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A catalogue of the War of 1812 family of products

Here at War of 1812, we strive to provide you with today’s ultimate fashion and merchandise to make you the coolest guy or gal around. Amazing quality products are our guarantee. Look inside this catalogue, and JOIN THE WAR!


Going to the club?

Let WO1812 provide you with the sexiest dancing gear. Try out this hot mesh shirt the next time you hit the town with your friends!

Feeling more casual?

Try out these sexy War of 1812 Camo Cargo Shorts...or as we like to call them, CAMGO shorts. All the ladies will want you!

All tied up.

You’ll be the coolest kid in 3rd Grade with these totally bitchin’ custom War of 1812 shoelaces. Complete with plastic aglets!


Do you have the need for speed? Try out the sleek WO1812 SPEEDSUIT. Everything you do will be faster. Running, swimming, driving, everything.

MUST-have shades

Do you like stupid shit? Well, now you can look like Soulja Boy with a better sense of trendy irony with these babies! MUSTACHE!


High Security Protection

Keep your most important possessions locked up in these ultra-secure plastic “beach safes.� Stop beach theft now!

Hey kids, remember these? It’s called a mousepad! The computer mouse has to ride around on this so the ball inside has something to grab on to! Friction!

Give someone the finger!

Foam fingers by WO1812 make a great gift! You’ll really chuckle when you see this picture alongside the NEXT product!!!


Is your wallet not vaginal enough? Try these new rubber coin purses! Your coins will be safe because our lips are sealed!

Be the Highlight of the party!

This Tri-lighter comes with 3 scents from the War of 1812! Injun blood, gunpowder, and buttered popcorn! Your office can be fun!

War of 1812 family of products  

Within this catalogue, you will find the summer line of products from your favorite company, War of 1812.

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