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Samsung Galaxy S 3: Was released September 12, 2012, and is already considered one of the best phones on the market. It is in the introduction stage because it has just been released.

Kinect: Kinect was released about two years ago, and when it first came out, it didn’t take off as much as it was expected to, but now it is selling more and more and becoming a big product.

Cell Phones: Cell phones have been around for a very long time now, and almost everybody has one these days, even though there are brand new, revolutionary models of cell phones now, it is in the maturity stage because the idea of a cellular phone has been around for a while.

CD’s: CD’s have been around for a while now, and almost every body uses a lot of CD’s to play music, but now that people can download their music online and not have CD’s that take up room, has put this product on the decline list.

Myspace: Myspace was huge, just like Facebook is now, but when Facebook came it, it allowed more freedom than Myspace, and all it’s user switched over to Facebook, causing barely ANYONE to use Myspace any more, so it needs to be thought about if the website should just be shut down.

Product Life Cycle  

My powerpoint on the product life cycle

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