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Hospitality is simply an  opportunity to show  love & care. 

You booked a party, now what? I am so glad that you have decided to partner with me and Usborne Books & More. I can't wait to see how many free books you are going to earn! Over the next few pages I have some tips and suggestions for you to have a super successful party. I know that all of this can seem a bit overwhelming. I certainly don't expect you to memorize it all on day one or even at all..... I am only a call or email away. I am your wingman lets work together to get this DONE!

Mikayla Wilson (605)Â 641-1425

What is a Facebook Party? A Facebook gathering with Usborne is SO MUCH MORE than just a link on a website. I have taken the time and effort to create an amazing experience for you and your friends. There will be games, reading tips and literacy information as well as some images and videos to show off our amazing books. Anyone can go to my website and order books at anytime, but you don't always have access to an amazing PERSONAL experience. It is my goal to make this experience the best you have ever experienced! With a Facebook party you do not have to clean your house, cook for anyone or even get dressed if you don't want to. I do however need you to be engaged, participating and encouraging to make sure your friends have that amazing experience as well!

How to invite...

Did you know that if you invite a very large number of people to your event but only 5% of them say yes that Facebook thinks you are spam? The very first thing you should do in the invite process is to PERSONALLY reach out to your friends and family. Send an email or Facebook message, send a text, or even CALL THEM (GASP)!!! This does not have to be anything that is super fancy, it just has to be PERSONAL! Try something like: "Hey friend! Have you heard about Usborne Books & More yet?? We are totally in love our house! The books are unique, entertaining and even educational! Definitely my kids favorites! I’m hosting a party Monday at 8:30, right here on FB, to earn more for our collection! It will be like a fun “mom’s night out", except we’ll be in pjs on our own couches!! What do you think? Would you like an invite to the fun?

How to invite cont...

You know your friends and you know yourself best. Pick a personal method that YOU are comfortable with. You don't have to use all the methods and you don't have to stick with just one method. Pick the method or methods that are best for the person that you are talking to.

Who to invite...

EVERYONE WHO LOVES BOOKS! It really is that simple! Even if people don't have children in their lives that you hear about every day, you never know who was invited to a birthday party, baby shower or any other occasion that needs a gift. You invite your friends, family, co-workers, friends on social media and old friends. Just make sure that you do it all as PERSONAL AS POSSIBLE! If you normally text with a friend that is acceptable to invite her, but if you normally see someone EVERYDAY, don't just send them a Facebook message and expect them to feel personally invited. DO NOT SEND A FACEBOOK EVENT INVITE OR ADD TO THE GROUP UNTIL SOMEONE HAS SAID YES TO YOUR PERSONAL INVITE!


As long as you are participating you will be successful! You don't have to live on your phone/computer all day long, but you do need to check in periodically to show your friends this is something more than earning free books!

It's Party Time, Now What?

1. Send reminders IT'S PARTY DAY! 2. Share on your wall about your party! 3. PARTICIPATE, PARTICIPATE, PARTICIPATE!!! This means liking and commenting on posts! Also, if you see something that reminds you of a certain friend (maybe it's the travel doodle cards because you know they have a trip coming up), tag them! This will make them feel special and get them involved! 5. Have FUN with your friends.

Specials For every $40 that customers purchase they earn the ability to select ONE title from our current customer specials. (You may even take advantage of this if you purchase $40 at full retail value).

As your friends/family make purchases you begin to earn free books. I will be in touch with what the monthly specials

Join Did you know that the average consultant makes $100 off each party they host? Do you have more month at the end of your money?

No matter what your reason or your why, Usborne Books & More has the solution to help make your dreams come true. Our team is a group of women who support and encourage each other no matter what phase of life we are in. I would love to chat more with you about how I can help you discover your potential. Set your chat appointment with me today!

Party Wrap-Up I would like to close your event shortly after we stop accepting orders. Please try to have a wishlist of books and I will be in touch with how much free/half priced books you have earned. I WILL PLACE THIS ORDER FOR YOU! :) THANK YOU so much for hosting a party with me! I feel so blessed to get the chance to know you and your family. Please know that just because we are wrapping up your party does not mean we have to say good-bye! I am just a message or call away to help with anything you may need!

Hostess Love  

A guide to being the best hostess you can! :)

Hostess Love  

A guide to being the best hostess you can! :)