Burgundies, and Brunellos, all of which are available, if you’re in a parsimonious mood, by the half-bottle.

The 2 Best-Dressed Men of the Week: 6.1.2014

WHO Kanye West WHAT Balmain blazer WHERE On the street, New York City

Photo: Lenny Abbot / Splash News

WHO Frank Ocean WHAT Givenchy WHERE Charles James: Beyond Fashion Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

BLOW BLOW is a series combining upcoming fashion designers with the windy north of Vienna apart from the imperial boulevards and historical center the city is well-known for. In the suburbs there may be found some pieces of green as well as clean architecture leading to the simple but still opulent shapes of international brands. The network of Faux Fox represents in its showroom at „Lieblingsplatz Wien“ not only sustainable, upcycled fashion by MILCH, but also unisex clothes by Schirach+Rosenthal and the bulgarian Label RUSH amongst others. Looking beyond one´s own nose and going international is also the success of Sophie Skach: After studying mathematics (!) and fashion design in Vienna, she is now doing a graduate course at the London College of Fashion. Menswear seemed to be reserved to major brands for a long time – but upcoming young labels prove that there is a change and new consciousness bringing new ideas and shapes to the public´s awareness – even to the male part. Mind-BLOWing.

Team Credits Photographer & Styling: Verena Mandragora // Grooming: Barbara Maria Hutter Model: Michal @ Exit Model Management Assistants: Thomas Raven, Stefan Zamisch

Jacket & Trousers: Schirach+Rosenthal Shirt: ELLE Collection

Suit: Sophie Skach Bracelet: Vintage Jewellery (Frog): Claire´s

Jacket, Trousers & Shirt: Schirach+Rosenthal Shoes: Bat´a

Shirt: Sophie Skach Jewellery: Vintage

Coat: RUSH

Jacket: MILCH Trousers: Schirach+ Rosenthal Shoes: Bat´a

Sweater + Trousers: Sophie Skach

Sweater: Sophie Skach Ring1: Swatch Ring2: Thomas Sabo Ring3: Tuareg


NEW WAVE ART By Zoe Wise “Art is about expression, everything I feel translates to my art work�. Christina O. Proclaimed army brat Christina O is a self-taught artist hailing from Puerto Rico, and currently based in New York. Her emotive and beautiful pieces have gained momentum and cemented her place in the local art scene. Crediting her travels and family as a main inspiration, her paintings often hold political connotations, feminist undertones and emotive cultural influences. In her series Emotion she finds her muse in her own emotive reflections, which are often introspective in the world around her. We chat with this talented artist and talk about what inspires her, past experiences, and the issue of racism which is still prevalent in society today. Zoey; Tell us a little about your inspirations? Christina; Everything I travel a lot, I was an army brat, so I traveled a lot, every few years we moved around ad I would find something amazing, it can even be an ugly thing, I try to find the beauty in everything I look at, I like colorful things. I’m like a magpie, I like shiny things, whatever is pretty.

Z; I know you showcased at the RAW exhibit in New York. Do you have anymore exhibitions planned? C; Recently at RAW I meet a photographer her name was Rachel Klein she let me know ‘what the hell do you have to be afraid of ’ and ‘why limit yourself ?” I have been living by that since that day. I’ve been thinking why do I limit myself, and since then I’ve been doing whatever the hell I want. I am always creating, so whenever I have a free moment I paint. My mind is like a crazy colorful place. Z; Tell us about the childrens book you did a few years ago? C; A friend recommended me to the author, and it was called ‘ not just a slave’ and essentially about letting people of color know that we are from king and queens, and not just slavery, which is what we learn at school. That this is what happened back then and people from Africa were taken, but that children’s book gives people the opportunity to know that we come from kings, queens and greatness. It wasn’t this downtrodden event that happened, I celebrate my culture and where I am from. Z; I know racism was prevalent through the decades, today people are more accepting, where you come from doesn’t matter, but do you still find any form of that today, particularly in the art world? C; In day to day life absolutely for example me and my fiancé were looking for another apartment, and the lady was very short with us, and she was telling us all the bad things about the apartment, and we were like that’s not really how you sell something. When you first look at my fiancé he doesn’t necessarily look like a cop, but as soon as she found this out, she was like ‘ well you know what we have this apartment that just opened up’, so that could have been a touch of racism. I get things on my hair all the time, waling through the city one day, a guy walked up to me and was like what the hell is that. That’s my natural hair, its apart of me. I don’t explain it, but apart of me, is saying how can you be so ignorant and so small minded. In the art world it’s all very accepting and that’s the best part of it to me. A lot of things are like accepted. It can be the craziest thing on a canvas and people are drawn to it, its beauty. That’s what draws me to art.

Z; I know that you do have a young son, do you find that he inspires you, in your art and paintings? Absolutely, I let him paint with me sometimes. He is 1 and a half, and I wonder sometimes about him because he is so focused. He makes this face with people who are my age (I’m 27). Sometimes I let him paint on the canvas I am working on, and to me that’s pure beauty,

Z; One of your collections on line is called ‘emotions’, do you paint that as you feel emotions, if you’re angry do you go crazy on the canvas, sad, happy, is it all expressed through your art? C; Absolutely went though a really hard time in my life that I was living in Seattle alone. I was married and it was an awful time in my life, he was in the navy and he was away a lot. At that time I had a lot of sad paintings, and you can see the happy ones, but the sad ones are the emotions I felt. I used to work in customer service and a lot of the customers were really mean, and at that time I would just doodle, so a lot of the pen ones were done while that was happening. It’s pure emotion. I feel like I have a personal relationship with Karma, you do something that you know is wrong, and it will come back and bite you square in the ass. Everything happens for a reason. Z; Do you have any tips for any emerging artists, or anyone wanting to break into the industry? C; My art is from the heart and soul, when I paint something I am giving a small piece of me. My one tip would be to not become jaded by people saying what is that or I don’t get it. Your art is not really for them, its for you. I am still going to do that when I am 90. If I don’t have any arms, I’ll dot with my feet, you know otherwise I’ll go crazy and then what?

Polka dot trench coat by Topshop tank top by Cinch shorts by Witchey necklace stylist’s own shoes from Zu.

Tights by Blackmilk Clothing, crop top by Bardot, blazer, heels gloves and body chain Stylist’s own

Pencil skirt by Mischa Collection bodysuit by Topshop shirt by Sportsgirl vintage fur and jewellery Stylist’s own shoes from Zu

Crop top by Misha Collection, custom maxi skirt by Style By St James, vintage belt and earrings Stylist’s own, purse by Chanel, shoes by Zu .


We continue our global trotting trend, and take a look at what’s hot on the streets in Croatia, London, Melbourne and New York. Tell us what you think, and which city ‘wears it best’ on our Facebook page. aberrationspromomagazine

London Photo; Mike Francis

Melbourne Photo; Andrew Gotts

New York City Photo; Mike Robinson

Croatia Photo; Vedran Rafael Janic


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Keep it simple. As the saying goes less is more. When it comes to an effortless style it is vital that you wear and use a limited number of clothing and accessory items. Coordination and statement items that resemble your personality are vital.

Wear clothes that suit and flatter your body shape. When you understand your body shape, your assets and your flaws than you can really play it up, have fun and bring the best out of your body shape via clothing. Creating an effortless look is about exuding style and comfort. It’s important that your clothes make you look thinner, make you feel comfortable and in proportion.


Effortless looking hair and keeping makeup to a minimal. Hair must be well maintained, fresh and stylish without looking like you have spent hours of time and product on it. Make-Up should be kept to a minimal, natural, yet highlighting your best features. However, lips are an exception and can add a pop of color to an outfit by introducing bright colors.


Textures and prints to a minimal. Stick to your classic cuts, monochrome colors and styles. Busy prints and textures last for a season and outdate quickly. For longevity and style opt for monochrome neutral colors and natural fibers.


Confidence is key Above all exude confidence; looking stylish comes down to radiating confidence from within. You can pull of the simplest attire and look absolutely fabulous if you have the confidence to accompany it. IT’S REALLY THAT SIMPLE!


Photography & Editing |- Robert Coppa Š 2014 All Rights Reserved Dress & Styling |- Sarah Joseph Couture Model |- Showdear Buomb Galou, Chloe Nicholson, Rachel Fulton, Rachael Sowinska, Sarah Joseph Makeup |- Josleen Hawas, Elina Valttila Hair Styling |- Jessica Briggs

OPHELIE by Mike Robinson There are dark corners of Japanese society that few admit exist. The world of Hollywood knows, of course, but these are traditional social boundaries of which People Do Not Speak. I speak, naturally, of the Yakuza, the secretive outlaw Japanese gangs that are, according to literature, far more powerful than you’d believe. So when a designer draws their inspiration from this secretive and powerful world, the results were always going to be fascinating. ‘Memoirs of a Yakuza’s Daughter’, shown at MercedesBenz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia in April, is the siren song of Ophélie, the label by designers Sean Loh and Sheila Agatha Wijaya, 2012 graduates of the Raffles College in Singapore. These relative newcomers to the fashion scene cut a stunning show that had people talking long after the last model left the runway. I had a chance to meet the designers backstage for Promo Magazine and I was impressed with their vision and energy. Their statement couture was bold, exciting and inspiring. The immediate impression carried by Ophélie is powerful, almost masculine. The clear influence of Japanese culture is apparent in the beautifully embroidered jackets and coats. Their stunning goldon-black theme projects power; while the sharp lines and dark color palette are reminiscent of that shadowy world of the Yakuza. Softening the commanding lines

of the coats is a playful but strong lace component – a strong feminine undertone. This is a power-dress with a rich couture edge. Alongside some of the dark and powerful edged jackets and suits are an array of beautifully laced dresses, which add a sophisticated and subtle undertone to the entire collection. These are styled in black and matched with powerful symbols, from martial art black-belt inspired belts, to jackets cut with the thematic gold on black, the designs always return to this projection of power, rich with influence and success from the dark corners of society. A Yakuza’s daughter would indeed wear such couture; you would not doubt the influence of someone wearing Ophélie. It is not very often that a new designer delivers a potent and dynamic collection at their first self-funded show, however this is precisely what Ophélie achieves. These designs are beautiful, elegant and display strength of conviction in the designer. Mixing eastern culture with cosmopolitan design, they would not look out of place alongside some of the world’s most famous names in haute couture. We expect to see Ophélie again soon, perhaps on the runways of Paris, London or New York and we anticipate some big names seeking these designers to dress them and to design their next collection for them. A commanding future awaits Ophélie.


One of the most controversial aspect of the fashion industry would easily be models and body image. Yes there are specific requirements to become a fashion model but these vary from agency to agency and from client to client. Anorexia nervosa is definitely not one of them. To start, I would like to briefly highlight what Anorexia nervosa is; a psychological disorder that suffers find hard to control, despite constant whispers and snipes by there family and friends. This causes people to maintain an abnormally low body weight, generally through extreme dieting. Now most fashion models are naturally very slim and a considerable majority of us have normal healthy habits. Most of us don’t have to take considerable care of our weight (thank you goes to mine and many other models metabolism). So sitting on the sidelines and pointing your fingers at us and saying ‘you are too thin and therefore incredibly sick and unhealthy’ is unfounded and down right despicable. The idea that “thin sells” is irresponsible and not based on fact. A growing number of plus-size models in hand with fitness models are redefining and demonstrating that there is a demand other than “thin”. I would like to share one of my own personal behind the scenes scenario of this.

I was meeting with a designer for a photo-shoot collaboration. When getting changed (mind you I had no ribs sticking out and for a fashion model I’m quite large in the bust department) the designer (plus sized) told me I was “very skinny, almost too skinny”. I then kindly told her if she didn’t like my look she was more than happy to find someone else to her decline. Her rude comments and judgment didn’t stop there; she went on to other members from our team and said she didn’t like promoting “unhealthy models”. I was getting called unhealthy when she had only met me for a maximum of 10 minutes. So where does the entitlement to tell the skinny model/ girl that ‘she’s so skinny!’ come from? Did I magically forget what I look like? Am I supposed to say thank you? I’m sorry? Flip the switch and imagine me telling the designer she’s fat. Doesn’t really work does it? Now imagine me telling the designer in the friendliest way possible of course – to go to the gym, just like people tell me to eat a cheeseburger. Heads would roll. Fashion models we are just the coat hangers for designers. If they want a thin model they hire a thin model, if they want a curvy model they hire a curvy model. If you want to attack someone they attack them. We certainly don’t have to log onto a means of social network and be bombarded with hate for the way we look naturally. On an end note I would just like to say that the most important thing is that women stop demonizing each others bodies. There are many body shapes out there

and the “thin fashion model” is but just one of them. As a “thin fashion model” I find that it’s a massive failure that fashion models are made to feel ashamed of what they look like when they are in their natural and healthy state. Your normal is not my normal, and real beauty is EVERY single body type out there. Stop. With. The. Labeling. And stop telling me to eat a sandwich or a cheeseburger or because chances are I will tell you to make me one.


Do you want to be successful, rich and powerful? Do you want to dance with joy through Central Park, thrilled with every part of your life? Well, Promo Magazine is here to help. Reaching deep into academia, into the heart of the psychology of fashion, we now present to you the recipe for success, and the best bit; it starts with clothes. If you ever needed an excuse (unlikely) to go shopping, here is a gold plated, scientifically backed rationale. A growing field of psychology known as ‘embodied cognition’ is revealing that how we look to others has a big impact on who we become and how successful we are. It has already been shown that our posture effects our mood. We’re happier and more successful at life’s tasks if we adopt good posture but now, the power of science has found that ‘dressing for success’ really matters. Fashion is one of your most important decisions today.

Picture the person you most admire, the person you’d like to be. Really get that image into your mind because this is important. Look at what they are wearing, the type of dress, the labels, the accessories. Their Style. This is what you need to emulate if you want what they have. The science says that if you wear the same clothes, knowing that they are the same as your idol’s, you will feel empowered, and, spookily, be better at important tasks that could help you ‘make it’. Clothing has a nearly magical effect on the wearer. You’re probably familiar with the feeling of confidence that dressing well for work gives you. What you probably didn’t know is that this is working at even deeper and more powerful levels. Not only do you feel more confident, you are projecting confidence and competence to those around you. Most amazing of all, you will be better at your job, perform tasks more accurately, and have a longer attention span. This sort of improvement will get you noticed, and before you know it, you’ll reach your dreams! The actual fashion you wear matters though. For the effect to work best, you need to wear clothes that symbolize your goals. In a recent psychological experiment, people were broken

up into two groups, and asked to complete a small task. One group was given lab coats, while the other wore their normal clothes. The group performed best in tests whilst wearing a lab coat they were told belonged to a doctor. Lab coats are synonymous with authoritative, intelligent people, and so the experiment subjects performed more like doctors while wearing the doctors lab coat. The important part is the symbolic nature of the clothing you are wearing. Successful people wear clothing that projects success. They wear designer labels, they wear clothing that matches the style of their work. They live out their image in both actions and clothing. Psychology tells us that this styling choice is more important than you might think. If you want to be a star and think like a star, it will help to dress like one too. The science is in fashion is not simply decoration, it is part of who you are, and who you might become. It affects your mood and performance. What you wear today could change your life.

SUMMER BEAUTY TIPS by Sanja Sanjicka Mercep Summer is the time of the year when all of us want to be carefree, not burdened with heavy food, lots of makeup, perfect hair. We just want to have a nice tan, look fresh and have fun, just like girls are supposed to. We are giving you a few beauty tips, which will help you accomplish the look of the season

NUTRITION It is very important to stay hydrated as much as possible. The recommended daily amount of liquids that our body needs is about 90 ounces - food and beverages combined. It doesn’t have to be only through water, you can drink tea, but try to replace sweetened iced tea that you buy at your local deli with homemade green tea, or you can also hydrate by eating fresh, seasonal fruits which contain a high percentage of water. One more benefit that you get from eating fruits is that it can suppress sweets cravings since it has a high fructose level. Don’t forget about vegetables and light seafood

SKIN With the right nutrition, you are one step closer to healthy, smooth skin. Skin is the first indicator of our health and that’s why it is essential to pay a close attention to how we take care of it. Since the sun can be our best friend by giving us nice, tanned skin, it can also be our worst enemy with all the damage it can do, that is why it is necessary to have a good sunscreen. We need to protect our skin of sunburn not only when we go to the beach or a pool, but on a daily basis. If you want to give it an extra touch, there are body oils and bronzers that can give our skin a beautiful glow for those special summer nights.

HAIR Besides good nutrition and hydration, you could keep your hair healthy and shiny by trying to use hair dryer and other high-heat products as rarely as possible. Summer is the time of the year when that is the easiest to do, since our hair dries very fast naturally due to warm weather. When it comes to hair styling, the simpler - the better. Braids, beach waves, or loose buns are something you can’t go wrong with.

MAKEUP Summer make up should be minimal. It should to be light and airy, because your skin needs to breath. Due to perspiration, it is definitely not good to use heavy foundation or powders. Just a light coverage like BB cream or just a concealer on blemishes and discolorations will do the work. You can put an emphasis on eyes with a waterproof mascara, or just put a bright color lipstick and be ready in matter of seconds.

FEET Because all of us wear sandals and other shoes that are showing our feet, they should always look presentable and taken care of. Once again, our skin is the first beauty indicator, so make sure you scrub you feet at least once a week. With a nice pedicure on top of that, your feet will be ready for dancing all night long in your favorite pair of Manohlos.

By Grant Szuveges

It’s sometimes said that when you have seen one big city, you have seen them all. While its quite common to take a ‘Round the World’ ticket leaving from Los Angeles, stopping in Honolulu, Sydney, Bangkok or Dubai, London & New York, none of these stops are exactly out of the ordinary, these cities are simply the world’s larger transport hubs with convenient links to your next travel destination. Let’s have a look at a different ‘Round the World’ itinerary with some lesser visited, yet still popular and rewarding destinations with a little more to them than the usual attractions of the world’s largest cities:

Take an overnight bus from Buenos Aires to the foothills of the Andes and hire a bike to ride around the Ruta de los Siete Lagos (Seven Lakes Route). This route is a scenic one and passes through forest and past alpine lakes with crystal clear blue water! The closest place to base yourself before riding or driving the route is San Martin de los Andes, a fashionable mountain resort town (be prepared for possible snow). A little further south is Bariloche – the chocolate capital of Argentina. After sampling some fine chocolate hire another bike and ride the Cicuito Chico (Little Circle) which begins on the outskirts of Bariloche, with equally beautiful lakes and scenery as the Ruta de los Siete Lagos. The Lakes District is the perfect place for hiking, skiing, swimming, fishing, climbing and wildlife watching in Argentina with beautiful scenery all around.

Nepal and India are well known, popular destinations for trekking, yoga, meditation retreats, delicious food, temples, exotic clothing and romantic houseboat stays on lakes full of lotus blooms, however more and more travellers are adding a short safari to their itineraries to see some of the Indian Subcontinent’s magnificent wildlife in a natural environment! Chitwan National Park, a six hour bus ride South of Kathmandu, and Bardia National Park is the far West of the country, along with Corbett Tiger Reserve in India, West of the Nepalese border, are great places not only to spot the Indian subcontinents magnificent wildlife, but also to experience romantic elephant rides at dawn as the sun rises over the landscape. The high profile animals to be seen include tigers, Indian rhinos (not in Corbett Tiger Reserve), wild elephants, leopards, bears and the numerous other smaller animals including many species of deer, monkeys, wild boar and abundant bird life.

Once part of the former Yugoslavia and now states of the European Union, Slovenia and Croatia retain stunning natural beauty and extraordinary diversity for such small countries – and best of all, they are only an hour flight from London. The major romantic attraction is Lake Bled – a picturesque alpine lake with crystal blue water. In the middle of the lake is an island with a beautiful church as its centrepiece. Hire a rowboat to row to the island and climb the steps up to the church. If you are considering (or expecting) a marriage proposal, I suggest look no further than Lake Bled for the backdrop! Very close to Lake Bled is the majestic Triglav National Park with a range of alpine wildlife, including bears, lynx and deer. Further South, on the road to Croatia are Slovenia’s world famous caves, Postojna Jame (Postojna Cave) and Skocjanske Jame (Skocjan Cave) – caves which have no comparison, dwarfing those who enter them.

Once you arrive in Croatia, be sure to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park with its 22 aqua blue lakes connected by a series of scenic waterfalls. The water is so clear the large fish can be seen swimming from quite a distance. Head south along the sunny Adriatic coast either by road or island hop via the ferry, but be sure to end up in the walled ‘old town’ of Dubrovnik – Croatia’s premier attraction, and the town known as the jewel of the Adriatic. Of course there are plenty of other beautiful regions the world has to offer – these are just four of them. Others you may consider if travelling a route something like this may include the Bay of Islands in Northern New Zealand, Australia’s red desert centre, the coral reefs of Northern Malaysia’s and Southern Thailand’s East coast or the caves containing prehistoric paintings in Southern France – or, you may even know of some other lesser known gems.

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Men's Fashion, Issue 7  

Just when you thought this issue couldn’t get anymore exciting, we take you on a virtual journey around the globe with hidden travel gems by...

Men's Fashion, Issue 7  

Just when you thought this issue couldn’t get anymore exciting, we take you on a virtual journey around the globe with hidden travel gems by...