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Monsters Don't Bounce and other observations from Stella Noelle between the ages of 18 months and 3 years

Stella to Gramma, while twirling from the floor lamp: "I have a story in my head."

Stella to nobody in particular, while sitting in her high chair mushing up the food she is refusing to eat: "Once upon a a little village...Stella and Gramma were having supper. And Stella didn't LIKE the food...."

Stella, after serving Gramma the Mama-Bearsized porridge: "Baby Bear...BABY BEAR...!!! It's LUNCH time...!" Then, after a pause, to Gramma "He can't hear us; he's too far away..." Gramma to Stella: "He is? Where is he?" Stella, after a thoughtful pause: "He's in the storybook."

Stella to herself, while organizing her new Crazy Crayons on Gramma's bed: "...and THEN...something HUNGRY came out of the water...drinking all the water in the spaceships...and then it BOUNCED away..." Gramma to Stella: "and then it bounced away?" Stella to Gramma, without hesitation: "Actually, monsters don't bounce."

Stella's newest song: “When you're snoring loudly and you're not awake you're asleep. When you're smiling and not asleep you're awake. But when you're knocking over buildings you're mad.�

Stella to Gramma, a tad disconsolately: "I'm followin' you..." Gramma to Stella: "Okay...but i don't know where I'm going..." Stella to Gramma, without a pause: "I don't know where you're goin' EITHER!"

Stella, knocking on Gramma's door: "Knock knock, Little Pig, knock KNOCK!!!!" Gramma to Stella, opening the door: "Well hello, Big Bad Wolf, what are you up to?" Stella to Gramma, casually: "I'm just blowin' houses down..."

Gramma to Stella: "Did you have fun with your grandpa?" Stella to Gramma: "Yes." Gramma to Stella: "What did you do?" Stella to Gramma: "i went for a walk but i didn't see the moon."

Stella to Gramma, holding up her stuffed yellow chickie: "This is a baby yellow chickie, and I know USUALLY what to name her." Gramma to Stella: "Oh yeah? What do you usually name her?" Stella, looking up at the ceiling and thinking for a moment: " about...MAX?"

Gramma to Stella, after we both wave our dandelions in the wind so the seeds fly off: "Did you make a wish?" Stella, enthusiastically: "YES!" Gramma: "Oh yeah? What did you wish for?" Stella, looking around and spying a most excellent stick, which she stoops to pick up: "A STICK!"

Stella to Gramma, standing at the fridge: "We have a PROBLEM!" Gramma to Stella: "We do??? What KIND of problem?" Stella to Gramma, frowning: "A man...a maaannn...a MAN..." Gramma to Stella, thinking that sounds about right: " We have a MAN problem?" Stella to Gramma: "Noooooooooooooo. We have a MAGNET problem!"

The part of Gramma in this production was played by Chansonette Buck.

Monsters Don't Bounce, by Stella Noelle  

a book of true sayings, recorded by grandmother Chansonette Buck, ublished in LIEF Magazine, a Lucky Park Production

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