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GURU – Be the one! GIN KITEBOARDING proudly presents their new kite, the GURU! With new concept, new shape and new design. Don’t follow the crowd, be a GURU: Be the one! The GURU is the result of 10 years R&D by the GIN KITEBOARDING Team, an instinctive, safe Kite. With perfect performance, the kite is always easy and ready for anything. Thanks to the advanced balance of all its components, the GURU stays extremely stable with good performance and is recommendable for all level of riders. GIN Kites are known for their light bar Feeling when controlling the kite; the GURU keeps this characteristic feature, but offers a more progressive bar handling. The GURU will be delivered with the latest Generation GTS (Gin Twin Safety) Bar. GIN KITEBOARDING has developed its innovative safety release into the perfect system, in fact two systems in one. As you know, GIN KITEBOARDING works creatively and presents the GURU with smart design that always stands out in the air.




Sizes GURU: 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 m2

FREESTYLE / NEW SCHOOL  The GURU has a massive depower, more than any GIN Kite before, with intuitive and progressive steering as well as a fast Loop-End. Freestylers will appreciate the GURU-Performance. Wave  The GURU’s advantage is the incredible, progressive Depower. These allows easy control of the power, all of the time and it doesn’t matter where the bar is positioned. Thanks to it’s perfect balance, the Kite also reacts with low pressure on the lines. The speed of the GURU makes the kite reactive and powerful in the turns. Thanks to the GTS (Gin Twin Safety), it is easy to release the kite in wipe outs and emergency situations. The very fast relaunch makes the GURU the perfect ally for wave riding. Freeride  With a compact shape and low aspect ratio, the GURU is very fast in the turns. It always stays under control. Instinctively you know, where your kite is positioned in the air. This makes it really comfortable for freeride sessions. The advantage of the GURU is, of course, its incredible low end, as well as handling a huge windrange, it also allows you to easily control the kite low and high in the wind window.

COURSE RACING  Perfect low-wind performance as well as great upwind capabilities will make the GURU perfect for Racing. SPEED  Thanks to Sebastiens Salerno’s experience (100,54 km/h) the GURU’s features offering direct steering with high pressure help the Guru to excel at speed. BEGINNERS  The needs of beginners as well as improving riders were always very important, during development of the GURU. The kite is suitable for teaching and as a first kite for beginners, as well as for advanced riders. Generally the GURU is customized for the expectations of kite schools: easy and fast relaunch, intuitive steering and simple bridle-system. Colour coded from the bar to kite makes the set-up very simple and obvious, making the life of students and instructors as easy as possible.


Technical features CONSTRUCTION:  With the Swiss Design, GIN KITEBOARDING stays true to it’s high ideals with regard to construction quality and the choice of materials. Next to the standard reinforcements the GURU has a new, innovative reinforcements on the trailing edge: The „Wave Shape Protector“. On the leading edge some additional reinforcements will further improve the durability. There is no doubt that the GURU will be the strongest and most durable kite on the market! ONEPUMP:  Single point inflation system: extremely simple and effective. Material:  We work with the highest quality cloth available: Dacron IYU400161 and Teijin T9600-8.

GIN LOW FRICTION RING :  The new bridle standard developed by GIN KITEBOARDING. No pulleys to break, no sand wear out!.


GTS : GIN TWIN SAFETY The GTS system is innovated 100% by Swiss Design, and has been on the market since 2011. NF S 52-503 certified, the GTS system combines two safeties in one. The secondary safety is located inside the main safety. It is therefore impossible to accidentally activate the secondary safety before having activated the main safety. The two safety systems of the GTS are both pushed in the same direction for releasing, away from the body. A simple, intuitive and easily operable movement allows you to release the GTS . The GTS is positioned in your field of view, both the primary and secondary safety are positioned at the same place for optimal memorization of the release movement. The mechanisms to release and to lock are simple, intuitive and effective. The two moulded parts of the GTS system underwent an extensive study to create perfect ergonomics and innovative interlocking: • The upper part of the main safety perfectly fits into the hole of the bar during unhooked and powered situations. • The holes placed on both sides of the main safety allow a self-cleaning of the system thanks to the natural inflow and outflow of water. • The ergonomic shape of the two pieces allows an instant use for left or right-handed people. • The two pieces are made of polymer; they are extremely resistant to the elements and meet the advanced requirements of GIN KITEBOARDING. The GTS system’s chicken loop remains attached to the harness, thereby avoiding any danger of injury or blockage with the harness hook when releasing, this can sometimes be the case with safety systems that have an opening chicken-loop. A releasable kite leash can be connected to the D-Ring on the chicken loop designed for this purpose. The release of the leash can be activated during unhooked riding and moves.



GIN BAR SWIVEL SYSTEM:  Automatic untwist system of the front flying lines and safety line. No more twisted lines!

DEPOWER LINE:  Double rope in strong, durable material.

FREERIDE CHICKEN-LOOP:  Size: Medium. Stoosh: With adjustable stoosh (longer and with flexible bending point for easy access). Swivel system: Complete with swivel system. Large and rigid chicken loop for an ultra easy re-attachment after unhooked moves. D-Ring to fix the kite leash placed on the side of the chicken-loop for easy hooking and unhooking, attached with extra strong webbing. (Optional accessory)

LARGE FLOATERS:  With neoprene finish, minimizing any risks of injury. Two different colours help you easily distinguish left and right sides. The floaters match the design and the colours of the kite.

FREESTYLE CHICKEN-LOOP:  Size: Large. Stoosh: Without stoosh. Swivel system: Complete with swivel system. Large, 100% rigid chicken loop for an ultra easy re-attachment after unhooked moves. D-Ring to fix the kite leash placed on the side of the chicken-loop for easy hooking and unhooking, attached with extra strong webbing. (Optional accessory) KITE LEASH:  Simple but effective kite leash with stainless steel buckle and 1m total lengths. Quick release operation works in the same direction as all GIN safety systems. (Optional accessory) TRIM:  Easy, simple and accessible pull-pull trim system: one handle for 50% trim, one handle for 100% trim and one handle to un-trim the system. All the pieces are produced in a smooth material to minimize any risks of injury.

THE BAR  Has an asymmetric graphic design to easily distinguish left and right sides. Red on the left while the right part is black, simple and clear. A hole in the bar designed to precisely hold the main safety of the GTS . Reinforcements made from Texalium around the hole on the bar to avoid any abrasive wear. STRENGTHENED ENDCAPS:  With thicker and reinforced bolts. PRELINES:  That have the same colours as the floaters and flying lines, red on the left and blue on the right. FLYING LINES:  Of best quality (Eurocord), very strong and pre stretched. They match the colours of the bar and the pre lines, red on the left and blue on the right. The front lines are grey. STRENGTHENED ELASTIC STRAPS  Hidden inside the endcaps during riding while during transport and storage they keep the lines from unwinding.









































GURU – Evaluated !

GURU BACKPACK 2 in 1 • • • • •

The colour of the backpack matches the colour of your kite! Large print with the kite size on the bag Extra compartment for the kite pump Straps for attaching your kiteboard to the backpack Quickpack (a second bag with ventilating net, with a print of the kite size) to transport the kite with pumped struts.


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