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From 28th of October to 3rd of November 2011

Mijas Semanal

WHATS’ON III MIJAS JAZZ FESTIVAL: Ana Cisnero will be giving a concert on the 28/10 with her “I Remember, Yo Recuerdo” highlighting great female singers such as Shirley Horn, Dinah Washington and Etta Jones. The Festival will finish on the 29/10 with a show that is dedicated to the musicals of the era of Jazz. Tickets are 7 euros per concert. Discounts for children and unemployed adults, pensioners and youthcard holders. Both concerts start at 9pm Tickets from box office Wed. and Fri. 5 to 8pm. Tel: 952472596.

PAINTING EXHIBITION: This works of Eduardo Giacometti will be inaugurated at 8pm 28/10 in the Las Lagunas Cultural Centre. The Uruguayan artist invites us to reflect on various values of life such as security, belongings and ideals…

CHARITY ZUMBATHON: A marathon Zumbathon (salsa style dance with easy steps) is organised for the 29/10 from 11am at St Anthony’s College, Camino de Coin, KM 52,5 Mijas Costa. Monies raised will go to breast cancer research. There will also be a raffle, auction and entertainment: with the real Girls Aloud and Cheryl Cole. Plus Cava and nibbles. email:

PAD AUTUMN FAIR: PAD (animal rescue charity) are having their Autumn fair this Sunday the 30/10 at the Nordic Centre on the MijasFuengirola road. Entertainment for all the family. Stalls with bric a brac, books and handicrafts. Food and beverage is also on offer. Starts 11am. Information tel: 655 257 712.

SHORT FILMS PROJECTION: A projection of short films by the young filmmakers of Mijas will be shown on Friday the 28th of October at 8pm. Admission is free. Anyone who wants to participate is invited to do so. The venue is the plenary room in the Mijas Town Hall.

HALLOWEEN AT ISLA MÁGICA: Spend a magical Halloween at the La Cartuja Island amusement park. Only 15 euros per person which includes transport and entrance. More information at juventud@ or 952 58 60 60.

MONDAY: Dr. Vejay Singh, Zoology Section


TUESDAY: All Saint’s Day, Holiday

14.05 - 14.50 h

WEDNESDAY: David Searl, Legal Section/Soroptimists

news, interviews and events...

THURSDAY: Review of week’s interviews FRIDAY: Francisco Alarcon, Mijas Racecourse

PERSONAL SAFETY SAFETY MEASURES: Keep your belongings in sight Keep hold of your handbag and protect your wallet on public transport and in crowded areas (street markets, performances, etc... Take care of your camera or video camera in recreational areas. Only take your essentials when you go to the beach or go to the swimming pool. If you are using a vehicle, lock all valuables away and keep them out of sight. As far as possible, avoid isolated or badly lit places. Beware of suspicious offers of ‘help’ (‘help’ relating to problems with your car, stains on your clothes etc). Thieves know how to use clever tricks in order to rob you. Do not take part in gambling or buy ‘bargains’ in the street. It will nearly always be a confidence trick or a swindle. AT YOUR HOTEL OR PRIVATE ACCOMODATION Do not leave keys, money, or other


Oil, Wine and Cava Pairing The Mijas Foreigners Department is organising its annual pairing events at the Wine Museum in Mijas village. Olive Oil Tasting – 11th of November: Visits to old oil mills at the folk museum and then the Wine Museum where a tasting will be carried out of different types of high quality olive oils from different parts of Spain, this will be accompanied by aperitifs, (work shop not lunch) such as different breads, cheeses and olives; and learning more about the process and elaboration. Wine Pairing with Gourmet Tapas – 17th of November. Learn about 5 new quality wines from different parts of Spain with perfectly chosen delicious gourmet tapas. All introductions are in English and Spanish. Cava Pairing with Gourmet Tapas As a novelty this year the Wine Museum has prepared a Cava pairing experience which will take place on the 25th of November. This will consist of a similar layout as that of the Wine Pairing but with 5 different quality Cavas and specially chosen gourmet tapas. Bookings to be made in advance. Information and bookings contact FRD Mijas on TEL: 952 58 90 10 All 3 events begin at 1pm.

HEALTH CORNER By Antonio Muñoz

valuables lying around to be seen. Make use of a safe. In communcal areas (reception, restaurants, swimming-pools) take care of your luggage and personal belongings (handbags, cameras etc)


Family doctor

Often goes along with other health problems, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These problems are all risk factors for heart disease. When a person has many of these problems at the same time, doctors commonly call it “metabolic syndrome.” It is sometimes called “insulin resistance syndrome” or “syndrome X.” Many people who have type 2 diabetes also have metabolic syndrome. Your doctor will do a physical exam and blood tests. He or she can diagnosis metabolic syndrome if at least 3 of the following are true: •You are overweight or obese, and you carry the weight around your middle. For men, this means a waist that measures greater than 40 inches around. For women, it means a waist that measures greater than 35 inches around. •You have higher than normal blood pressure (135/85 mm Hg or greater). •You have a higher than normal amount of sugar in your blood (a fasting blood sugar of 110 mg/dl or greater). •You have a higher than normal amount of fat in your blood (a triglyceride level of 150 mg/dl or greater). •You have a lower than normal high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol level. HDL cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol. For men, this

Metabolic Syndrome means an HDL level less than 40 mg/dl. For women, this means an HDL level less than 50 mg/ dl. The more of these risk factors you have, the higher your risk of heart disease. What causes metabolic syndrome? A number of factors can act together to cause metabolic syndrome. A person who takes in too many calories and too much saturated fat, and does not get enough physical activity may develop metabolic syndrome. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent metabolic syndrome. This includes losing weight if you’re overweight, getting more physical activity and eating a healthy diet. Also, if you smoke, you should stop. Maintain a healthy weight Your doctor can measure your body mass index to determine a healthy weight. He or she can help you make a plan to lose weight if you’re overweight, and to maintain your weight through a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Get more physical activity Not being active is one of the biggest risk factors. It’s important to get some kind of exercise on a regular basis. You may need to begin with some light exercise, such as walking. Then you can gradually increase how hard you exercise and for how long.

Mijas Semanal Nº450 Del 27 de octubre al 3 de noviembre  
Mijas Semanal Nº450 Del 27 de octubre al 3 de noviembre  

La información de la semana en nuestro municipio