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PORTFOLIO Junmei Chen 2020 Bio-Integrated Design MArch 20145163

Curriculum Vitae Education Background

Personal Data

Xian-Jiaotong Liverpool University Suzhou, China


Name: Junmei Chen

Main Campus of the University of Liverpool Liverpool, United Kingdom


Gender: Female

Certificate: Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Architecture, Class Two Division One Crouse including Design studio, Architectural history, Environmental study, Structural design and Practice management. The grade of the design studio coursed has an upward trend in the last two years. The final project meets the highest grade of the last two academic years.

Work experience July in 2017 Zhenghua Architects.Ltd. Designer group assistant. During the internship, I did the software and engineering drawings learnings for architectural design. I have participated in the scheme of marketing as well.

Date of Birth: 22/12/1996 Nationality: Chinese Address: Building 6 Room1605 Anzhenli 4 Xiaoqu Chaoyang District Beijing China Contact Number: +44 07522001450 +86 13718061476 E-mail address: Mikacecalesis@hotmail.com

Other experieence Minister of Modeling Culb in XJTLU from 30.04.2016 to 30.04.2017. Volunteer in the BICAF in 07.06.2018 to ,casher of a

Standard test: IELTS: Overall 6.5 Listening: 6.5 Reading: 6.5 Writing: 5.5 Speaking: 7

Hobbies: Have a keen interested in watercolour drawings and sculpture, ongoing 3D modelling learning, Zbrush and 3D Max for digital 3D modelling. Love animations, especially the Japanese animations, prefer to do some related work like film cut or personal comic drawings. Always do some small scale DIY project in the free time, including earrings, crystal epoxy, paper cut, home decoration. Watch stage plays nearly every day, especially Opera and Ballet. Read nature-science related thesis and watch documentaries in the free time. Have some specimen of shells and mineral, can make simple specimen of plants.


Technical Skills:






Ripple and wheel

A place to go to nature


A place to stay forever

Monement Village

A place to go to into nature

A place to stay

The Green in the Solid

The Green in the Solid Studio:3 Tutor:Howard Miller Date: 09/2018

People always work in an artificial environment, why not escape from the synthetic situation to touch nature? It will make people feel relax when they stay close to nature. The surface of the site is limited, so it is a choice to make a three-dimensional forest for people to stay inside. Most of the natural resources are limited, and it is necessary to find something sustainable. This project has a kind of timber structure, which means it has a combination of living and dead vegetation.



Site location In the city centre, most of the spaces are covered without vegetation. It is easier to keep people away from the natural environment and increase the level of stress, anxiety and some other negative influence of mental health. SIte Water Road Building Vegetation 0.1%





Circlation in the project Public Place open to all the people, but need to paid for the service.

Guest People who will have a stay here, have full service of the hotel.





Staff Come for work every day, rightful to access everywhere in the building.


Guest Room

Roof Garden Activity Room 3


Storage Laundry

Around Site


Office Buildings

Residential Area

Social activity area Public Transportation

Kinds of Vegetation

Trees Largest scale of vegetation, most of time need a open public space.

Brushes Midium scale vegetation, common in small gardens of houses.

Grass Small scale vegetation, have the least requirement of space.


Moss Always grow naturally.It is not a real kind of vegetation, but still good for the environment.

Step 1 Site

Step 2 Main area

Step 3 Connection

Step 4 Roate

The main area of the site. It is surrounded from three directions. Have two acesses.

The area for the most of the hotel’s functions. it is a retangular space, covered most area of the site.

Extend the path nearby to make a connection with the path.

Roate the main area to have a kind of direction parallel to the path.


Ground floor

Lobby Reception Bar Restaurant Toilets Kitchen Office Storages

First floor

Guest Rooms Roof Gardens Activity Room

Second floor

Guest Rooms Roof Gardens Activity Room


Step 5 Push Up

Step 6 Cut

Step 7 Mass and Grid

Step 8 Light

Push up the flat graphicto a solid mass. It have a hight bitween the buildings of its two sides.

Make a gap of the mass of the main function area. Have a stong contex as a extension of a roadway

Turned the roated mass in to a kind of frame woke, it would be work as the main structure as of project

As the main concept is to add the vegetation in the solid city centre, the plants need enough sun light






Monement Village Studio:3 Tutor:Howard Miller Date: 02/2019

Everyone has an end of life. The meaning of people not only goes with bodies but also the memory for other people. People dead every 30 minutes in Liverpool, it is necessary for the living people to have a place to mourn for there lost, and to look forward to the future. This place is for the people to have a funeral ceremony peacefully, and calm down by the power of nature. It is primarily served for the local traditional funeral ceremony, but also welcome the people to have a typical funeral ceremony for non-religion.




Funeral Facilities in Liverpool


Funeral Facilities


Typically have a death rate of 30 minutes/person. It is necessary to improve the funeral facilities to provide a better service for the residents. It is not only focused on the funeral process itself but also needs to give the psychological service after the funeral ceremony.

Funeral process Report








Family Repoter Detail


As the result of the strong wind across the site, it would be better to have something to block the wind flow to make people feel more comfortable.

Make a connection of two sites through vision . Telescopes maybe required for two sites.

Several components will be used in the project to keep the users away from the strong wind.


Different levels of the project. Orenge line is the route for the living people, and the blue line is for the deadbodies. Two site make a connection throught sights and the transportation throughwater.

Make a connection of two sites through vision . Main axis on the brunswick site.

Add some opening of the solid part and change the profile of the project. Frames are added to make a certain scense of order.

Purple: Public route Green: Project servise area Project servise area comes from the profil of the site.

Show the levels of the importance of the parts of the project through the hight. Corridor for the coffine is added.

Make a connection of edges. A path way for the hearse. The south part is mort public than the noth part of the project.

Main structure of the auditorium is confirmed. A large staircase is added on the north side of the project to connect it with the water in the dock.

Make a kind of level change based on the function. The grey area is mainly for the people come for the funeral ceremony, and the mintis for the service.

Car parking area is converted into a large size of ramp. It would be friendly for the disables with the platforms on it. 16



Auditorium 1

Auditorium 2 Section A - A’

Section B - B’


Auditorium 3

Cafe and pier





Waiting Area

Central Garden 23

Auditorium 1

Auditorium 2

Auditorium 3 24





Cave Studio:4 Tutor:Urun Kilic Date: 02/2018

Cats and dogs are typical animals trained explicitly by human beings. They are trained to serve people, but many of them have a chance to be abandoned for different reasons, especially the racing dogs. This project is a kind of animal shelter with the final care of animals, aim to make a lively environment to courage people to take the abandoned animals back to their home. It is a response for people to bring them back to the people’s daily life from a natural environment and is also a part of the human duty to take care of them until their rest of life.



Site Location

Key element of the site Church, where may have some event in the weekend or some other times, built in red brick.

Nursery near the site, it is busy during the morning when the parents bring their kids to here.

A garden has centries years of history, usually have people walk dogs inside the yard. Have old trees inside.

Residential building near the site. Because people need a quiet environment to have a rest at night, sound insulation must be considered in the project.

There is a playground for kids near the corner of the site. It is a living space. It is an excellent idea to let the children play with the dogs and take them home, but safety is essential as well.



Design process Make a kind of level change to make a boundary of the project.

To ensure that do not too much noise, cut the path of the voice, be a good neighbour. Mirror the patch roof and let them meet each other to make the whole roof. Add a lower level, the noise frome the lower level could also be blocked by the patch roof. Design Concept The design of the project aims to make a kind of design based on different sizes, and various types of the habit of users, such as people from different ages and animals with different sizes. It is essential to increase the communication rate of the abandoned pets and the customer who come here to have visite, to improve the adopted possibility of the pet kept in the institution. Also will try best to keep the original green area of the site, which lead to being an environmentally friendly building and a connection between human beings and the natural environment.

Main functions of the project

Roof garden

Make a connection with the original site. People always walk their dogs or playing with kids around the site. It is a choice to make the project friendly and playable for the public.


As a result of located in the residential area of the city, it would be possible to have a veterinary for the common pets, especially for the dogs and cats. On the other hand, it is a necessary facility for the Trap–neuter–return (TNR)

Animal shelter

The main propose of the project is to build a place to keep the abandoned pets. Usually need to put them down with CO2 when they were kept over two weeks, but in the project, with veterinary, we can use TNR instead of it.


Cat Cafe

Cat cafe is a place to increase the opportunity for people to adopt cats. It also can provide some money to run the facility.

Dog playground

No like cats, dogs usually need to go out for a walk. It is better to have a playground inside the project than walk them out. It is responsible for both residents and animal welfare.

Different kinds of Cats All kinds of cats can be abandoned as well, but some of them might be prison breaking before they become the street cat. When cats come into nature envionment, it will become a kind of disaster for the local ecosystem. It is a kind of animal at the top of the food chain with slaughtering behaviour. As it is one kind of animal expert in jumping and climbing, it is essential to do some vertical design for them in the project. With complete flexibility and skills in actionability, it would be a kind of better choice to keep them inside the rooms rather than let them out.


Cats always keeping curious no matter how old they are, it also could immprove their hunting skills as well.


With perfect performance of balancing and flexibility, they nearly can go to wherever they want.

Movement of Cats

IUCN Due to the IUCN, the cat is one of the most robust invasive species in the world, and they need to lock into the rooms and make sure they can not escape. It is responsible for the natural environment and the pet itself.

Cat cages As cats have high flexibility of jumping and a variety kinds of movement, it is better to provide them with a sort of space for vertical movements. As a result of their living behaver, it is a requirement to provide them with the toilet to use as well.



Nearly every healthy cat could be a wonderful hunter, they could kill nearly almost eveything smaller than them, and might kill them not for eating but for fun

Different kinds of Dogs All kinds of dogs have the possibility to be abandoned, especially for the racingdogs.It is necessary to create a kind of shelter for different kinds of dogs avaliable in UK due to their sizes. It is divides in to three part, small size, medium size and large size of dogs. As the result of the offspring of the grey wolf (C. lupus), they still have some similar social behavier, such as need larger horizontal spaces for activities, hunting, and pasturing. For the dog tunnel design, besically they need enough to move in the cages, also need some land scape design such as different levels of ramps and caves based on their natural behaviers.

Small dogs

Medium dogs

Large dogs

Less than 46cm height Companion dogs and terrier dogs

41-61cm height Gundogs,Hering dogs and Hounds

More than 61cm height Working dogs

The smaller the better size, most dogs for this size is for in door pets. These kinds of dogs normally have a lower rank of aggressive.

Basical function of this size is for hunting hand herd. Have some specific choice for the usage, have multiple body types with higher intellengence.

The bigger the better ones.Most dogs in this size are used for their streghth. But not all the working dogs are over 61cm height, but approaching

Movement of Dogs

Dog play ground As the dogs are trained from wolves, they need to have enough place to run, to explore. It is suitable for them to have some activities with level changes. And it is also the right choice for them to be relaxing playing in the changeable playground.

Dog tunnels It is a bit different from cats. Dogs nearly can not have any vertical movements. It is a choice to enlarge their horizontal spaces to move. A double level dog house might be a choice for them in a limited space.










4 9 1






11 9








Basement floor Left Side

1 Storage 2 Operation Theater 3 Preparation room 4 Wast Room 7 Rehabilitaion Room for Dogs 8 Meeting Room


9 Duty Room 10 Office 11 Storage with Kitchen

Right Side


12 Lower Lobby of Cat Zone 13 Cat tunnels 14 Kitchen 15Cat caf 18 In-door Play Ground for Dogs 19 Toilet 20 Lower Lobby of Do


23 23 24


29 33


31 32





Ground floor Left Side

22 Pharmacy 23 Outpatient 24 Toilet 25 Storage 26Triage Table

Right Side

28 Higher Lobby of Cats Zone 29 Cat Tunnels 30 Storage 31 Lobb 35 In-door Play Gound for Dogs 36 Machine Room 37 Higher Lob







m 5 Rehabilitation Play ground 6 Rehabilitaion Room for Cats

fe 16 Play Ground for Cats 17 Pay Ground for Dogs og Zone 21 Dog tunnels

30 34





and Waiting Area 27 Main ENtrance

by 32 Service Desk 33 Cat Cafe 34 Out Door Cat Zone bby of Dogs Zone 38Dog Tunnels





n A - A’

n B - B’



Dog tunnels

Out-door Play ground



Out-door Cat Zone

Cat tunnels

n C - C’


Ventilation Pannel

Cat tunnels

Cat cages for kitten

Cat cages for audult cats

Cat Cafe


Dog tunnels

Dogc ages for common dogs

Dog cages for large dogs

Indoor dog playground



Ripple and wheel Competition project of Guyu Prize Date: 2016

How to live with the natural environment is a topic for human beings for thousands of years. People need to know, and to protect the natural environment for the wild lives, and for ourselves in the future. Project is located in the northeast part of mainland China, and it is a place for the migratory birds to stay during the summer. Wetland system is a kind of place that could be called the lung of the earth. It could protect small animals, such as different kind of Larvas or planktons. Plentiful resources of food and the suitable temperature for animals to live attracted hundreds of birds come here for summer. It is the right place for research activities, and with the specific feature of “Red Beach“, it is a place for ordinary people to walk into the natural environment as well.


Location of the site

Photos of the site


Main features and propertyof wetlands Birds

The birds are one of the essential parts of the wetland system. It is the most beautiful part of the wetland park for tourists to come for a visit.


Plants are growing on the Mire, main places for birds to reproduction. Waders and Poultries will build their nests on the land and hide in the vegetations. The main kind of plant of the site called Suada, it could be turned into the red to create a unique view of the “red beach”.


Generally in the water, turbid water could help them hide from attractions. Variety kinds of foods could attract them come to the wetland for a living.


Mire is nature protection for them to live and hide, also the primary food resources and the cleaner of the natural environment.


Maire is one of the primary systems for the wetland environment. It could provide the shelter for the invertebrates and the food bank for other animals. It also has a crucial function of storage water to isolate the influence of the level change of the sea for private land — also, the critical area for the birds’ principal activities.

Main funchtions of the project

Car parking

One of the critical elements for a park, it is useful for the tourists and also the need for the service suppliers.


TThousands of migratory birds come to this area for reproduction; it is necessary to have a veterinary facility to give them some help.


The on-site museum is more convienient to teach the tourist how to protect the natural environment. Some bird cannot back to the natural environment could be kept in the museum as a living example of how the birds are living..


Servise area

As it is a kind of wetland park, it is essential to provide the service as a park, allowed the tourist to have an unusual experiment and keep the surrounding environment stable.

Obserbation deck

Main propose for people to come to have a visit.





Original wetland mode section

Farm land

Avenue Concept wetland park section

High view


Bird care

Water level

Concept of the architectural shape


Flying trajectory 49


Resourses of the wetland


As a specific feature of the site, most areas of the beach is covered with Suaeda.



One of the essential food resources for all kind of target birds. They usually can find molluscs from mud land.

One of the essential resources attracts birds. Most of the times, they are on the mud land.


Another food resources for the birds, especially for the waders. Most of this species are hiding in the mud.

Kinds of birds


The top species of the food chain, most of them have a kind of habit living in woods or cliff and go out for hunting.



The largest birds in the site belong to this classification, such as heron and Red-crowned Crane. Some smaller sizes waders such as Snipe will be living on the beach as well

(More swimming) Most of the species in the site belong to this classification.

Nests of birds

Nest in trees

Raptors might prefer to live there. Sticks and straw are the critical construction materials for them.

Nest on the ground

Most kinds of birds, waders and poultries are using this kind of nest for reproduction. It needs to laid into the vegetations to hide them. Dried straw are critical construction materials for the birds.



(More flying) One of the critical scenes of the site. It possibly one of the most attractive sights of the site. One of the target protected species, Saunder’s Gull, belongs to this classification.

Higher level

Ground level






10 4

Lower level












1 Car parking Area 2 Museum Area 3 Corridor Area 4 Obserbation deck 2m

5 Underwater Area 6 Servise Area 7 Veterinary Area



6 8



10 7

8 Rehabilitation Area 9 Exhibition Area 10 Specimen Area

1m Jinpan City Tide Table



Tide Hight



1m As the range of tide shown above, it is safe to build the platform 1 meter higher than the sea level. It also is part of the feater of wetland to stop most of the waves going to reach the building.


Âą0m Sea Level


Section A - A’

Section B - B’









n C - C’

C C’ 56

Obserbation deck

Museum Area





Underwater Area

Corridor Area

D D - D’



Personal works Comic “Aclony--The Beginning�

Illustration Watercolor Drawings



Profile for Mika_cecalesis

Bio-Integrated Design MArch_2020_Junmei_Chen_20145163  

Bio-Integrated Design MArch_2020_Junmei_Chen_20145163