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design presentation

overall floor plans A



second floor plan



E first floor plan

floor plan and interior elevations – area A

floor plan and axon– area A

enlarged floor plan – area A classroom

floor finish plan– area A

reflected ceiling plan– area A

interior perspective – area A

interior perspective – area A

interior perspective – area A

floor plan– area B

floor plan and axon – area B

finish plan– area B

reflected ceiling plan– area B

interior perspective – area B commons

floor plan and interior elevation – area C

floor plan and axon – area C

finish plan– area C

reflected ceiling plan– area C

floor plan – area D

reflected ceiling plan– area D

floor plan – area E

finish plan– area E

reflected ceiling plan– area E

floor plan and interior elevation – area A second floor

floor plan and axon – area A second floor

finish plan – area A second floor

reflected ceiling plan – area A second floor

overall floor pattern plans B A


second floor plan



first floor plan


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