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We can’t just feel bad for them. We have to help them.

Have you ever been to a zoo where the animals look sad, angry, and alone? Do you think they will be able to survive many years? “I feel sorry for them.” A 5th grader Lilly Thygeson says, “Zoos are where people can learn about animals and see them in an artificial habitat as an example. Zoos should not make fun of animals and lock them up”. Also, 5th grader Maya Blodgett says, “They survive longer in captivity than in the wild, so I think that they live in zoo’s longer.” Justin, a 5th grader agrees. “I kind of think its okay because it protects them from the wild” he says, ”but I still think it's bad.” Zoo’s are a place where you can look at animals and enjoy them doing tricks or be in action. But some zookeepers chain them up so they cannot move or they make leashes for animals so visitors can have a picture with them. Visitors use flashes and bang on the glass just to scare them. Animals get scared and try to hide. Animals fight and the zoo keepers keep them apart and raise the animals in a cruel life.

Many people think that zoos are beneficial because they are preserving endangered species. However 95% of animals that are kept in zoos are not endangered. Also less than 1 percent of endangered animals have been introduced back into the wild, while over 10,000 zoos exist worldwide, holding about a million vertebrate animals. Some zoos treat their animals well. For example, animals in Tama Zoo gets to live in large shelters/rooms. Tama Zoo set up in its vast land of 52 ha (129 acres). The zoo has three ecological areas, i.e., the Asiatic Garden, African Garden and Australian Garden, and the Insectarium. As animals grow up they will have fierce eyes, fight, stress, and they stamp on the ground for no reason. Do you really want that to happen? Of course not.


Do you want these animals to look miserable?

Animal Prison  

It is a writing piece about some zoos are not treating their animals well.