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igMama distribution  was  formed  as  the  natural  extension  to  the  widely  known  &  loved  Track  bike  shop  -  Brick  Lane  Bikes  in  the  heart  of  bustling  East  London.  Brick  Lane  Bikes  began  as  the  dream of a former London street courier;  the aim was to create the first all track bike shop in the UK.


This little East London shop quickly grew  to be Europe’s fixie Mecca; stocked full with  a  dazzling  variety  of  track  components from vintage classicís to the funky  & new. As request grew for our own Brick  Lane  Bikes  brand  ì BLBî   &  demand  for

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ì hard to  sourceî   quality  components  increased,  Brick  Lane  Bikesí  BigMama  distribution was launched. Passionate to  quench the thirst for unique fixed components to all shops small & large throughout Europe and beyond. Our  hub,  our  base  &  our  heart  is  in  the  streets of East London, out of which we  are  set  up  to  supply  a  great  variety  of  components,  wheels  &  frames  to  anywhere in the  world.  With  an  informal  &  very  personal  attitude  we  are  quick  &  happy to supply you were ever you are!

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

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BLB Track                                                                            p7 BLB Classic                                                                         p8 BLB BLT                                                                             p9 La Piovra                                                                   p10 BLB Forks                                                      p16 Ten Four                                                         p20 Affinity  p21 Leader Bike    p22

Phil Wood p82 ------------------------------------------ Phil Hubs   p83


Phil Sprockets Sprockets  Phil Bottom Brackets  Phil Grease   


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Transmission Components


BLB Cranks    BLB Sprockets and Lockrings    BLB Freewheels    YBN Chains   

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Hardware Components


BLB Pedals    BLB Straps    Holdfast FRS    BLB Cages    BLB Handlebars    BLB Comming Soon   BLB Stems    BLB Grips & Bartape  Oury Grips    Strong V Grips    Yoshida Champ Grips  BLB Saddles and Seatpost 


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Paul Braking Components  Paul Hubs   

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Kimori p98 ------------------------------------------ Kimori Stems    p98

Kimori Brake Adaptor 


Vittoria 1976 Cycling Shoes p103 ------------------------------------------Fyxation p104 ------------------------------------------ Fyxation Tyres        p105


Fyxation Pedals    Fyxation Saddles & Grips 


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PAC Designs 108 ------------------------------------------ PAC Top Tubes Protectors    p1108

PAC Bags  


Frames Geometry Charts p110 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------p54

Soft Goods


Cycling Caps    BLB Top Tube Protectors  BLB Lock Holders   

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------------------------------------------Braking Components p56  

BLB Brake Levers    BLB Brake Calipers   

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Spoke Charts

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BLB BigMama Warranty

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Wheel Components



BLB Hubs   BLB Spokes 

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Headsets and Spares

BLB Headsets 



Custom Wheel Builds




Velocity Rims  Velocity Hubs 


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H Plus Son


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H+ Son Rims 


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Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Frames & Forks


framesets BLB Track Frameset One of  the  benchmark  afordable,  reliable  and  strong  single  from the last few years. Build it how you want and know it will last and last. Newcomer or experienced rider, the Track really does what it says on the tin. New for 2011 we have added catching and classy.

4130 CroMo steel frameset No braze-ons Front & Rear brake drilling  1 1/8 a-head threadless fork 100 / 120mm spacing English Bottom Bracket


Sizes: 49cm, 53cm, 56cm or 59cm See Appendix (Page 110) for  Geometry

•  Ebony Black or Ivory White •  Chrome

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Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 205 Ls 280


BLB Classic Frameset

BLT Frameset

The BLB Classic lives up to its name, effortless stylish the Classic is our ultimately afforable lugged steel frame set. With geometry designed to make riding in built up environments a pleasure the front end is steep in enough to look great and relaxed enough to mitigate toe-overlap

Make your BLT sandwich by selecting any frame & fork color combination. Tangerine Orange, Flouro  Yellow, Electric Pink, Electric  Purple, Brilliant White or Lime  Green

ChroMo steel, Rear brake drilling,  1 1/8th” Headtube, 68mm BSA Bottom Bracket, Reinforced downtube gussett Available in Small, Medium or Large.

Available in three shimmering light catching colour ways. Sorted.

Reynolds 531 Lugged steel No braze-ons Front & Rear brake drilling  1” threaded fork Integrated chain tensioners 

See Appendix (Page 112) for  Geometry

Sizes: 50cm, 53cm, 56cm or 59cm See Appendix (Page 111) for  Geometry

Supplied without Seatclamp bolt.


• Any colour BLT Frame + any colour BLT Freestyle fork

Ls 268

BLT Fork


•  Black Shimmer, Shimmering Pearl White &      Lazer Blue

Buy it seperately or get it with your BLT frameset.

Ls 325

Availible in: Tangerine Orange, Flouro Yellow, Electric Pink, Electric Purple, Brilliant White, Lime Green or Deep Black.

BLB Seatclamping Devices Atxt+ B: Seat Clamp for BLB “Track” and “BLT” frames strongly advised to order with frame (29.5mm). Silver or  Black


C Seat Binder Bolt for BLB “Classic” and “La Piovra” frames strongly advised to order with frame. Chromed  Silver  OnlyC



1 1/8” Steerer Clearence for MASSIVE Tyres 100mm Spacing


• Seatclamp (A + B) •  Seat binder bolts (C)

• BLT Fork only

Ls 4 Ls 6.85


+44 (0) 20 3022 3002

-------------------------Ls 78

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice



La Piovra

The La Piovra Toppino features all the same workmanship and quality that the La Piovra frames have been renowned for over the last few years, but in an even more affordable package.


pro geometry as its bigger cousins the Toppino features hand painted heart shaped cutouts in its lugwork. Not compatible with the upgrades and  options  that  other  steel La Piovra Frames are offered with the Toppino is a no Frills affordable Hand Made Track Frame. It won’t brake the bank, but it may just help you beat your personal best.

The Custom


BLB is proud to offer you true workmanship & beauty with our selection of  Track  framesets,  hand built in Europe with UCI compliant geometry.

Availble Sizes: S - 50cm M - 53cm L - 56cm XL - 59cm

Sizes & colors vary, please contact us for available stock.

Availble Colour ways: Dark Grey w/ Orange details Navy Blue w/ White details Black w/ white details

Offered as a fully customizable product, the La Piovra frame can be made to any size and in any colour, and we have a number of  fantastic  framesets  that  will take your ride to the next level. Get in touch for all the details, txt although please note custom orders take aproximately 8 weeks to be hand made and hand painted (all done within the EU).

1” Threaded Fork 70mm (Italian) BB shell 100 / 120mm O.L.D. Spacing 26.8 Seatpost Drilled Front and Rear Oria Steel Tubes

Columbus SLX, Thron or Cromor tubesets are availible All frames come with BLB CNC  dropouts+chain  tensioners  as  standard

Supplied without Seatclamp bolt.

• Frame & Fork


-----------------------Ls 354

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Upgrades & Options

La Piovra Classic Pista Built from Lugged Columbus Cromor or Thron Tubing, the La Piovra Classic Pista drips with class. It reminds of a bygone era of lovingly handmade steel track frames whiring round mediterianian outdoor velodromes.

Frame Upgrades & Options The La Piovra Classic, Lo-Pro, Lo-Pro X and Per Donna can all recieve any of the upgrades listed below. All custom frames take between 4 and 8 weeks to be built and painted (afterall they are custom!), while chroming adds an additional two weeks to delivery times. Please do get in contact with any questions or special requests.

• • • •

1” Threaded Fork Flat Crown Fork Drilled Front / Undrilled Rear BLB Dropouts

Drilled Rear Undrilled Fork 650c Front Fork (Lopro and Lopro X only) Threadless fork

• Wishbone (undrilled only) • Lugless construction •  Chrome Rear triangle & Head Tube Lugs •  Chrome Fork Lugs and lower legs

Get in contact to check availible stock or order a custom frame.

Free of Charge Free of Charge Free of Charge Free of Charge Ls 36.20   Ls 30.35   Ls 101.10   Ls 101.10  

See Appendix  (Page  113)  for  Geometry 


Supplied without Seatclamp bolt.

• Frame  & Fork

Ls 475


La Piovra


Lo Pro

Providing an aero advantage whilst maintaining a comfortable position and a classic look  the La Piovra Lo Pro has been a popular choice since its inception in 2009.

Painting Options  All La Piovra frames (with the exception of the Toppo) can be painted in any of the following four styles. You can pick any RAL Palette colour. • (A) One RAL Colour with Decals in Different RAL Colour

1” Threaded Fork Rounded Crown Fork Drilled Front / Undrilled Rear 700c Front & Rear BLB Dropouts

• (B) Fade between two RAL colours (decals fade between same two colours) • (C) Seat Tube and Head Tube one RAL colour, rest of frame another RAL colour (Decals in the same two colours)

Get in contact to check availible stock or order a custom frame.

• (D) Frame one RAL colour, Pannels on Seat tube and Down Tube in another RAL colour.

See Appendix  (Page  113)  for  Geometry



Supplied without Seatclamp bolt.


Ls 490

• Frame & Fork


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


La Piovra Lo Pro X

La Piovra Aero Aluminium Also new for 2011 line up we have a seriously light, seriously

New for 2011 the La Piovra LoPro X builds on the sucesses of the La Piovra Lo Pro adding the Tripple  Triangle  that  made  GT famous, resulting in an even

frame for you; totaly smooth welds on top of the tear drop Columbus Airplane tubes marks this frame out as a champion amongst other aluminium track frames on the market.

The La Piovra Lo Pro X is both sophisticated and a little wild, its twin 700c wheels proving a little more  comfort  and  rendering the frame suitable for riders of all levels of experience. Should you choose to add a Lo pro X takes on a new lease Please note the fork is for illustrative purposes only and is not a BLB BM product

if weren’t there. As with all La Piovra frames the Lo Pro X is hand made in the EU from Columbus tubing.

• Frame Only

-------------------------Ls 643

1” Threaded Fork Rounded Crown Fork Drilled Front / Undrilled Rear 700c Front & Rear BLB Dropouts

Offered exclusively in custom sizing and colours, the La Pioovra Aero Aluminium frameset is built for you, because you deserve the best. This one is soley made to order and we only have limited numbers of tubesets, so treat yourself, before its too late. Get in touch for more info.

La Piovra Per Donna

Finally, a hand-built quality Ladies Geometry Track Frameset that’ll keep your modesty in tact on a hot summers day. The Per Donna has all the same level of thought, skill and attention put in to it as all La Piovra Frames, pereince.

Get in contact to check availible stock or order a custom frame. Supplied without Seatclamp bolt.


Drilled front  and  rear  as  standard, but its a La Piovra, so you can have it however you want it, if you can wait!


• Frame and Fork

Ls 542


• Frame & Fork

-------------------------Ls 490

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Upgrades and special requests availible. Get in contact for more details.

Triple Crown Fork

BLB Classic

All the  best  things  in  life  come  in threes; and the BLB Triple Crown in no exception; the three layers offer a modern twist on an old classic; adding extra strength and buckets of style.



700c 1” Threaded Non-drilled Only 23cm Steerer 40mm Rake Top 11cm are Threaded.


The Eagle fork features slick pinched oval tubing and comes either in Chrome or Raw Fillet Brazed with clear lacquer.

• Tripple Crown Chrome

-------------------------Ls 76.90            

The Eagle Fork’s crown is simple and elegant whilst simultaneously looking raw and tough.

Double Crown Fork Strong and extremly elegant this fork alludes to a rich Histroy of double crown forks with an up to the minute look.

frame, and is guaranteed to turn heads! 700c 1” Threaded Drilled or Non-drilled 23cm Steerer 40mm Rake Top 11cm are Threaded.

700c 1” Threaded Drilled or Non-drilled 23cm Steerer Top 11cm are Threaded. 30mm Rake



-------------------------Ls 56.90

• Eagle Chrome •  Eagle Fillet Brazed

Ls 80.90


• Double Crown Chrome

-------------------------Ls 72.90            

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


1 1/8” Ahead Drilled Only 23cm Steerer 40mm Rake

Flat Crown Fork

Classic Chrome Fork

The BLB Flat Crown fork is el-

An all time favourite and best seller the BLB Classic Chrome fork has a simple and sophisticated that works with any frame or build.

looking lugs. Availilble in: Full Chrome Black w/ Chrome Crown & Lugs White w/ Chrome Crown & Lugs

Full Chrome only. 1” Threaded Drilled Only 23cm Steerer Top 11cm are Threaded 45mm Rake Weight: 720g

700c 1” Threaded Drilled Only 23cm Steerer 40mm Rake Top 11cm are Threaded.

• Flat Crown Chrome •  Flat Crown White or Black

-------------------------Ls 65 Ls 80.90

BLB Track Fork The BLB Track Fork is a simple and strong design that will work with what ever project you are building. Black, White or Chrome 1 1/8” Ahead Drilled Only 30cm Steerer 30mm Rake


• Black or White •  Chrome

Ls 56.90 Ls 60.90


• Classic Chrome

-------------------------Ls 61.50            

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Affinity Cyclone


clone is  designed  to  be  a  light 


the abuse of street trick riding, but maintain a great ride quality Unique “A” frame head tube gusset design, and S bend seat tires

Heat treated 4130 cromo tubes 700c, 100/120mm spcaing 74/75 degree track geometry

Ten Four Torro Frame New for 2011, the TENFOUR TORRO Track  Frame  is  something many of us have been waiting for: a super beefy lo-pro built strong with superb handling.

•  Cyclone (S,M or L) with Bomber Fork

-------------------------Ls 383            

Affinity Kissena & LoPro

A steep and short ultra-strong track bike with looks that kill and agility that gets you out of trou-

frame set is constructed of 7005 aircraft grade aluminum tubing with a 1 1/8th integrated

Handmade in Poland from 7075 T6 Aluminum, the Torro has 7 heavy duty gussets making it as strong as any Downhill frame, but it’s 77˚ head tube and seat tube angles bring back the feel of classic European Track Frames. txt

steerer (no hole for brake). 100/120mm Spacing 27.2 or Full aero seatpost

take on pursuit style geometry, by creating a steep lo pro frame which is fast and aero yet comfortable to ride. A sick race, or street track bike, the Lo Pro has its distinctive sloping top tube

1 1/8” Head tube 120mm rear spacing No drillings or braze ons 31.4 seatpost diameter Sizes: S, M, L & L Long • Torro Track Frame (no Fork)

-------------------------Ls 305

•     Gloss White or Pearl Black 20


•    Electric Blue or Electric Red

Ls 649

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 432                                           21

100/120mm Spacing 2x 700c Wheels


frames & bits

Stock will be landing Summer 2011. Further products will be added to the line up as they become availible to us.

725 Frame the 725 is a totally afordable, reliable and strong track frame  that is equally at home on the track or street, the 725 has it all. Killer looks and killer geometry. New for 2011, this years 725 builds on the strength of the previous model adding: - Smooth Welds - Shorter Chain Stays for a    slammed rear end Features: - 1-1/8” with oversized crown - Headset: Zero Stack - Seat tube: 27.2mm - Double sided drop-outs


•  Matt Black, Gloss White or Seafoam Green 

-------------------------Ls 209  

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


722 TS Frame

721 Frame One of  the  most  afforable  frames on the market the 721 never fails to disapoint; its design and manufacture is second to none.

The 722TS is a top quality steel track frame at a super affordable price. A Top seller throughout the world this is a must have frame for steel enthusiasts.

Features: - 6061 Dbl Butted Alu Tubing - 1-1/8”

Features: - 4130 Steel Dbl Butted Tubing - Hand Tig Welded - Hydroformed Seat tube

FRAME ONLY We recormend  ordering  one  of  the Leader Forks from Page 4. to accompany your frame.

- Great Track compliant Geo - Stainless Steel dropouts FRAME ONLY We  recormend  ordering  one  of  the Leader Forks from Page 4. to accompany your frame.

•  Matt Black or Gloss White

-------------------------Ls 140  

•  Raw, Matt Black, Gloss White, Candy Apple Green,  , Matt Black, Gloss White, Candy Apple Green,      Pixy Stick Blue, Red sparkle

-----------------------Ls 186 Leader Forks

735 Frame Reworked for 2011 the 735 is a truly top end track frame, perfect for racing on the  velodrome or through dense urban environments. Features: - 6061 Dbl Butted Alu Tubing - 1-1/8” Headtube FRAME ONLY txt We recormend ordering one of 




Brand New Look for 2011 will be

Not pictured: I05TR: Great value Carbon Fork with Aluminium steerer. 30mm Rake. For use with 721, 725 & 735 frames. (for integrated headsets)

Announced Soon

the Leader Forks from Page 4. to accompany your frame.

• Matt Black or Gloss White


-------------------------Ls 294

A: I806TR V2: Ultra light and stiff Full Carbon Track Fork. 28mm Rake. For use with 721, 725 & 735 frames (for integrated headsets)

• I806TR V2 • I05TR •  IS805 •  I806A - Black, White or Seafoarm Green

---------------------------Ls 213.75

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 114.10 Ls 109.05 Ls 89.95


B: S805: Great value Carbon Fork with Aluminium steerer. 42mm Rake. For use with 722TS frames (for non-integrated headsets) B: I806A: Super stylish fullaluminium fork with painted blades to match all 725 frame colours. For use with 721, 725 & 735 frames (for integrated headsets)


Components BLB Pista Vera Crankset Elegant &  classic  designed 

Alloy 165mm Crank, JIS Square Taper (113 BB) 1/8 130 BCD SS Chainring 46T Only

• Polished Silver, Polished Black, or PC White • Annodized: Red, Blue or Gold

-----------------------Ls 54.55 Ls 57.45

BLB Track Crankset A modern  and  sleek  Crankset,  availible in 9 colours!


Alloy 165mm arms, JIS Square Taper, (107 BB) 130 BCD 1/8 Alloy Chain Ring. 46T or 48T

• Matt Black •  Polished Silver, Polished Black or PC: White •  Anodized: Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Green, Gold

+44 (0) 20 3022 3002


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


-----------------------Ls 59.90 Ls 64.20 Ls 67.10

BLB Freestyle Crankset

BLB Track Crank Arms Only

Super tough for freestyle riders with extra rigidity & strength

The same  modern  and  sleek  crank arms from the BLB Track Crank, also availible in 9 colours!

165mm, JIS Square Taper, 1 1/8, 130 BCD Available with 44T (30mm Deep) or 46T (35mm Deep) chainring

Alloy 165mm arms, JIS Square Taper, 130 BCD

•  Black, Silver and White • Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green and Gold.

---------------------------Ls 67.10 Ls 69.99

-------------------Ls 37.50

•  Polished Silver, Polished black or PC White •  Anodized: Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Green or Gold

Ls 40.50

BLB Super Pista Crankset

BLB Chainrings

Remaniscent of  Campagnolo  Record  cranksets  of  old  the  Super Pista builds on the success of the BLB Pista Vera Crankset; sharing a similar aesthetic, the Super Pista goes one step further in improviong on the weight and stiffness -




A) Freestyle Chainring: Alloy, 1/8, 130 BCD Chainring. 35mm Deep Available in 46 or 48T B) Track Chainring Alloy, 1/8, 130 BCD Chainring Available in 44, 46, 47 or 48T C) Super Pista Chainring 1/8, 144 BCD Chainring. Available in 46 or 48T

that will happily sit along side the best of components and  frames, new or old.

• (A) Freestyle Chainring Polished Silver, Black or PC White • (A) Freestyle Chainring Anodized: Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple,                        Green or Gold • (B) Track Chainring Polished Silver, Black or PC White • (B) Track Chainring Anodized: Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple,                   Green or Gold •  (C) Super Pista Chainring Polished Silver or Polished Black

The Chainring shares the same  144 BCD as many other top end Track chainsets as well as old school Campagnolo Pista cranks. txt

--------------------Ls 30.99

Black: CNC’d Aluminium. Silver: CNC’d Stainless Steel.

Ls 32.50 Ls 28.85 Ls 30.65 Ls 38.95

Tange Bottom Brackets

Alloy 165mm arms, JIS Square Taper, (113 BB) 144 BCD 1/8 Alloy Chain Ring. 46T or 48T

Square taper (JIS) Sealed Bearings UN Bottom Bracket tools.

•  Polished Black or Polished Silver (46 or 48T)     (Inlcudes crank bolt in any colour (see next page for         details) 28

-----------------------Ls 76

• Tange Bottom Bracket (103, 107, 113)

-------------------------Ls 10.55

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Available in: 113/68 (Pista Vera Crankset) 107/68 (BLB Track Crankset) 103/68 (Sugino Crankset)

BLB Alloy Cup Crank bolts

BLB Track Sprocket Hardwearing and high quality Track sprockets in a variety of colours and a massive range of sizes.

colour match for all BLB cranksets. Polished Silver, Polished  Black, PC White, Gold, Red,  Blue, Purple, Pink or Green      (pair)

14 - 16 Tooth sprockets have no cut outs (see silver sprocket to right) 17 - 24 Tooth sprockets are SLR i.e. with cut outs (see black sprocket to right)

8mm Hex Bolt with 10mm hex   dust cover. 

•  Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Green, Gold and PC      White

-----------------Ls 8.30

12, 13, 14 or 15 Teeth • Polished silver or Polished Black 

BLB Crankbolts

-------------------------Ls 14.10

Cromo Steel Sprocket 1/8” Pitch BC 1.37 X 24 TPI

16, 17 or 18 Teeth Ls 14.10 Ls 15.60

•  Polished silver, Polished Black or PC White •  Anodized: Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Green or Gold

8mm Hex bolts for BLB Cranksets

19 Teeth

(Please be advised cranksets are not supplied with bolts)

Ls 14.10

• Polished Silver, Polished Black, PC White

20, 21 or 22 Teeth Ls 15.20

• Polished Silver or Polished Black

23 or 24 Teeth

-----------------Ls 2.10

• Black Only

Ls 15.85

• Polished Silver or Polished Black

BLB Single Chainring Bolts

BLB Super Pista Sprocket Made from Stainless Steel these sprockets provides the ultimate in corrosion and wear resistance.

Colourful chainring bolts, perfectly compliment (or contrast with) BLB Track Chainsets. Pack includes 5 bolts. For use with single chainrings.

16T Solid or 18T SLR

• Polished Silver,  • Ano: Black, Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Green or Gold

CNC’d Stainless Steel Sprocket 1/8” Pitch BC 1.37 X 24 TPI

-----------------Ls 5.70 Ls 7.15 • Polished Steel Only


-----------------Ls 21.65

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


BLB Beefy Lockring

YBN S512H Chains

Super awsome beefy steel lockrings, means your lockring tool won’t slip out; making it

Finally, great quality coloured chains that don’t break the touch to that latest project.

the threads during installation or removal.

Also availible in Silver for those after a more classic look .

Availible in 8 bright colours. Cromo CNC steel BC 1.29 x 24tpi (British) • Matt Black   • Polished Silver • Anodized: Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Gold, Green and Purple

Equivalent to the KMC Z510 in terms of quality.


Availible in: Silver Black White Red Blue

Ls 6.15 Ls 6.75 Ls 7.60

BLB Super Pista Lockring

112 Links 1/2 x 1/8” Pitch.

The same super beefy construction that ensures your tools don’t slip out, but made from high Quality Stainless Steel; add a touch of class to your whip. NC’d Stainless Steel BC 1.29 x 24tpi (British)

• Polished Steel Only

-------------------------Ls 10.85

-------------------------Ls 7.60

• Silver • Black / Red / White / Metallic Blue

Ls 10.80

BLB SuperiorFreewheel

BLB Royal Freewheel

BLB’s Superior Freewheels offer the missing link in the single  speed market; a highly cost effective freewheel that will outlast and out perform its rivals.

The BLB Royal freewheel is a premier product, boasting the highest possible number of enagement points availible on the market today, its a must dos. 4 Pawl 108 Points of Engagement 3/32 x 1/2 1.37x24 tpi nikle plated threads CroMo Steel 8 Pin Removal Tool Required

• 108 Click

-------------------------Ls 47.60


• 30 Click •  60 Click

3 Pawl 30 or 60 Points of Engagement 3/32 x 1/2 1.37x24 tpi nikle plated threads CroMo Steel 8 Pin Removal Tool Required

-------------------------Ls 15.70 Ls 31.30

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


BLB 1/8 Chain Tool


1/8” chain breaker for track and

& more Tools

This 1/8” Chain breaker works as well as the Park Tools CT2 but doesn’t cost the earth. The burly handle along with over sized head ensures this tool will break even the burliest BMX chains without you breaking a sweat. Tough enough for the use in even the buisiest workshops and afforable enough to be found in the bottom of every cyclists back pack.

BLB Mini Pro Tool

Features replaceable pins.

A perfect addition to any tool kit, this pocket sized lockring and chainwhip tool is small

and big enough to remove even the tightest cog. cut BLB logo. Cromo CNC steel Ergonomic Handle 8 1/8” links to the chain

•  Mini Pro Tool

-------------------------Ls 19.50

BLB Professional Chainwhip

• 1/8” Chain Tool • Spare Pins

-------------------------Ls 17 Ls 3.60

BLB Freewheel Tool

Workshop quality chainwhip and lockring  tool  at  home  machanic prices. The extra long arm and heavy duty construction ensures you will be txt able to remove even the most seized on sprockets.

8 Pin freewheel remover for use with BLB Superior and Royal Freewheel. The 8 pin design provides additional purchase making the removal of freewheels easier, even when they are stuck fast.

Highly durable this is one tool you won’t need to replace. 9 1/8” links to the chain

Not compatible with 2 or 4 pin freewheels.

• Professional Chainwhip


-------------------------Ls 19.50

•  Freewheel Remover

-------Ls 6.45

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


BLB Flatliner Pedals


Ultra durable and lightweight aluminum 6061 extruted pedal CNC machined freestyle pedals . Compatible only with freestyle foot retension systems.

Components • Black or White

BLB Track Pedals

Dual sealed bearings. Removeable pins. 9/16” CNC machine CroMospindle, Weight : 420 g pair

-------------------Ls 46

BLB Flatliner ROAR pedals

Best selling elegant 6061 extruded CNC machined double sided track pedals with Sealed bearings that ensure smooth & durable movement. .

Premium plastic freestyle pedals with super smooth sealed bearings Compatible only with freestyle foot retension systems. 9/16” CroMo CNC machine spindle, Dual seal bearings

9/16” CNC machine CroMo spindle 236 g

•  Black, Blue, Gold, Gun Metal Grey, Red, Polished      Silver or White

-------------------------Ls 33.45

•  Black Only

Black Only Soon to be availible in Transparent

-------------------------Ls 22

BLB Classic City Pedals

BLB T rex Pedals

Classy and simple double sided aluminum 6061 extruted txt CNC machine pedals with the same high quality sealed bearings as the BLB Track Pedals. 9/16” CroMo CNC machine spindle  Weight : 228 g / pair

THE must have afordable Wide plastic BMX style pedal for freestyle application.


• Black or Silver 

Ls 24.05


• Flat Colours: Black, White, Lime, Frost Blue, Violet or                            Red • CP Colours:  Clear, Green, Hot Pink or Cola

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

-------------------------Ls 12.30 Ls 12.30


Comaptible for all types of foot retention system they partner perfectly with the BLB Lockdown freestylke strap system. Weight : 366 g / pair

BLB Freestyle pedals


Wide BMX STYLE pedals great for tricks & freestyle.

Hand made in Brooklyn, Hold Fast FRS (Foot Retention System) offer superior comfort and adjustability no matter what type of shoe you ride in. Whether you

These pedals are suitable for any type of freestyle & trick strapping system, as well as classic clips and straps. 9/16” baron axle Weight : 570 g / pair •  FluoroGreen, HotPink, OrangeBurst, Gloss Black or      Gloss White

seeking a  long  lasting  alternative to toe-clips, a hardcore bicycle polo player who wants a more protective toe strap, a dence, a single-track MTB rider who wants to stay connected on drops and switchbacks, or a commuter seeking maximum adjustability and comfort...these are the straps for you.

-------------------------Ls 16.40

BLB Lockdown Straps The BLB Lockdown Straps are one  of  the  most  affordable  freestyle straps available on the market. After over a year of testing Lockdown straps have continued to prove their worth lasting  and  lasting  no  matter  what kind of abuse they were receiving. The unique design of the Lockdown strap allows for multiple will work with nearly any pedal on the market and super easy adjustment.

safe night time sessions.

•  BLB Lockdown Straps (Black only with 3M Logo)


-------------------------Ls 20.75

•  Holdfast FRS:     Black, Purple, Violet, Sky Blue, Deep Blue, Red, Fluro      Pink, Yellow & Green •  Holdfast FRS Special Edition Red/White/Blue, Khaki, Pink/Blue & Orange/yellow •  Holdfast Keychains Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

-------------------------Ls 38.75

Ls 42.85 Ls 7.95 39

BLB Single Leather Strap

Single Nylon Strap

Single toe straps for single gate  toe clips.

A great value product; nylon offers a  more  stretch  resistant  material than leather, plus its a great Vegan alternative!

Availible in White, Black and Brown.

Single Strap  for  sigle  gate  toe  clips.   -------------------------Ls 5.70

•  Black leather  • White or Brown leather

• Black only 

-------------------------Ls 3.55

Ls 7

BLB Double Leather Strap

BLB Double Nylon Strap

Double leather Toe Straps for double gate toe clips.

Super strong Nylon double Toe Strap, a  more  stretch  resistant  material  than  leather,  and  its  vegan friendly too.

Supplied with a special leather binding patch, which enables double straps to keep their shape whilst securing a stronger hold on the foot.

Includes Nylon Binding Patch

•  Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Orange or Purple • White or Brown leather

-------------------------Ls 19.50

• Black, Red or White (white not pictured)

-------------------------Ls 15.85

Ls 20.40

BLB Double Freestyle Strap

BLB Candy Single Straps

BLB’s highest quality & strength toe straps. Two layers of rugged leather glued & stitched for maximum strength. An oversized buckle plate provides maximum braking torque, while

Vibrant Vegan friendly nylon straps are reinforced with a clear rubber coating that makes for a  stronger  and  stretch  free  strap.

shoes from wear. Come’s with BLB quality Leather Binding Patch (pair) A must •  Black, White or Brown Leather for anyone who keeps tearing their straps!!


-------------------------Ls 27.95

• Black, White, Blue, Red, Fluro Pink, Fluro      Orange,  Fluro Green or Fluro Yellow.

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

-------------------------Ls 8.60


BLB Toe Clip: SB/SG

BLB Toe Clip: DB/DG

Single Bridge Single Gate for single toe straps.

Double Bridge Double Gate for double toe straps.

Available in M or L

Available in M or L

Also availible with real leather covers that not only look fantastic but also protect the end of your shoes from damage.


•  Silver • Black or White • Silver clip with Black, White or Brown Leather toe cover

Ls 7.95 Ls 10 Ls 17.25

BLB Toe Clip: SB/DG

• Silver • Black, White, Lime Green or Electric Pink

-------------------------Ls 13.75 Ls 16.20

BLB Plastic Toe Clip: DB/DG

Single Bridge Double Gate for double toe straps.

Colourful plastic toe clips for double toe straps. Plastic toe

Available in M or L

much more resilient to snapping than their metal cousins. Available in M or L Colours: Black White,  Brown,  Fluoro Green, Orange, Electric  Pink, Purple or Fluoro Yellow

-------------------------Ls 9.25

•  Silver • Black or White

Ls 11.85 CP (Transluscent) Plastic super strong toe clips in Funky seethrough colours for double toe straps. Even tougher than the regular plastic toe clip colours!

BLB Toe Clip: DB/SG Double Bridge Single Gate for single toe straps.

Available in M or L Available in M or L Sky Blue, Light Green, Orange  Zest,  Light  Purple,  Pink  or  Clear

•  Silver • Black, White, Lime Green or Electric Pink

-------------------------Ls 11.50 Ls 14.35

Solid Colours • Black •  White, Brown, Green, Orange, Electric Pink, Purple or Yellow CP (Transluscent) Colours: •  Sky Blue, Light Green, Orange Zest, Light Purple, Pink or Clear


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


------------------Ls 6.50 Ls 8.40

Ls 8.40

BLB Roadrat Riser Bar

BLB Drop Bar

Alloy riser bars in a wealth of colours that are nice and narrow, making them perfect for urban riding.

Super narrow alloy track drop bars, Classic smooth C-shaped 

Clamp Size: 26.0mm. Width: 37cm, 38cm or 40cm

Clamp Size: 25.4mm Width: 63cm Rise: 30mm Backsweep: 14 degree •  Polished Silver or Polished Black •  Anodized: Red, Blue, Purple or Gold • PC White, Bright Green or Bright Orange

-------------------------Ls 18.45 Ls 22.75 Ls 22.75

• Polished Silver or Black • White 

-------------------------Ls 23.70

Soon to be availible in Gold,  Purple, Blue, Red, Orange  & Lime

Ls 26


BLB Bullhorn Bar

The Qbar is a slick straight bar  availible in two narrow widths with attractive domed end caps.

Narrow straight alloy bullhorn bars, perfect width to squeeze

Clamp Size: 25.4 Width: 37 or 40cm

Clamp Size: 25.4mm. Available in 36cm or 38cm

• Polished Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Purple or PC white.

-------------------------Ls 15.90

• Polished Silver or Black • White 

-------------------------Ls 19.45 Ls 23

BLB Rainbow Bar

BLB Dali Pursuit Bar

Arc shaped bar in a narrow width allowing city cruising whilst not taking up four lanes of

Swept back pursuit bull bar cre-

for your wrists too!

easing pressure on the wrists for super comfy long-distance riding.

Clamp Size: 25.4 Width: 44cm

The drop design offers extended reach for more speed.

• Polished Black or Polished Silver 


-------------------------Ls 14.40

• Polished Silver or Black • White 

-------------------------Ls 16.55 Ls 19.45

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


BLB Aero Carbon Stem

Coming Soon BLB Flat Bar

• Carbon Wrap Black Only

• Black or Silver

---------------------Ls 40.60

BLB Carbon Seatpost

---------------------Ls 14.50

BLB Aero Bar

31.8 OS Clamp • Aluminium: Black Only •  Carbon Wrap: Black Only


---------------------Ls 22.35

31.8 OS Clamp

• Carbon Wrap Black Only

--------------------Ls 37.50

Ls 37.50

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


BLB Lil Quill Stem

BLB AHead Stem

Anodized aluminium quill stem with 26.0 clamp that will also tighten down to 25.4 allowing

A vibrant and affordable A-head stem that’ll turn heads. Perfectly colour matches BLB Road Rat Risers, allowing for some vibrant and colourful cockpits!

making it one of the most useful quill stems out there.

The 6 degree drops means you Clamp Size: 26.0 and 25.4 Drop: 18 degree Length: 80mm (60mm coming soon) Now availible in white!

up a bit for that more alert posi-

• Polished Silver or Polished Black •  Anodized: Gold, Blue, Red, Purple or PC White

-------------------------Ls 20.85

Length: 80 or 100 mm Drop: -6 degrees 1 1/8 25.4 clamp size. 9 colours.

Ls 23.05

BLB Vigorelli Adjustable Quill Effortlessly classy, the Vigorelli allows for maximum length adjustment. Clamp Size: 25.4 Drop: 0 Degree Length: 52-110mm Weight: 250g

• Chrome with brushed alumnium clamp  

-------------------------Ls 57.75

• Polished Black, Polished Silver (80 or 100mm) • Anodized: Gold, Blue, Purple, Red. PC: Orange, Lime     and White (80mm only)

BLB Mars Stem

-------------------------Ls 17 Ls 20.60

BLB Raptor Stem

Super tought yet light-weight freestyle stem.

Big and Burly, no holds barred freestyle stem, nice and stubby too.

Clamp Size: 25.4 Drop: 0 Degree Length: 52mm Weight: 250g

Clamp Size: 25.4 Drop: 0 Degree Length: 40mm Weight: 280g

• Polished Black or Anodized Red   NEW: POLISHED SILVER


-------------------------Ls 26

• Polished Black or Powder Coat White   NEW: POLISHED SILVER

-------------------------Ls 26

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


BLB Chewy Grips

BLB Leather Bar Tape

Long track grips, in the style of Kerin racers. Made from Soft rubber in a Diamond Pattern, that is supremly comfortable.

100% genuine soft leather bar tape that is amazingly comfortable. Pack includes two wooden bar ends with matching embossed leather caps.

Availible in a Vivid color range. 184mm Long

•  Black, White, Dark Brown, Honey Brown & Sandy      Brown (not pictured)

------------------------Ls 28.85 OURY Rubber Grips

---------------------Ls 6.50

Tried & tested on all styles of bikes, these chunky grips will always be popular. Fat in the hand for extra grip and comfort,  Oury’s are a great choice for all handlebar designs.

•  Black, White, Clear-Glitter, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Midnight        Blue, Laser, Blue, Lime Green, Evergreen, Lemon, Mango,      Orange, Red, Purple, Night Glow or Hot Pink

BLB Get Shorty Grips Nippy and Grippy MTB/BMX style all rubber grips with

•  Black, White, Dark Brown, Bright Green, Bright Orange,      Yellow, Hot Pink, Blue, Red or Translusent

--------------------Ls 8.20

at home on both little “cut-

Champ & Strong V / X Track Grips

wide freestyle bars. Availible in more colours than you can shake a stick at, txt theres not much more you could ask for.

Strong V: Long perforated 2mm thick Keirin grips. Ultra Durable and very grippy on gloves. Champs: ‘Yoshida’ Japanese long track grips. Squidgy 4mm thick. Soft on the hands with superb grip

• Black, White, Clear-Glitter, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Royal      Blue, Lime Green, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Red, Purple,      Night-Glow or Hot Pink  50

--------------------Ls 6.50

• Strong V or X: Black, Red or White • Champ Grips: Black or White

---------------------Ls 23

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 15.85


BLB Fly Saddle

BLB Fly X Saddle

The BLB Fly saddle has been a top seller since we launched it two years ago. Its not hard to see why, its classic and elegant shape along with massive range

Much anticipated, the BLB Fly X builds upon the strengths of the much loved and ever popular BLB Fly saddle. Availible with either a real leather or Vegan

project, and delight those looking to colour coordinate their latest build. But more then that its afforable, really affordable.

debossed logo the Fly X oozes with class, reminding of traditional Italian saddle designs. Leather: Made from extremly high quality  leather,  providing  an  authentic  vintage look and feel. Vintage Black Vintage Brown

Colours: Black White  Brown Bright Blue  Bright Red  Hot Pink  Orange Fluoro Green Fluoro Yellow  Purple

• Genuine Leather: Vintage Black or Vintage Brown •

------------------------Ls 32.45 Ls 28.10

The best  vegan  friendly  matesuperior tear resistance.  Black White

BLB Uno Saddle 100% Vegan, the BLB Uno has a fantastic vintage look. Totaly affordable and super comfy this saddle will look the part on nearly any bike out there.


•  All Colours

Ls 18

BLB Seatpost

The best  vegan  friendly  matesuperior tear resistance.  Black White

Curved sliding angle enables wide range of adjustment for the perfect saddle position.

Vinyl: Black / White Buzz 27.2mm. 35cm length. Aluminium shaft bonded to forged aluminium head. Black and Polished silver also availible in 26.8 diamter.

•  Polished Silver or Black •  White 52

-------------------------Ls 18.70

•  Black or White • Vinyl: Black / White Buzz

------------------------Ls 21.65 Ls 18

Ls 24.50

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


BLB x Cinelli Caps



• Blue/Black, Pink/Green/Black or UCI Stripes


Vintage Caps

The BLB x Cinelli cycling caps mark the  lasting  relationship  nists Brick Lane Bikes and Cycling giant Cinelli.   A  long  time  best  seller  these  high quality cotton caps come in three fetching colourways.

Ls 12.30

Toptube Protector

These Vintage style cycling caps bring back the heyday of cycling by memorialising some of the great teams and companies of old.

Ultra smart real leather BLB toptube protectors add a touch of class and practical protection to  your ride.

Limited stock, so get yours while you can.


• Black, White, Drak Brown & Honey Brown

-------------------------Ls 15.55

BLB Lock Holder or mini D-locks, these highly


belt and allow your Lock to be kept close  to  hand  and  off  the  bike, saving the need for unattractive frame lockmounts.

• Any design

------------------------Ls 10.85


•  Black Only

for safe night time riding.

-------------------------Ls 9.90

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice



BLB CNC Brake Calipers Incredibly powerful CNC’d aluminum short reach caliper brake. Exceptionaly light and beautifully constructed this caliper is a must have upgrade to


The CNC’d construction helps to reduce weight without compromising the  extreme  stiffness  of the caliper. Features highly adjustable brake pads with replaceable shoes and CNC’d barrel adjuster.

BLB CNC Brake Levers

a recessed Torque bolt that makes rounding out your bolt impossible and massively reduced the chances of it being stolen.

Super light and elegant CNC’d aluminum lever provides exceptional braking power. Machined to exceptional tolerances the lever moves with unparalled precission allowing for top quality modulation and control.

Each caliper is supplied with the appropriate torque wrench.

Weight: 144g each CNC’d barrel adjuster Cartidge Pads

Only 48g ! 23.8 with a shim for 22.2 For use with Caliper Brakes

New for  2011:  We  are  really  pleased  to  now  have  both  Front  and  Rear  Calipers  availible in: txt

Polished Silver Polished Black Bright Red Bright Blue Bright Gold

•  Polished Silver or Black: Left or Right •  Polished Silver or Black: Set •  PC: White, Annodized: Red or Gold: Left or Right •  PC: White, Annodized: Red or Gold: Set


-------------------------Ls 27.10 Ls 50.50 Ls 28.55 Ls 53.50

•  Front or   Rear Polished Silver or Black •  Front or Rear Annodized Gold, Blue or Red

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

-------------------------Ls 47.65 Ls 49.10



BLB Freestyle Hubs New and improved design for 2011, featuring an extra strong solid axle and attractive machined locknuts these hubs will


freestyle or just commuting around town. The longer axles allow for the up to 130mm frames and/or for

100 / 120 Spacing 15mm Track Nuts 32, 36 or 48H

BLB Track Hubs wheel bike for a while will tell you the need for good wheels; they are one of the few pieces on such paired down bikes, and they have to put up with alot.

•  Front: Polished Black or Silver (32, 36 or 48H) • Rear: Polished Black or Silver (32, 36 or 48H)

-------------------------Ls 28.55 Ls 31.45

BLB King Hubs

wheelset is the hub, and with the BLB Track Hub we set out to bring to you the best value for money, choice of colours and performance possible.

New for 2011 the BLB King Hubs add another level to our already strong range of high

The sealed  bearing  design  ensures continued durability all year round.

have CNC’d aluminium shells and lock nuts as well as long life bearings.

Spacing 100 / 120 mm txt 28, 32, 36 & 48H Drillings Rear is Double Fixed

Based on BMX designs the BLB King Hubs are strong as an ox, but no where near as heavy.


100 / 120 spacing

Ls 21.50 Ls 24.50

•  Front Gloss Black or Polished Silver (28, 32, 36 & 48H) • Rear Gloss Black or Polished Silver (32, 36 & 48H) •  Front Anodized Colour: Red, Blue, Purple, Orange Gold or Yellow Gold (32, 36H) • Rear Anodized Colour: Red, Blue, Purple, Orange Gold or Yellow Gold (32, 36H) •  Front Anodized Colour: Hot Pink & Green (32H only) •  Rear Anodized Colour: Hot Pink & Green (32H only)

Ls 25.95 Ls 28.85 Ls 25.95 Ls 28.85

• Front PC White (32, 36 H) • Rear PC White  (32, 36H)

Ls 30.25 Ls 33.15 58

32 or 36H Rear is Doubled Fixed.

--------------------Ls 40.15

•  Front: Polished Black or Silver (32 or 36H) • Rear: Polished Black or Silver (32 or 36H)

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 50.25


BLB Spokes

Chain Tugs

BLB Plain Gauge 14G spokes supplied with 12mm brass nipples.

A simple and cost effective devise for holding your rear wheel in place. Works in conjunction with nearly all rear facing track ends.

Coloured spokes are powdercoated ensuring super fresh colours, maximising strength.

•  Black Only

1 Packet includes 144g of spokes & silver nipples (black spokes come with black nipples) - this equates to between 140 and 150 spokes depending on length.

-------------------------La 9.05

Wing Nuts Available separately as a Front Kit or Rear Kit. Washers included.

• 1 Packet Silver spokes. 224mm, 234mm, 236mm 242mm, 244mm, 246mm, 252mm,  256mm, 258mm, 260mm, 262mm, 264mm, 266mm, 268mm,  270mm, 272mm, 276mm, 278mm, 280mm, 282mm, 284mm,  288mm 290mm,  292mm, 294mm, 296mm, 298mm, 300mm,  310mm

Front Kit for 9mm Axle Rear Kit for 10mm Axle Wingspan: 78mm Front Kit Weight: 72g Rear Kit Weight: 71g •  Silver Only

-------------------------Ls 20.25

Anodized Valve Caps The perfect  little  extra  for  the  rider who has everything; add a little colour to your ride with these annodized aluminium

Availilble in 40pc counter top test tubes.

•  Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink or Gold • All Six Colours


-------------------------Ls 52.35

-------Ls 20.95

• 1 Packet Black spokes. 224mm, 234mm, 236mm 242mm, 244mm, 246mm, 252mm,  256mm, 258mm, 260mm, 262mm, 264mm, 266mm, 268mm,  270mm, 272mm, 276mm, 278mm, 280mm, 282mm, 284mm,  288mm 290mm,  292mm, 294mm, 296mm, 298mm, 300mm,  310mm

Ls 29.35

• 1 Packet White spokes. 224mm, 234mm, 236mm 242mm, 244mm, 246mm, 252mm,  256mm, 258mm, 260mm, 262mm, 264mm, 266mm, 268mm,  270mm, 272mm, 276mm, 278mm, 280mm, 282mm, 284mm,  288mm 290mm, 310mm

Ls 65

• Single White spoke.

Ls 0.55

• 1 Packet Colored spokes. Orange, Lime Green, Blue,  Bright Yellow, Bright Red or Purple.  236mm 242mm, 244mm, 246mm, 258mm, 260mm, 262mm,  264mm, 266mm, 268mm, 270mm, 272mm, 276mm, 278mm,  280mm, 282mm, 284mm, 290mm, 310mm

Ls 65

• Single Colored spoke.

Ls 0.55

Ls 260

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Thanks to our Phil Woods spoke cutting machine we can cut spokes to custom lengths, costing an extra £0.15 per spoke.

Please see pages 114-115 for a list of spoke lengths for use with our hubs and rims.

BLB 1 Inch Unsealed Headset

BLB Zero Stack Headset

Highly affordable loose bearing headsets for 1” threaded fork. sign ensures this piece will be at home on any bike.

High Quality sealed bearing Leader Frames. Zero Stack 1 1/8” Threadless Includes Topcap (not pictured)


• Polished Black • Chromed Silver

Ls 10.75 Ls 12.80

BLB 1 Inch Sealed Headset Top quality sealed bearing headset to for 1” threaded forks that doesn’t break the bank. The high end cartirige bearings  will outlast most similar products on the market. A perfect partner for the BLB Classic. • Polished Silver or Black

-------------------------Ls 21.60 BLB 1

1/8 Inch A Headset


(A) ELEGANT BRAKE CABLE HOLDER FOR TOPTUBE •  Packet contains 2 pieces

------------------------Ls 4.35

(B) SPARE BOLT KIT FOR BLB TOE CLIPS •  Packet contains 4 bolts & 4 washers


(C) OUTER CONE FOR BLB / FORMULA HUB • Packet contains 10 pieces

------------------------Ls 7.25

Ls 2.55  

(D) HEADSET SPACERS Aluminium. Packet contains 10 pieces Available in Black or Silver. 1” or 1 1/8 • 1” or 1 1/8 2mm spacer (10pack) • 1” or 1 1/8 5mm spacer (10pack) •  1” or 1 1/8 10mm spacer (10pack)

------------------------Ls 5.80 Ls 5.80 Ls 7.25

(E) Forumla Bearing for BLB Track and Freetsyke Hubs •  Packet contains 2 Pieces

Cane Creek C2 Headset. A perfect match for the BLB Track this wallet friendly headset for 1 1/8” A-head forks will last and last.

------------------------Ls 7.25                          


• Polished Silver or Black

-------------------------Ls 21.60 62

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice



Velocity B43 Wheels

wheel builds BigMamasí professional wheel builders will provide you & your customer with all the top  quality hand-built wheels you could need! When dealing with track wheelsets, high tension  & quality control is of the utmost importance. Machine built wheels just wonít do! For long  lasting performance & hassle free riding this is the best option. BigMama is proud to offer this unique service to all our dealers throughout Europe, so even  if you donít have your own in-house wheel-building services you are still able to offer your  customers top quality hand built wheels & a bespoke personal service. We offer to build any  combination of wheel imaginable from the components we carry.  Please see below list of common wheel build options with a guide price.  Please note wheel build take 2-5 days for completion.

Front + Rear wheels laced to BLB Track Hubs (Silver or Black) + Silver or Black Spokes &  Nipples

• All colours. NMSW only - 32H or 36H  • 48H OPTION All colours. NMSW only + 48H BLB     Freestyle Hubs 

Ls 214 Ls 266

• SINGLE B43 WHEEL any colour Front or Rear • Single Wheel 48H option

Ls 111 Ls 138

Velocity Chukker Wheels 700C/26” Front + Rear 32H or 36H wheels laced to BLB Track Hubs (Silver or Black) + Silver or  Black Spokes & Nipples

• Any PC colour inc Black / 2x NMSW or 1x Rear NMSW + 1x Front MSW • Same as above but 2 x MSW • Bright Silver (Ano) / 2x NMSW or 1x Rear NMSW + 1x Front MSW • Same as above but 2 x MSW • 48H OPTION Additional cost to any selected CHUKKER wheelset inc 48H BLB Freestyle Hubs 

Ls 195 Ls 203 Ls 200 Ls 207 +Ls 52

• SINGLE CHUKKER WHEEL any colour Front or Rear • Single Wheel 48H option

Ls 104 +Ls 28

Velocity Deep V Wheels txt

Velocity Aero Wheels

Front + Rear 32H or 36H wheels laced to BLB Track Hubs (Silver or Black) + Silver or Black  Spokes & Nipples

Front + Rear 32H or 36H wheels laced to BLB Track Hubs (Silver or Black) + Silver or Black  Spokes & Nipples

• Any PC colour inc Black / 2x NMSW or 1x Rear    NMSW + 1x Front MSW • Same as above but 2 x MSW • Bright Gold or Bright Silver (Ano) / 2x NMSW or 1x     Rear NMSW + 1x Front MSW • Same as above but 2 x MSW

Ls 188

• Any colour inc Black / 2x NMSW

Ls 188

Ls 195 Ls 192

• SINGLE AERO WHEEL any colour Front or Rear

Ls 195

• SINGLE DEEP V WHEEL any colour Front or Rear

Ls 98


Ls 200

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Velocity Aerohead Wheels

H +Plus Son F30 Wheels

Front + Rear 32H or 36H wheels laced to BLB Track Hubs (Silver or Black) + Silver or Black  Spokes & Nipples

• Any colour / 2x NMSW or 1x Rear NMSW + 1x Front MSW • Same as above but 2 x MSW

Ls 194

• SINGLE AEROHEAD WHEEL any colour Front or  Rear

Ls 102

Ls 198

Front + Rear 32H wheels laced to BLB Silver or Black Track Hubs + Silver or Black Spokes  & Nipples

• • • •

H +Son FF & SL42 Wheels

Ls 217 Ls 220 Ls 223

• Black or Polished Silver Wheelset • Hard Annodized Grey Wheelset

Ls 203 Ls 208

• SINGLE TB14 Wheel Black or Silver, Front or Rear • SINGLE TB14 Wheel Hard Anodized, Front or Rear

Ls 130 Ls 134

Ls 226 Ls 116

Wheel Build Options & Extras

Front + Rear 32H wheels laced to BLB Silver or Black Track Hubs + Silver or Black Spokes  & Nipples


TB14 Wheels

Front + Rear 32H or 36H wheels laced to BLB Silver or Black Track Hubs + Silver or Black  Spokes & Nipples

H +Son Eero Wheels

• Black, White, Ano Blue or Ano Red EERO wheelset • High Polished Silver EERO wheelset • SINGLE EERO WHEEL  Black, White, Ano Blue,      Ano Red  • SINGLE EERO WHEEL  High Polished Silver

Ls 188 Ls 194 Ls 90 Ls 94

H+ Plus Son

Front + Rear 32H or 36H wheels laced to BLB Silver or Black Track Hubs + Silver or Black  Spokes & Nipples

• Black, White, Matt Silver, Gold or Ano Blue / 2x    Formation Face or 1x FF + 1x SL42 (MSW) • Black, White or Matt Silver / 2x SL42 (MSW) • High Polish Silver, Enamel Red / 2x Formation Face     or 1x FF + 1x SL42 (MSW) • High Polished Silver 2x SL42 (MSW) • SINGLE FF WHEEL any colour Front or Rear

Black F30 wheelset High Polished Silver F30 wheelset SINGLE F30 WHEEL Black  SINGLE F30 WHEEL High Polished Silver 

Ls 214 Ls 220 Ls 112 Ls 115

• • • •

Extra cost per wheel for: Front or Rear BLB Colored Anodized Hub Extra cost per wheel for: Front or Rear BLB Powder Coated White Hub Extra cost per wheel for: Freestyle Hub option 32H or 36H Extra cost per wheel for: PMP Hub option 32H or 36H

• Extra cost per wheel for: 32H/36H Powder coated coloured spokes - White, Orange,      Purple, Blue, Red, Green or Yellow  • Extra cost per wheel for: 48H Powder coated coloured spokes - White, Orange,        Purple, Blue, Red, Green or Yellow  • Extra cost per wheel for: 32H/36H Phil Wood premium double butted silver spokes        

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


+Ls 5.10 +Ls 8.70 +Ls 6.50 +Ls 14.45 +Ls 5.80 +Ls 9.40 +Ls 18.80


Rims & Hubs Deep V This rim is the jack-of-all-trades. The deep  section  creates  strength, aerodynamics and durability. Use it for training, racing, commuting, touring, track bikes or anything else you can think of. If you want one rim that can do it all, this is the one.

MSW or NMSW Size: 700c or 650c Drillings: 32H, 36H (we also have limited stock in 20, 24, 28, 40H and 48 H - call for availibility. Available in: Anodized: Black, Silver Matt, Bright Silver or Bright Gold

• • • • •

Black Ano, Silver Ano or any PC Colour NON-MSW Black Ano, Silver Ano or any PC Colour MSW Bright Silver Ano or Bright Gold Ano NON-MSW Bright Silver Ano or Bright Gold Ano MSW 20H, 24H, 28H, 40H, 48H Extra Cost per rim     

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 35.40 Ls 40.40 Ls 37.50 Ls 42.65 +Ls 4.70 69

Image Rims


All are availible as Deep V only, apart from Halo which is availible in Deep V and B43.

Seeing what people were using our Deep V for, we asked the bike crowds what we could do to make it even better. They wanted something a little wider that could take more punishment and be able to mount larger tires. It has all the same

Black V, Teak (Wood effect), Eyeballs, Tribal (Black on Silver), Night Glow, Blue Argyle, Hippy Floral, Skulls, Black Polka, White Polka, Glow Polka, Camo, Fish Heads, Flames, Bass Boat Black (Sparkle Black), White V, Snow Camo. Snakeskin, Green Plaid or Pink Plaid

durability and versatility, adapted for larger riders, the tandem  market, bike polo, and tricking. • All image rims, 32H, NON-MSW • Image Rim 32 H, MSW (ì Teakî  ONLY)

Ls 68.50 Ls 79

• Halo Deep V, 32 H, NON-MSW  • Halo Deep V, 32 H, MSW  • Halo B43, 32 H, NON-MSW

Ls 47 Ls 58 Ls 56.50

MSW or NMSW 26” and 700c 32, 36 and 48H • • • •

Black, Silver, White, Red or Orange  NMSW  Black, Silver, White, Red or Orange MSW  Bright Silver NMSW  Bright Silver MSW

Ls 37.50 Ls 42.50 Ls 40.50 Ls 45.50



At 43mm deep, triple walled, and in drillings up to a 48h, the B43 is the ultimate rim for tricking, and bike polo. If you’re looking for stiffness, rigidity, strength, and the bling that goes with it, roll these on your whip.

The original Velocity Track rim. It has  stood  the  test  of  time  and continues to be a popular choice year after year. Its roundwhile offering strength and dependability. 700c 32 or 36 H NMSW Only

txt NMSW only 700c & 650c 28H, 32H, 36H, 48H (28H & 48H available in Black, White or Bright Silver ONLY)

• Colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Elec Blue, Popsicle Purple, Gold, Orange, Lime Green, Ti Grey, Bright  Silver, Pink, Olive Mist, Midnight Blue, Anti-Freeze, Frost  Blue, Teal or Bronze 


Ls 53

• Black, Bright Silver or White

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 32.50




Co-designed by biking veteran Kirk Pacenti, thus the ‘P’ in the rim name. the ‘35’ part is a reference to its astounding width, which gives any wheel built with it a larger footprint, and so, more traction.

With a wide footprint, the A23 allows for a more aerodynamic rim/tire combination when paired with a 23c tire. The teristics of a tubular, gaining increased control and lower rolling resistance without the inconvenience of tubular glue or the dangers of irreparable roadside mechanicals.

26”, 650b and 700c (29er) 32 or 36H NMSW only • Black, White, Silver, Red and Frost Green  • P35 Tubeless Kit (does two wheels)

Ls 53 Ls 14.50

• 700c, 20” or 16”: Black, Silver or White (NON-MSW) • 700c, 20” or 16”: Black, Silver or White (MSW)

Ls 32 Ls 38

Major Tom

Psycho Just like the name. It’s the strongest rim we make, built for extreme durability in all situations. the right places. Built to handle anything you can. Initall y made in 26” for DH racing the Psycho is Handmade by Australians this is the ultimate hardcore 700cmx rim. 26” or 700c NMSW Only 36, 40 or 48H

• 26” or 700c: Black Only

• 700c: Black Only MSW (24, 28 or 32H)

Ls 52

Ls 38


The Major Tom brings together everything you have been looking for when taking that next step in the cyclocross circuit. The 23mm wide Major Tom provides improved traction for unparalleled ground control. Designed with an 11mm braking surface for precise handling and braking, along with our seam relief channel which allows for consistent and reliable tubular tire installation.


One of our most favorite and popular road rims, it’s also one of our lightest. If you’re looking for a racing or training rim, this  is the one for you. It’s stiff for sprinting and light for climbing. 700c 32H, 36H Anodized: Black, Silver matt or Bright Gold PC: White, Electric Blue, Frost Blue, Yellow, Lime Green, Anti-Freeze Green, Tangerine Orange, Red or Purple

700c: 20, 24, 28, 32, 36H 20” & 16”: 28, 32H

It’s strong, durable and light. The Aeroheat  can  handle  it  all  without weighing you down.

• All Colours  NON-MSW  • All Colours  MSW (24, 28, 32 or 36H) • Aerohead 16î  349 MSW (28 or 32H) • 700c Aerohead Off Centre MSW 72

Ls 32 Ls 38

• MTB 26”: Anodized or PC colours NMSW (32 or 36H) • MTB 26”: Anodized or PC colours MSW (32 or 36H)

Ls 32 Ls 38

Ls 38 Ls 40.50

• BMX 20” or 16”:  Black or Silver NMSW (28 or 32H) • BMX 20” or 16”:  Black or Silver MSW (28H or 32H)

Ls 38 Ls 40.50

Colours Availible: Anodized: Black, Silver Matt or Bright Silver. PC: White, Electric Blue, Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Red or Purple

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Fusion • 700c Black Only NON-MSW (32H) • 700c Black, Silver or White  MSW (28, 32 or 36H) • 20” Black Only MSW (28 or 32H)

Ls 40.50 Ls 43.50 Ls 43.50

• 700c: Black or White NON-MSW (32H only) • 26”: Black or White NON-MSW (32H only)

Ls 40.50 Ls 40.50

VXC Disc


A super strong plastic water bottle cage in vibrant Velocity colours that will match any build

Blunt SL • 700c, Black Only NON MSW (32 or 36H) • 650b, Black or Silver NON MSW (32 or 36H) • 26î , Black or Silver NON MSW (32 or 36H)

Ls 44.50 Ls 44.50 Ls 44.50


Escape • 700c Black MSW (24, 28, 32H)

Ls 44.50

• • • •

Ls 47 Ls 51.50 Ls 47 Ls 51.50

The wide range of Velocity hubs matches the  range  and  ambition of the company – to provide the best rims and wheels for all riders and all types of bikes. Ranging from the lightest to the  burliest from road to MTB Velocity hubs match the high quality and affordable nature of the Rims that made their name.

Synergy 700c Silver or Black  NON-MSW (32 or 36H) 700c Black Only MSW (32H only) 650B: Off Centre, Silver NON-MSW (36H only) 650B Silver Only NON-MSW (32 or 36H)


VELOPLUGS (To use in place of rim tape) • 72 piece consumer pack.  • 1000 piece Workshop box tub


Ls 7.50 Ls 92.50

VELOCITY HUBS • Road Front (32 or 36H, Black or Silver) • Road Rear (32 or 36H, Black or Silver) • Race Front (28H, Black only) • Race Rear (32H, Black only) • Helios Front (24H, Gunmetal only) • Helios Rear (28H, Gunmetal only)

Ls 37.50 Ls 69.50 Ls 40.50 Ls 97 Ls 40.50 Ls 97

• • • • •

Ls 42 Ls 71 Ls 71 Ls 56.50 Ls 105.50

ATB Disc Front (32 or 36H, Black or Silver) ATB Disc Rear (32 or 36H, Black or Silver) Road Disc Rear (32 or 36H, Black or Silver) Lightweight ATB Disc Front (32 or 36H, Black Only) Lightweight ATB Disc Rear (32 or 36H, Black Only)

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


What you get by opting for Velocity hubs and rims is choice and customization. You can build a wheelset that is optimised for what you want and what you need, not get something that  someone  else  thinks  you need. However you ride, Velocity is there for you. We keep in stock all the hubs listed to the left, but we can provide anything else that Velocity produce as a special order. Please contact us for details.

H Plus Son

Aluminium rims Eero The Eero  is  a  response  to  the  demand for a stronger rim. tion Face, Eero is wider, slightly The new design will accommodate wider tires and withstand much more abuse. This  is  one  of  the  premier  rims  market today, able to take up to a 52c Tyre and with and extra chamber  its  going  to  last  and  last where other rims bend, crumble, snap and fail. Not compatible with rim brakes


Weight: 790 grams Material: 6061 Alloy Height: 43.33333 mm Size: 700c & 26” Drillings: 32 36 48

• 700c: Gloss Black, Gloss White, Anodized Blue or Red

+44 (0) 20 3022 3002


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 50.50 Ls 53.50


Formation Face


Formation Face is a true “V”

Simple, strong and stiff. Provides a slightly more supple ride tan its taller cousin Formation Face whilst delivering the same ed aesthetics.

points in the sidewall, the uniform triangle shape improves the rim’s lateral stiffness. The weight by reducing the distance between the bead hook and the spoke bed.The Formation Face rim is made using G609 aluminum alloy which is also 30 percent stronger than the 6061 aluminum alloy used in standard rim manufacture.

No option for rim brakes. Weight: 540 grams Material: 6061 Alloy Size: 700c

Weight: 615 grams Height: 42 mm Size: 700c 650c

• Matt Black, Matt Silver, Gold. Anodized Blue or PC    White (32H/36H) • “Enamel Red” (32H/36H) • 24H or 28H Anodized Black ONLY


Ls 50.50

• Polished Black (32H only) • Polished Silver (32H only)

Ls 37.50 Ls 43.50

Ls 53.50 Ls 50.50


The SL42 rim is the original 42mm high rim that took over a year to develop. Like Formation Face, SL42 owes its stiffness and aerodynamics to 42mm

TB14 was inspired by the classic aesthetics  of  rims  from  the  era when steel frames ruled competitive cycling. The pairing 23mm tire is fast becoming the industry standard for competitive road cycling. The wider rim adds stiffness and gives a pro-

share the same lightness,  reduced to around 615 grams using the G609 aluminum alloy. txt features a machined side SL42 wall for use with rim brakes.

Weight: 490 grams Material: G609 Alloy Size: 700c 32 or 36H ERD: 612mm

Weight: 615 grams Height: 42 mm Size: 700c 650c

• Anodized Black, Matt Silver or PC White • • 24H or 28H Anodized Black ONLY


Ls 53.50 Ls 56.50 Ls 56.50

• Polished Silver or Black (32 or 36H)  • Hard Annodized Grey (32 or 36H)

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 44.50 Ls 47


AEROSPOKE Wheels BLBBigMama is proud to be  European Distributor for Aerospoke wheels. 

Usually in stock we would have  a wide selection of track wheels  700c/26” in all colours. Please don’t hesitate to contact us  with special request for any  other Aerospoke wheels, we  are happy to accommodate any  requests. Available Colours: Natural Carbon, Powder Coat  Colours: White, Black Gloss, Orange, Red, Lime Green, Light  Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Metallic  Purple NEW: Rear Track Hubs All new Rear Track Aerospokes  will feature a new hub that is 

adaptor - see pricing below

FRONT TRACK WHEEL 700C/26” Track Wheels with bolt-on hub, • Natural Carbon  (MSW only) • PC Colours: NMSW or MSW: White, Black Gloss, Orange, Red, Lime Green, Light     Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Baby Pink or Fluoro Pink • Neon Colours: (Hot Pink or Mauri Blue) • Image Aerospoke: (Green Lightning or Black/White Skulls)  

------------------------Ls 254.50 Ls 318 Ls 378.50 Ls 383

REAR TRACK WHEEL 700C/26” Track Wheels with bolt-on hub, • Natural Carbon (MSW only) • PC Colours: NMSW or MSW: White, Black Gloss, Orange, Red, Lime Green, Light     Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Baby Pink or Fluoro Pink • Neon Colours: (Hot Pink or Mauri Blue) • Image Aerospoke: (Green Lightning or Black/White Skulls) • Fixed / Free Track Adaptor

+44 (0) 20 3022 3002



Ls 260 Ls 322 Ls 386 Ls 389.50 Ls 14.50

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

PHIL WOODS FRONT TRACK HUB High Flange (HF) or Low Flange (LF) availible. Phil Woods have always been known for extreme quality and that the track hub is the bedrock of this reputation. These hubs are as  smooth  as  it  gets,  and  whats more they will stay that smooth for years and years. If you are looking for a hub for life, the  best  of  the  best,  then  look  no further. 100% made in the USA.

100mm Spacing 32 or 36 H (Special requests availible)

• HF or LF: High Polished Silver •  HF or LF: Polished Black • HF Only: Anodized: Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green •  HF Only: Powder Coated White

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

-------------------------Ls 108 Ls 120 Ls 141 Ls 153


Rear Track Hub

Kiss Off Front Hub KISS Off stands for Keep It Single Speed Off Road, and with a

The same tried and tested qualwheel luxury.

riders, particularly on Lo-Pros. Front KO hubs are standard quick release (not as picured)

100% Made in USA Phil Wood introduced the nowstandard Field Serviceable Axle (FSA) in 1991. The FSA design enables the axle to be separated from the hub after unthreading the end caps. The axles are threaded externally, with the end caps threaded to exactly match the axle thread.

100mm spacing 32 or 36 H

• High Polished Silver (Quick Release)

The ISO front hub has a larger track hub, making it as strong as an Ox! Designed for heavy and/or dead aggresive riders. Treat it mean and it’ll stay keen. 100mm Spacing 32 or 36 H

• High Polished Silver •  Polished Black

Availible in:

120mm Spacing (pacing conversion kits availible) 32 or 36 H (Special requests availible)

Ls 99

ISO Front Hub

For optimal  performance,  it  is recommend to use the Phil tion for the threading is 1.370 x 24 tpi, but Phil Wood hubs will accommodate most high quality cogs. Some cog manufacturers are making cogs that are not ideal for use with Phil Wood hubs due to their thickness (which is generally a result of plating). For this reason, we do not recommend using Surly or Euro-Asia cogs with our track hubs. Lockring threads are Italian (campy compatible).

lock ring)


• HF or LF: High Polished Silver Single Fix •  HF or LF: High Polished Silver Fixed/Free • HF or LF: High Polished Silver Fixed/Fixed

-------------------------Ls 140 Ls 152

ISO Rear Hub

-------------------------Ls 122 Ls 138 Ls 151

• HF or LF: Polished Black  Single Fixed • HF or LF: Polished Black Fixed/Free •  HF or LF: Polished Black Fixed/Fixed

Ls 134 Ls 150 Ls 170

Provided with six Phil Cog retention bolts. They are Grade 8/ Class 8.9 with a minimum tensile strength of 150,000 psi. We strongly recommend using Phil ISO track cogs with our bolts

• HF Only: Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green  Single Fixed • HF Only: Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green Fixed/Free • HF Only: Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green Fixed/Fixed

Ls 151 Ls 167 Ls 180

120mm Spacing 32 or 36H

• HF Only: PC White  Single Fixed  • HF Only: PC White Fixed/Free • HF Only: PC White Fixed/Fixed

Ls 203 Ls 177 Ls 190


• High Polished Silver (Single Fix) •  Polished Black (Single Fix) • ISO Track Sprocket (16 - 24T)

-------------------------Ls 184

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 197 Ls 53 85

Hub Modifications

Bottom Bracket Axle


• Quick release axle •  126mm rear hub spacing conversion •  130mm rear hub spacing conversion

The Longest lasting Square Taper Bottom Bracket out there.

+Ls 14.80 +Ls 19.50 +Ls 19.50

• Custom Spoke Hole Pattern 28H •  Custom spoke hole pattern (drillings other than  

Availible with Campy (ISO) or Shimano (JIS) Tapers and in a variety of lengths.

+Ls 10.15 +Ls 28.55

Steel or Ti axle options.

   28, 32 & 36H) •  •  Slotted spoke holes for bladed spokes

+Ls 32.30 +Ls 29.05

• S/S Campy 68 x 108mm or 110.5mm Sym • S/S Shimano 68 x 108mm or 111mm or 113mm Sym

-------------------------Ls 73 Ls 73

• Ti Campy 68 x 108mm or 110.5mm Sym • Ti Shimano 68 x 108mm or 111mm or 113mm Sym

Ls 122 Ls 122

Bottom Bracket Cups

Track Sprockets Super high quality machined steel rack  sprockets,  a  perfect  match for a Phil Track hub! The threading is 1.370” x 24 tpi

Alll cups are sold as a set and include thread retaining compound (that must be used during assembly).

1/8” only 13-22 Teeth

Raleigh Super Corsa, Swiss and Charter Lea Cups also availible as a special order.

-------------------------Ls 46.50

• Track Sprocket (12-22T)

• British Steel BB Cups • Italian Steel BB Cups • French Steel BB Cups


Ls 25.50 Ls 25.50

BB Home Installation Tool

Lockring & Lockring Tool (A) Italian Threading Lockring for Phil Woods track hubs.

-------------------------Ls 23

Home version of the Phil BB installation tool. One recormended for British Cups and two required for Italian Cups


(B) Handheld lockring tool means no need for a chain  pocket. Only works with Phil Lockrings.

-------------------------Ls 21.50

• Lockring •  Lockring Tool

• Home Instillation (one piece)

-------------------------Ls 10.50

Ls 43


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Grease etc...

Custom Cut Phil Spokes

Phil Woods Grease can be found is more topend bicycle parts and  complete  bikes  then  you can shake a stick at.

Double Butted Sapim Race, Spokes, custom cut & threaded, incl. 12mm nippleWith our Phil Wood spoke cutting machine we can offer you high end spoke cutting precision to compliment your premium wheelset. Spokes cut to the mm.


• Custom Cut Spokes (each)

-------------------------Ls 0.95

Spoke Ruler





Super high Phil wood quality! A handy wheel builders tool. Calculates length & gauge.

Treat yourselves to a little bit of luxury.

• Track Sprocket (12-22T)

-------------------------Ls 34.50

Phil Bearings High Quality bearings for hubs and bottom bracktets. The best replacement for Phil and BLB hubs money can buy.

Because its bloody excellent. If you love your bearings treat them with Phil Woods Waterproof grease, they will be happier. If you like a smooth and silent chain hit it with Phil Tenacious oil. And if you need to cook a meal for a special friend  after stripping your bike down then that friend will really apreciate that you own a tub of Phil Woods hand cleaner.



• (A) #PW000 - SystemX, IRO, Etc. Fr / Rr Track Hubs (Each) • (B) #PWXR8 - Phil Wood Fr / Rr Track & Kiss Off Hubs (Each) • (C) #PWX05 - Shimano Outboard Bearing Bottom Brackets (Each)



-------------------------Ls 4.50 Ls 7.50 Ls 15.50

-------------------------  Ls 6


Ls 6.50

PHIL PORTABLE GREASE GUN TUBE ADAPTOR (not pictured) • Phil Portable Grease Gun Tube Adaptor

Ls 7

(D)“LIL PHIL” GREASE GUN • Lil’ Phil Grease Gun with Lil’ Phil Cartridge and Needle Adaptor

Ls 31.50


Ls 7.50

Phil Woods for the Workshop • Bottom Bracket Workshop Installation Pro-Wrench • Workshop External Bottom Bracket Bearing Removal & Installing Tool

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice



Ls 45 Ls 94

PAUL COMP Listed on the following pages are the Paul Components products we keep in stock. This covers the majority of their range, should you require a Paul Components product that is not listed below please get in contact as we can special order it in for you.

Royal Flush Crankset 100% Pure Crank from Paul Component Engineering. These cranks use a specially designed interlocking  chain  ring/crank interface. Four 7075 Aluminum chain ring bolts with T25 Torx heads bolt through the chain ring and into the  reinforced  spider  on  the  crank arm. We’ve made the threads even deeper and reinforced  the  spider  making  the  assembly impossible to strip. The crank arms are machined  from from 2024 aluminum, a very strong and stiff material. They are given a high polish odization


We keep in stock: - 165mm Arms with 46 or 48T Royal Flush Chain rings. Other options are availible as a special order.

• Anodized black crank & Anodized black chain ring • Polished silver crank & Anodized silver chain ring

+44 (0) 20 3022 3002


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

------------------------Ls 176.50 Ls 176.50 91

E Lever

Canti Lever These Canti-Levers feature a very comfortable grip, and an excellent feel. They also have a reach adjustment screw, an unstrippable clamp screw and our nice Hollow Lite pivot pin.

want to keep the bars looking clean and trackish? This is the answer. 22.2 or 23.8 Clamp Size For Caliper Type Brakes

22.2 Clamp Size For Caliper Brakes •  Matt: Black or Silver (each) •  Polished Silver (each)

--------------------------Ls 41 Ls 56.50

Crosstop lever

• Matt: Black or Silver (pair)

-------------------------Ls 77

Neo Retro Cantilever Brake A modern twist on a classic design. The Neo-Retro is a high

thicker stem clamp area of handlebars,  and  a  hinged  clamp  allows for installation without needing to strip your bar tape.

on the famously powerful Mafac Tandem brake. Our sealed pivots and modern adjustable brake pads prove that some things only get better with time.

26.0 or 31.8 Clamp Size For Caliper or V type Brakes (adjustable pivot point) • Matt: Black or Silver (each)

--------------------------Ls 40.50

Love Lever

• Matt: Black or Silver

-------------------------Ls 65.50

Touring Cantilever Brake

Love Levers are CNC machined in house (as is everything we -

Looking for long-armed power of the Neo-Retro but want Touring Canti brings the brake arms in toward the wheel, offering much more clearance with-

you’ll love the action and the ergonomics of these beauties. 22.2 Clamp Size For V type Brakes • Matt: Black or Silver (pair)


--------------------------Ls 77

• Matt: Black or Silver

-------------------------Ls 65.50

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


The spring tension of each pivot can be adjusted independently, giving you total control of how “snappy” your brakes feel at the lever.

Racer Brake

Front Track Hub

The Racer brake is a centerpull calliper brake with long reach arms and plenty of clearance. The long reaching arms work

A modern  take  on  the  clashub. The High Flange Front hub builds up very stiff wheels and has heavy-duty steel axle bolts. This hub is about as bomb-proof as they get.

a 27” frame We stock the recessed nut centre mount version, other versions availible for special order

Paul Hubs are machined from three inch round bars of 6061 aluminum. The hub shells are put through four different machining proccesses  before 

-------------------------Ls 85.50

• Matt: Black or Silver •  Polished Silver

Ls 98.50

totally worth it. The front and

Motolite Brake

widths and diameters for easy wheel building.

linear-pull brake. It offers plenty of power, easily adjusted brake pad collars, and a quick release that makes wheel changes a breeze.

• Polished Black Front Hub •  Polished Silver Front Hub

-----------------------Ls 72.50 Ls 87.50

Rear Track Hub

The arms are reversible so the cable can come in from the left  or right, and the noodle is lined 


the High Flange Rear is one

Ls 82

• Matt: Black or Silver

provide stiffness and precision cut windows save weight.

Braking Extras Paul’s super duty stainless steel lockring.

A throwback to our early days, the Moon Unit PAUL parts, and the fanciest straddle cable holder you can get.

High Flange hubs now use a special extra strong aluminum axle with stainless knurled axle faces. Fancy machined bolts and washers keep them on.

The Brake Booster stiffens  of a frame’s brake bosses and

• Brake Booster Matt: Black or Silver • Moon Unit Matt: Black or Silver


-------------------------Ls 27 Ls 25.50

• Polished Black - Single Fix •  Polished Black - Fix / Free •  Polished Silver - Single Fix •  Polished Silver - Fix / Free

------------------------Ls 85 Ls 85

Ls 100 Ls 100

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Road & MTB Thumbies


These horizontal steel Dropouts are water jet cut and then CNC machined in our shop. They are ready for brazing to a frame, and come with axle keeping hardware.

Thumbies allow you to mount bar end shifters on your handlebars to  replicate  the  indexed  and friction thumb shifters of decades past. MTB = 22.2 clamp size  Road = 26.0 clamp size MTB are availible in Shimano, Road are Shimano Only.

•  MTB Thumbies: Matt Black or Silver (singles) • MTB Thumbies: Matt Black or Silver (pair) •  Road Thumbies: Matt Black or Silver (singles) •  Road Thumbies: Matt Black or Silver (Pair)

--------------------------Ls 24 Ls 38 Ls 24 Ls 38

Chain Keeper

•  Paul CNC Dropouts

-------------------------Ls 33.50

Lockring & Lockring Wrench The Lockring extra wide so it will never strip out, and it’s easy to get a wrench on it.

The Chain Keeper is a chain retention device for bikes with a single front chainring. Mounted in place of a front derailleur, the Chain Keeper clamps around the seattube and surrounds the chain as  it  engages  the  crank  and prevents it from being thrown

The lockring wrench works with almost all lock rings, even rings with odd numbers of slots (just remove one tooth). The handle

•  Chain Keeper •  BB mounted Chain Keeper (not pictured)

--------------------------Ls 34 Ls 34

• Lockring •  Lockring Wrench

-------------------------Ls 24 Ls 61.50

Tall & Handsome Seatpost

Melvin Chain Tensioner

Our new Tall and Handsome isn’t the lightest seat post ever made, though it may be among the easiest to use and nicest looking. Like all PAUL products it’s built to the highest standards for function and ease of use.

The Melvin bolts to the frame where the derailleur would normally go and allows the use of a one speed rear wheel on bikes with vertical dropouts. One of the coolest things about the Melvin is that it works with multiple front chain rings while maintaining proper chain tension

--------------------------Ls 51.50

• Matt: Black or Silver


• Black or Silver •  High Polished Silver

-------------------------Ls 67 Ls 75.50

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


The Tall and Handsome has a generous setback of 26mm: perfect for  the  shorter  rails  of  Brooks saddles.

Front Brake Adaptor


Heralding from Japan Kimori brake adaptors  offer  the  most  secure and stylish way to mount a caliper brake to an undrilled frame without resorting to drilling holes in places that don’t want them.


Easy and quick to install with and it won’t damage your forks. The unique design allows the any fork blade whilst holding your brake in the perfect place


Machined from steel and Kashima coated aluminium.

1 1/8 Ahead Stems *Brake Caliper not included.

Crafted by master machinists in Japan these CNC aluminium stems manage  to  be  both  incredibely stylish and incredibley light. The fully rounded design adds strength and allows the stem to be milled out to an insane degree.

• Front Brake Adaptor

--------------------------Ls 107 Rear Brake Adaptor Easy to attach to the rear of a non-drilled frame with only a single side bolt, without damaging the frame.

Length: 40, 60 or 80mm Clamp Size: 26.0 or 31.8

The arm attaches to the seatube and then simply rests on the seatstay bridge; a system that provides far more support and power to your brakes then any other rear brake adaptor out


round seatube and an accessible seatstay bridge. Machined from steel and Kashima coated aluminium. *Brake Caliper not included.

• 26.0 Clamp:Polished Silver or Black  •  31.8 Clamp:Polished Silver or Black 98

--------------------------Ls 65

• Rear Brake Adaptor

--------------------------Ls 107

Ls 74.50

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Straight Bars


Aluminium 25.4mm Clamp


• Polished Silver •  Polished Black

Riser Bars

--------------------------Ls 34.50 Ls 40.50

RB021 Urban Pursuit Bar

Aluminium 25.4mm Clamp 38cm Width

Aluminium 26.0mm Clamp 38 & 40cm Widths

• Polished Silver Only

--------------------------40.50 Baby Bullhorns Aluminium 25.4mm Clamp 34cm Width


• Polished Silver,  •  Gold, Blue, Black or Red

--------------------------Ls 42.50 Ls 45

• Polished Silver,  •  Gold, Blue, Black or Red

--------------------------Ls 40.50 Ls 44.50


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Pearl Stem


90mm Reach 16 Degree Drop 26.0mm Clamp

Cycling Shoes Vittoria 1976 Classic Shoes Super stylish cycling shoe compatible with mtb style cletes txt or for use without cletes in toe


• Polished Silver Only

Ls 66


Pro AA / Jaguar Stem

Rubber Sole with Nylon Insole Sunken SPD sole with optional cover

NJS stamped 80mm Reach 58 Degree Drop 25.4mm Clamp

Made in Italy. Sizes availible: EU 40 - 46



•  Polished Silver •  Polished Black

Ls 83.50 Ls 89

•  Black, White, Red, Yellow or Blue 102


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

Ls 101.50



Components tyres

Dual Compound

Session 700

Dual Compound

Session 700

Dual Compound

Session 700

Session 700: The Session 700 is a durable full color tyre designed to handle lengthy commutes and the toughest urban riding conditions. Dual Compound: Session 700 with our hard black rubber through the center of the tire (harder compound similar to a long wearing touring tyre) - for longer lasting skid resistance. Wire Beed: New for 2011 the wire beed

• Session 700 (wire Bead)    (23c, 28c, 35c) All Black, All White & White/Black Dual Compound

--------------------------Ls 26

• Session 700 folding     (23c and 28c)     All Black, All White, All Green, All Pink, All Orange,  Brown w/ Whitewall & Black w/ Whitewall

Ls 35.50

•  Dual Compound Session 700 (folding)     (23c and 28c) Black/White, Black/Green, Black/Pink Black/Orange

Ls 35.50

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


the cost down too in exchange for a little extra weight. Features: - 700c by 23 / 28 /35 c (depends upon model) - Super tough carcass with Kevlar anti-puncture reinforcement - Fyxation’s specially designed - Full wrap-around tread and diamond pattern for sick control and traction on any surface

Gates Pedals BMX Grips

The Fyxation Gates pedal is a classic BMX style platform pedal designed to work with most foot retention systems on the market. Built to last, the Gates pedal is made out of an impact grade nylon and will hold up much better than cheaper PC alternatives.

• BMX Grips     Black, White, Green, Orange & Pink • Track Grips     Black, White, Green, Orange & Pink

- High impact nylon body built to take abuse - Re-buildable loose ball bearings for easy maintenance - Molded surface pins for a super grippy ride - Compatible with most foot retention systems

Track Grips

------------------------Ls 8.50


Feel the power of the Session 700 in the palm of your hands.

- Same aggressive diamond tread pattern  as  the  Session  700 - Soft rubber offering the ultimate in comfort for the lengthy commute or riding around town BMX = 147mm Length Track = 175mm Length

Ls 8.50

Bar Ends • Black, Orange, White, Green or Pink


Alloy Bar End Caps for Track or BMX Grips (2 sizes available)

Ls 13

- Durable alloy cap which mounts on inside of bar - Includes two expanding elas-

Mesa Pedals

The Fyxation Mesa Pedal is ideal for freeride, BMX and urban riders that want a hard hitting pedal built to withstand abuse and provide a solid platform for any style of riding. Made out of a high impact nylon the Mesa is wide platform

• Black, White, Pink, Orange or Green

Ls 8


Saddles Classic styling with real leather cover and super sexy metal rivets.

txt - Smooth running sealed bearings with a cro-moly spindle - Molded surface pins for a super grippy ride - Compatible with most foot retention systems

- Cr-Mo seat rails - Padded seat with ergo-cutout


• Black, White or Red

Ls 24.50


• Black, White or Brown

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

------------------------Ls 32


- Chrome plated seat rails with graduated marks for easy adjustment

Basic Series


Courier Bags

PAC Designs messenger bags appeared on the streets of Toronto in 1989. Pac’s niche in the messenger bag market is producing the highest quality & most functional bags available, and all are handmade in Ontario, Canada.

Please email us for colour options & availability

• Street Mini 29cm High x 12cm Deep x 33cm Wide. • Street Slim 30cm High x 30cm Deep x 33cm Wide. • Street Small 30cm High x 30cm Deep x 33cm Wide. • Street Large 33cm High x 30cm Deep x 38cm Wide

Top Tube Protectors

Ls 101.50 Ls 131.50 Ls 123 Ls 144.50

Pro Lite Series

The Pac Toptube protector defends your paint work from the realities of riding.

Please email us for colour options & availability

The Polo top tube protector features vellcro loops for you to attach your mallet to. Please email us for colour options & availability

• Top Tube Protector • POLO Top Tube Protector

• Prolite Small • Prolite Large

Ls 17.50 Ls 23.50

Ls 155 Ls 172.50

Ultimate w/ Xstrap

Basic Slim

The bag  of  choice  for  most  couriers, Excellent size meets all needs. Smart straps on the base enlarge it to full capacity quickly.

29cm High x 12cm Deep x txt 33cm Wide. Please email us for colour options & availability

Please email us for colour options & availability

• Basic Slim

33cm High x 30cm Deep x 38cm Wide.

Ls 72.50 • Ultimate w/ X strap


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice


Ls 259


Track Geometry

+44 (0) 20 3022 3002



Classic Geometry


Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice




La Piovra Geometry The Geometry is the same on all La Piovra  Frames. On the Lo Pro and Lo Pro X the  Tob tube is measured diagonally along the  TT as if it didnít have curved tubing.

Seat Tube C-T-T (cm) 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

+44 (0) 20 3022 3002


Top Tube C-T-C (cm) 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 56 57 58

Head Tube Seat Tube Angle Angle (Degrees) (Degrees) 72 75 73 75 73 75 73 75 73 75 74 75 74 75 74.5 74.5 74.5 74 74.5 74 75 74 75 74


Bottom Bracket Drop (cm) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Prices & Specs are subject to change without notice

BLB Spoke Chart This chart  is  provided to allow you to  quickly  assess  the  spoke  length  you  may  need  for  our  most  popular  wheel  builds,  using  hubs  and  rims  availible  through  BLB  Big  Mama.  We  have  tried  to  provided  as  much  information  as  possible;  however  one  of the joys of custom  built  wheels  is  being  able  to  choose  how  you  want  your  wheels  to  look.  As  such there are many  more  combinations  of  rims  and  spokes  and  different  lacing  patterns  in  the  world  that  will  require different length  spokes.  If  the  combination  you  need  is  not  listed  on  this  chart then we recormend  you  consult  with  an  appropriate  spoke  calculator  (such  at  that  found  on in  order  to  determine  the  appropriate length spoke.  BLB BM can not be  held  responsible  for  customers  purchasing the wrong length  spokes  and  always  recormends  customers  to  double  check spoke lengths  before ordering. 



HolesorBLB Track or Freestyle HubHub BLB King HF Front Dbl Sided Rear Phil HF Single Paul or Comp Front or Rear Holes BLB Track Freestyle Hub BLB King Phil HFHub FrontPhil or Dbl Sided or Rear Phil HF Single Sided Rear Sided Rear Paul Comp Front Rear 3x Lacing Radial 3x Lacing 3xRadial LacingLacing Radial Lacing 3x 3x Drive Side 3x Non-Drive Side Radial 3x Lacing Radial Lacing 3x Lacing Radial Lacing 3xLacing Lacing 3x Lacing 3x Drive Side Non-Drive Side 3x Lacing Lacing

(700c) Velocity Deep Velocity V (700c)Deep V 28 (700c) Velocity Deep Velocity V (700c)Deep V 32 (700c) Velocity Deep Velocity V (700c)Deep V 36

28 287mm 32 282mm 36 278mm

287mm 260mm 282mm 260mm 278mm 260mm

260mm 260mm 284mm 260mm 280mm

(650c) Velocity Deep Velocity V (650c)Deep V 28 (650c) Velocity Deep Velocity V (650c)Deep V 32 (650c) Velocity Deep Velocity V (650c)Deep V 36

28 261mm 32 256mm 36 252mm

261mm 236mm 256mm 236mm 252mm 236mm

236mm 236mm 236mm

280mm 282mm 276mm 278mm

286mm 282mm 281mm 278mm 277mm

286mm 258mm 281mm 258mm 277mm 258mm

258mm 258mm 258mm

258mm 234mm 255mm 234mm 251mm

255mm 257mm 251mm 253mm

260mm 257mm 255mm 253mm 251mm

260mm 233mm 255mm 233mm 251mm 233mm

233mm 233mm 233mm

(700c) 28 (700c) 32 (700c) 36 (700c) 48

28 275mm 32 268mm 36 264mm 48 258mm

275mm 246mm 268mm 246mm 264mm 246mm 258mm 246mm

246mm 246mm 272mm 246mm 268mm 246mm

270mm 244mm 266mm 244mm 264mm 244mm

244mm 244mm 269mm 244mm 264mm

269mm 271mm 264mm 267mm

274mm 271mm 269mm 267mm 265mm

274mm 246mm 269mm 246mm 265mm 246mm

246mm 246mm 246mm

Velocity B43 (650c) Velocity B43 (650c) 32 Velocity B43 (650c) Velocity B43 (650c) 36

32 246mm 36 242mm

246mm 224mm 242mm 224mm

224mm 224mm

244mm 240mm

244mm 220mm 240mm 220mm

220mm 244mm 220mm 240mm

244mm 246mm 240mm 242mm

246mm 244mm 242mm 240mm

244mm 222mm 240mm 222mm

222mm 222mm

Velocity Chukker32 (700c) 280mm 32 Velocity Chukker (700c) Velocity Chukker36 (700c) 276mm 36 Velocity Chukker (700c) Velocity Chukker48 (700c) 268mm 48 Velocity Chukker (700c)

280mm 258mm 276mm 258mm 268mm 258mm

258mm 282mm 258mm 278mm 258mm 274mm

282mm 278mm 278mm 274mm 274mm

278mm 256mm 274mm 256mm

256mm 278mm 256mm 274mm

278mm 280mm 274mm 276mm

280mm 279mm 276mm 275mm

279mm 256mm 275mm 256mm

256mm 256mm

Velocity (26") Velocity Chukker (26")Chukker32 Velocity (26") Velocity Chukker (26")Chukker36 Velocity (26") Velocity Chukker (26")Chukker48

32 249mm 36 244mm 48 240mm

249mm 249mm 244mm 249mm 240mm 249mm

249mm 251mm 249mm 248mm 249mm 242mm

251mm 268mm 248mm 262mm 242mm

268mm 247mm 262mm 247mm

247mm 247mm 247mm 243mm

247mm 249mm 243mm 245mm

249mm 247mm 245mm 243mm

247mm 225mm 243mm 225mm

225mm 225mm

Velocity Aerohead 32 Velocity Aerohead (700c) 32 (700c)292mm Velocity Aerohead 36 Velocity Aerohead (700c) 36 (700c)288mm

292mm 270mm 288mm 270mm

270mm 270mm

290mm 286mm

290mm 268mm 286mm 268mm

268mm 290mm 268mm 286mm

290mm 292mm 286mm 288mm

292mm 290mm 288mm 286mm

290mm 268mm 286mm 268mm

268mm 268mm

Velocity Aero Velocity (700c) Aero (700c) 32 Velocity Aero (700c) Velocity Aero (700c) 36

32 289mm 36 284mm

289mm 267mm 284mm 267mm

267mm 267mm

287mm 282mm

287mm 265mm 282mm 265mm

265mm 287mm 265mm 283mm

287mm 289mm 283mm 285mm

289mm 287mm 285mm 283mm

287mm 265mm 283mm 265mm

265mm 265mm

H+ Son FF / SL42 28 H+ Son FF / SL42 (700c) 28 (700c)275mm H+ Son FF / SL42 32 H+ Son FF / SL42 (700c) 32 (700c)268mm H+ Son FF / SL42 36 H+ Son FF / SL42 (700c) 36 (700c)264mm

275mm 246mm 268mm 246mm 264mm 246mm

246mm 246mm 292mm 246mm 282mm

292mm 266mm 282mm 262mm

244mm 266mm 244mm 262mm 244mm

244mm 244mm 269mm 244mm 264mm

269mm 271mm 264mm 267mm

274mm 271mm 269mm 267mm 264mm

274mm 246mm 269mm 246mm 264mm 246mm

246mm 246mm 246mm

H+ Son FF / SL42 32 H+ Son FF / SL42 (650c) 32 (650c)246mm H+ Son FF / SL42 36 H+ Son FF / SL42 (650c) 36 (650c)242mm

246mm 224mm 242mm 224mm

224mm 224mm

244mm 240mm

244mm 220mm 240mm 220mm

220mm 244mm 220mm 240mm

244mm 246mm 240mm 242mm

246mm 244mm 242mm 240mm

244mm 222mm 240mm 222mm

222mm 222mm

H+ Son Eero (700c) H+ Son Eero (700c) 32 H+ Son Eero (700c) H+ Son Eero (700c) 36 H+ Son Eero (700c) H+ Son Eero (700c) 48

32 268mm 36 264mm 48 260mm

268mm 246mm 264mm 246mm 260mm 246mm

246mm 272mm 246mm 269mm 246mm

272mm 266mm 269mm 262mm

266mm 262mm 262mm 262mm 262mm

262mm 269mm 262mm 264mm 262mm

269mm 271mm 264mm 267mm

271mm 269mm 267mm 265mm

269mm 246mm 265mm 246mm

246mm 246mm

H+ Son F30 (700c) H+ Son F30 (700c) 32

32 282mm

282mm 260mm



280mm 282mm

282mm 281mm

281mm 258mm


Son TB14 (700c) H+ Son TB14 H+ (700c) 32 Son TB14 (700c) H+ Son TB14 H+ (700c) 36

32 296mm 36 292mm

296mm 276mm 292mm 276mm

276mm 299mm 276mm 297mm

294mm 290mm

294mm 274mm 290mm 274mm

274mm 274mm

Velocity Velocity Velocity Velocity

B43 B43 B43 B43

Velocity (700c) Velocity (700c) Velocity (700c) Velocity (700c)

B43 B43 B43 B43


+44 (0) 20 3022 3002

284mm 280mm 280mm 276mm

258mm 280mm 258mm 276mm 258mm

258mm 258mm 280mm 258mm 276mm

254mm 250mm

258mm 254mm 234mm 250mm 234mm

270mm 272mm 266mm 268mm 264mm

280mm 299mm 294mm 297mm 290mm

280mm 294mm 274mm 290mm 274mm

274mm 274mm


B r i c k

L a n e

B i k e s

L o n d o n

BLB  BigMama  Warranty  (2010  onwards)     BLB  Frames  and  Components:   BLB BigMama provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects on all BLB Frames and Components. This means that we offer a guarantee on material and production faults for one full year from the date of purchase of the product. However products with moving parts (such as hubs), that fail due to contamination, misuse, improper tampering, or lack of maintenance are not covered under warranty even if failure occurs within one year from date of purchase. All BLB products have an intended purpose. Products used outside of their purpose will not be warranted and BLB BigMama cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to misuse. It is the product users’ responsibility to examine the product on a regular basis to determine the need for service and or replacement. Furthermore in the case of fixed sprockets or lockrings it is the users responsibility to ensure both products are checked and tightened before and after each ride. Should this not be done both can come loose resulting in accident and/or damage to the sprocket/lockring/hub; in this case BLB BigMama cannot entertain warranty claims. Not covered under this warranty are the following:

• • • •

Normal wear of parts that are subject to wear like bearings and chainrings/sprockets Incorrect assembly or in combination with other products that are not compatible Insufficient maintenance, tampering, misuse, and neglect Items damaged as a result of the bicycle being involved in an accident or crash.

Vintage Frames  and  Components:   BLB BigMama does not offer any warranty on Vintage, Used or Second hand products. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect all Vintage items to ascertain the products condition prior to purchase. No returns will be accepted under any circumstances. Brick Lane Bikes strongly suggests buyer to take additional care with vintage items; and as result of their age not subject them to too much force or “hard” riding; this is particularly applicable to building wheels from vintage parts.

If you  have  a  warranty  claim   Should you believe you have a warranty claim you will need to provide the original purchase receipt along with the product (and/or complete bike) for inspection by BLB BigMama Technical staff. BLB BigMama will not cover the cost of postage upfront, but may choose to do so if your warranty claim is successful, Brick Lane Bikes will always cover the cost of postage when returning goods that have been successful in their claim for warranty, but will not cover the cost of shipping for the return of goods that are unsuccessful in their claim. If you have any questions or queries about anything to do with warranty please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either email or phone via the details below: Tel: +44 (0) 20 3022 3002 Email:



Fixed gear components / Summer 2011  

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