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14 From the very first tracks to the release of their debut album, MAZE continues to experiment and reinvent itself, finding its own way through the amazing world of music, friendship and emotions. One is sure: We will be hearing a lot more of the guys this year.

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Meeting the monarken was a very lucky call of fate. actually, we have never really met but the monarken are planning some pretty big things so who knows maybe very soon we will! so put on their “bounce” track and let the good times roll! without any further ado, we at mika are very pleased to share with you our conversation with Åke Andersson FROM THE SWEDISH SOUND MONARCHS . Who are the Monarken? Monarken consists of Erik Wiberg, Sebastian Opava and Åke Andersson. We all grew up in Eskilstuna, Sweden – a small town quite close to Stockholm, and have known each other for quite long before we started making music.

people think, evolve and change themselves and the world around them.

Can you summarize you life in three words? Come listen and make your own opinion instead.

How can a Monarken gig party be defined? It's kind of hard to explain in text, I guess you have to be there to know the feeling. But it's loud, hot and sweaty, a chaos of dancing and strobes. I'm always exhausted afterwards; 30 minutes of playing is like running a triathlon while singing. Talking about ideas and inspirations who would you describe as key influences? I always get the genres mixed up, but I think Sebastian says that our beats are some kind of mix

House brings the playful, funky element that makes you want to dance, and the rap is, in my opinion, the best way to make people think, evolve and change themselves and the world around them.


between minimal house, electro and trance. We love Dada Life, Bodyroxx, Congorock and Justice, just to mention a few. Among the rappers who have influenced me, I'd say that Dr Dre, Ludacris and Eminem are the most prominent. Above all, the best inspiration is life – nothing brings out the creativity like love, change and anger. Tell us more about your projects? is there a story behind the tracks? There's always a purpose for each song. Sometimes we want to inspire people, sometimes we want them to dance. A lot of our tracks are supposed to just make

How did the Monarken start? What do each member of the Monarken do? We actually started out by making gangsta rap just for fun. I was touring with a couple of other bands at that moment and Sebastian was working on his trance projects, making our beats in his spare time. One day, I think it was in the winter of 2009, Sebastian came to the studio with an electro beat, and we were all like "Damn, this is what we want to do!". Six months later we had quit all of our other bands, and was focusing 100% on Monarken. Why is house music your calling? Tell us more about the electrohouse-rap style? Electro-house-rap or just electro rap, is a fusion of our favorite styles of music. Electro adds the wild screaming synths and pumping basses that shakes your body. House brings the playful, funky element that makes you want to dance, and the rap is, in my opinion, the best way to make 11

Above all, the best inspiration is life – nothing brings out the creativity like love, change and anger.

people think outside the box for once, and a select few are explicit open fuckyou letters. With one album, one single and one EP and lots of live shows, what’s beenthe proudest moment for the Monarken so far? There has been a lot of those moments up until this day, but I especially remember the first time I heard my own voice on the radio, it was like a dream come true. That, and being interviewed for MIKA, of course. What are your future plans? Right now we're focused on doing shows and spreading the word about Monarken. Come fall, we will start recording some new tracks in English – Sweden adores us, but the love we have gotten from abroad makes us dream bigger and farther, and we know the world is just waiting out there for us to come rock it.


Official site: Myspace: Twitter: Itunes: Facebook: Youtube: Soundcloud : Blog:

Could you summarize the Monarken style in three Words? Can you summarize your life in three words? Come listen and make your own opinion instead.

There’s always a purpose for each song.

Where can we see you performing live? Right now, in clubs and festivals all over Sweden. When we come to Bulgaria, MIKA will be the first place you read about it though..


by Aia Skarsgård Thursday evening, the work day is almost at its end and I am rushing to Bel Ami. Bel Ami is one cozy pizza place in the very center of Sofia (Bulgaria), where I have a meeting with the boys from MAZE. Travelling through the usual rush hour, I am thinking about the questions that I am going to ask. Perhaps, I am also a bit worried whether I will manage the task to present the diversity that the guys carry in both their lives and in their music.

Hanging With

As I am on the staircase of Bel Ami, I see the guys, who are absorbed in their conversation. Kiril (drums) is discussing something with Yavor (guitar) and Stefan (keyboards), while Vasil (bass guitar) is talking on the phone. In the mean time, Gisdoff (vocals) is looking the promo flyer of the band’s debut album. As I walk towards them, only one word comes to my mind – “Music”. The music is that magical power that connects the five musicians in one extraordinary band, named Maze. The band’s genre is alternative newmetal. The guys have a characteristic style, which has a distinguish dynamics and melody! The words that the newspaper “Telegraph” used to describe a Maze’s concert come to mind: “A night in which Limp Bizkit meets Metallica, and every beat is incorporated within the “Seattle’s sound”. That’s of course true, but not entirely. Why? Because the music by Maze can’t be described with words – it must be heard! Gizdoff notices me and I am welcomed by five warm smiles. I smile back and my worries are gone. People say that a person can find anything in one maze and I am as curious as Alice! I take out my notebook and my cell phone from my handbag and I am ready to start the journey in the musical maze of MAZE. The boys laugh the moment that I ask my first question and I immediately know that interview is going to be just great!

Who are MAZE? Vasil (bass): Maze was founded in 1996 under a different name. The band with its current members is established in the summer of 2008. We started our work with remixes of some of our older songs. The beginning was marked with several stage appearances in clubs nationwide, including few appearances in some festivals. The fact that we started our live performances at that very early stage has helped us tremendously to redefine and discover our own sound. 2011 has started quite 16

productively for us. These last couple of months has been filled with many stage performances in clubs in Sofia and the country. We are looking forward to seeing you at the promotion of our debut album on April 16th at Club RBF. I look at the flyer that is lying on the table. The image of a rabbit sitting on a chess patterned marble floor is rather unusual. I simply can’t help myself and ask:

certain characteristics of the animals are also true for the people? I quickly nod and reply: “Brave like a lion!”.

The boys immediately smile. The rabbit is quite special for the band – it is meant to be a symbol and also a prank between the members of the group. We can see the rabbit not only on the flyers, but also on the band’s T-shirts and the pranks about the rabbit are present in almost every conversation. Yavor explains the significance of the rabbit.

Yavor continues: Right! The rabbit has a very interesting meaning. On one side, the rabbit looks so innocent and naive, but that is only the first impression. The rabbit is very brisk and it can surprise you as it can jump in one or another direction very quickly. That is true for our music style, too. We may seem quite predictable, but not in any case naive. But in very moment we get on the stage, no one can be sure what we will be up to. On the other hand, the esthetic appearance of the rabbit disrupts the seriousness of the mood and totally shatters the cliché by incorporating humor and diversity. We want to show that we don’t have to be dressed in black in order to play metal.

Yavor(guitar): You know how in the very ancient times, the people believed that

Stefan (keyboard): The idea of the symbolism of the rabbit came to be in one

Tell me about the rabbit.

evening, while my brother (Gizdoff) and I were walking home from a rehearsal. We were walking and talking and suddenly he asked “Why shouldn’t we have a rabbit, that is also a vampire?”. Afterwards, it was only matter of time to get together the whole concept. Honestly, we think that the rabbit looks really cool. There are a lot of controversial interpretations for the name of the band. How did you decide to name the band Maze? Stefan: The band’s name Maze is symbolic. We wanted to show a maze of musical diversity. From the very beginning of our career, every fan can discover in our music something that he or she enjoys and finds dear. Some compare us with Linkin Park, others with Metallica and even to Limp Bizkit. Vasil asks me: Aia, do you know the difference between the words maze and labyrinth? 17

I shake my head unconvincingly and Vasil continues. Vasil: The labyrinth is a place where the entrance and the exit are one and the same. While the word “maze” implies a place, in which the journey through the twisted paths may lead to different exist points according to the direction that one chooses. Stefan: The word“maze”incorporates variety of exists and the right to make a choice. As a matter of fact, the Aztecs were the first to notice that specific difference, as they started using the word for their underground facilities. Having in mind the difference in our interests and musical tastes, the word MAZE completely describes the band’s diversity and dynamics. in the beginning there was... Yavor: In the beginning there was an old guitar that needed new strings. Vasil is smiling and then tells us: And before that we were playing the music of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica on tennis rockets!

The name of the album is “Cell 7034” and it consists of 10 songs. It includes the singles “For Myself” and “Delete”. The album’s promotion is held at Club “R.B.F” and the after party is going to take place in Club “Tucan”. Club “R.B.F” will be open from 7pm, and the concert will begin at 8pm.

From Iron Maiden to Metallica. Which is your favorite genre? What are the bands that have influenced your music the most? Gizdoff (vocals) laughingly replies: Chalga (editor’s note: chalga is popular Bulgarian pop folk music). We are playing nothing but chalga! Kiril(drums) laughing on his turn: Oh, don’t forget the “screamochalga”! Gizdoff applies in a serious voice:



serious voice and I find myself puzzled if he is really all that serious or is joking: “Ceca Velichkovic and Lepa Brena!”.

We can’t say that we have a favorite genre. Every one of us listen to different type of music and there are a very few bands and styles that all of us enjoy listening to.

As he sees my confused face, he applies: “That’s a fact! I was listening to The Stefan: Beatles, Led Zepplin when T h e I was a teenager! Then Iron g e n r e s Maiden, Halloween become that we enjoy my favorite and nowadays vary from jazz – even jazz! However, I have all the way to the always preferred to listen to music by Slipknot. the heavier musical genres – The bands that inspire metal, progressive, etc. me and have influenced me the most are Depeche Kiril is explicit: “Dream Mode, Korn, Rammstein, Theater!”, then he applies – Poets of Fall and of course “Machine head, Halloween Linkin Park, but above all are and Evergrey.”. Depeche Mode and Korn. Stefan: There you said it, Vasil: Korn, Metallica, Linkin’ Halloween! Halloween is a Park, Papa Roach, Faith No favorite band for all of us. More, Rammstein, etc. The band covers many genres in one mix of dense and heavy sound with melodical and in the same time aggressive vocals. Yavor starts talking with a very

Gizdoff is smiling widely: Staind! Sully Erna, Five Fingers Death Punch, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, Disturbed, Corey Taylor, Slipknot and many more! The interesting thing is that

whenever we are listening to a song, every one of us notices not only the performance of his own musical instrument, but also the whole composition with the other instruments. That is why we all take part in writing our own songs. Is there a story behind every track? Gizdoff: Yes. Every track has its own story and has its own special meaning for us. What does it take for a track to become successful? Gizdoff laughs out loud: Oh, I have no clue! I take a look at the band’s flyer that is still inside my hand. The boys from MAZE are releasing their debut album “Cell 7034” on April 16th, 2011. The album consists of 10 songs and it includes the singles “Delete”, “Everything Ours” and “For myself”. “For myself” was number one in “Kameniza Rock 40” hit list for couple of months. As I am pointing at the flyer, I ask: As you were working on the songs of the album, when did you just know that one of the songs is complete? Yavor: We know that one song is truly done, when the flow of the emotions 21

that carry the meaning of the sound is complete. We usually make a reef or a melody on the keyboard. When the melody matches the emotions of the lyrics, we know that the song is complete. Kiril nods and applies: When I see Aia jumping in the crowd, I know that we are making a hell of a performance. Yavor agrees: Yip, when we see Aia jumping in the crowd, things become very clear – we are rocking the party! Everybody laughs as that is the simple truth. The concerts of Maze make you want to dance, jump and sing all in the same time. Anyone, who has been to their concert, will agree with me. Nobody can stay silent and distant to their music. Maze will provoke you either with band’s choice of music: from their own work to powerful covers of songs of System of a Down. Even when you think you know Maze’s style, they will never cease to surprise you either with their own take at the mega hit “Bodies” by Drowning Pool or with the melancholy of “Creep” by Radiohead. As the emotions run deep, the band will take 22

it down a notch with the cover of the romantic “Through the Glass” by Stone Sour. Their stage performance can be defined as a powerful musical tornado that sweeps you off your feet!

begins to explain.

happened only a short while before Gizdoff asked us if Cell 7034 sounded cool to us.

Gizdoff: Well, we started thinking of the name of the album on our way back home from 7034? That’s the Kazanlyk (editor’s note: part that sounds a city in central Bulgaria, like a code or known for the rose- encryption! What Gizdoff applies in a fields). Kiro (Kiril) and is the story behind serious voice: One Andreev(Vasil) were that number? song is complete when napping in the bus… everything about it fits Gizdoff: 7034 is the right. The song is simply Kiril interrupts: Underline number of the photo that done when nothing can that! we sent to Z-Rocк. That be removed or added to same photo was the first the song. Gizdoff: Yavor was driving time the audience could the bus and my brother see the faces behind the Stefan: Our bass guitarist and I were talking with him. name “MAZE”. always has ideas for changes Kosio, a very good friend for our songs. Therefore in to the whole band, Stefan: You can see how our experience there are no reminded us that we from “prison cell”, only “last changes”. One song is needed to start thinking the word “cell” remained. successfully made, when we about ideas for the name That is how the album feel it within us. When we play of the album. From word got its name. suchasong,weplayitfromthe to word, we all agreed bottom of our hearts. There on the idea of a “cage” – I ponder over the story. are songs that combine but not just any cage – a In our busy everyday feelings, beat and lyrics. prison cell to be more life, we are controlled by The track “Everything precise. That’s when I the restrictions of time Ours” is an example for looked at the guys and and space. Therefore, such a complete song. I asked them what they we all find ourselves at thought about naming some point of time in Vasil looks at me before the album “Cell 7034”. our own “cell”. That cell is he smiles: When am I Kosio remained silent for composed of all our daily pleased with a song? a couple of seconds. life activities and chores. When we sell millions of The guys from MAZE are copies of a song in China, Stefan: We were trying simply trying to break then we’d know that the to think about certain out of those limitations. song is really successful. things – we needed a Their energy and spirit title that was going to transform each and every Who will tell me the show the variety of ideas, single concert evening story behind the inspirations and people into euphoria of music, name of the album? that stood behind the party and a meeting with Cell 7034 sounds very name MAZE. My initially good friends. The name intrigueing and dare suggestion was that of their debut album is I say cryptic! we shouldn’t limit our more than remarkable options in selecting – MAZE simply breaks The boys look at each the title of the album all the stereotypes and other and then Gizdoff to merely words. That rules that are applied to

one specific music genre. The boys noticed my concentrated face and smile at me. How can you describe one of your concerts in three words? Yavor: I think those words will be “emotion”, “bitter-sweetness” and “dancing”!

promotion of our debut album. We are going to record our second album. Every one of us knows by now that that involves a tremendous amount of work and persistence. We already have a lot of ideas for the next album. There is work to be done in terms of the new songs, stage performances and of course last but definitely not least the long waited debut on the international music scene.

Kiril: “Three words”… Hms… Here are those words: “Concert of Maze”. Kiril: I think that Stefan That is hard to imitate. said it all. Gizdoff: That’s an interesting question. Perhaps you should ask our fans. Vasil: Show, show, show! Stefan: Three words? That’s a bit tricky! I should go with “tension”, “music” and “satisfaction” I smile – MAZE always manage to make a great concert with huge doses of emotion, friendship and dancing. That is why I am in a hurry to ask my next question. What are your future plans? Stefan: We have a lot of work ahead of us after the


Yavor: Above all, we really hope that we are alive and well. We want to enlarge the MAZE-family at least by 100 times and to make tours nationwide and abroad.

whose work on the cover and on the MAZE merchandize exceeded all of our expectation. We would like to note our appreciation for Ivan (Malkavian) Minchev who created the band’s posters Where can we see and concert videoyou perform live? trailers. The recording of “Cell 7034” was done by Stefan: MAZE is going to Deso Velchev. The music present the debut album video “Delete” is directed “Cell 7034” in Club “R.B.F” by Marin Angelov. Once on April 16, 2011. again, thank you all!

Yavor: At the end of the month (April 28, 2011), we are going to take part in a joint new-metal and Gizdoff: Future plans? We progressive concert with plan on releasing a new the group UVIGI in Club music video. The shooting “Thin Red Line” in Sofia, of the new music video Bulgaria. is going to take place in the summer or at latest in Superb! It sounds like autumn. Untilt then you April is going to be can check out our debut one really intriguing music video “Delete”. It month for MAZE and can be seen on different friends. televisions and of course at our official youtube Yavor: Yes, definitely. channel. The video was We would like to thank made by Marin Angelov, everyone for the help who did really amazing job. and support! We would Moreover, we would really also want to thank our like to start the season with families, friends and a couple of new songs everyone involved in the of our own. (He smiles project “MAZE”. MAZE are widely and applies in a not only the five of us. joking voice) Oh, I almost The MAZE family is big forgot! We were going and we would want to to try our chances in the thank you all. We would pop-folk, weren’t we? like to thank Spas Genev,

Stefan: There are a lot of people behind our debut album. They have been together with us, working behind the scenes and ensuring that everything goes just as planned. We would like to thank you for your patience, insights, ideas and help. The five of us formed “MAZE”, but MAZE has many faces. And everyone finds his/ hers own path through the maze. That is definitely true! From the very first tracks to the release of their debut album, the band continues to experiment and reinvent itself, finding its own way through the amazing maze of music, friendship and emotions. I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more of MAZE this year.

At the age of 23 Australian’s hip hop producer P.R. is making beats that will turn the clubs on fire. MIKA talked to the man behind the “Pre-Heated” and the“Nujabes”remixes. Being very wellknown for your exceptional Hip Hop and R&B remixes did not stop you from experimenting with Jazz, Soul, and House music. Which is your favorite music style? I would have to say my favourite music style to create is Hip-Hop, basically because I can bring any other styles of music into it, using a form we call “sampling”. I have sampled jazz, soul, classical, and other styles of music, and turned them into Hip-Hop tracks. WHAT InSPIRES YOU? What wOULD YOU DESCRIBE as THE KEY INFLU E NC E IN YOUR

MUSIC? My Inspiration is drawn from my life and observing the world around me, which has helped me build my passion to create the music you hear from me. I am influenced by life, sound, film and music. I am also influenced by many other artists, but there are too many to name.

Could you summarize the PR style in three words? Original but Diverse.

We got to ask: Is there a story behind each track you make? Every project I make has its own soul. I am known as a very diverse producer and each of my tracks has its own sound and feel. It depends on the situation I was put in to make the track and the mood I was in, as well as what influenced me at the time. But I can promise, that every track that you will hear from me has its own form.

How did you start making music? I actually starting off rapping/writing first, in high school (I don’t rap anymore), but as I progressed, I came across technology that allowed me to record and make beats. My continuous interest in making music has got me where I am today. We know you have worked with lots of artists on various project. what has been your proudest moment so far? My proudest moment would have to be in January 2010, when I released my debut mixtape “PreHeated” which was hosted by world famous DJ/Producer extraordinaire Statik Selektah. The mixtape achieved great accomplishment clocking over 20,000 downloads, as well as being featured on 100+ websites, magazine articles and frequent radio air time. What are your future plans? Infinite progress and focus, so I can build myself as a producer, as well as find my key sound and leave my mark in the music industry. I also have future plans to travel and make music. Japan is my first stop, once things go back to normal there, I’m praying.


Official Site: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:

How can a real PR party be defined? I have yet to start performing live, I hope to start doing live shows late 2011, early 2012.


started composing for pleasure. WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC STYLE AND WHY? I think that you can never stop learning from music. I need music as I need air. Although I like to listen to everything from classical to rock music, I’m pretty much influenced by Deep and Tech House with some “minimal” elements. To be honest, the core of my musical knowledge is made with the sound of house music. I think that house music with all its facets, is the most “original” genre that has ever existed.

“I need music as I need air “ Marcus Raute

MARCUS, TELL US WHO clear concept of what IS THE MAN BEHIND THE does a good track must MUSIC ARTIST MARCUS sound like, I RAUTE REALLY? My name is Marco Gioiello. I am 25years old and was born in Naples, the renowned capital of Electronic music, which is located in southern Italy. My grandfather’s name was Marcus Raute and I decided to take it up a “stage name”. My day time job is “credit manager”, after sundown – I am a DJ. My first attempt to DJ was on the eve of my thirteenth birthday. HOW DID YOU START MAKING MUSIC? I have been making my own music since 2005. After my fascination with music combined with the



to think about the story behind the track that I want to make. Every track is based on some feelings and they are the true source of inspiration. The track will gain its unique signature only when the artist incorporates his/hers soul into the music he/ she makes. Therefore, there is nothing more challenging and exciting than the creation of a new track. I learn from artists like Nic Fanciulli, Ramon Tapia, Paco Osuna, Renato Cohen, Davide Squillace, Prudo, Dj Simi, Starskie, Luca Morris, Ferry Corsten, Terry Francis,


complex and yet so fluent house music never stops to evolve. “

Marcus Raute brilliance in sound

WHAT InSPIRES YOU? What wOULD YOU DESCRIBE as THE KEY INFLUENCE IN YOUR MUSIC? The complex and yet so fluent house music never stops to evolve. When I’m in studio to make a new track, I often don’t have an inspiration. Then I try

Dandi & Ugo, Gaz James, Marco Corvino, Ralf, Mike Wall and many others! IS THERE ALWAYS A STORY BEHIND EACH TRACK YOU MAKE? In order for a good remix to be created, you need inspiration and a feeling to go with the track. Those


are vital for the success of the track as they show the unique personality of the composer. In my opinion, that uniqueness is the most vital and essential side of each track.

reference for me. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS? 2010 marked the start of Marcus Raute and the beginning of my career. My plan is to keep reinventing myself with new remixes and ideas from the music that surrounds us. There are going to be new stage

“A track gains its unique

signature only when the artist incorporates his/hers soul into the music he/she makes. “


think that house music with all its facets, is the most “original” genre that has ever existed. “

WITH YOUR NUMEROUS CLUB APPEARANCES, WHAT HAS BEEN THE PROUDEST MOMENT FOR YOU SO FAR? HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE A REAL MARCUS RAUTE PARTY? The most proud moment of each stage performance is when I see that the dancing people smiling. That

appearances and a new track that is about to be released in couple of weeks. Moreover, I’m also co-owner of the electronic label “StopCloneMusic” records, which you can check out at. You can check out at Beatport.

“ Bomb the dance floor! “


is when the party becomes a huge bubble of joy for me. Though in general, the proudest day for me as an artist was when my first official remix on Schatten records (DE) was released. My first official remix is made in collaboration with A-man from the Abnormal Boyz, who is a good friend and point of

WHERE CAN WE SEE YOU PERFORM LIVE You can hear me play on April 9th at the Velvet club in Naples, (BlowBerry crew).

“My plan is to keep reinventing

myself with new remixes and ideas from the music that surrounds us. “ 30

You can check out Marcus Raute last release for Schatten records REPS “Dark PlAce EP” [Schatten records] and keep an eye for the upcoming Ilario Alicante “In Front Of A Pool Table” remix, released by FrontDigital.


alternative music lovers, meet your destiny! these four bad boys surely know how to rock!


Andrey “Andreisky”Velikov (bass). The band has had many stage appearances in clubs in Sofia. Those club appearances helped them establish their name as a promising music band with original songs and energetic live performances.

Mind Disorder’s songs “Hate” and “Everytime” were aired on the national radio Z-Rock Radio air and brought Mind Disorder popularity. The song “Hate” is going to be released as a single later on this year. The spring of 2011 brought Mind Disorder

a new challenge: qualification for the final round of “Jack Daniel’s Battle Of The Bands 2011” music contest. The band was selected among 50 other bands nationwide. In the meantime the band is recording new tracks and planning the release of their first E.P


The Bulgarian alternative rock band Mind Disorder was formed in the summer of 2009. The members of the band are Dimitar “Mitaka” Dikov (vocals and guitar), Antoni “The Kid” Trandev (drums), Simeon “Monk” Chakarov (guitar and backing vocals), and

Mi n d



36 Sofronii vrachanski str sofia, bulgaria

email: Phone: (+359) 2 831 00 54 33

Battle: Los Angeles

by the Head The story of the movie begins with a small retrospection and documentary shots of the invading aliens. The screenplay is very well known. A very advanced civilization attempts to invade planet Earth and to consume everything. The movie is a mixture between the masterpieces of Neill Blomcamp’s “District 9” and Spilberg’s “War of the worlds”. But plot lacks any imagination and impresses with the actors’ interaction… or the lack of it. The budget of 80 million dollars ensures great special effects, but sadly that remains the only significant advantage of the movie. You will enjoy the movie if you are a fan of the sci-fi genre or if you are among those people who enjoy action type of movies with lots of shooting. But if you are expecting a new fantasy masterpiece, you will be disappointed. My advice for all of you is: “Choose another movie to watch”.


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hair and style


by Teodora Deyanova


The upcoming summer is the most appropriate time for a change of your look. What is the main detail grabbing the attention of the people around you? Yes, it is the hair and its style! This is why it is important to keep it well done and styled according to the type of clothing you are wearing. And of course it has to be done according to the trends. What are the hair trends for this summer? The trends can be summarized with word – effortless. So let us take a closer look.

Updo The versatility of updo hairstyles is reaching its limits this season. Some of the hairdos we saw on the catwalks are naturaly looking updo with bangs or the front part of the hair combed on one side. The chignon is also still in fashion and when combined with a big bun is another call form the designers. To achieve the best updo use comb and hairstyling products to "make" your hair set the way you want it. This hairstyle is not only the best solution for the hot summer days but it is also easy to make. The other modern version of the bun is the messy updo called "bird nest". It looks exactly the way you imagine it when you read the definition "bird nest". This hairdo proved that is looks amazingly beautiful on the red carpet. The “Bird nest” bun is a good choice even for classy and high end events. And it reflects completely the main trend - glamorous look with almost no effort. The designers also set the trend of the "double knot" which looks very stylish. To keep up with the natural style make a loose ponytail, devide it into two main strands and knot it twice on the principle "shoelace knot".

Natural There is an remarkable interest in hairs with natural look because of their elegant, classy look. Most of the hairstylists are now inspired by the 60s vintage look for providing volume. The desired hair volume is achieved by back-combing and hairspray. The kind of bouffant hairstyle is completed with ribbons, headbands and big glittery hairclips. Wavy The trends set a rule for romantic waves, freely falling curls and pretty styled ringlets. They can be set on one side with some beautiful hairclips and other hair jelwery. This way the hair will be perfectly styled and yet looking

Hair colors With the risk to repeat myself, I will say that the haircolors must be natural. The brunettes are the ones who aspire the greatest attention with the lovely chocolate or walnut nuances that give away natural and feminine look. Then the redheads are bringing back the audacity and are reminding us of the wild nature of women. For example Karen Elson is look is simply fabulous. The blondes among us will intrigue us with the sunny bright look in their hairs. If the color of your hair is different than the mentioned above, don’t stress out. You can always improve your look by changing the color of your hair. This is the right time for you to do that! Don’t be afraid – we live in a century of changes and everyday revolutions. The bold change in your haircolor will distinguish you as a person of the new era, who is not affraid to "embrace" the risks of life. BE NATURAL It is not nesesary to put too much hair product to make a hairstyle look beautiful. You only need a proffesional haircut and simple instructions on how to maintain your glamorous new look. The nature gave you a natural and unique beauty, you only have to learn to accentuate it. 41




nubia’s STYLE

Brazilian denim flares, Reversible faux fur vest purchased at Macy’s, gla.MAR.ous fringe top, Andrea Carrano wedges, Dooney and Bourke clutch, Juicy Couture charm bracelet

Style with Nubia M by

does it big, colorful and electrifying!

dotted shirt, white belt and black pants.

Ladies and gents meet Nubia, a sassy gal from Queens who isn’t afraid to go bold, bright and try new things with her style. If you take a look at her blog (Nubia’s Nonsense http://www. you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about – from the header to the street style posts, Nubia

We find especially interesting her ability to accessorize every look – from rings, sunglasses to headbands! Nubia is a fan of GlaMARous headbands and always coordinates them with her outfits, as seen above. She also adds interesting color combinations to her clothing, like the red cardigan with a poka

In addition to having just the right recipe for her style, Nubia knows where to find an array of clothing to mix and match. For instance, where did she find those hot Brazilian jeans? They hug her perfectly, which is something us ladies are always on the hunt for. Another important thing in learning to hone your

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Madonna Material Girl trousers, Betsey Johnson Purse and Cardigan, Forever 21 sunglasses Polkadot shirt, gla.MAR.ous zipper headband

style is finding the right things that fit you and only you, which Nubia has in abundance. We think Nubia is right on track with her thoughts on fashion: Stay tuned for more of Nubia’s Nonsense next month. She’s a fun girlie girl with a bold sense of style and we enjoy it! In the meantime, check out her blog and follow her on twitter @ Nubiasnonsense!

by An essential state of style expressed through an individual passion for life, love and joy. This is the motto for Imoshion’s chic ( and affordable handbags. We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to work with such a great, luxurious brand. You can purchase the Olga 7530 on Imoshion’s website. It comes in pink, teal and camel too. Did we mention there’s free shipping on all orders? Also Like the brand on facebook ( and stay tuned for your chance to win a handbag courtesy of Imoshion this upcoming week!

A moment with


by 24

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U! R style by Teodora Deyanova

U!RStyleColumnwillfeature interesting interviews and reviews of fashion styles of real people from around the world. If you would like to share your own style and be featured in our section, all you have to do is contact us. Today’s Interview is with our friend and cowriter at MIKA Magazine - Kornelia Alexieva.

She greets me with a smile and a vivid voice. I ask her jokingly: “Who are you?” and without hesitation Kornelia immediately replies that she is “the positive, the emotional and always the different one”. The first impression that you will get while speaking to Kornelia is that she is very outgoing, bubbly person. There’s no surprise that she has chosen law for her career. Currently, Kornelia is a law student with big plans for the future. What are your hobbies? When I think about hobbies, I discover that they are the things that I normally do in

my daily live. What’s better to have a hobby that’s your life or work? I love to read legal literature and case studies. That is extremely interesting for me. You can safely say that my hobby is becoming my job. I was really happy to present my style for MIKA since fashion is big part of my life. WHAT IS YOUR STYLE? I do not follow any fashion trends, i.e. I am not their slave. The important thing for me is not the fashionable, but the stylish clothing.



Stylish clothing is the one that fully meets the occasion, no matter how eccentric the used clothes could be. For example, when you go to a cocktail party you should be able to determine how formal the event will be, so that you could choose between a dress or trousers. I am a practical, broad minded person. I don’t like to set limits - a garment can be used for different looks. For example, the jacket is not only an office garment. Roll up its sleeves and wear appropriate shorts and you are ready for a walk in the park!


a way to keep Moti (author’s note, the name of her cat) safe and sound. Moreover, I am against animal cruelty and I do not buy or wear clothes and/or accessories that are made from animals. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHING MATERIALS? I love those materials that “know” how to touch my body. I love lace and satin, but this does not mean that I do not like and ordinary textiles such as cotton and spandex. I’m the kind of woman who buys whatever she likes – i.e. the material is not the leading criteria in my choice of clothing. The look of the garment should be main consideration.

is a mania, then - yes! That will also make me a bag maniac.

That way, she will always look good.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ACCESSORY? I can’t really say. It should be either belts or scarves. Overall, it is impossible for me to go without accessory – whether it’s only a nice pair of earrings or rings.

WHEN DOES A PERSON BECOME SUCCESSFUL? Successful is the person who has achieved many things in his/her life and still continues to set goals. A person is truly successful when she/he has the opportunity to choose whether today will be a workday or a holiday, without any hesitation.

WHEN DO YOU THINK A STYLE IS SUCCESSFUL? When a woman manages to assess her own shortcomings and knows her way around them - then that’s when she becomes successful fashion diva. You know your flaws and you can disguise them wisely, What is YOUR ATTITUDE so that others can’t even TOWARDS PETS? Chic notice them. In the same time accessory OR LOVE? a woman should also be aware Definitely love! Coquetterie ARE YOU A SHOE MANIAC? for me is simply not an option. If the desire to have a pair of of the advantages of her figure I love my cat. The leash is just matching shoes to each outfit and be able to highlight them.

WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO ALL OF MIKA READERS? Be yourself and show it through your clothing. However, be sure to familiarize yourself with the basics of color combinations and styles. You can make your own individuality and uniqueness stand out simply by matching colors, textures and styles.




We all know that you literally are what you eat. If you eat healthy— chances are that you’ll feel healthy. If you eat poorly – you will likely end up feeling that way too. I always look to Ayurveda for new recipes and delicious cuisine. Ayurveda is essentially a lifestyle. It encompasses all kinds of things from diet and exercise to what time of day you should wake up. Did I mention how old Ayurveda is? It’s somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 years old! Something that old is definitely tried and true. I thought I’d share a recipe with you. It’s delicious and really, really easy to make.

Recipe by Katie Silcox Ingredients 3 whole dates (Medjool are best) 1 c. whole organic milk 2 pinches cinnamon powder 1 pinch cardamom 1 pinch ginger a few strands of saffron

Directions Boil the milk with the spices (except the saffron) until it foams. In a blender or food processor, pulse the dates and almonds together until they are finely ground. Blend in the warm milk and add in the saffron strands. Serve!

Attention! This shake is incredibly nourishing and yummy!

ayurvedic date shake

Cole Imperi is the owner of a creative agency in the United States called Doth Brands ( She’s also the curator of and a yoga teacher.

by Cole Imperi



lifestyle blogger Tell us more about yourself. I was born in Prince George BC Canada, grew up in southern AB till I was 13, moved to Utah until I was 29 and then to Northern KY to teach HS Health, PE and Dance and met my husband in 2003 and moved in 2004 to Dayton Ohio and now that is where I am. I have danced for years, tap, ballet, jazz, modern and Irish Step. I still dance and love it.

Tamra Richard is an active blogger, dedicated mom and a truly inspiring person! She is here with us to give us an all exclusive interview.


my “self-help” blog for myself for my body image issues. I decided years ago to go to school and get a BS in Exercise and Sport Science and an MS in Human Nutrition, because I wanted to know the “right’ way to become healthy and I was/am my first customer! Then came my positive thinking blog (which plays a huge roll in my body image and weight loss blog). And then my random thoughts blog pretty much because I love to hear myself talk and I am very opinionated! My positive thinking journey blog has probably helped me the most. I love blogging my daily success stories as well as figuring out why I have done certain things in my life. I was at a weight plateau for a long time before I started changing my attitude and then more and more came off and my motivation came back strong!

How did you decide to start your blogs? Well for my weight loss blog it came from having kids and packing on an extra 50-60 pounds. I have always struggled to keep my weight down, being a dancer and being compared to tall slender girls aided into an eating disorder for me in High School and I still do struggle Is it hard to keep a with the mental and blog? How often physical struggles do you post a new from that. My weight entry? loss blog is kind of It can be hard some

contact information: Twitter ID is Facebook Profile is Tawna Crawford Richard Facebook Fan Page is blogs: Beachbody coach website I became a coach because I was already losing weight with Beachbody products and so I figured “why not.” The company is awesome and I have met many wonderful people there that help me keep and stay motivated.

days to keep up on postings but since I am a SAHM (stay-at-home Mom) I think it may be a bit easier for me. I have kids nap times to write and if they are watching TV for at least 30 minutes I can get them done at that time too. I try to only do 1 post a day for each and I really do not do them on the weekends. I host a weekend blog hop to try and increase weekend traffic, but we all need a break and the weekend is mine. You may find a post here or there on the weekend but not too much! Share with us a blogging tip

or ideas how to make a blog more popular? My blogging philosophy is super easy. Honesty! I truly am 100% honest on ALL my blog posts all the time. I have the attitude that if someone is really taking the time to care what I have to say then why would I make something up. There are days I think (who I should really not post that, I was so not good today) but then I think “well if I show that I am screwing up on some days then won’t my readers appreciate that I am telling them. We are all human and I don’t


want come across as some “snobby blogger that never messes up her plan!””. Blog Hops are also very important to gain followers. However you can’t just add you link to the hop and leave. YOU have to be the one that spends time going down the list and leaving comments. You may visit 60 blogs and only gain 15-20 followers, but those are the breaks! Having a Face book page dedicated to your business or blog is key! I noticed a huge incline in my blog traffic when I did this. Something I just learned too is on those FB posts… ad a picture to every post! The FB links will get missed if something does not catch their eye. Interaction with your readers is a MUST too. A lot of the times I will actually go to the commenter’s blog and leave a reply to their


comment there. Share the “LUV” and get the LUV!” Join groups too. I love and Mombloggersclub. com and Theblogfrog. com as I have met a lot of members there and I interact with many of them. Do you do all the work around the blog yourself? Yes, all the posts are mine. There has been 2-3 times I find a post I want to highlight from another blog I follow so I will ask them if I can add their post to mine but 99.9% of the time it is all mine. When I find a post, I will tell my readers I found it and to head over to their blog to read it. Tell us more aboutthe blog posts – how do you write them, what motivatesyoutowrite, where do you search for inspiration?

For my weight loss blog it mainly comes from my exercise program at the time. Right now I am in week 11 of P90X so those posts have been easy. If I have a good day or a bad day with my eating then I share that too. The exercise one is the easiest for me. For my positive thinking journey I watched the move “The Secret” and that lead me to the inspiration for the blog. I then found Joe Vitale’s “missing Secret” CD’s as an advertisement on my blog and bought them. He got me really motivated and inspired so listening to his CDs about 3-4 times gives me a lot of posting ideas as it makes me think about things in my life that I can use as examples. The random thoughts blog is the hardest to find material for. Well it is getting easier. I find myself daily saying “Oh, great blog idea.” I then

grab my phone and take a picture and send myself a quick e-mail reminder of the idea. It could be anything from the rude people not stopping for pedestrians at cross walks to the guy littering in front of me, to my kids being extra cute that day. It is very random. I used to have to sit and “think” what I wanted to right, now I seem to be getting hit with ideas all over the place. I guess it’s because I have wit thinking so hard! Any tip or advice you want to give to our readers? My biggest tip is that if you have something you want to say, just say it and don’t worry what others will think about you. A blog is a great place to have an outlet and I love all the wonderful blogging friends I have made! It sure helps with the adult conversation during the day too!


9o days of dieting by Kornelia Alexieva

“How to get rid of those extra couple of pounds or kilograms and get a gorgeo-o-ous figure?� 60

Well, I’m here to help you with the battle against them and to advise you how not to starve, while shaking off those extra weight. I will also help you start treating your stomach problems with food and not with pills. Moreover, I will let you know my secret on how to begin your day with a fresh and cheerful start! It’s just the beginning of

over the duration time of the diet (3 months).You can lose up to 10kg following this diet! Amazing, right? In addition, you will accelerate the metabolism in your body. The 90day diet is based on the principle of selective feeding. The difference with any other diet is that the 90 days diet The 90 days diet has a offers meals with certain four-day cycle repeated food groups throughout April, which means that we have 90days before the summer! That brings to my mind the only one reasonable diet – the 90 days diet! So the only thing that you have to do is to begin applying this great diet as soon as you can and the results will soon be visible!

the day. The biggest advantage here is that the diet includes all food groups - sweets, pasta, meat and dairy products – you name it, you can have it. The only condition regulates on which days you could eat the foods. In short, you don’t have to give up on your favorite foods – simply eat them on the specific day.

What are the four day cycles? What to eat? Here’s a quick list for you: day 1 You can eat proteins (mainly meat and dairy products, vegetables, slice of bread) day 2 It’s the day when you can eat beans and pulses (complex carbohydrates like beans, rice, corn, soybeans, lentils, potatoes, and vegetables)

“90 days diet has a four-day cycle

day 3 Spoil yourself with carbohydrates (flour, pasta and pizza and pasta, cakes, ice cream, chocolate)

day 4 Get healthy with a day full of vitamins (you should eat only fruits, nuts and seeds, if desired you can combine them together with the vegetables).

repeated over the duration time of the diet ( 3 months). You can lose up to 10 kilograms following this diet!

Every 29th day of the diet is a Relaxing Day, in which you will unload and clean your body. How to do that? On the 29th day you will need to drink only mineral and/or spring water. You need to ensure the intake of vitamins as you are not going to have anything solid to eat The 90 daily diet pays attention not only to what type of food you eat, but also the time of the intake of the meals. Research shows that human metabolism has cycles of food!



The first is the cleaning cycle of

the organism - from 4am to 11.59am. During this time, it is good to drink water, tea, and as a minimum amount of food. If you’re used to having breakfast, eat fruits.


The second cycle is called the cycle of food - from 12pm to 8pm. This is the time you need to eat the food that you need. It is important to follow a period of time between meals. In the days of carbs and pulses days eat once every 2 hours. When you eat proteins,

4.00am. This is the time that your body needs to absorb the food. For the duration of digestion it is better not to eat anything, Third Cycle - but if you get too hungry, Cycle of digestion eat a fruit or drink a glass of - from 8pm to water. 63

it takes about four hours between meals. For fruit days take one type of fruit 1-2 hours.


some simple ideas for meals in the different days

Protein days: Meat - beef, pork, chicken, rabbit, turkey, etc. ; Fish and seafood; Eggs; Cheese, cottage cheese and all dairy products ; Broth optional; Vegetables, except potatoes, corn, peas; You can eat a slice of bread with a meal (for example, with your dinner).

Beans and pulses: Beans, beans, peas, lentils and soybeans; Rice, millet and other cereals; Vegetables, including potatoes; Vegetable broth; You can eat a slice of bread with a meal (for example with your dinner).


Carbohydrates days: Products with flour: cakes, pasta, biscuits, pizza; Vegetables, tomato sauce, spices; Bakery products, except milk and eggs; Sweet for dinner: 1 cake, 3 small cookies or ice cream 3 balls; Black chocolate.

Vitamin days: Any fruit; Dried fruits can also pre-soaked in water; Nuts and sunflower seeds (1 serving - 25 g); Juices of fruits and vegetables; Fresh vegetables.


Not every diet offers such as much as freedom in picking your own meals as the 90day diet. The 90days diet is a suitable and interesting dieting choice for many people across the globe. If you have a sweet tooth, you can still enjoy desserts every four days while dieting – of course, in moderate amounts. Pasta and pizza are banned from the menu of almost every diet, but they contain nutrients that are extremely important for your body. The 90 days diet 66

takes under consideration all your needs and habits and presents you with a unique diet. The idea of cyclical change in food intake is not a new one. Periodic changes in your eating habits will allow your body to burn calories faster and the weight loss will not be delayed. In order to achieve even better results, you will only need to change the content of calories in your diet periodically. For example, though out the work days take 1200 kcal

and during the weekends 1500, and 1-2 times a week, limit the food intake to 900 kcal. You should pay special attention to sport and physical activity. This is essential to the loss of weight. Choose a sport that you like. Many people do sports only while they are on a diet and when they see the desired result, they no longer train. Exercise speeds up the metabolism. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes of obesity, which entails many different health problems. Make sports part of your life

and you will immediately feel the difference. After the diet is finished, do not immediately return to your old routine habits of eating. Wait for your body to get used to the new weight and so you’ll avoid becoming a victim of the so called“yo-yo effect”. Finally, don’t forget to contact us and share your take on the diet: how do you feel after the diet or while doing the 90 days diet? How many pounds/kilograms did you lose?




”If we do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, our short term memory, concentration, and also physical abilities and coordination can be affected. “

caffeine. To promote a good night's sleep, avoid all caffinated drinks (coffee, black tea, cola, etc) after dinner.

”Sleep is something many of us take for granted. It allows our minds and bodies rest and down time, and it is during sleep when many cell renewal and hormonal release processes take place. “ If you find that you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, reducing your consumption further may be necessary. Lay off the alcohol! Some believe that having an alcoholic drink, or several, helps them get to sleep. However, studies have found that alcohol consumption before bed has a negative impact upon sleep quality and can lead to more awakenings in the night.

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep By Sarah Burton


Sleep is something many of us take for granted. It allows our minds and bodies rest and down time, and it is during sleep when many cell renewal and hormonal release processes take place. In recent years, studies have even suggested that due

to such processes, lack of sleep can influence weight gain! If we do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, our short term memory, concentration, and also physical abilities and coordination can be affected. For example, some research indicates

that the impact of a lack of sleep on one's ability to drive can be similar to that of someone who attempts to drive after having had several alcoholic drinks! People's need for sleep varies. On average, however, approximately 8 hours a night is sufficient.

Reserve your bed for sleep and sexual activity only; move other activities to different areas of your room and/or home.

Many of us are lucky enough to manage this each night, but others can struggle, even when going to bed early enough to allow 8 hours of sleep. So how can we help ourselves to get enough sleep?

Routine Make an effort to go to bed and wake up at the same time most, if not all, days of the week. This helps the body to keep its natural rhythm (technically called the "circadian rhythm") on track. Exposing yourself to

sunlight after awakening (e.g. by opening your bedroom curtains and letting in natural light) also helps with this process. Watch your caffeine intake People can have different levels of sensitivity to

Use your bed wisely. Avoid being on or in your bed when watching television, playing video games, studying, using the telephone, or doing any other mentally stimulating activity. Doing such activities in or on your bed can lead to your mind making a subconscious association between bed and activity, rather than bed and sleep, which makes it harder to fall asleep in that location.

Know what to do when you awake in the night and do not quickly fall back asleep. Often it is tempting to remain in bed and watch the alarm clock when unable to get back to sleep. However, if you do not fall back into sleep within 5-10 minutes of awakening, try getting out of bed for 10 to 15 minutes and do a quiet activity, such as working on a jigsaw puzzle, drawing, knitting, or reading. You can also try out relaxation strategies such as controlled breathing or meditation. Return back to bed after the amount of time has passed or earlier if you are beginning to feel sleepy. Repeat as many times as needed. If you are having troubles sleeping, why not give these tips a try? If difficulties persist, speak to your Doctor/ General Practitioner. Here's to a good night's sleep! 69


101 sex advices by Kornelia Alexieva Do not be one of those readers, who are shy and hide the fact that they are reading this article with pleasure. It is simple: sex means pleasure. If you are really good at making love and you manage to get to know your partner well, the result of your combined efforts will be mesmerizing. Let us not fool ourselves – human beings are egoistical creatures! Therefore, it is extremely important to consider your partner’s pleasure, feelings and experience as an essential part of your own pleasure. Once you accept his/hers pleasure as part of your own, you will aim to give your best. Learn to feel “your boy/ girl” and learn the secret places which can give him/her an unimaginable pleasure. This is the easiest way for you to turn into a magician. Here are some advices for those parts of the human body which you can experiment with.


For HIM: The Ears They are not only a hearing organ, but also a highly erotic zone. The foreplay can start with a gentle lick onto his ear. Take your time and give your attention to every millimeter of the thin skin there. Take care and do not bite. Nibbling is allowed only at the lower soft part of the earlobe. The rest of the ear is composed of thin skin overlying the ear cartilage. It will be painful for anyone to endure the pain from biting into that section. So best piece of advice – don’t become a cannibal! The Neck He will literally go crazy if you move your attention down his neck. Gently nibble and suck his neck and keep in mind that in today’s society love marks are controversial. If you are not told otherwise, refrain yourself from leaving any love mark’s

on your lover’s neck. Keep in mind that this section of the neck is very sensitive. Touches or kisses could be felt as tickle, which can send him to cloud number nine! The Hands The palm of the hand and the skin inbetween the fingers are very sensitive zones, despite the fact that are very unfamiliar to most women and even for men. You can try to stimulate them as you kiss them. At first that will relax him. But if you keep your attention on this zone, it will soon arouse him. The fold of the Elbow Remember how you enjoyed being tickled on that very spot when you were a kid. The explanation behind that fact is purely anatomical – the area has a high concentration of the tactile receptors. Try the magic of this knowledge, but

caressing him on the fold of the elbow. The Chest It is naive to think that only women’s breasts respond to caresses. The fact that he is not wearing a bra, doesn’t mean that his nipples are less sensitive than yours! On the contrary, once you have found them (in case, he is the hairy type) first nibble them gently. After that you could continue by doing concentric circles with the tongue. For desert, if he still hasn’t exploded from pleasure, you could bite him softly. The Navel The navel is really sensitive to the gentle caresses that you place there. But don’t forget to pay attention to his chest as well as his navel. The Testicles It seems that they are always left aside, as many women focus their whole attention on the main organ. You 73

Just a Note While exploring his body with your tongue and hands, forbid him to move. He will hardly manage to do Perineum it, but if he does, his pleasure will be The Area between the testicles and double-fold. the anus – the so called “perineum”. The more “traditional” couples hardly pay attention to this small strip of skin, but it will react in respoce to every touch and stroke Hey! You there! Are you still awake? you undertake. You could use light Since you were spoiled so much by pressure to light scratches or if you your girl, you are definitely content! prefer slide the tip of your tongue But now instead of turning around all over this highly erotic zone! and falling asleep, try to show should not skip over them! You will bring him a great pleasure if you scratch and kiss them lightly.

For Her

The Anus or also known as the male’s analog zone of the G-spot. You are well aware what happens when he stimulates yours, so why don’t you give him back some of that pleasure? Talk to him first, before you attempt to reach for this zone. There is such a thing as too much surprise!

her how good you felt and return the favor. Do I hear you say that you have no idea what she would enjoy? Don’t worry! Here are some guidelines for you.

The Ears Perhaps you felt unsure or even silly while paying attention to them. You are making such a big mistake. Her ears are not just the place, where you could whisper gentle words. The Thighs She will melt with pleasure when The inner part of the thigh is a you place a kiss there or move your highly sensitive spot. Stroke these tongue around the edges of the areas gently or maybe more firmly. ear. The mistake that is often made He will surely be thankful to you for by men is biting down the ears or your attention there. blowing some air towards them. Those are strictly forbidden! The fold of his Knee Cover this part of his body with The Neck many kisses and nibbles. No man Don’t you dare miss this very can stay indifferent to a procedure sensual zone. Her swan-like neck is like this. very sensitive to touches and kisses! The Toes It may seem unerotic to you, but the toes are highly sensitive! Knowledge is power! So arm yourself with lots of patience and take your time to kiss each toe! He could even have an orgasm if you suck his toes! Don’t forget to add the necessary dose of love and the experience will surely become magical. 74

The fold of the Elbows After you have covered her hands with kisses concentrate on the fold of the elbows. If she doesn’t immediately giggle because she is too ticklish, she is in Heaven! The Breasts Men will hardly miss them… However, they should not turn the foreplay with them into their own amusement. Men, you have to think about her sensations, too. She definitely enjoys it, when you gently suck her nipples and circle them with your tongue. Do not underestimate the gentle valley between her breasts! Here is another tip: don’t be rough! There are women who would prefer rougher approach, but most will agree that when it comes to this part of the body – gentleness always comes first. The Navel Your girl will one day be a mother, which means that her navel is more sensitive than yours. You could easily investigate it with the tip of your tongue. You can even eat off whip crème or honey off her navel. Of course, such creative innovations, will eventually lead you to sharing a shower together!

The Back Women adore when they’re being Press the nape of the neck with your kissed on their backs. First you could massage her back to help relax hand – it will drive her crazy. the muscles. Then cover her entire back with peck kisses. You could go The Hands By rule her hands are much more down south all the way until you delicate that yours, which means reach her bottom. Just be careful that they are much more sensitive not to let her fall asleep! That may to your caresses. Stroke them, kiss happen if you are taking too much them – she will be the embodiment time to express your admiration for her back! of pleasure. 75

The Thighs The inside side of her thighs are also a very erotic area, which you should treat very gently. With other words – don’t bite, don’t scratch too strong and don’t press. If you trace the inside part of her thighs with the tip of your tongue, she will definitely think of you as one of the wonders of the world.


will receive a big red dot in appreciation of your knowledge for her body: not only did you know the existence of this very sensual place, but you are well aware what to do with it.

The Toes Just remember what happened when she focused her special attention to each of your toes. It’s worth seeing her reaction by returning the favor. Don’t The fold of the Knee tickle her on the heel, because there is a danger She will realize the meaning of the saying from uncoordinated moves of her leg, resulting “butterflies in my stomach” if you kiss her here! You in a kick.



heaven or hell? A relationship can be a heaven or a hell. When it’s a heaven, you have a loving partner who listens and understands you. Your significant other is there for you and supports you no matter what! He/She needs to see your face to immediately know what’s going on. You share the same feelings, goals and ideas! You trust him/ her. But such a successful relationship is even more that! You live together, make 78

it through every challenge that life offers you. You love together, cry together and are there for each other. Your loved one is the one, who will stand by your side no matter what, support you and build a future with you. Your partner is your best friend and also the reason why you rush home to. She/He will be the one to spoil you with breakfast in bed, bring you roses to show their appreciation and love for you!

A relationship can also be a hell one! Such relationships are doom to fail as the couple does not talk to one another but they are still together for reasons other than love. Such relationships are simply an excuse to continue to live with each other. There is still some love left in such a relationship, but obviously the couple is

having a hard time to figure out their issues. They avoid each other, shout and fight when they are together. Things said in the anger and the heat of the agreement hurt. No wonder that lies and cheating become part of such relationship. Compromise and favors are forgotten but the couple still struggles on.

by Andreas Gieswinkel

Despite the fact that there’s no true love, they need each other. Children, house-loan or sex are important reasons for them to stay together. That reflects on the relationship making the home a battlefield. They slowly drift apart, having different priorities, staying over at friend’s places to avoid the conflict at home.

Other things become more imported than the partner. For friends and family members such relationship is surreal. They will try to dismiss the signs as they simply do not understand it nor accept it. There’s also the possibility of someone trying to end such a relationship. What kind of a relationship do you have? 79


seductio n



Aphrodisiacs are not a new thing. They have been around for quite some time! The first evidence of the use of the term aphrodisiac is related to Aphrodite, the beautiful Greek Goddess of Love and Sexuality. Aphrodisiacs have proven to be very unique substances that increase desires until your blood is boiling up! How do aphrodisiacs work? Aphrodisiacs work in different ways. Historically, aphrodisiacs are firstly encountered and used as remedy for different sexual anxieties and also to increase fertility. Therefore aphrodisiac foods were divided into two groups. The first group contains the foods that provided a better nutrition (eggs, snails, etc). Nowadays, science has proven that aphrodisiacs influence our body metabolism, hormones and neurotransmitters in different ways and as a result increase our libido. Therefore it is important to take notice of the needed vitamins and nutritional elements in our diet. However, some aphrodisiacs possess nothing but a placebo effect, while others bear physical resemblance to the genetalia. These foods form the s e c o n d

group that possesses symbolism or a mythical meaning – apple in the bible is the forbidden fruit; cherry or plum are associated with virginity. Strawberries, whipped crème, melted chocolate and ice cubes are sometimes linked to aphrodisiacs because of the titillation they could provide. Moreover, the symbolism of food is extended to the opportunity for food to become metaphors for body parts – bananas, zucchini and cucumbers as they are phallic symbols. Nowadays, it is considered that aphrodisiacs are not only foods, but also drinks or scents.

Food Aniseed Aniseed is known to mankind since the Greeks and the Romans begun to use it as an aphrodisiac. It is commonly believed that sucking on the seeds will increases your desire. Asafetida Asafetida is an Indian dried, powdered herb used as a sexual stimulant in Ayurvedic medicine. It sounds exotic doesn’t it? Despite its proven effect as an aphrodisiac, it has a very strong, garlic flavor, which in our humble opinion limits its implication. Aspergilus Aspergilus is a phallus-shaped vegetable and as such is very commonly used as an aphrodisiac. It is low in calories and is very low in sodium. Which makes is the perfect aphrodisiac for people who are on diets! It is a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, ions and aminoacids. Feed your lover boiled or steamed spears for a sensuous experience.

as an aphrodisiac to their symbolic shape. From a more practical standpoint bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, necessities for sex hormone production. Basil (sweet basil) Is said to stimulate the sex Avocado The Aztecs called the drive and boost fertility. avocado tree "Ahuacuatl” It is also said to produce which translated means a general sense of well "testicle tree". The being for body and mind. ancients thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the Balut tree resembled the male's Balut is a fertilized duck testicles. This is a delicious or chicken egg with a fruit with a sensuous nearly-developed embryo texture. Serve in slices inside that is boiled alive with a small amount of and eaten in the shell. It is Balsamic vinegar and common in the Philipinines and other countries in freshly ground pepper. South Asia. Bananas The bananas generally Chocolate owe their popularity Have you ever wondered

why chocolate is a very common St. Valentine’s Day gift? Chocolate contains more antioxidants (which are cancer preventing substances) than does red wine (which also happens to be an aphrodisiac). Also, chocolate contains substances called alkaloids (theobromine and phenethylamine) that are responsible for the increase in the serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter (transmitter in the brain) that is also known as the “happiness hormone”. And what’s better than a happy “significant other”? So head off to the nearest store and buy a box of chocolate! You won’t regret it! Even the ancient

Aztects understood the “mystical powers” of the chocolate and called it "nourishment of the Gods". Carrots The phallus shaped carrot has been associated with stimulation since ancient times. It was especially popular in Middle Eastern. Carrots contain many vitamins and betacarotene. That may be a very good reason why you should eat more salads or grab an additional piece of carrot cake! Coriander (Cilantro seed) In case you have only read the book of “The Arabian nights” only as a child, you might have missed the tale of the childless

merchant who was cured by a “potion” containing coriander. Yes, coriander is a very potent aphrodisiac! Cilantro seeds are also used as an "appetite" stimulant. Dulce de leche Dulce de leche is a thick, caramel-like milk-based sauce or spread. Literally translated as "candy made of milk," it is prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a product that derives its taste from caramelized sugar.

fresh Black Mission figs in a cool bowl of water as it is done in Italy and be sure to eat with your fingers! Garlic Garlic is known for its aphrodisiac, antioxidant and medicinal value. An important word of caution is that you must make sure you and your partner both share it together. It’s easy to include the garlic in a salad dressing or in the pasta’s sauce. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you might want to prepare and add aspergilus to the pasta!

be used in the preparation of many drinks.

food of choice by Seth, the God of Chaos.

Honey Honey is known as a remedy to many conditions and illnesses, including sterility and impotence. The combination of the sweetness of the honey, its medicinal properties and sticky structure can be very appealing. Try licking honey off the body of your loved one.

Mamey sapote Mamey sapote is a tropical fruit. Its flavor is variously described as a combination of sweet potato (American sweet potato), pumpkin, maraschino cherries and avocado. It is known for its aphrodisiac qualities.

Mustard It is believed to stimulate the sexual glands and increase desire. Prepare a tenderloin Kabocha Squash Kabocha Squash is a roast (filet mignon) for Japanese variety of winter two with a mustard and squash and is commonly peppercorn sauce. known as Japanese pumpkin. It is considered Nutmeg aphrodisiac especially Nutmeg was highly prized by Chinese women as when roasted an aphrodisiac. A light sprinkling of the spice in a Lettuce Who would have guessed warm pumpkin can help that lettuce will have so spice up your evening. much sexappeal? In the ancient Egyptian culture it Oysters is said that lettuce was the Oysters are very rich in

Fennel Fennel is a plant source for natural plant estrogens. Its use as an aphrodisiac dates Ginger back to Acient Egyptian Ginger root raw, where it was used as cooked or crystallized "libido enhancement". is a stimulant to the circulatory system. Figs Perhaps a stir-fry The resemblance of with freshly grated an open fig to female ginger can stir genetalia has earned something spicy up figs the popularity of an in the bedroom later. aphrodisiac. The eating Remember that ginger of a fig is thought to be a root use is not limited powerful erotic act. Serve to food. It could also 82


of dry champagnes matches that of the female pheromones, which are chemicals capable to impact the behavior of the opposite sex.

SCENT Aromatherapy Essential Oils There are several essential oils for aromatherapy that also happen to be aphrodisiacs: jasmine, tuberose, neroli, almond, vanilla, patchouli and cinnamon.

protein and nutritious. They can be combined with wine for a more sensual taste. An additional hypotheses for the aphrodisiac power of the oyster is its resemble to the female genitals. Pineapple Pineapple is rich in vitamin C. Add a spear to a sweet Rum drink for a tasty prelude to an evening of passion. Raspberries and Strawberries Both fruits contain high doses of vitamin C and make a sweet light dessert. Perfect fruits to hand feed your lover. In case you want to take it up 84

a notch, you can add the fruits sensual drink if you are about to ice-cream or whip crème to plan an“all nighter”. and let your imagination go wild. Wine Red wine contains Truffles antioxidants and lowers The Greeks and the Romans the cardiovascular considered the rare Truffle to accidents. However, be an aphrodisiac. The musky remember that the scent is said to stimulate and pigment in the red wine sensitize the skin to touch. can discolor your teeth. So maybe a white wine is a far better choice for you. drinks No matter which type you will choose, a glass or Coffee two of wine can greatly Coffee – we can’t live without enhance a romantic it! Remember that the dinner as it will relax and caffeine in your coffee is a stimulate your senses. So well-known stimulant, but head off to the bathtub, too much and it can become pour yourself some wine a depressant. Remember to and let your loved one arm yourself with the hot

find you there. Coconut water The coconut water is the clear fluid inside the young coconut. It is a rather untraditional drink, but it has proven to be a potent natural aphrodisiac. Champagne Champagne is associated with celebrating, but it also a very potent natural aphrodisiac. Champagne’s bubbles provide tingling sensation and its sweet and intoxicating effect, hits the bloodstream quickly. Studies have shown that the aroma

Almond Almond has always been a symbol of fertility. Almond’s scent can be incorporated into scented candles and perfumes. Moreover, almonds are served as food. Vanilla The scent and flavor of vanilla is believed to increase lust. Fill tall Champagne glasses to the rim and add a vanilla bean to combine the two aphrodisiacs. Aroma Candles It always helps to have a couple of aroma candles at a hand distance. Dim candle light, silk sheets and sweet aroma coming out of the scented candles – they are all promising a night to remember! 85

First dates are both scary and intriguing. Think about the flutter in your stomach, the adrenaline rush in your veins and that significant moment when a relationship can flourish or be doomed. Now is the time to pick your strategy and set up the conditions for a perfect date.


Drive in Movies or the Cinema A drive in movies or going to the cinema are two very classical and romantic ways to approach to first date . They will set the mood for the date and also give you a time frame for it. Browse the cinema listening and pick up a movie that both of you will enjoy.

Top 10


Playing Pool on a Date Another very interesting solution for Theatre an activity on a first If you want to date is of course playing escape from the pool. Even if your date dinner and a movie does not know how first date cliché to play pool, you will you might want to have a wonderful time consider going to teaching him/her. Make the theatre. Going to sure you check out the the theatre instead of location of the pool table the movies will give the in advance – too loud date a classier style and music will play against also allow you to talk in you as conversation is a the pause between the major part of first dates. acts. Make sure you pick a play that is hilarious Carting and your success is Do you ensured. enjoy the thrill of the Bowling car race and Getting to know the speed in a person is a your hair? If hard process. It can the answer is “Yes”, then become harder if what are you waiting for you are extra shy or and quickly make plans anxious about the date to head off to the carting itself. So why not take arena with your date! the edge off and include Bring out the friendly an activity to your date? competition and enjoy a

2 first dates Suggestions

Playing games together is proven to effectively reduce anxiety levels, form a connection with your playmate and also increase the chances for a second date for a “return match”. Friendly competition or even bets made over the game are a unique way to steal a kiss! Just be creative – it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you are both having fun.



really wonderful and fun activity for a first date.

conversation itself.



S tay i n g Outdoors Hiking, riding bicycles or climbing are great first date outdoors activities. Those ideas for first dates will ensure the quiet and relaxing atmosphere and will allow you to talk your way into your date’s heart, while experiencing beautiful sceneries! Just make sure that your date is as adventurous as you are before making such plans.


Play the tourist You don’t have to be working at a travel a g e n c y to know the best views or famous places around your home city. Indeed, sometimes we take things for granted, but first dates can be a reason to rediscover the heartbeat of your own home place. Pick a local / national festival, cultural event or even historical building – you will be setting the date as an adventure and your date will be thankful to you for that.

Art Gallery If your date is an art-lover, new experiences search the and new cuisine listings for O n new exhibitions or Art t h e Gallery’s openings. They quest will provide the general t o idea of the conversation, o n e ’s so you won’t have heart, to worry about you will need to build conversation starters. a connection to that person. What better Local Music way than to share a new Show experience with that A p p e a r person? Google the new knowledgeable, Thai restaurant that you support local always wanted to visit artists and score but never had the chance a point in your date’s to do so and make your heart – this threefecta plans. It doesn’t matter can only be achieved in what exotic culture combination with a light you want to immerse conversation – don’t yourselves into – in the forget that the main end what matters is that part of a first date is the you will be together.






women’s thoughts

by Lily Gluhova


In today’s busy and confused world, being a woman is not easy, especially if you try to be the woman who is an example and a role model, Each and every single one of us, women, wants to be the best she could be. However, only few are those who actually do the necessary in order to achieve it. We don’t judge anyone! Our nature is just like that – we are woven and fully subservient to different emotions, which sometimes get in our own way. What we could do, is just try to be outspoken. Friends With women, they are a relevant concept. You all know the expression “stabbing someone in the back”, don’t you? When I come to think about it, that expression might as well be created “for” and most probably “by” women. Women do not think in absolutes terms that men use. For every friend, a woman will see a potential enemy at some point. That is why women learn to assess people by objective criteria, which aren’t subservient to our feelings. Love We have to know with heart and We do have to start with Love. We mind to whom we could trust and will definitely have to stand on confess our deepest secrets, but this crossroad: “Is Love really the also be aware of people to whom one thing that stands behind the we could confess, but should not. achievements of every woman, or is Love the obstacle of the success PAST of the emancipated woman, the This comprehensive “time” of career woman? Can we have our life… sometimes we just want for it to disappear, to have both?” Here we shall talk, write and discuss the main topics, which are of interest for a woman. We will give out tips and advices about topics that cross the women’s head on daily basis. Men, do not fear to peek in these lines, getting to know what’s spinning in our minds day in and day out might prove of a great value in your relationships! And in what are we really interested in and will you be reading from now at this page?

never happened, but unfortunately it stays within us. The dark memory of the past can surface up in our hardest moments and takes us to the path of depression. Therefore, a woman has to learn how to remember only the warm and dear moments of the past and let those sad and discouraging memories fade. Speaking of the past, we have to mention the Destiny.


Destiny The question is: do we make our own Destiny? Or is it a path that orchestrates our lives? I believe that we are the creators of

our own lives! We make our choices and take the responsibilities. We learn to live through our mistakes! There is no predetermined path – you can simply choose and make your own Destiny. If you share the same opinion, take this tip from me – be careful with all your actions, because they have also their counteractions. That is why it is important to think about your action clearly, before you “make the final decision”!

the end, whether you cook on daily basis or not, it is important that you have a good looking set of 8 dishes, 8 forks, spoons, knives and of course, one amazing recipe that you can use in times of emergencies. That special recipe will not only bring a smile to your significant other, but also will make you feel like the best hostess! What is better than one nicely set up table, delicious meal, sparkling wine and the laughter, coming from the people around you?

hairstyle and of course, a pair of great high heels shoes … everything else shall depend on your charisma and approach.

Perfume and do not forget the perfume! That is your imprint, which will be “signed” in his mind! We wish you a nice and successful day. Please take note that the discussed topics are proven to be true and necessary. But sometimes life will make us perceive them with different details. That is why Cooking I am leaving you to fill your Let’s not miss the kitchen Beauty and style too – there every woman Bet on classics and create thoughts with many other should be a Fairy! Or at least an accent with accessories, great topics. Have a great most men think that way. In little make-up, a simple and inspiring day!


your everyday life. Indeed, a lot of people have thought about the same things, including me. When we all start thinking in this direction, we realize that we are literally wasting our free time. We do silly and unnecessary things and torture our bodies with stress. In the end, we can hear the protest of our own body. It’s screaming in our mind until that voice becomes unbearable. We all need to find a new source of energy to calm down our bodies, to give peace to our mind. We hope to change the scenario of our everyday life that we are already painfully familiar with. Then an idea is born! You start thinking about taking up on sports or finding a new hobby. You want to do

choose swimming; others choose football or even mountain climbing. There are people who prefer dancing, but there are also those who chose to practice something else like Martial arts! Now, I want to be able to do that, too! I still remember the first time I saw Bruce Lee on TV. I had no idea what was he doing, but I thought “What kind of crazy unnatural moves is he performing?”. The moves were really fast and looked definitely impossible to perform. But of course, the mind of a 7 year old child could hardly comprehend the physical part of the movements, let alone the mental and spiritual presence in them. Do believe me, the mental and spiritual component of those moves is much more import and no less hard to achieve. When the movie ended, my mother told me that what Mr. Lee was doing is called “Kung-Fu”. She explained that that was a Martial Art. My

world of the Martial Arts started. But do not confuse Kung Fu with the commonly known Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA is a sport which combines different moves from different martial styles. People do it mostly for the money. In the end, that is not so bad. But as a very popular Bulgarian singer says in one of her songs: “Not everything is money, my friend. Not everything is money!”. There are many kinds of Martial Arts and they have descended from different ancient traditions. Martial Arts have preserved in their essence the moral and philosophy components of these traditions, which made them something more than a system of “kicking and boxing”. The first Martial Art style that I would like to introduce to you is called Ving Tsun (Wing Chun). It is a specific Kung-Fu style that originates from China. Ving Tsun literally means “forever young”, or “springtime forever”.



because you find the word “boring” too Have you ever felt that strong. However you what you’re doing is might call that feeling, boring? Or perhaps the truth is that you are you prefer to use the not interested in almost term “not interesting” anything. I can imagine

your schedule - you wake up, do your morning rituals and go to work. You stay eight hours on your desk, working on a computer. You realize that the thoughts take

you to other places and you begin to day dream. You want to do something different and you desperately try to bring back the sparkle in

something easy, or something that gives you joy or just something that actually makes your body move. Some people

reaction was a simple “Wow”. There is no need to say I was more than impressed. My journey through the unexplored

If we start to interpret the meaning of the “springtime”, we will end up at the idea of youth again. That is because 95


spring means awakening; to take a deep breath and to feel alive. Therefore in a way, one of the main ideas of training this style is to be “forever young”. It sounds like a beautiful utopian dream. But then again who knows?! Ving Tsun is a Martial art style that has been around for almost 350 years. The original legend tells us that Ving Tsun was created by the nun Ng Mui. She lived in the most famous temples of the time – the Shaolin Temple. She was one of the five surviving warriors after the attack by the Emperor’s Army. It is said that she wanted to create

a style that wasn’t related to brute force. Ng Mui’s idea was to create a style that will allow women and weaker people to defend themselves. Ving Tsun was created by her observation of the attacks of different animals. The name of this Martial Art is given by Ng Mui’s first student – the beautiful maiden Yim Ving Tsun. The young girl trained with Ng Mui in effort to escape from an unwanted marriage to a local bully. There was a bet: if she was able to defeat him in a fight, he would disappear from her life. Needless to say that Yim Ving managed

to defeat him and earned her freedom. Ving Tsun consist of three forms : “Siu Nim Tau” (the philosophy of small ideas) - this form is the absolute basic of this style. After that, there is the “Chum Kiu” (the two-way force). The last form is called “Bill Gee” (striking out a fully concentrated force with a finger-tip). While learning the three forms, it is very important to master the Wooden Dummy, the long pole and the knives. Ving Tsun is a very provident Martial Art which goal is to disarm and overpower the opponent for the shortest amount of time, without

losing much energy. Instead, you should use his/hers strength to do that. I must say Ving Tsun is my favorite style from all others. I’m going to make a series of articles on the topic of Ving Tsun. Watch out for the upcoming issues of MIKA to understand the physical aspects of Ving Tsun, the mechanics that are included inside this Martial Art and its logic. Moreover, I will try to present the incredible mind power that one can develop and achieve - the power than can be used for self-improvement and for self-control.


“ xDrive, 4 Matic, Quattro, AWD, 4WD or 4x4 – so many names to indicate the driving power, managed by all wheels. ”


the ultimate driving machine

Drive live


by Daniel Trifonov


xDrive, 4 Matic, Quattro, AWD, 4WD or 4x4 – so many names (and trade marks) to indicate the driving power, managed by all wheels. Even if you are a racer or you just love to have the vehicle under

your control by switching off all the stability systems, for sure, you have had many situations when you have needed separate engine power for specific wheel. This article’s goal is not to advertise any

cars or products. It’s an article about the driving experience and joy that I had while the participating in BMW xDrive Live training at Lesnovo Airport near Sofia, Bulgaria. The training was organized

in four different exams: The first exam challenged your reactions and it was called “switching the lane to avoid an obstacle”. You have to accelerate as much as you can on a straight track until you reach a speed

locator and a traffic light. The traffic light was situated above an obstacle (cone) which was placed in the middle of the track. No matter from


which side the traffic light will come – left or right, you have to pass the cone safely without hitting it. The light itself will go off in the very last moment just in front of the obstacle. Once you have passed through that section, you have to return to you lane without touching any of the surrounding cones. Afterwards, the car-radio “tells” you how you managed with the exam… and with the speed. On the way back you have to accelerate to a similar obstacle but the new challenge is to stop the vehicle as close as possible to the cone with only a single hit on the brake pedal. The 102

challenge is completed. You “receive” a smile from the instructor and then you go back to the START line. The exam was repeated several times with different cars – X3 (F25), 5-series (F10), 5-series GT (F07). The second exam was so called slalom. By the time it started we were so lucky to see that it was beginning to rain! Why do I say we were lucky? It’s only because it slalom a more challenging exam. For this section of the exam, we had to move around the cones in a big circle with a very high speed. We could steer strong

the way that the car was shaking and the wheels were squealing. Despite of the rain, understeering and over-steering situations were handled promptly and properly by the stability system. This exam was tested with the 7er (F01), X5 (E70) and X3 (F25). My favorite one became the X3, not

steering wheel with its interior design is more than comfortable. In addition, the HeadUp display seems to be really useful in normal conditions, but not on the track. Once the second exam was completed, a desired break followed. We could take a breath and then it was time for

“Despite of the rain, under-steering and over-steering situations were handled promptly and properly by the stability system. ” just because of its size a short or maybe it’s more and maneuverability. The appropriate to say fast

walk with pumped 5er – 550i xDrive with M-Sport package. The track was still wet enough to allow us to enjoy more of the power acceleration on a turn and straight, fast deceleration. That provided the ultimate test to vestibular system. The camera on board of the pumped 5er was transmitting the images from the road to big screens inside the resting area. As you can tell, the break turned out to be the time to enjoy watching what was happening inside the 5er. In my opinion there were two disadvantages of this exam. The first disadvantage was that the driver who was a professional driver and we couldn’t test the car ourselves. The second disappointment came from the duration (continuance) of the exam – it was a really short one and we couldn’t enjoy it long enough. Finally, the time for testing the xDrive in reality had arrived. All of the cards provided for this challenge were X3 (F25). The exam itself started with ramp crossing. First the left wheels spin and accelerate, while on the right side the road was flat. That lifted up the front right wheel and the car was driven upward the ramp by the other three wheels. Then the same ramp came on the right. This time the front left wheel began escalating, will the right front was already going down the hill. In this situation the car had only two wheels stable – the front right one and the rear left one. When the car stopped on top of the ramps 103

“The track was still wet enough to allow us to enjoy more of the power acceleration on a turn and straight, fast deceleration.�


with the other two wheels in the air, the instructor could shake the vehicle with his hands. Lucky for us, it was not a problem for all the xDrive to manage those two ramps and the following third again on the left. The next challenge was to enter tight square, to make a 360-degrees turn inside it and then to go outside to the final drill. It was already dark and it was still raining. Without using any of the mirrors, you

had to make a backward slalom, navigating by the rear camera on the central display. This was

not so funny, but it was a nice relaxing exercise for completing the driving training.

At the end I have to admit that the new X3 (F25) really impressed me. It was stable, comfortable

and maneuverable not only on the ramp exercise, but also on the slalom, on the fast lane change and

others. The steering wheel really fits to your hands. All controls are placed suitable and are easily

accessed. I think this is a very interesting experience for me to have. I can’t help but wonder why this event is

not organized every day or at least every weekend, so I could just drive and drive the new x3.


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