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Consultancy in focus 2009 review and a look ahead at the work of the MCA

02 | Consultancy in focus 2009 review




launched with new secure member area

year on year increase in press hits

events hosted with



guests, a quarter of which were senior external stakeholders

year on year increase in broadcast coverage

New brand Code of Practice

unique visitors to our website consumed page views, a

‘A positive force for the economy’


61,500 203,606 web

5% increase year on year

3rd year of Consultant of the Year Awards and

13th year of the Management Awards and still going strong

These statistics represent MCA activity between 1 October 2008 and 30 September 2009.



The Year 2008-2009


Voice of the Industry


Promoting professionalism and credibility


Facilitating engagement between our member firms


The UK Consulting Industry and MCA Members and Partners



Consultancy in focus 2009 review | 03

Foreword The management consulting industry is under the spotlight: dealing with the problems faced by companies in the recession; helping to prepare others for economic recovery when it comes; playing a leading role in ensuring that the public sector delivers high quality services at best possible value for the taxpayer. So the story you read in this review of the MCA’s recent work is all about our determination to communicate the real value of this consultancy work. We have put in place a lot of changes this year to help us to do so. This work is more urgent than ever. Our work on Dealing with the Downturn and the New Norm illustrates the positive contribution that management consultancy makes to companies as they grapple with the challenges of recession and the very different future that business will face once the economy recovers. Similarly, a recent initiative on the NHS and management consultancy, Improving Care, Reducing Cost, has highlighted the enormous contribution that member firms make to the quality of patient care and the efficiency of our health service.

Alan Leaman - Chief Executive Management Consultancies Association

But the MCA doesn’t just explain what the industry does today. We also work to improve the quality of its contribution in the future. ◆ Our new Code of Practice is setting the standard by which companies in the industry are, and should be, judged. ◆ We are working with buyers of consultancy to help raise standards further, and to promote value-for-money practices such as ‘payment by results’ and greater sharing of risks and rewards. ◆ Our annual Awards celebrate excellence in projects and in the work of individual consultants. They set the benchmarks that everyone aims for. ◆ Our publications and seminars explore and promote best practice in the industry and help clients to understand what they can gain from their use of consultancy. We have many plans for 2010 and beyond. We will be publishing definitive new thinking on the contribution and value of consultancy. Our role as the most authoritative source of data and analysis about the industry will be developed further. And we are growing our networks for consultants in member companies, including the Young MCA and our Future Leaders programme. A government-sponsored report recently pointed out that the UK-based management consulting industry is a ‘world leader’. The years of double-digit growth are over (at least for now) and many clients are sensibly reviewing what they should do in-house and where they really need help. The world of consultancy is changing fast. All the more important, then, that the industry has a strong, effective and influential collective voice to speak out on its behalf. Alan Leaman Chief Executive Management Consultancies Association

04 | Consultancy in focus 2009 review

The Year 2008-2009 September 2008 has gone down in history. First the collapse of Lehman Brothers, then the global banking crisis - then a recession like no other. Fast forward to Autumn 2009, and unemployment has reached a 14-year high, established brands have disappeared from the high street, and the government

‘UK management consultancy is a world leader.’

faces huge budget deficits as revenues fall and spending rises. It has certainly been an extraordinary year for politics, business and management consultancy; a year in which the consulting industry stepped up to its responsibilities and proved its worth.

The Government’s Professional Services Global Competitiveness Group Report

The rapidly changing economic environment has brought acutely into focus how the consulting industry makes a difference and adds value at the most difficult of times. Consultants responded quickly, and took new thinking into organisations, helping management as the downturn spread through the economy. Their efforts improved competitiveness, reduced costs, and saved jobs. At the same time, the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) has moved its agenda to fit with the challenges that members and clients now face. This has been year one of the MCA’s 2009-2011 strategy, and our three key objectives have become ever more important in the increasingly challenging


economic climate: ◆ Being the voice of the industry ◆ Promoting the credibility and professionalism of the industry ◆ Creating better engagement with and between members.

The MCA team has grown and brought in new skills and experience, launching a new corporate identity and strap-line: A positive force for the economy along the way.

Setting standards for effective consultancy 2009 has seen the development of a new MCA Code of Practice. As an advocate of high standards and quality service to clients, the MCA has developed this new Code to lock-in the commitment of our members to serve their clients well. The code sustains MCA membership as a badge of quality. It has been welcomed by key stakeholder groups, including consultancy buyers, civil servants and the media.

Being the voice of the industry

2 Promoting the credibility and professionalism of the industry

3 Creating better engagement with and between members.

Consultancy in focus 2009 review | 05

“At a roundtable on the value of accreditation of consultancies, purchasers said guidance on becoming an intelligent client could accompany the Code of Practice for suppliers, established by the Management Consultancies Association.” Supply Management, 10 June 2009

The value of consulting The UK consulting industry was publicly recognised as a ‘world leader’ by The Government’s Professional Services Global Competitiveness Group. This acknowledgment represents encouraging progress in our work to demonstrate the value delivered by the industry. The MCA’s Value of Consulting initiative will measure the economic impact of the consulting industry and develop a framework for measuring and calculating the value created by consultants. Our findings will be published in 2010.

2010 Two key markets for consulting will face further challenges in 2010. Financial Services is already showing signs of recovery and public sector cuts are expected soon. Both of these sectors will need to turn to consulting firms for advice and assistance to change themselves. With a general election just months away, it is crucial that the MCA continues to engage with policymakers to highlight the enormous contribution the industry makes. The changing face of business and government has seen consulting firms sharing more of both the risk and the reward of projects with their clients, and this is a trend that will grow and evolve further in 2010.

LOOKING FORWARD ◆ Public sector cuts – a crucial year for government - it will need advice and assistance to deliver change ◆ The new norm for business – how will business recover in 2010? ◆ High standards and demonstrable value of consultancy will become more of a focus ◆ Sharing risk and reward will become even more important

06 | Consultancy in focus 2009 review

Voice of the Industry In September 2008, Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the MCA was interviewed by Accountancy Age on his new role and the job ahead. During the interview, Alan highlighted the importance of being the ‘Voice of the Industry’. The ‘Dealing with the Downturn’ campaign and following series would be the starting point for a more externally facing Association.

Dealing with the Downturn Series – 22 October 2008 launch The MCA’s Dealing with the Downturn report looked at the consequences of the economic crisis for those people who were faced with the day-to-day challenges of making their organisation a success. The campaign positioned management consultancies as providing a rich seam of knowledge, understanding and advice. A breakfast launch in Tower 42 in the City of London coincided with Mervyn King’s overnight announcement that the UK was officially in recession. Attended by over 70 members, external stakeholders and the media, the launch illustrated the breadth and depth of knowledge across the membership. The report was featured across a wide range of quality broadcast and print media. Highlights included BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC News, BBC Working Lunch, CNBC Europe, The Times, The Scotsman, Management Today and Business Week. To continue this momentum, the MCA launched a series of shorter reports under the ‘Dealing with the Downturn’ banner. These included the Job Watch report and The Weakest Link report. The former had a clear message: with large numbers of management positions under threat, it was important for businesses to have systems in place to identify poor-performers and retain their best people. The Weakest Link report highlighted that supply chains are more vulnerable in this recession and what companies can do to manage this. Both initiatives featured prominently in the media.

The New Norm Series – 30 June 2009 launch As economists and politicians started to look past the recession, the MCA used its New Norm series to communicate that the UK consulting industry was already thinking about how it could help companies position themselves for recovery. This initiative continues through a series of sector reports. First was Manufacturing, followed by Property & Construction, and Retail. Based on input of leading commentators with specialist sector knowledge and understanding, these reports examine the shape of the ‘New Norm’ sector-by-sector, and discuss how well equipped each is to meet the challenge ahead.

“The series kicked off with the New Norm Debate on 30 June 2009. Chaired by Michael Skapinker of the FT, the event included views from speakers: Luke Johnson, Entrepreneur and Chairman, Channel 4; Paula Sussex, Senior Vice President, Atos Consulting; Caroline Firstbrook, Managing Director, Strategy EALA Accenture; Graham Mather, President, European Policy Forum; and Mark Thomas, Head of Strategy Practice, PA Consulting Group.‚

Consultancy in focus 2009 review | 0

NHS Report – 15 September 2009 launch The MCA report, Improving care, reducing cost, set out the first authoritative analysis of how much the NHS spends on management consultancy and the types of work that management consultants do. The report called for further improvements in the NHS’s use of consultants. It also made it clear that many consultancy projects achieve financial and other benefits for the NHS far in excess of their cost. Following the breakfast launch at which speakers included Nick Timmins of the Financial Times, the report was covered in the national, NHS and healthcare press.

Responding on behalf of the industry

“As the ‘voice of the industry’, the association has lots of important things to say. This autumn it will publish details about the nature of the economic downturn we face, and what has been learned from previous lean times.

The MCA speaks up on behalf of the management consultancy industry to make sure that more people understand the contribution it makes, and that attacks are rebutted. ◆ In February, the MCA intervened in the debate on banker bonuses in The Times, recommending that an independent commission be set up, with input from employers, investors and experts, to help forge a new consensus on best practice.

◆ In March, it was the MCA which corrected press reports that new figures on government spending on consultancy would ‘dismay voters’. They actually showed that spending is under tight control and has fallen over the last 3

For an industry that traditionally sees its revenues dry up when times get tough, this piece of thought leadership will surely extol the virtues of consultants when times are tough, not just when the cash is rolling in.” Accountancy Age, 24 September 2008

years. ◆ And, in June, the MCA responded in the Guardian to comments on Digital Britain in order to explain the positive contribution that management consultants bring so that decision-makers are well-informed.

Getting our message out there The MCA’s highly proactive strategy to engage in public debates on topical and important issues is already reaping rewards. The MCA has had a stronger voice and become a key place for the media to come for intelligent business commentary, with more than a 50 percent uplift in press hits this year and three times the level of broadcast coverage.

LOOKING FORWARD ◆ The New Norm Series continues ◆ Value of Consulting promotion

◆ Reports on Consulting in Defence, in Education and in Local Government ◆ Sustainability in business campaign ◆ Technology and innovation initiative campaign

08 | Consultancy in focus 2009 review

Working with Government The public sector is a major purchaser of consultancy services. So the MCA has continued to build the right relationships in 2009 in order to influence how they buy consultancy and to ensure that the taxpayer gains best possible value for money. For example, we have strong links with the Office of Government Commerce and many government departments. But the MCA is also talking to government about the development of policy for business and the economy. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is increasingly interested in working to support the industry. Ian Lucas MP,

Government Minister Ian Lucas MP addressing the MCA Annual Reception

newly appointed minister at BIS, was the MCA’s chief guest and speaker at the 2009 Annual Reception.

Improving links and relations with Parliament The MCA has engaged with the Conservative Party on a number of issues this year. Firstly, on the issue of government finances, a response was submitted to the Conservative Party’s consultation on financial discipline in central government – It’s Your Money. The MCA has also met with a number of leading opposition spokespeople to hear their plans for the future, and discuss how management consultancy can help them meet the challenge ahead. VIP lunches have also enabled both the MCA and members to hear from, and discuss key issues with, senior political figures. VIP guests of the MCA have

Philip Hammond MP

included Philip Hammond MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Vince Cable MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Ashdown, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Professional Services Global Competitiveness Group Report In March, following consultation with the MCA, the Government’s Professional Services Global Competitiveness Report was launched. The chapter on Management Consultancy stated that “UK management consultancy is a world leader”, made a number of recommendations for policymakers, and welcomed the work of the MCA to improve understanding of consultancy and to measure the value of consultancy.

Access to the Professions The MCA also submitted evidence to the Government’s Panel on Access to the Professions. Our input was based on a survey of the Young MCA network, looking at educational background and how they were recruited into the industry.

Vince Cable MP

Consultancy in focus 2009 review | 09

Promoting Professionalism and Credibility ‘MCA members....

By joining the MCA, management consultancies commit themselves to high standards of professionalism, integrity and service to their clients.

Put their client’s interests first The MCA is an enthusiastic advocate for the qualities that make UK-based

Focus on delivering sustainable value

management consultancy stand out amongst the best in the world. Our member companies invest in training and development; they ensure that they work closely with clients to deliver the best service; and they respect the

Are trustworthy, independent and objective’

highest standards of integrity and good corporate behaviour. But we also know that more needs to be done to uphold these standards and to communicate their benefits more widely. Throughout 2010 we will be promoting our unique Code of Practice with buyers of consultancy and opinion formers.

Authoritative information about the UK consulting industry The MCA is the authoritative source of data and opinion about the UK’s management consulting industry. The annual Industry Report, published in May 2009, set out comprehensive analysis of market trends, based on information from over 70 percent of the industry. A companion publication provided a summary and overview. MCA members get full and easy access to all this information as part of their membership. It is also used to inform MCA submissions to Government Departments, Parliamentary Select Committees, the Bank of England and other bodies. The MCA also publishes a half-year report in the early autumn providing insight and up-to-date analysis of performance in the first six months of each year.

‘The Industry Report 2009 revealed that the total UK industry is now worth around £9billion a year and employs more than 55,000 people. 2008 saw a substantial rise in the use of consultants to increase productivity, raise performance and reduce costs, with environmental consultancy revenues up 31 percent to £77m and the industry contributing £914million in exports.

Understanding the value of consultancy – and communicating its benefits The MCA launched a new initiative in 2009 to define and calculate the value of consultancy. Everyone knows its cost; what is the value that it generates? The initiative has three parts: ◆ A project to measure the direct economic impact of the consulting industry. ◆ An analysis of around 2,000 client satisfaction surveys from a range of member firms, probably the largest single exercise of its kind undertaken. ◆ Development of a new framework for capturing the value created by consultants on assignments, coupled with assessments from a representative sample of clients to produce an initial calculation of the value created by consulting. The MCA will publish the results of these three projects early in 2010.

10 | Consultancy in focus 2009 review

MCA Awards Each year, the MCA present two award initiatives that showcase and celebrate the very best that the UK consulting industry has to offer.

MCA Management Awards in association with Management Today The MCA Management Awards, entering their 14th year in 2010, identify the best case studies in each of 12 categories, where organisations, in the private or public sector, have achieved outstanding business results through working with management consultants, either in-house or external. Four additional categories are awarded to best overall projects. In 2009, at a black tie dinner in the Park Lane Hilton, London, these were awarded to:

1 2 3 4

Overall Platinum Award:

Deloitte/Transport for London

Overall Best Small Firm:

Propaganda/Seabrook Crisps

Overall Best Public Sector Project:

Atos Consulting/NHS South Central

Overall Best Private Sector Project:


A distinguished panel of judges from business and the media evaluated the case studies. This year’s judges included representatives from the British Bankers Association, the FT, The Home Office, The Office of Government Commerce, Warwick Business School, Management Today, Cranfield School of Management and The National Audit Office.

The Consultant of the Year Awards in association with The Times Now in their third year, The Consultant of the Year Awards, annually recognise individual consultant achievements. This year the awards ceremony and celebrations were held at a new venue, Lord’s Cricket Ground, and the following took home the nine prizes:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Outstanding Achievement:

Rakesh Majithia, KPMG

Future Leaders:

Lisa Heneghan, Deloitte

Young Consultant:

Kimberly Hurd, Accenture

Change Management:

Derek Felton, Tribal


Rustin Richburg, Accenture


Will Cooper, Ernst & Young


Julian Horberry, Propaganda

Performance Improvement:

Graham Ramsden, BT Global Services


Richard Lewis, Ernst & Young

Consultancy in focus 2009 review | 11

‘Our client’s input was vital to the success of our award submission and strengthened our relationship with them.’ - Steve Smith, Chairman of Quest Worldwide; Platinum Award winner and International category winner 2008

Deloitte with Transport for London London has some of the worst air quality in Europe. It exceeds EU and UK legal limits, impacts on Londoners’ health and quality of life, and can reduce life expectancy. As much of the pollution comes from road transport, in 2005 the Mayor of London asked Transport for London (TfL) to introduce a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) to deter the most polluting vehicles from driving in Greater London. TfL asked Deloitte to provide programme management and specialist technical consulting services to help implement the scheme. The scheme was launched on schedule in February 2008. There was an immediately observed reduction in polluting vehicles entering London; within four months more than 95% of affected vehicles were compliant.

Propaganda with Seabrook Crisps Most people over 35 in the north of England will have some story to tell about Seabrook Crisps. It was this ‘love’ for a brand in ‘decline’ that provided the drive to undertake a challenging brief requiring everything from business reengineering to brand re-vitalisation, a requirement to change 30 years of inertia to remain relevant in a fast changing category. Propaganda undertook a 360° discovery audit, which facilitated 360° of change. It provided the strategic pillars of success; from a board forum to drive change, to a customer and client engagement strategy to drive growth. But fundamentally it has delivered a 15% sales uplift.

Atos Consulting with NHS South Central This ground-breaking programme with the NHS ended excessive waiting times and helped thousands of patients get better care. In 2004, the government decided that no patient should have to wait longer than 18 weeks from GP referral to hospital treatment. But without additional government funding, NHS South Central realised it had to change the way it delivered patient services if it was to meet this target. Joint teams of clinicians and consultants worked closely together, improving working practices by applying ‘lean’ principles. This was the first time lean thinking has been applied across an entire strategic health authority and across so many organisational boundaries. As a result waiting times were reduced by an average of 14 weeks and, in some cases, 25 weeks.

KPMG with APACS With KPMG’s support, the UK banking industry successfully launched a new system of same-day payments, putting it at the forefront of the world’s financial sectors. Inheriting a hugely complex and technically challenging £300 million initiative that was six months behind schedule, KPMG applied highly professional and rigorous programme management to meet the new May 2008 deadline and satisfy the demands of the OfT and the Treasury. KPMG pulled together a diverse group of stakeholders including thirteen banks, APACS, infrastructure provider VocaLink, new payments scheme operator CHAPS Co and the Bank of England. The deadline was met successfully with eleven of the banks able to receive money on the same day, giving UK customers a truly world class service. See for details of all winning case studies.

LOOKING FORWARD ◆ New Market Trends and Statistics Group ◆ Value of Consulting

◆ Complimentary pdf of the UK Consulting Industry Report for all MCA members ◆ New categories for 2010 Management Awards – Most Innovative Firm and Most Collaborative Firm - and black tie dinner in Central London in April

12 | Consultancy in focus 2009 review

Facilitating engagement between member firms As consulting firms increasingly work together and partner with one another to deliver projects, there is a greater appetite and appreciation to meet with and network with industry colleagues. The MCA has continued to engage with its members through externally focused debates, networking events and by seeking contributions to MCA policy and thought leadership. The MCA has hosted 52 events this year, and over 1800 guests. Almost a quarter of these guests have been from senior stakeholder audiences. Prominent MCA events included:

The Summer Reception Over 150 colleagues, friends and partners attended the MCA Annual Reception. They gathered for a glorious evening of sunshine and good company on the roof terrace of No 4 Hamilton Place overlooking Hyde Park. In his speech, Ian Lucas MP, new government minister at BIS, welcomed the growing relationship between the MCA and government and looked forward to developing this further as his department advances its thinking on how to equip the UK to compete effectively through the recession and beyond.

VIP Lunches The MCA’s VIP Lunches allow members to hear from and influence senior public and business figures. Guests this year have included: ◆ Anthony Browne - Policy Director to Mayor of London ◆ Caroline Thompson - Chief Operating Officer, BBC

◆ Greg Clark MP - Shadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change ◆ Keith Berryman - Land and Property Director, Crossrail

◆ Mary Francis CBE - Independent Non– Executive Director, Aviva and Centrica ◆ Philip Hammond MP – Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions ◆ Lord Ashdown - former Leader of the LibDems ◆ Vince Cable MP - Deputy Leader of the LibDems

“In his speech, Ian Lucas MP, new government minister at BIS, welcomed the growing relationship between the MCA and government and looked forward to developing this further as his department advances its thinking on how to equip the UK to compete effectively through the recession and beyond.”

Policy and Working Groups The MCA facilitates various policy and working groups to draw on the expertise of different contacts in each of our member firms and create networks across the industry. Each group has a specific objective such as producing a report or informing the MCA’s work in a particular area. In 2009 these have included the Economic and Business Advisory Group, the Public Sector Procurement Group, the Financial Services Group and the Code of Practice Group.

"Good insight and learning points"

Consultancy in focus 2009 review | 13

Young MCA The highly successful Young MCA network, designed for consultants early on in their career, has been running for several years now and is always a popular group. 2009 has seen two highly relevant personal development events attended by over 100 delegates: Storytelling as a means to improve your personal impact and View from the top with top-notch speakers such as Vera Johnson, CEO, ProcServe, PA Consulting; David Porter, Head of Security and Risk, Detica; and Rob Hattrell, IT Director, Tesco. The annual charity challenge held in September, raising money for MCA charity Depaul, was also a great success.

Future Leaders The MCA has recently re-launched the Future Leaders network for its member firms. Designed for consultants with at least ten years experience who have been nominated by their MCA Council member, the network kicked off again in June 2009 with a seminar attracting over 50 delegates. Speakers included David Craig, Chief Strategy Officer of Thomson Reuters, and David Thomas, Commercial Director of HMRC. Following on from this successful event, the MCA is launching the next series of events entitled Running a successful

"Great event, well organised with excellent speakers"

consultancy business.

Communicating more effectively We have also made significant improvements to our communications. Council members receive a weekly CEO update, and Marketing, PR and internal comms contacts have benefited from a practical new email approach and quarterly events.

"Relevant, believable, and refreshingly different"

In April, a new MCA website was launched, including a new secure member area. This has enabled the Association to communicate more effectively with both members and external audiences. Since launch, there has been a significant increase in visitors to the new website with over 61,500 unique visitors this year.

LOOKING FORWARD ◆ Further development of MCA website – member area and a new area to promote member firms externally ◆ New breakfast format for VIP events ◆ Future Leaders – continuation of Running a successful consultancy business events – topics to include Knowledge Management, Operations, Delivery

14 | Consultancy in focus 2009 review

The UK Consulting Industry and MCA Members and Partners The UK Consulting Industry The UK consulting industry generates fee income of over £9billion each year and employs around 55,000 consultants. MCA members represent 70 percent of the UK consulting industry, with fee income of £6.3billion for 2008. The industry also contributes just under £1 billion to the UK balance of payments by exporting its skills overseas. Through working with 90 percent of both the FTSE100 and FTSE250, MCA members were well-placed to observe the speed as well as the scale with which

“MCA members are well placed to understand the challenges for UK Plc and the public sector through their work with 90 percent of both FTSE100 and the FTSE250 and all government departments.”

organisations have been affected by this recession. The UK consulting industry spans a wide array of firms, some of which only

Type M Firms

undertake ‘pure’ management consulting work, some of which are part of larger firms that also undertake audit, engineering, IT systems development,

management Consultancy

outsourcing, and other activities. The MCA recognises this diversity by segmenting the industry into six types of firm.

MCA Members The MCA is nothing without our sixty member firms, whom we not only

Type A Firms Management Consultancy Tax, Corporate Finance, Audit

represent, but who bring an enormous amount of expertise and energy to the work of the MCA. This high level of involvement is crucial not only for the

Type I Firms

success of the MCA in meeting our ambitious objectives but is also the key to member firms getting the most value out of their membership. The General Policy Committee, who act as the MCA’s board, is made up of elected partners

Management Consultancy IT Consulting

from member firms and led by Jan Gower of IBM who is the 2009/2010 President of the MCA.

MCA Gold Sponsors The MCA are proud to be sponsored in 2009 by Mindbench, the specialist recruiters, and Lockton, the insurance and risk management specialists.

MCA Partners The MCA is also very grateful to our generous partners, Propaganda, the brand

Type E Firms Management Consultancy Engineering, Asset and Infrastructure Management

Type O Firms Management Consultancy Outsourcing (Managed Service), Offshoring

and marketing consultancy and also a member firm, and Concep, the e-marketing specialists.

Depaul UK Depaul UK is the chosen charity of the MCA. Depaul provides safe accommodation, training and support to homeless young people in the UK. Over the past four years, the MCA has raised more than £20,000 for the charity.

Type C Firms Management Consultancy IT Systems Development

Consultancy in focus 2009 review | 15

MCA Members “Over the last three years, we have contributed to the MCA’s research programme, participated in a wide spectrum of forums and successfully entered the Consultant of the Year Awards. The MCA has helped us to raise our profile across both our industry and client sector. We value greatly the contribution the MCA makes to our industry.” Avail Consulting

“As a leading specialist recruitment company, we have benefited greatly from our close association with the MCA. Our sponsorship of major MCA events has helped to raise our profile and connect with senior industry practitioners.” Richard Stewart, Managing Director, Mindbench


LCP Consulting


Logica Management Consulting

AMTEC Consulting

Management Consulting Group



Atos Consulting

Mott MacDonald

Avail Consulting


Bourton Group



Navigant Consulting

BT Global Services

Oakland Consulting

Change Management Group

PA Consulting Group

Compass Management Consulting




CSC Computer Sciences


Davis Langdon



Quest Worldwide


Right Management

Digital Public

Saint Consulting

DMW Group

Serco Consulting

EC Harris


EDS Consulting Services

Solving Efeso

Ernst & Young

TATA Consultancy Services

Fujitsu Services

The Berkeley Partnership

Hay Group



Trinity Horne

Hitachi Consulting

Turner & Townsend

IBM Global Business Services



Xantus Consulting


Gold Sponsors Management consultancy creates value for organisations and the wider economy through improved performance, achieved by providing objective advice and implementing business solutions. The UK consulting industry is amongst the best in the world and a vital part of the business landscape. The Management Consultancies Association (MCA) is the representative body for management consultancy firms in the UK. Our sixty member companies comprise around 70% of the UK consulting industry, estimated to be worth £9bn in 2008 and employing more than 55,000 consultants, and work with over 90 percent of FTSE100 and FTSE250 companies and almost all parts of the public sector.

Partners In order to achieve its mission, the MCA is implementing a three year strategy that was developed following extensive consultation with member firms. It focuses on delivering value to members through three key objectives: • Being the voice of the industry • Promoting a credible and professional industry • Creating better engagement with and between members. The MCA informs and influences public debate on topical issues, and provides authoritative data on the industry. It commissions research and policy analysis and represents the industry in discussions with Government and other stakeholders. The MCA also facilitates networking and the sharing of best practice within the industry through events, publications and initiatives such as the Young MCA.

Media Partners

The MCA’s tough entry criteria and rigorous Code of Practice mean that MCA member companies are widely acknowledged to provide high quality services to their clients. Many of their achievements are recognised in the annual MCA Management Awards and the Consultant of the Year Awards.

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