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Contents Brand Study : Indigo Demographic & Target Market Generative Questions New Concept Framework Concept Direction Potential Offering & Service Persona BeneďŹ ts User Scenario 01 Strategic Scenario 01 User Scenario 02 Strategic Scenario 02 User Scenario 03 Impact on Indigo Experience Today

Abstract “Before we begin, our team wanted to define what we are designing for, and why Indigo Books & Music would be the best fit for our concept”.

Why Indigo Our main objective is to design the most engaging user experience. And we wanted to work with a big retailer company that could project our idea all across Canada. To fully understand the minds of users, we chose a brand that we closely interact and associate within our lives. By observing our lives as students, we’ve concluded that Indigo Books & Music adds a great value to our education, inspiration and culture. It’s also born within our community, Toronto, Ontario.

Potentials As being the largest Canadian book & gift retailer, Indigo is a destination of all ages. It centralizes the customer experience & physical interaction between consumers and products. Thus, Indigo has a strong offline market in contrast to its North American competitor, Amazon, that focuses on the online market. Currently, Indigo plans to expand their market to United States. For Indigo to compete with other books & novelty industries, Indigo needs a new design strategy to stand out from the U.S market.

Brand Study

mission statement To enrich life with books and eReading, specialty toys, gifts, and lifestyle enhancing products that affordably offer intrinsic quality, beauty and timeless design.

attributes Knowledge, beliefs, behaviour, social group, set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practice


4 3

Curiosity to acquire a set of knowledge Pleasure in the process of discovering a new story Friendly space with patient customers & services An environment for self-love

Clothing Soft goods

Books Toys Soft goods Home decor Stationery



Indigo’s Current Demographic & Market



Books & Magazines Electronics Home decor Starbucks Kid’s merchandise & Gifts


Books & Magazines Electronics Stationery Fashion & Accessories Home decor Starbucks Kid’s merchandise & Gifts

Young Adult Books &Magazines Electronics Stationery Fashion & Accessories Starbucks

Books Electronics Stationery 4 3 Fashion and Accessories

Indigo market inclined more towards adults, who purchase gifts for their family aging from toddlers to seniors.

Generative Questions “Why do consumers choose Indigo over other competitors such as Amazon for books and Best Buy for electronics?”


Indigo offers both online & offline platform with an emphasis on the experience of reading and enjoying the culture. Customers are greeted at the door and the store welcomes them with comforting music. Some stores have pianos open for people to play, effort to transform the store into a “cultural department”. Customers are invited to ‘experience’ the products in their own hands before purchasing. The partnership with Starbucks within the store allows customers to enhance their reading & shopping experience at Indigo.

Indigo also strives as an educational playground for children with a wide range of books and toys. Indigo’s expansion into home decor, dining, electronics, stationery, and kid’s toys open up its demographic from infants to senior.

Indigo Books & Music Experience Journey Door Greeter

Display of home decor & kitchen ware

Piano open for public to play!

Mirror within Fashion & Accessories

Samples of Children’s Toys

Music & eBook experience station

Starbucks within the store

Kiosks of Book Finder located Assisting Indigo employees

Friendly cashiers

J o u r n e y M a p

Best Buy Experience Journey Enter the store

People at the cashier Displays of tech products Cold music, corporate like interior

Self directed shopping

Cash out at the exit

Less employees to reach out for help

Generative Questions “What are its strengths?”.

Indigo offers long-term customer engagement programs such as I-rewards program and Plum rewards program that offer customized selection of events, books and products. It also supports eReading through affiliation with Kobo on its online platform. Over anything, the biggest strength of the company is the fact that it has both online and offline platforms. It allows Indigo customers to have a physical experience of reading, shop for ebook device and accessories by testing on the spot, listen to


music, pick gifts and novelties and sit down in a cafe for further cultural activities. Unlike Amazon and many online platforms, Indigo’s kid’s merchandise attracts more customers because they can skim through the books to see whether the content is appropriate and feel the texture.

Generative Questions “What are its weaknesses? Are there any controversial takedowns?”

Over the pass few years, Indigo has been publicly slayed by the news & media a number of times. The Canadian bookstore was accused of copying an 1 independent illustrator’s work. Another recent controversy over its animal-allowing policy and its placement of Starbucks with-in the store at the same time regarding health issues.2 Its frequent event of selling ‘autographed by author’ copies of books fell into controversy when the company sold a large amount

of digitally signed Wayne Gretzky books that was claimed to have 3 been hand autographed by the hockey player but didn’t disclose the number of copies sold or returned. All of these controversies resulted loss of trust amongst Canadian consumers. Indigo needs a new activistic effort to restore a positive image of the brand.

CBC: Calgary designer 'sorry' to see Indigo selling very similar design 1


Co-founder of Fairgoods, a Calgary startup, that feels that Indigo ripped-off of their hand-lettered the word "Sorry" artwork, Calgary Herald

2 TORONTO SUN: Dogs in a bookstore controversial Chapters

GLOBAL: Books with fake Wayne Gretzky autographs sold by Indigo


Generative Questions “What service is within Indigo’s capability within the next decade and what value does Indigo have that makes the brand stand out?”

Indigo’s advantage of having access to customers online & offline makes their future path more broad than its competitors. The bookstore can offer more physically-tied experience online and more digital experience offline. If strategized right, the company can offer that no other competitor can. Indigo’s already established affiliation with its partners and wide range of demographic opens up unlimited possibilities for the company when it comes to cultural experience.


Our goal is to turn Indigo’s role beyond a bookstore. It’s a cultural lifestyle store that offers products that enriches the quality of life without excluding anyone on its online and offline platform.

Generative Questions “What activism work does the company currently promote?”

Indigo’s Love for Reading Foundation promotes literacy by funding Canadian elementary schools with the underfunding. It aims to raise awareness of the underfunding issue and provide educational literature resources to those schools in need. Indigo contributes $1.5 M annually to support and promote literacy to schools across Canada. However, it is found that the foundation is “not as charitable as it seems”.

The company is found to be not-so-reliable when it comes to transparency. Certain schools receive grants in a credit form and must use the credit only at Indigo branches and purchase books in their full retail price. There is no detailed financial statement disclosed to the public on the foundation’s website. Indigo must push their activistic approach of promoting as young generation’s destination for their education. CBC: Tax SeasonCBC SecureDropCheckout donations: Poor transparency about where the money goes



Indigo’s Direction “Predict what conflicts Indigo can face within the next few decades, involving new generations of customers ”

Indigo focuses its market to the adult demographics. Not only they have income but also they are much more familiar and fond of the experience of reading physical books over e-books. The overall experience of the store centralizes on the tangible aspect, which constrasts to the younger demographics, that are born in the digital era. Although Indigo is successful in today’s market, the emergence of the new generation bring a concern that they are different from the current target demographics.

It’s an obvious assumption that online platform will expand even more, and new generations will be attracted to doing more things at their fingertips. As the online platform expands and the digital generation of children become adults, who will come by Indigo? Our goal is to transform Indigo into a “Cultural Destination” for all generations. In order to do so, we need to identify the emerging generation and find a way to engage them to the physical store of Indigo.

Looking at who’s within the new experienece

New Generation, “New design strategy.�

A new generation has arrived. Children are born to an era where almost everything are digitized. They are more familiar with interface than a book and read visuals better than texts. If Indigo remains its current strategy, Indigo will struggle to give an engaging experience for the new & future generations. The new generations, referred as Digital Natives, are slowly distancing themselves from visiting Indigo for the reason of not being able to engage full within the store.

Our goal is to close this gap between the digital and physical world. To do so, we must identify the needs and wants of the Digital Natives and incorporate technology as an engagement tool to bring them together with Indigo.

Digital Natives “Who are they and how can Indigo provide an engaging educational & social experience for them?”

Digital Natives are in a lot of fun. Browsing through countless apps and getting virtual tastes of any experience at their fingertips. And that’s great. Except for the fact that they aren’t receiving the most and quality education as they in fact need. By observing the two maps, the digital natives aren’t growing with empathy and social skills, in contrast to the millennials. One of the most acclaimed education system of Finland, has proprosed to teach their digital natives focused more on the growth of the child’s social and empathy

empathy skills through play. 5 “Nervous about the automated future, some parents are pushing kids into coding classes. This level of enthusiasm from parents is admirable. Instead, researchers and educators argue, kids need to be taught fundamental skills that apply no matter which career path they select: collaboration, 6 problem-solving, and empathy.” Guardian: No grammar schools, lots of play: the secrets of Europe’s top education system, 2016


TheNextWeb: For kids, coding should be secondary to empathy, collaboration, and problem-solving, 2017 6

Emma’s Journey

Persona “I’m 35, mother of 11 y/o boy and a 6 y/o girl. As a graphic designer, I visit Indigo 3 times a week with my kids to get inspiration from reading art & design related books and magazines. My other interests are yoga, DIY and baking”. Home decor, candles, bags & accessories


Design resource books Children’s books, toys, American Girl

Stationary section on the way to the cashier


Picks up sweets while in the line and proceeds to the cashier

Children’s Journey “One key thing that’s missing in my experience at Indigo is an activity for my children. My trips are cut short due to their impatience of waiting for me while I read & browse around the store. I want my children to fully engage at Indigo, just like I do”. home decor, candles, bags & accessories


design resource books Children’s books, toys, American Girl

stationary section on the way to cashier


picks up sweets while in the line and proceeds to the cashier

Generation Comparison Born Into To truly understand the difference between the moms and the children within the experience, we’ve deconstructed their early growth & development tools which they’ve engaged with.

Laptop Intellectual


Video Games Smart watch



Early Growth & Development of Digital Native

Cognitive & Tactile eBooks


Artificial Intelligence Audio Assistance


Cultural TV

VR Headset


Literacy Math & Science

iPad Smartphone

Lack of Social, Physical, Mental, Collaboration, Empathy, Cognitive & Tactile

Born Into Computers

Visiting Friends to Communicate






Early Growth & Development of Millennials

Cognitive & Tactile

Sketchbook & Colouring pencils Video Games


Colouring Books

KIDS Magazines Physical

Cultural TV


Literacy Pencil & Pen

Board Games Scrabble!

Math & Science Story books Question & Answer Booklets

Playground The millennials used a variety of mediums for early growth and development. There was no way to get a virtual taste of an experience so millennials physically “experienced� it. Lack of convenience but more social interaction.

Interacting with the world at the early stage Develop Soft skills

Little less Empathy

Grew up within a community and having more human interaction with family & friends instead of screens

Cannot empathize with a device not yet. The best way is to play with other kids and to learn about sharing, turn-taking and giving.

eBook- Little less Reading Ability

Still Like Reading Physical Books

Kids on ebooks are inclined to skip the text and concentrate on all the interactive visual features such as popups.

Born into an era of the cross section of physical product & digital products. Still have attachment to the ‘good ole’ days

Natural to Tech

Adapt to Tech

Born into technology

Technology = Social Connection tool


Usually babies learn how to read emotions through their parent’s facial expressions. But their parents are absorbed to smart devices.

Like Customization

Born of the birth of Iphone & Instagram; expect customized and readily avaliable products


Digital Natives Individual

VR, Smartphones are individual experience.


Incentive to compel into action Expect to conform with their needs

Virtual Friends

The concept of friendship and intimacy is being changed. Studies at UCLA show that digital bonding is considerably less than real face-to-face interaction.

Stay Indoor

More children are playing inside and are attached to devices, computers, and video games. According to the UK government, about 33% of boys are not getting the recommended daily hour of exercise.

Encouraged to grow with technology

Parents’ favourite parenting tool is iPad. It’s their ultimate helper to raise Digtial Natives. They stream videos, animations, games and other education tools on smart devices, making technology and the Digital Natives inseparable.

What experience are they ready to engage with?


More Face-to-Face

Interaction with parents & friends as growing up in a less techy-world

Strong sense of Community Both local and global scale. Likes to focus on larger social needs.


Millennials are team-oriented, enjoy collaborating and building friendships with colleagues. Also most of today’s job consists collaboration.

Grew up Outdoor

Born into playing tag on the playground & other physical activities.

Salesfore: 10 Traits to Prepare you for Generation Z 7

Forbes: 8 Ways Generation Z Will Differ From Millennials In The Workplace, 2017


LifeHack: 12 Things That Happened To The Kids Growing Up In The Digital Age, 2017


Discourged to grow with technology

Having Baby boomer parents, millennials grew up to consider technology as a distraction for children and didn’t rely heavily on raising the millennials with technology.

Mashable: I’m a Millennial, and I will never give up reading real books, 2016


Deloitte: The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 2017


LuckyAttitude: The List of Millennial Characteristics, 2016


Insights “What experiences are the young generations ready to engage with?”

Indigo’s experience is geared more towards the millennials, who loves reading (both physical and digital), having more face to face interaction with people, especially, young adults who easily are able to find their own interest and engage with a variety of Indigo’s products. On the other hand, Indigo does not provide the experience that attract digital natives. Although their product is attractive, the general experience of being dragged with parents to sections other then Children’s section is a

unexciting and tiredsome journey for them within the store. Thus, Digital Natives need a much more engaging and personalized experience at Indigo.

Translating Insights into Opportunities

From analyzing Digital Native’s desires of interaction and developmental needs, we’ve identified three opportunity areas for the new strategy. By fostering a more collaborative experience, children will be able to fulfill their developmental needs of growing empathy and learn to have more face-to-face interactions with each other.

Key trends of technology must be involved within this experience, as it will be a vital component to fully engage the Digital Natives through the experience of the new strategy. Most importantly, as a retailer, Indigo must implement the new strategy with their current and future products & services to maintain their strong positive image as well as establishing Indigo as a cultural destination for all current and upcoming generations.



Cognitive / Tactile Development

Physical Interaction



iPad Wants

Mental Growth







Experience for Digital Natives at Indigo

Home decors of cushions & ornaments

Grow social skills

Learn from each other


Collaborative Activity


Engaging Tool of Technology Grow Empathy Value in doing things together

For fast engagement, customization, convenience

Shared experience, not individual

Familiarity for Digital Natives

Relation to the Indigo’s products & services

Kobo products


Toys within the play area

Indigo’s Digital Sandbox “What is it and how does it work?”

Remember the good ole’ days where we used to play inside the sandbox, building sand castles? Well, kids aren‘t doing that anymore. They are at home, with their smart devices. What does this tell us about the next few decades to come for the retailers? Sandbox, by definition is not only a box filled with sand for children to play in, but it also means a virtual space in which new or untested software can be run securely. This is our sandbox project: Design strategy for Indigo Books & Music to be successful in the upcoming generations.


Indigo’s Digital Sandbox aims to create a social & digital playground for the generations born in the digital era. It will conduct plays using technology to make children more engaged while helping them gain more social experience which they are missing out. Instead of using technology such as iPad & smartphone as an individual experience, Indigo’s Digital Sandbox encourages technology to become a collaborative & social experience for the emerging generations born in digital era.

Digital Sandbox Attribute “What is the environment of Indigo’s Digital Sandbox like?”

Atmosphere Engaging Simple Playful Welcoming Value Freedom Collaboration Collectiveness Leadership To learn about the world To learn about themselves

Function Educational Playground Hangout space Care zone for parents that are shopping Sales Promotion ground Goals Promote the idea of “being in the present” Bridging physical and digital world Engage and educate 1

Possibilities Board Games Fun activities involving VR

Within Digital Sandbox “What is involved within Indigo’s Digital Sandbox and how can children benefit from this service?”

Where kids are involved requires a high level of trust. Indigo builds on the value with their customers by creating a safe educational and social space. By providing designated, monitored space for children, parents and guardians can leisurely browse the store for their own cultural experience. At the same time, the service strongly appeals to the need of physical, experiential learning and maintains its stand as a cultural department with concrete experience apart from those in digital form.

The physical and cultural engagement at early age also ensures that the brand secures the demographic with its positive brand characteristic.

Activity within Indigo Kid’s Sandbox

Ice Breaker Bands

Indigo Digital Sandbox Kiosk

Tap Plum rewards card to the kiosk Set up facial ID (optional) for convenience of the next visit

Register child’s basic information (age, interest, books)

LED band dispensed Wear the LED band & enter Approach to other children

Identify someone whose band lights up together

Make friends!

Start a conversation & identify what they have in common

“Services within Indigo’s Digital Sandbox”

Remember how difficult to it was to make friends on the first day of school? But when you have something common with someone else, you immediately opened your mind? Indigo’s Digital Sandbox presents the most effortless social experience starting from their first visit. The gap between millennial and digital native’s early learning is social growth. Digital Natives spend more time engaging with interfaces rather than face-to-face interaction, resulting a slower development of social skills.

Indigo’s Digital Sandbox invites Digital Natives to a space where they can have a face-to-face interaction with each other. Because talking to a stranger is difficult especially for the Digital Natives, Digital Sandbox will help them to connect easily using a wearable technology, which they are so natural with.

Scenario: Ice Breaker “Attract”

Emma and her 6 years old son, Josee, are at Indigo to get a birthday card. Emma sees a group children through the glass across the card section, who are having so much fun together, giggling and running around, unlike Josee who sits in the corner alone playing a game with Emma’s smartphone.

Indigo promotes the opening of Digital Sandbox as a welcoming, safe, fun, learning, social space for kids. There are cushions and blankets from its home decor department, toys and selected books from kid’s department with soft music playing in the background.

Welcome to Indigo’s Digital Sandbox!

Name Age Gender Interest Superhero Book School

Scenario: Ice Breaker “Enter”


9 Boy


Games on iPad VR iPad LEGO Batman Hungry Caterpillar Lester Elementary


# # # # #

Emma approaches the Digital Sandbox kiosk and scans her Plum rewards card. The kiosk prompts Emma to set up Josee’s profile of basic information and his interest to tailor his experience at the cafe. After completing the registration, Josee receives a LED band to put on his arm and Emma earns 500 Plum rewards points.

As kids come to the Digital Sandbox, they are asked to fill out their information such as age group, interest, favourite book and superhero . They’re given a bracelet with data of their registered information. The information can be entered and checked at the kiosk and also be read with a few designated devices within the cafe.

Scenario: Ice Breaker “Engage”

Josee enters the Digital Sandbox filled with children of his age engaging in different activities. Since Josee doesn’t know anybody, he wanders around the play area alone. Then, Josee’s LED wrist band lights up as he comes in contact with Noah who goes to the same preschool and loves Batman.


They see their LED bands responding to each other and ‘woah’ at the same time. They start mingling together playing with superhero toys around the cafe.

Since the Digital Natives love technology and need more face-to-face interaction, the Ice Breaker LED band helps them to naturally connect to one another using their data. Together, kids are invited to participate in various activities within the cafe and build stronger social skills.

Josee, Thanks for visiting Indigo’s Digital Sandbox!

Scenario: Ice Breaker “Exit”

what did you do today? other how was your experience? 10





Get Rewards!


It’s almost 5pm and Emma has to leave home for dinner. Emma sees Josee unwillingly says farewell to Noah. Both return the LED bands at the kiosk and rate their experience at the Digital Sandbox - 10/10.

As their parents finish shopping at Indigo and picks them up, they end their experience and it is saved into their account to be applied to improve users’ future experience at their next visit.

Scenario: Ice Breaker “Extend”

Emma and Josee walk back home Helping children have a more and Josee already misses playing natural and seamless social bond has never been this easy. with Noah. The two had so much in common and connected so well. Emma also had a great time enjoying her personal journey of shopping and reading at Indigo. Emma’s so happy that Josee was able to gain emotional & physical bond which Josee lacked of. Josee asked Emma if he can go to the Digital Sandbox again after school and Emma happily agreed.

Through Ice Breaker LED band, children are able to develop the fundamental skills of sharing, turn taking and giving, much beyond what technology offers.

Indigo app alerts on a smart device

Explorer Night

List of events, discount offered

Josee, you have


attend tonight’s event for an upgrade

Rewards points used for purchasing the exclusive tickets

Enjoy the virtual journey via VR headset

Event Ticket Purchased

“Digital Sandbox Cultural Event of a Virtual theatre that children enjoy together”

Explorer Night

500points Details

Friends get FREE admission

Virtual journey together, instead alone at home

Invite friends via smart device

Collect reward points!

Double children’s experience by joining fun virtual journeys together with friends! Explorer Night is an exclusive VR event held under different themes that relates to Indigo’s bestselling Children’s books. Digital Natives have the ability to own a VR headset. However, it is an individual experience, that isolates the user.

At the Digital Sandbox, children can maximize their experience together. Explorer Night is a cultural event of a virtual journey. The more friends the user invites, the more reward points that the user collects and free tickets for the invited friends! - we don’t want the friend to not be able to participate because of not event rewards points. The more the merrier!

Happily exit the Digital Sandbox together!

Scenario: Explorer Night “Anticipation to visit Indigo’s Digital Sandbox”


upgrade your Indigo Pass by attending tonight’s Explorer Night!

Indigo sends out invitation via email & app to relevant Indigo customers (based on their indication of interest). The He’s been looking forward to invitation shows the theme of upgrading his Indigo Card Pass to the event along with closest hosting locations, duration of the the Bracelet Pass. event, and offered services. Johnny’s been nagging his mom all afternoon to drive him to attend tonight’s Explorer Night. It’s Tuesday night, movie tickets are half off but Johnny wants to do something else instead.

Scenario: Explorer Night


“Rewards Points as Digital Natives’ Wallet system”

you have



attend tonight’s event for an upgrade

“Come on mom, please! Can we please go?”

Explorer Night

500points Details

“Honey we went last week. Do you want to go see a movie instead? We can bring Justin too.” “Movies are so boring, I’m just watching a flat screen it doesn’t feel like I’m inside the movie! I won a free Explorer’s pass last week when we answered the Puzzle of the Night correctly. I want to upgrade our card pass to a bracelet badge! It’s going to be so awesome when I show everyone at school tomorrow!”

As kids come in with their parent(s), their admission is processed automatically as they log into their account. Explorer Night has one collaborative theme and kids are offered different activities under the theme.

Tonight’s Exploration

...Invitation to Batman’s Cave Are you ready for the spooky adventure? Come if you dare.

Register & Upgrade

Scenario: Explorer Night “Rewards system as Children’s Wallet & the value of Digital Sandbox as a shared experience ”

“I thought you wanted to save that pass until your birthday to retrieve the prize you’ve been wanting?”

Kids are welcomed to use their rewards points towards different activities provided at Indigo’s Digital Sandbox.

“Yeah I’ve thought about that but I just have so much fun at every Explorer Night and I can earn more points before my birthday!

Some of the kids come with friends and choose to participate activities together.

So mom please? I got an alert on my pass saying we are exploring the bat’s cave tonight. We were just learning that in science class yesterday, I bet a bunch of my classmates are going to be there!”

Scenario: Explorer Night

See you tonight!

“On my way! Shared experience between Digital Natives”

Josee, double the fun by inviting your friends!

Justin Invite & Alert

Johnny invited you!

Invitation to Batman’s Cave On My Way! Sorry, I can’t

After registration, Johnny invites Justin, his best friend to the event. Because Justin is an Indigo member and have participated in a different event together, he was on Johnny’s friends list. Justin saw an invitation on his app, asking if he want to join tonight’s Explorer event with Johnny. Justin thought back to their conversation at school today, excitment doesn’t begin to explain his mood right now. Justin also responded, “On My Way!”

With the continuous development of technology, Digital Natives and the following generations will have a simplified technology that seamlessly connect each other. Indigo’s Digital Sandbox welcomes new children to join and enables to send invitations to friends over a simple application. The purpose of the Explorer Night is to transform the invidual experience of VR headset to being a shared experience with friends. Enjoy together!

Scenario: Explorer Night “Incentive for further education among Digital Natives”

Johnny and Justin meet at the kiosk and scan their faces for facial ID check-in for tonight’s event.

Resources engaged in the experience is documented to the child’s account for further development in interested area.

Both are given VR headsets to explore the batman’s cave. Not only the exploration teaches them about bats which they love, but also it’s so much fun exploring the cave together!

The data is also used to show related or suggestive books, toys, gifts for others to reference during gift giving seasons.

The fact that Indigo caters popular topic that children learn at school is a big incentive for children and parents to visit Indigo’s Digital Sandbox more often.

Book Holo-Play via Indigo App


Arrive at Indigo’s Digital Sandbox & Check in Narration starts by the AI voice

Enter the Holo-Play room

Role Play begin Children Play their role! Chapter ends Collect reward points & child’s DATA updated Rate their experience & book next session at the kiosk

Happily exit the Digital Sandbox

“Hologram - Role Play. Becoming children’s favourite character of a book to fully immerse with the story and develop empathy within them.”

From our research & mapping of the Digital Natives’ early development and growth, we’ve discovered that they lack of growing fundamental skills of empathy and problem solving. Holo-Play is a collaborative activity that allows children to able to “put themselves in characters’ shoes”.

By placing themselves into the character’s perspective, they will learn to become to understand the character in depth. Through this activity, children will grow their emotional ability to empathize with others and learn to think in different perspectives.

Choosing from the Indigo’s Top Using the technology of hologram, 10 Children’s best selling books, children pick a character that children will be projected to the scene of the chapter and their they want to play and re-live their moment. characters’ lines to act out the scene.

Scenario: Holo-Play THE BOY WHO LIVED Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense. Mr. Dursley was the director of a firm called Grunnings, which made drills. He was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he did have a very

because Dudley was now having a tantrum and throwing his cereal at the walls. "Little tyke," chortled Mr. Dursley as he left the house. He got into his car and backed out of number four's drive. It was on the corner of the street that he noticed the first sign of something peculiar -- a cat reading a map. For a second, Mr. Dursley didn't realize what he had seen -then he jerked his head around to look again. There was a tabby cat standing on the corner of Privet Drive, but there wasn't a map in sight. What could he have been thinking of? It must have been a trick of the light. Mr. Dursley blinked and stared at the cat. It stared back. As Mr. Dursley drove around the corner and up the road, he watched the cat in his mirror. It was now reading the sign that said Privet


Hayley just turned eleven and wants to read Harry Potter series for the first time. She’s eager to start the first ebook but she has a difficulty staying focused and it’s not an exception when it comes to reading. Realizing Hayley’s struggle with reading, Hayley’s mom, Erin, signs up for Indigo’s Harry Potter Holoplay, which is an exclusive event for top 10 bestselling children’s book at Indigo. Hayley signs up to play the role of Hermione Granger.

Welcome back, Hayley!

Scenario: Holo-Play “Enter”

Event awaiting for you:

Holo-Play 2pm

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Chapter 1 Hermione Granger


As Hayley and Erin arrived at the Digital Sandbox, Hayley checked in with her family Plum rewards membership, which contains the profile of Hayley and her family at Indigo. Hayley obtains 500 plum rewards points, which she is currently saving up to spend on Christmas. Hayley enters the activity room which is dark and filled with Harry Potter music. Erin walks over to the cooking section to look at new Foods magazines.

Scenario: Holo-Play “Engage”

Hayley and other children at the event are given magic wands, wizard’s hat hologram projector to place themselves at Hogwarts.

saw ereht taht erofeb ecno su ot dias ev’uoY“ ev’eW .ot detnaw ew fi kcab nrut ot emit a ”?ew t’nevah ,emit taht dah

The role play starts from Chapter One, introduced by the AI audio of the room. A fellow participant playing Harry starts reading his lines from the book displayed on the bottom of the lens. The narration is read out loud by the AI audio. When it was Hermione’s line, Hayley read her lines and acted out Hermione’s role holding the magic wand.

The participating children watched Hayley as she acted out Hermione which helped them understand the story and the character’s emotions in the scene. Hayley also began to understand the storyline and Hermione’s perspective. Hayley has never been so immersed into a book ever before; it was like watching and also playing a live musical.

Thanks for joining, Hayley!

Scenario: Holo-Play “Exit”

Want to continue to the next chapter?

Holo-Play Next week 2pm

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Chapter 2

Yes, Continue! No, Thanks

The Chapter One came to an end so quickly.. Hayley wanted to continue her role play to the next chapter, but it’s been scheduled for next week. At the kiosk, Hayley and all the participants were invited to choose the option of signing up for next week. Everyone pressed, “YES, CONTINUE!”.


Scenario: Holo-Play

you have




you have enough points to buy Harry Potter gifts!

5000 pt

8000 pt

10,000 pt

Like Anything?

Hayley exited the Digital Sandbox Before Hayley leaves Indigo, she visits the toy section to buy the and found her mom at the Harry Potter magic wand using home decor section of the store. her rewards points because she She told her how amazing the role wants to bring her experience at play experience was and that she Indigo Digital Sandbox at home. can’t wait for the next chapter that she’s going to read the story at home in advance, which isn’t very difficult for her anymore. Hayley can also focus on she role-playing for next week. Instead of signing up for Hermione for next session, she decides to role play Harry to better understand his perspective in the next chapter.

Impacting the Indigo experience today

Emma’s Benefits

Arrive at Indigo

“How can Indigo’s Digital Sandbox transform Emma’s journey and her children’s experience at Indigo?”

Drop off her children at the Digital Sandbox Grab a coffee at Starbucks

Browse Home decor, candles, try on bags & accessories

Explore & Read Variety of Magazines Lots of Design resource books

Stationary section on the way to cashier

Picks up sweets while in the line & proceeds to the cashier

Picks up her kids & exit Indigo

With Indigo’s Digital Sandbox service, Emma can drop off her kids while browsing through the store and taking time to flip through books and magazines. The service allows free time for herself while her kids are having a cultural exploration.

Digital Sandbox also includes exploration of physical resources such as books, soft goods and toys, as well as social interaction with other kids to offer sensory experience apart from the digital world.

This develops children’s social skills by practicing real-world, Through Indigo‘s Digital Sandbox in-person communication instead of one way communicaservice, both Emma and her children fully engage in their own tion with digital devices. experience at Indigo. Emma feel happy that Indigo offers her children a well-rounded physical and digital experience.

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Indigo Digital Sandbox  
Indigo Digital Sandbox