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THE GREAT DEPRESSION By Michael Friguletto

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Bored, tired nothing to do. “John!!!” says mom. “What mom?” “Help me and your father work.” So John did what they said with no other choice.

John was in the 11th grade and his family is poor. He had to drop out of school to help his family. He has one brother named Tom. John lives in Striker Montana, the climate is very warm and there are mountains. He doesn’t have many friends, he has one friend named Sam and he is an age older then him.

His house is very small and he shares a room with his brother Which he doesn't get along with too much. He has a family of 4 including a dog named named Jumbo he is 5 years old. They found him wandering the streets so they took him, hoping he wasn't anyone's dog.

One day he was outside playing with Sam and a couple of his brother friends, which he knows because he used to go to school with them, and then mailman came. He left a letter at the porch. John walked over to the porch to see what it is, but first he went to go inside and show his parents. He opened it and it was a letter saying “would you like to

Comment [3]: fanningm: You have to begin your story with an actual scene: your character somewhere doing something. This is just a list of information. If it is important for your reader to know, then you have to weave these details into the action of your story. You can't simply just tell them at the beginning. fanningm: While you have started your story with dialogue, you still have this paragraph with a list of information. Your narration should not sound like your character is talking to the reader (My name is John, etc.) Again, these details need to be worked into the narration and dialogue. For example, you don't even need to say "My name is.." because the character's name was revealed with the mom calling his name and the narrator saying 'John' did as he was told. Does this make sense? Michael.Friguletto: yes Michael.Friguletto: thanks Comment [4]: fanningm: Missing punctuation fanningm: Puntucation is still missing. The friends belong to the brother, right? How do you show possession? Comment [5]: fanningm: came Comment [6]: fanningm: Is this really how people were recruited for the CCC? Michael.Friguletto: i dont know?? fanningm: That is why we spent two weeks in the library doing research, so that the details in your story were accurate. You will need to look this up because it doesn't sound believable the way that you have it. fanningm: I found this link to how men ENROLLED in the CCC: n_Corps#Enrollees Check it out and try to use the info to make your story ring true. Let me know if you have any questions. Michael.Friguletto: thank you !!

join a group called the CCC� ( Civilian Conservation Corps). It was a group that is going to try to help out and try to make things better in this terrible time. He had a decision to make either to stay home and work and work or go around states helping other people and getting 30 dollars but 25 go to the parents. So he thought about it and decided to join. He had to go on a plane to Alabama for the meeting. He doesn't have anyone he knows in the group so it was hard to get along with everyone, but he did. He thought the plane ride was good it was the first time he has been on a plane. His parents came with him because they are super super cautious. and part of it was free!!. The plane tickets were paid for. The president is President Roosevelt. The Great Depression is triggered by the collapse of the stock market. People started to lose their job, I felt so bad . Lots of people started to live on streets and there were places where they can get feed but have to wait a long time. The land and parks and other land spaces, they were filled with trash. Part of his job was to clean that up. he also cleaned up beaches . We also planted 200 million trees. People who had no home John and his group would take them in and let them work in fields and they would be able to eat and sleep on a bed. President Roosevelt passed some laws. It has been nearly 5 months so far and they are doing a good job working and helping others. It has been kind of hard but he made some good friends working in the field. He cant wait to go home and see my family but the captain said he can visit his parents next week.

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It has been 1 week and he is excited to go see his family. He got in a car and get to drive back, which will take pretty long but he didn't care. He finally arrived home and hisd parents were very happy to see me and he is happy. It was a friday night and he was eating dinner with his family and they were talking on how they wanted him to stay home and they didn't want him to leave and John agreed he wanted to stay to he has been with the group for almost 3 years. Saturday morning came and their family all had pancakes for breakfast, it was Johns favorite meal. After they were done eating John went outside and played with Sam, he has one week until he has to go back with his group and work again. Sam was also mad too, that he was leaving. John and Sam went inside and played in John's room and then there was a knock on the door. John answered it and there was a letter and he opened write there and it said “You no longer need to be in the CCC you worked very good better than anyone else.�. When his parents got told this they were so happy and so was John and John ended up staying home.

Author’s Note

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The Great Depression was took place in the 1930’s. It was a very bad time for lots and lots of people in America. The economy was booming, confidence was in the air. General Motors advised people to invest in the stock market every month and people did what he said. Everyone was part of the market it seemed everyone was tring to get rich quickly October 1929, the value of stocks plunged. People started to have no money. and this lead to the Great Depression. The total economic output dropped from $104 billion to $58 billion. A group called the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was made to help people get through the hard times in the Great Depression.Each state had a group. Trash was everywhere in parks and other land places. The CCC took poor people on the streets and took them in to work in fields that were filled with trash and were dirty. Then the people on the streets that got taken in, got food and a place to sleep for working in the fields. The Great Depression lasted for 10 years and times were very bad. A lot of kids had to drop out of school to help their family with money and taking care of the house. The president then was President Roosevelt. It affected people's lives by some people having no where to stay.

Michael Friguletto

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