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January 2010

Issue One

The ONE28 Parent Newsletter




PUTTING MINISTRY BACK INTO YOUTH MINISTRY When I say “youth ministry,” what’s the first thing that

goal, Christ will work with and in us to accomplish it (Col.

comes to your mind? Typically, there are frightening images


of flashing lights, loud music, and hoards of teenagers running around with Monster energy drinks shouting

At the core of ONE28 is the raw,

craziness. Or maybe you envision a variation of a social club with cliques and popularity contests. Whatever you think of,

biblical, bloody gospel that reaches

we can all agree that many different methods have been tried

us where we are at

when it comes to youth ministry. Here at Foothill, we are not merely looking to provide

- f o r g iv i n g a n d cleansing our sin,

an opportunity for teens to hang out or a place to get them out of the house. Nor are we looking to merely provide a

giving us hope in this messed up,

fun, “safe” alternative to the mall. If “fun” was our driving


goal then we would be doing things a bit differently. But that does not mean we strive to be boring!

world, and providing soul-

We simply endeavor to present everyone complete in Christ. This mission was originally expressed by the apostle

renewal through the Holy Spirit. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing else that I want a 16-year-old student to

Paul in Colossians 1:28 as he sought to minister to the

understand, own, and live out.

Colossian church. This goal gets us excited! Why? Because we are able to see the gospel of Jesus Christ change young

There have been many surveys and statistics these days about how quickly young people are leaving the church after

lives. And we have the guarantee that as we toil to reach this

high school. They get into college and they quickly abandon page 1

their Christian roots in the secular workforce and universities. This information is certainly disheartening, but it isn’t hopeless. We know that Christ will build His church (Matt. 16) and that includes the sanctification of young adults. That does not mean that we “let go and let God,” but that we “toil, struggling with all His energy that powerfully works within us.” We see youth ministry as a stewardship given to us by God to bring the Word of God to bear upon each student, trusting the Spirit of God to change them step by step. We live out this stewardship through the public preaching of the Word and the relational application of the Word through small groups. The leadership staff that the Lord has brought to ONE28 are dedicated to this gospel ministry. They do not show up just to babysit or just to get a workout during game time, they are there because they love the students and want Christ to be formed in them. Praise God that Foothill Bible Church is committed to Jesus Christ and submissive to His Word. When a church body is humbly following Jesus, the youth ministry can fulfill its God-given mission. We pray ONE28 will continue, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to present everyone complete in Christ in 2010! ◆

What do you want to see happen in this ministry? How should we go about doing that? What does God want us to do? These are the kind of questions that face the students who are on the student leadership team. They have moved from spectators to servants. The sidelines are no longer an option. They have signed up to play the whole game. For one who labors to s e e yo u n g p e o p l e stand up and use their spiritual giftedness for the edifying of the body of Christ, this team of students excites me. I thank God for raising up these students. This year’s team is Jimmy Andrews, Andrew Nakamura, Jackie Perez, Sam Shwetz, and Michael Wine. The student leadership team is one of the ways that our mission of discipling students is put into practice. ONE28 staff endeavors to equip students to take ownership of the ministry and serve through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is exciting to see what God is doing. ◆


PREPARING FOR THE PARENT MEETING On February 7th, ONE28 will be hosting a parent meeting to evaluate the past year and a half and to look forward to the year ahead. We want that meeting to be as profitable as possible, so please read over the following questions and consider your answers so that you might be


prepared for the meeting. If you have any other questions or thoughts regarding your child(ren)’s involvement in ONE28, please bring them. We humbly want your input. • Has the Sunday night and/or Wednesday night worked well for your family?

• Have you seen growth in your student(s)? • How can we better partner with you in discipling your students? •A r e t h e r e a n y m i n i s t r y opportunities that we are missing? • What would you like to see more of in ONE28 in 2010?

JUNE 10-13

JULY 14-18



Retreat Pack your bags ‘cause we’re headed to the mountains to have fun and grow in Christ

Father/Son What’s better than the great outdoors with dad!

Kickoff Starting the school year off with a bang!

Christmas Outreach Opportunities abound for ministry this time of year


This newsletter was written by Micah James Lugg, Director of Student Ministries ● page 2

2010 ONE28 Newsletter Vol. 1  
2010 ONE28 Newsletter Vol. 1  

The first installment of the parent newsletter of ONE28, the student ministry of Foothill Bible Church in Upland, CA