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Ink Therapy Drawings by Gerry Zeck

INK THERAPY is an inexpensive, healing ritual I use to tap my subconscious mind, bring latent life issues to the fore and generate some wholesome, reflective and theraputic laughter. Inking sessions are easy to doodle. The sessions begin with a blank piece of paper, an india ink pen, and a blank mind. Thus, each drawing session starts mindlessly. The pen wants to move and (minus any conscious intention) it dances through right brain territory where movement is related to space and feelings. Some days the mindless pen creates wiggles, other days lines or swirls. But not to fear; india ink makes permanent marks that can be seen by others. Before long my analytical left brain recognizes something in the ink. Ink therapy really begins with the choices that follow such recognition. What does one see in the abstract? Really? And what of this sighting? Can we bring this recognition to life through an inky illustration?

The Hook

Nose Guy Froggy

The Gym

I Guys Saving

Monday Monday

Self Seeking

Swimming Hole

Pet Gather


Screw Eye



Counter Balance

Beach Walk

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Ink Therapy, by Gerry Zeck  

Gerry Zeck is many kinds of artist. Even his pen and ink doodles take him to places remarkable places.