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PRESENT CONTINUOUS When do we use it? ¿Cuándo lo utilizamos?

To tell things/actions that are happening now. Para decir cosas/acciones que están ocurriendo en este momento.

To tell future plans. Para decir planes a futuro.

Estructure Affirmative P.Pro + Verb be + (Verb + ing) Interrogative QW + Verb be + P.Pro + (Verb + ing) Negative P.Pro + Verb be + not + (Verb + ing)

P.Pro: Personal pronoun. Verb be: am

is are

QW: Question Words What When Which Where Who Why


I ’m posing !

What are you doing?

Start a conversation with you partner using Present continuous. What are you doing now?

Remember: How to use contractions/short forms.

Affirmative We aren’ aren’t crying

ive Interrogat


I’’m You’’re She’’s He’’s It’’s We’’re They’’re

I am You are She is He is It is We are They are

You are not

You’re not You aren’t

She is not

She’s not She isn’t

I am not

I’m not


These examples are for things that are happening in the moment. Can you do 3 sentences for future plans? Estos ejemplos son para cosas que estĂĄn ocurriendo en el momento. ÂżPuedes hacer 3 oraciones para decir planes a futuro?

Present Continuous  

Work guide for students.

Present Continuous  

Work guide for students.